Heavy Rain Out Today!

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In case you didn’t know, Heavy Rain is out today!

For those of your who haven’t picked up your copy yet, we definitely recommend rushing to your favorite retailer (or mailbox) to get your hands on one of the most anticipated titles of 2010. If you’re still on the fence, be sure to download one of the hottest demos available on the PlayStation Store and see what everyone’s been talking about. Still not sure? Check out the reviews and you’ll see that it’s well worth it!

If you find yourself playing the game and tapping your toes to the music, you can head over to iTunes today to download your copy of the soundtrack, which will also become available for download from the PlayStation Store on March 18.

And we haven’t forgotten our promise to you, the fans. For those of you who prefer it, just follow the link below to download the European packfront image that you can print out and slide into your game case. I’d recommend printing it on an 11 x 17 and cutting along the lines so it fits just right.

Heavy Rain Alternate Cover

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as well as we unveil additional content through the PlayStation Store for Heavy Rain fans.

Happy gaming!

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  • Yo Cristian,

    What happened to the 4 Days Challenge reward for US players? I got the answer right, and they said they’d email me soon about my reward, but that was 2 weeks ago! What’s going on?

  • Where is the commerical?

  • Sweet, just got it with ‘The Taxidermist’ Chron Chron, err chapter one of ??? I’m going to whet my appetite a little tonight before I drown myself in definitions.
    I’ll stick to the American box art thank you very much.

  • I picked up my copy and the DLC voucher this afternoon, I’ll be playing it tonight!!! I just wanted to say awesome job on the game and congrats on getting it released as well as the great reviews, congrats guys and thank you!!! 8)

  • Dude this game doesn’t have enough origami.

  • I went to gamestop and picked my copy up at lunch. 2 hours to go and cant wait! I loved the demo and cant wait to play tonight. You guys did an outstanding job on the interface of the game. Its so nice to see a game that breaks away from the traditional first person shooters that run rampid. Do you guys plan on doing any DLC to add more onto the story down the line?

  • I want to get it so bad! No moneys ;_;

  • Okay ummm seriously I am leaving my house right now to buy this. I hope I can get one because I forgot to pre-order it.

  • I gonna pick up my copy today after work. I hope this game sells millions upon millions of cpoies, so they can make more games devoted to the single player experience. Im tried of all this multi player crap that is being stuffed in our faces. Thanks to the people of Heavy Rain to remind us that we should’ve have to play with other people to get a full experience of a game. I hate when games give you a five hour single player campaign and give you 100+ hours of multi player. Not Balanced. Either make a multi player game or single player game. Heavy Rain is the winner for the game of the year award in my book.

  • Going to pick up my copy within the hour…wish it was raining here, I guess snow will have to do lol.
    I’m excited as hell to play the game, I avoided the demo so everything would be fresh and new (Will Power let me tell ya…lol)

    I’m looking forward already for the March DLC (from the pre order card) and even more after that…

  • Hey do you know when is this game coming out in south america, and being more especific, in colombia?

  • Ohhh and ty ty for the euro box art!

  • Siiiick guys! Looks like a sweet game!

  • I just wanted to say… no inner art for the bilingual version in Canada… Kinda sucks.

  • thnx for posting this cover.. I really like it a lot more..

  • @ mi33ke – I think Heavy Rain will certainly sell in healthy numbers and it will probably have long-legs in the sales history departments. But, it’s fair to say that a unique game of this kind isn’t aiming for Uncharted or God of War or Halo type sales.

    Although if it did get there, no one would complain.

    It would have been a pleasure to see an ad campaign behind this game in America, but seems like the focus is more on Europe with this release.

  • Got my two copies (woman wanted her own copy lol) this morning right when GameStop opened! If it is alright I’d like to put the link of my Heavy Rain/Quantic Dream fansite here: http://www.quanticnightmare.com Please check it out everyone thank you! :)

  • How do you print it. The original is humongous for the cover. Do you download it and resize it or something?

  • funny enough i brought Nomad Soul a few days ago, keep up the excellent work, gotta wait till friday for uk release :(

  • I just want to thank Quantic Dream for such a deep and amazing experience. It’s so unique and refreshing. It’s games like these that keeps the wheels of innovation turning in the entire industry. I admire your courage QD. Fortune favors the bold. ;]

  • Oooooh my pre-order at amazon won’t show up in my mail box until Monday. Seem so long…Maybe I will just buy another copy today, to alleviate the pain. Thanks Sony!!!!

  • i should have called-in sick today…

  • Hey guys. There is definitely a huge forecast for Heavy Rain today. I’m so excited its finally out. been waiting a long time. I bought the game today here in Canada, but I have to wait probably a few days before I get a chance to play it. Hope you guys pick up your copy too!!!

  • @ sam_i_iam Yeah I know but still, games like heavy rain should be getting all the hype and there should be more and more games like this.

  • This was on my “may check it out” list, but the demo put it firmly on my must buy list. Amazon should be delivering my copy today, but I might have to wait until Thursday to play it, because my gf and I have crazy work schedules. This is one of the few games my gf is interested in (GOWIII as well), she loved watching me play the demo and making decisions with me. She’s heavy into the CSI series and things of that nature, so this is right up her alley. She’s perfectly content to watch me play, but I’m trying to convince her to play it for herself as well, seeing as the interface is very inviting to non-gamers.

