Mall Madness Hits PlayStation Home with Hundreds of Items on Sale + New UNCHARTED, SOCOM, and Warhawk Costumes!

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Greetings Homelings,

If you’re like me and your closets are overflowing with all the awesome new virtual items we release each and every week in PlayStation Home, then this Thursday’s content update is truly a cause for celebration. Not only are we dropping a bunch of new virtual items inspired by some of your favorite PS3 and PSP games, but we’re putting hundreds of items on sale in our brand new Exclusives store at a mere fraction of their original price. You can thank our new resident business guru Mr. Magnus Keynes – he of the iconic (and snazzy) gold suit – who is committed to bringing you, the loyal PlayStation Home community, the best deals he possible can. And when we say “best deals”, we mean that Magnus is straight up slashing prices like a certified maniac at a lakeside summer camp!

If you’re an UNCHARTED fan (which you are – everybody is!) then you’ll need to drop in to the PlayStation Home Mall and pick up the new UNCHARTED costumes and furniture items we are releasing this week. I’m talking Nathan Drake, Sully, Chloe Frazier, Elena Fisher, and Tetram costumes along with some serious treasures for your personal space, pulled straight from the UNCHARTED franchise. See the pics below for a few choice samples.


On a similar note, we’re also releasing some special SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo costumes along with some exclusive Warhawk costumes (for the Eucadian and/or Chernovan in all of us). Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence.

Home SOCOM Wood Home Warhawk Chernovan

We will be continuing to air full episodes of the PlayStation Network exclusive reality series, The Tester, in the PlayStation Home Theater this week, with Episode 2 going live tomorrow, February 25th. Come out and watch as a group of hardcore gamers all compete for their dream job as a member of the SCEA QA team and pick up a free commemorative item from the Theater (additional The Tester items are also available for sale, like this goat chair, shown below as proof that we are slowly, but surely, going off the deep end).

Home Tester Goat Chair

Remember to come back to the PlayStation Home Theater every week to watch new episodes of the Tester (updated every Thursday) for the rest of the season.

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4 Author Replies

  • Since I lovelovelove Uncharted, I can’t wait to see what Treasures I can put in my houses. I wonder if they will be treasures taken from both games or just Uncharted 2?

    Ya for Chloe and Elena costumes, although I hope Chloe’s shirt is more vibrant because in the game its bright red.

    Also, I can’t wait to see what’s gone on sale, because I’m hoping its stuff I’ve been holding out on and now I can get it all for ubercheapy!

  • Oh how I dream of a day Sony puts time into implementing features actually care about like MS does.

  • Hiya Locust_Star

  • hi Loscust Star i was on the japanese Home earlier this week and found the cutest outfits made by IREM. i found a Maid outfit and a Bunny Girl outfit. PLEASE Locust we must get these outfits. if anyone can get em for us its you.

  • het Locust nice update =) but i would like to second sassyGIRL’s motion of getting the maid and bunny girl outfits from IREM. i to have seen them and they are worth buying in every color. i would also like to ask if we can get the school outfits from IREM.

  • one more question will we be getting that new space from KOEI that japan has?

  • While I’m glad we finally got Uncharted 2 costumes, the key thing that’s missing is the HAIR! I already made pretty awesome looking Chloe and Elena costumes using default, mall and reward items, but there is no hair that looks like Chloe’s long, low ponytail. And that default hair you put on Nate just looks criminal. Please release Uncharted wigs in the VERY near future, if you don’t have any ready for tomorrow.

  • sackboy just shot himself…


  • Another week, more spaces and costumes to buy, what a surprise.

  • Are we getting more stuff in the Lucas Arts store?

  • Well,the person that designed the Uncharted 2 combat pants for the mini game sure didnt design these.These are horrid..Sorry
    I guess every update can’t be good huh?

  • Awesome! Uncharted stuff! :D

  • Dammit, I just spent 5 dollars this weekend on a stupid storm trooper…. how much is this uncharted 2 pack gonna cost me?! playstation home is costing me more than a normal game >.<

  • The loading times for purchased content is getting pretty bad. It’s taking so long just to logg in that I decide not to go on sometimes. Is there any plan to streamline the verification process so we can get into Home in a reasonable time? Also are there any plans to open up Regions? It seems wrong that Europeans feel they need to make US accounts and US users make Asian Accounts to get the best stuff. Not to mention the selling PSN cards to other regions. Region visits/vacations is something I would pay to be able to do.

  • I see the comments about loading times go unaddressed again. I hope the Home devs realise this, as well as the lack of voicechat and general lack of interesting things, is one reason a lot of people never go back onto Home.

  • Any idea when the questionnaire in the Hot Shots Golf space will be fixed. It’s been broken since the space opened.

