Mall Madness Hits PlayStation Home with Hundreds of Items on Sale + New UNCHARTED, SOCOM, and Warhawk Costumes!

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Greetings Homelings,

If you’re like me and your closets are overflowing with all the awesome new virtual items we release each and every week in PlayStation Home, then this Thursday’s content update is truly a cause for celebration. Not only are we dropping a bunch of new virtual items inspired by some of your favorite PS3 and PSP games, but we’re putting hundreds of items on sale in our brand new Exclusives store at a mere fraction of their original price. You can thank our new resident business guru Mr. Magnus Keynes – he of the iconic (and snazzy) gold suit – who is committed to bringing you, the loyal PlayStation Home community, the best deals he possible can. And when we say “best deals”, we mean that Magnus is straight up slashing prices like a certified maniac at a lakeside summer camp!

If you’re an UNCHARTED fan (which you are – everybody is!) then you’ll need to drop in to the PlayStation Home Mall and pick up the new UNCHARTED costumes and furniture items we are releasing this week. I’m talking Nathan Drake, Sully, Chloe Frazier, Elena Fisher, and Tetram costumes along with some serious treasures for your personal space, pulled straight from the UNCHARTED franchise. See the pics below for a few choice samples.


On a similar note, we’re also releasing some special SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo costumes along with some exclusive Warhawk costumes (for the Eucadian and/or Chernovan in all of us). Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence.

Home SOCOM Wood Home Warhawk Chernovan

We will be continuing to air full episodes of the PlayStation Network exclusive reality series, The Tester, in the PlayStation Home Theater this week, with Episode 2 going live tomorrow, February 25th. Come out and watch as a group of hardcore gamers all compete for their dream job as a member of the SCEA QA team and pick up a free commemorative item from the Theater (additional The Tester items are also available for sale, like this goat chair, shown below as proof that we are slowly, but surely, going off the deep end).

Home Tester Goat Chair

Remember to come back to the PlayStation Home Theater every week to watch new episodes of the Tester (updated every Thursday) for the rest of the season.

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4 Author Replies

  • Very nice update, can’t wait to see the UNCHARTED treasures! Too bad no Heavy Rain content?

  • Can’t wait for the update L_S, thanks for the news!

  • Not impressed, sorry…

  • It may be time for me to take a look at Warhawk again. Thank you for the news.

  • Thanks for posting once again Locust. Victor Sullivan FTW! :D Victor Godamnn Sullivan. hahaha

  • how do i get on playstation home

  • HOME of the micro-transaction.

    …and little else.

  • Wow, those costumes look HORRIBLE! Uncharted costumes look nothing like they do in the game! Drake doesnt even have a gun holster! An ugly chair, and more Socom stuff that nobody wants, and probably about five people, tops, will buy.

  • Not anything that really catches my eye
    this week.

  • it would be nice to see cross game chat in the next update…btw does sony read these blogs and also where can i blog about what should be in the next update? email me

  • There will be a price behind the Tester Items? Really? I would think a unlock for sitting though the whole show with a group of friends would grant us a reward. Crossing fingers for make.believe

  • yes my closet is full and is making home slow for i thank for that :/ and yes your going a slowly going off the end thanks for admitting it

  • I’m cutting down on virtual items as they make Home load slower every time.

  • I like to Know when Open Voice Chat will Come back in HOME.. its The Main Reason why allot of my Friends on my PS3 including myself dont hardly ever go into HOME.

    Even tho most of have keyboards and are good typers.. its till not the same to have a normal conversation with friends on the PS3 about a game you just won.. or how to get some Trophy in a game.

    Are we At least getting a Party Chat System Coming to PlayStation HOME really Soon.

    To me talking to just 1 on 1 isnt good enought and having everyone join you in your Private Space isnt always that Fun at all.

    We the PS3 Community Need a Voice Chat Party System for the PS3 for Both Ingame and in PlayStation HOME.

    Thanks for Reading.. and Items on Sale is a good way to bring more people in HOME.. its like having a Grauge Sale getting ride of all your Old Stuff you no longer get use out of.. Someone is bound to like it LOL.

    WHOS with me.. Signed Skater_Ricky, :D

  • Hey Locust_Star,

    A hint would be nice. Just wondering will there will be a Kratos costume from God of War III? :)

  • Thanks for the price cuts this week. I spend a lot of money with last weeks update (2 new houses and clothes). My wallet needs a chance to recover.

    • You can thank our new business guy, Magnus Keynes. He\’s hanging out in Home all the time. Say hi if you see him!

  • I don’t like the direction Home is currently headed. It needs to steer away from that approaching iceberg.

  • Good update.
    Any chance we will be getting the Musicality Apartment anytime soon?

  • hello, what happened to the Heavy Rain shirt?

  • Nothing like a virtual world that punishes you for purchasing items. Why would I want to buy any of this crap when it just makes the whole experience even slower to load than it already is?

    It shouldn’t be called HOME, it should be called HOLD.

  • I like that prices are going down on some items wile I personally don’t really need more items until Home is better.

  • I agree with “silverthehedgeh” and “PaperCarrier” about more items have to load.. is also making my HOME Load SUPER SLOW when I Boot up into HOME.