    • Awesome! I\’d definitely encourage her to try it out for herself. There are various difficulty settings, one of which would be perfect for novice gamers.

  • Just picked up the game and I can’t wait to play it. F.Y.I, the North American Cover looks better I.M.H.O but thanx for the offer.

  • This cover had to be made into a wallpaper, so here it is:
    in 1440×900 but should scale down well (I hope).

  • I also pre-ordered the game, twice. Once from Gamestop, and once from Amazon. Going to give one of them away as a present. I was really disappointed that NA didn’t get the collector’s edition, or the neat press kit, but I do appreciate the ability to print out the Euro cover art.

    Will the soundtrack download on PSN be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? Hopefully better than iTunes quality (256kbit/sec AAC), at least.

    I do hope that the Chronicles content has new trophies. DLC without trophies really decreases the saleability, IMO. Even if the first chronicle doesn’t have trophies, I hope that future ones will.

    Thanks so much for getting this game out; I hope that SCEE’s mass marketing push matches the ambitiousness of Quantic Dream’s development. It was sad to see Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge not do as well as they could due to an unwillingness to spend marketing dollars on an unestablished IP.

    Now we just need to get Secret of Monkey Island: SE and Tales of Monkey Island onto PSN…

  • Any Suggestions on where the best place to get the cover art printed out in high quality

  • Appreciate the alternate artwork, folks. HMV says my EU Special Edition is on its way. It will have a lot of mileage on it, assuming it arrives safely in Canada.

    Let me also say how I appreciate that the PS3 does not have a restrictive policy on region locking. (Much easier than when I imported Fahrenheit for the extra content!) I chose to wait a little longer to enjoy the EU packaging of Heavy Rain, knowing full well there are some inherent limits on which video modes I can use.

    Since it will be a little while before the DLC becomes available, is there any (un)official word on if the EU DLC codes will also work in North America? If it can’t, I am prepared to buy them assuming the reviews are good.

  • My Best Buy prequel promotion code also is not working. I purposely ordered from Best Buy just to get the bonus prequel. HELP!

  • I had my wife pick this up while i was in class’ and i guess she was in a hurry and I guess she drove to work with it in her car. It’s agonizing seeing my friend’s list while I gotta wait. Dumb story, just thought I’d share. D:

  • The DLC codes won’t work until March 4th.

    Any chance you can officially confirm it on the blog, Cristian?

    Because the other blogs made the story look as if Gamestop decided to delay the content to be jerks.

    • I can officially confirm that due to additional testing/development we were not able to make the content available at launch, so the GameStop site is correct.

      It will be available for those who pre-ordered on March 4th with that week\’s Store update.

  • I’ve wanted to play this for so long, I was really excited, I got the demo ahead of time and then I lost that excitement. To me, this game would have been a first day buy, but for a game that is so heavily focused on story, acting, and cut scenes, the animation and voice acting left me severely. wanting. From the demo, I have been left with the impression that this is little different from similar types of games from the PS2. I hope the blockbuster near me carries it, otherwise I simply can’t justify the purchase.

  • I got my copy early in the morning and Im pissed off that I wont be able to play it till school finishes. THANK YOU Quantic Dreams for bringing out a game of this kind for us gamers to enjoy and be emotional for the next couple of days. Hopefully, not to think so deeply, but no matter what entertainment platform this kind of content is on, may this be a way of possibly changing peoples lives or simply be a reminder that everything you do in life has a consequence or a reward.

  • @79. That depends where you live, of course! Maybe look for a Kinkos or a Staples store.

    @81. The prequel DLC hasn’t been released yet. It was delayed a week, March 4th I think.

  • My local gamestop is horrible, so I decided ot pre-order this from Amazon, but since they don’t have free day of delivery, I’m not getting mine until Fri. Woe is me.

  • It’s so great that you put a alternative cover art to download. I hope you do the same with God of War III (its current cover art is so bad)

    And for this game I just need to wait to get to Argentina (I already imported my copy)

  • Can we get some avatars?!! I would love to have the origami as an avatar.

  • my favorite game ever even though i have not yet purchased it (lol)

  • ah dammit, i want this game so bad, but a bit low on the funds, hopefully I can get the cash soon so I can buy this awesome game and GOW3! I saw a guy streaming a live playthrough of the game and it looked awesome, it looks like it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time, gotta get it soon!

  • Funny it’s raining today… coincidence? anyway I can’t wait to get this game in the mail it’s AWESOME

  • ok, im really excited to play this, but i had a patch to download which stinks because my internet isnt the fastest. 66 minutes to go as of the posting. but im wondering, i know the taxidermist was delayed, so does that mean my preorder bonus isnt supposed to be working? i input my code, and it said it was wrong or expired . help!

  • Well here in austin, texas, it snowed pretty heavy. That’s really rare. Does that count?

  • What kind of paper do you guys use for the box art? I don’t want print this one and then it ends up looking horrible due to lower quality paper.

  • Do you need to remove the demo before installing the game? If so how?

  • Is there going to be a Heavy Rain commercial?

  • Congrats on the game…won’t be picking it up for awhile but when I do it’ll be new so that some $$ flows back to the proper place.


  • Here in Los Angeles, no rain :(. But I did get my hands on Heavy Rain :). Loving the game so far!!!

  • so why is the redeemable promotion code not working? Any answers? Probably already brought up already, but I would like a link or something.

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