  • Fix the [DELETED] loading times, it still take over 10 minutes JUST TO GET INTO HOME.

  • Hahaha YES! Two of Sony’s best exclusives. WARHAWK LIVES!!!

  • For the low price of $1.99-$4.99 you too can be a part of a video game ad campaign! Congrats!

  • interesting..

  • anything coming from gta or modern warfare 2?[I love ps home!]

  • If anybody at the HOME team can read this PS home needs to become part of the over all PS3 experince not just a free add on. If they want gamers to meet and talk, as well as play games they need to make HOME load faster, load ingame items faster, and on top of that be less of a slow wonder to get from place to place. Even if you run there is realy nothing to do, and nobody talks to you ever.

    IE I was on home once in the last week, and all it was were people talking about their home life and how bad it was, guys trying to score online dates, and others picking fights with other home users. You guys need to lay down some ground rules, because PS HOME right now is not a social hub for Gamers it’s a fake world for people to live fake lives, and make others feel miserable….

    Please do something about these issues and you might bet more people to play and download PS HOME.

  • I think Home is a neat concept, but I rarely use it because it’s kind of dull right now. Here are a few suggestions I have for improving it:

    1) Definitely implement voice chat, at least with your friends list. This would make Home so much more useful for meeting up with friends and launching games.

    2) I still don’t understand why anyone would pay for items in Home for the prices you guys are charging. If I could buy a hat for .05, a shirt for .10 and so forth (maybe an entire outfit for .50 or 1.00), I might consider purchasing clothes once and awhile. But $5-10 for an outfit? I could go buy a game on PSN instead. And none of the outfits are so cool that I’d want to spend that sort of money on them. Some of them look like bad Halloween costumes.

    I feel like only a fraction of Home users would ever want to spend any money on anything in Home, ever.


  • (cont’d from previous comment)

    3) I also think developers should be encouraged to tie Home items to achievements. Achievements are pretty useless right now. You get a trophy, sure, but so what? But if I could get a treasure chest in my apartment because I found all 100 treasures in Uncharted 2, I’d be more likely to go complete that achievement. This would make Home a lot more valuable to me, because it would reflect what I’ve actually been doing as a gamer.

    I really think the Home development team should take a look at tying in-Home awards to the trophies you have for, at the very least, SCEA titles.

    4) Is it too much to ask for Home to be faster and more efficient? It is way too SLOW right now. It’s like you’re always sitting around waiting for something to happen.


  • (cont’d from previous comment)

    5) I would be much more interested in the theater if a more social aspect could be added in. How about showing Sony movies and getting the Rifftrax guys to come in and riff on them, or allowing users to sit in the theater and do the same? That could be kind of cool. Having some sort of social interaction available (especially if it didn’t cost you anything) would make this service much more desirable. Hell, you could stream Hulu shows or movies through the theater and show advertising and people would probably still watch.

    6) I wish Home had more of an MMO or RPG sensibility about it and less of a Second Life sensibility. I think it should really be patterned off something like Oblivion (a giant, cohesive world you can run around in and explore) rather than the SL hub and spoke system where there’s nothing to do. It’d also be nice if you could do something to build your avatar up, like battle monsters or something.

  • I was a bit harsh yesterday(before I saw them in person)on the UC2 Home clothing items.Well…I bought
    Good job I must say.

  • That goat chair is absolutely disgusting! SCEA should know better. As if there isn’t enough of animal cruelty in real world to start producing digital versions of it.
    What will be next? Chinese fur farm Home space?

  • $14.99 for a gold suit? What a waste of money.

  • Whats with the buzzing noise you hear in the background in the mall?

    Also why not make a section the lists the free items and the new items. So its easier for us to find the new and the free items?

  • Holy crap, people actually pay money for this stuff?

    Home is the answer to the question that no-one asked, no-one thought of asking, and if they were asked, they’d respond like a Dutch speedskater to an NBC reporter:
    “Vut??!! Are yuu stupid?!! No!!!”

  • two words:


  • also when do we get to wear things from other regions? glasswalls can do it why can’t we?

  • got any updates on fat princess?

  • what’s comin down the poop shute this week?

  • Warhawk Costumes! About time. And if anyone’s heard from Dylan Jobe on this let me know. I need some knowledge on the future of Warhawk’s online community. Where are we headed next?

  • Socom is way better than mag ……,(AOW)

  • please sony when will 3d firmware drop..? you took away my linux, my YDL, and ps2 software on slim,…… y do i still have ps2 memory on hdd of slim……oh yea psp still has 5.50 gen (full) cfw..but i would just like 2 thank you for making those psp game so small that you ripp them… good job,,,,good job i’m proud of u team work a little harder……..pandora anyone? swap magic?

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