    Locust_Star Does HOME TEAM have a Plan to FIX THIS??

    I hope for a Answer that at least you know about this issue and are in the Plans to make OUR PS3 Expreince better Over all with HOME.

    And What Happened about the Trophy Room.. did that get thrown Under the Carpet??

    And I for one know its has nothing to do with my PS3 or Harddrive because games work perfectly fine but the issue only Happens when I load up HOME.. its Really Slow.. id say booting up HOME takes about at least 5-8 minutes before you see everyones Cloths and in the Room you Want to be in.

  • more bs for the pot of STEW that is ps@home? giving the guys who pretend to be GIRLS more ammo and virtual gear eh? lol. i concur with “stardeth” Not impressed.

  • MAN!!!!!!!!
    so much AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! stuff coming tomorrow thanks SCEA

  • A bit of a letdown.

  • whats this I hear of a home version 1.35 released in EU?

  • Public voice chat please. That is all, have a good day.

  • Another money-grab update instead of one that fixes things? That truly is the state of HOME.

    “If you’re an UNCHARTED fan (which you are – everybody is!)”

    Speak for yourself…

  • I am excited about the Uncharted gear.
    Been waiting for that for a long time. Now if we can just get some Heavy Rain stuff, that would be awesome.

  • what about irem are you guys ever going to finish bringing everything over?

  • I find it amusing that all you guys are complaining, saying you’re not impressed. The EU region’s update tomorrow consists of……..a few tshirts. Like usual. Wish we had game outfits. In fact, I wish we had even a fraction of what the US have, coz it would mean we would actually have some content.

    And #26 fodawim, if 1.35 was to be released in the EU, it would be (a) released worldwide, as all versions of Home use the same software, and (b) it would’ve been picked up on in the EU forums.

  • (^_^)

  • Business will fly once Home gets it’s much needed speed boost as well as the commonly requested technical enhancements from the community.

  • Are we ever going to get Demon’s Souls armors?

    Japan Home has gotten them for a year now. I’ve been waiting since i saw them back then. I don’t see how it’s a problem for them to make something that’s been released for that long here.

  • “If you’re like me and your closets are overflowing with all the awesome new virtual items we release each and every week in PlayStation Home”

    …lol…My closets are pretty full, but most likely not even close to being as full as yours… especially since you probably get your items for free!

    This update doens’t really have anything I’m interested in, but I guess its pretty good update for those who still care about socom and warhawk. I know a few of them are out there, but not many.

    I too, am very disappointed that there are no Heavy Rain items this week. L_S, can you please inform us if there are any Heavy Rain items on the way?


  • oh wait nvm its just a new home client for EU CB testers sooo looks like our next home version will be 1.35 soon

  • if it has Uncharted or WARHAWK on it…i’ll buy it lol

  • Thanks Magnus Keynes, do you have a PSN we could find so we know where you are in HOME?

  • Awesome, thanks Locust_Star! :D
    Can you confirm how much the Nathan Drake outfit will be? And will it be a bundle?


  • Man after last week my wallet is as flat as paper. I’m gonna have to rob a bank since I heard lucas arts say they’re releasing more stuff also, unless that is a later week.

    Although the costumes do look pretty ugly, couldn’t really capture drake and chloe.

  • My wallet and I are both crushed under the
    great pile of “purchased content” that Home
    needs to verify each time I login and load.

  • I find it funny how someone can complain about Home when it’s free,optional, and is still in it’s BETA phase. I’m sure everything thats been promised to us will be there once Home gets out of beta. Keep up the good work home team

  • for HEAVY RAIN content, you could introduce a weather feature…rain LOL

    What ya think sony? idk just trying to be creative

  • @ D1renegade were not Complaining about anything.. were putting our two since in it.. to make it a Better Expreince for the Rest of PlayStation Network. And for our Future PSN buddies that join the Better side of Gaming.

    We All Know its Free and Optional and would like to see the things Improve in HOME.. with out our Comments they wont know what needs to be worked on and what doesnt got that.

    So Please Feel Free to Post your Comments here on the PlayStation BLOG because this is the best place to State your mind and Comments.

    Your Welcome Skater_Ricky,

  • I couldn’t agree with you more subtenko!
    Can’t wait for tomorrows update. see yall on home!

  • Greetings Locust_Star

    Thank you for the information download.

    It will be a glorious update indeed.


  • Seriously need things that were announced for home in the very beginning. ie. Public voice chat, streaming music and video, if the trophy room only showed platinum trophies it’d still be awesome. Also changing clothes without the wardrobe thing would be nice.

    Also the home avatars are underused, I spent a lot of money on clothes for my avatar and I wanna show it off, take some hints from the other guys and incorporate them more into stuff.

    I have been using this service since closed beta and I just can’t believe how little has progressed, picture frames and cameras are the only good things that have come.

  • I heard something cool about Home Beta(Closed UK Beta)…L_S could you elaborate if US players will get an invite via Qore or what??

  • Is there any spaces on sale?

  • L_S

    PLEASE fix the loading times… i despise logging into home these days

    also fix sodium… i have yet to be able to experience it because i am one of the few with the “connection to data server lost” issue… please READ the thread in the sodium forums… its been 2 months now and not a word or attempt fix.

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