Heavy Rain Out Today!

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In case you didn’t know, Heavy Rain is out today!

For those of your who haven’t picked up your copy yet, we definitely recommend rushing to your favorite retailer (or mailbox) to get your hands on one of the most anticipated titles of 2010. If you’re still on the fence, be sure to download one of the hottest demos available on the PlayStation Store and see what everyone’s been talking about. Still not sure? Check out the reviews and you’ll see that it’s well worth it!

If you find yourself playing the game and tapping your toes to the music, you can head over to iTunes today to download your copy of the soundtrack, which will also become available for download from the PlayStation Store on March 18.

And we haven’t forgotten our promise to you, the fans. For those of you who prefer it, just follow the link below to download the European packfront image that you can print out and slide into your game case. I’d recommend printing it on an 11 x 17 and cutting along the lines so it fits just right.

Heavy Rain Alternate Cover

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as well as we unveil additional content through the PlayStation Store for Heavy Rain fans.

Happy gaming!

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  • Raining heavily where I am in Northern California, [erfect way to play the game tonight

  • i know very little but is this like a phycological thriller game?

    excuse my english.

  • It’s raining pretty heavily in Brooklyn, NY too. How..suspicious :)

  • already picked mine up…installing now

  • Mine should arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the alternate cover!
    What kind of paper is closest to the real material?

  • @ 2 yes…made by the team that created the Indigo prophecy (AKA Fahrenheit outside US)

  • Also, does the game also have art in the inside of the cover? I hate opening games with a lonely white backdrop.

  • Meh. I’ll probably buy it pre-owned when I can get it for $10. This just seems like an overpriced movie with a QTE fest.

  • I’m with #5 in wondering what kind of paper would be best to print this cover on to make it feel authentic. A reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, been playing the game for about an hour and a half… wow.

  • I sure glad there great advertising and commercials running over here in the US…*rolls eyes*

    Just like every other great 1st party exclusive game this one wont sell EVEN close to what it potentially could. Apparently Sony doesn’t like making money, creating install bases and further establishing its console in the mainstream eyes.

  • I suggest a rental, demo was ok

  • My copy should arrive today, I’ve been waiting a long time for this, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for the alternate cover. How about a CD release of the soundtrack?

  • Picked it up during my lunch break. Can’t wait to get playing tonight.

  • I’m excited ! Cant wait to get my copy ; getting ready as i speak :) !

  • I’ve been playing it since noon today. Loving every minute of it. Heavy rain in NYC is the perfect weather for this great game.

  • COOL! Can’t wait to buy it! By the way, does this game available in HD 1080p? I just saw that packfront was written HD720p.

  • Heavy rain here in NYC on Heavy Rains debut =D

  • I quite like the SE European artwork, so I am glad I ordered that!

  • Thanks for the boxart! My game hasn’t arrived, yet… :(

  • 1. I’ve already pre-ordered and going straight from work to pick up. Cannot reiterate how excited I am for this.

    2. Bless you for allowing us the chance to have the wonderful Euro cover. I get that American market demands certain aesthetic decisions for marketing, but this is a boon to your loyal gamers.

  • Woot! Picking mine up tonight, and thanks for the EU cover!

  • Perfect day to release this game. It’s Heavy Raining in New York at the moment. : )

  • Got the game today, started playing it. I’m getting some audio dropout issues, where the audio completely disappears every now and then, and only seems to come back when I pause the game. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? I was really looking forward to this, but if I can’t hear the dialog, I can’t play, so I had to stop… :( Help!

    • Hm. I\’d try the usual troubleshooting stuff first (reboot, checking connections, quitting then starting game up again). If it persists, give our Support line a shout.

  • Def gonna get this. I have to figure out where to import it from. :P

    Does the Japanese version have English?

  • “Cristian Cardona replied on February 23, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Art is included in the inside sheet.”

    Cristian, if it’s no problem…could you also add that to the flicker account, so that those of us who want this alternate cover professionally printed, have both sides of the game’s cover sheet? Thanks.

    • No promises, but I can look into it. Alternatively, you could glue the inside sheet to the back of your professional print?

      Not as cool, I know.

  • why aren’t you guys marketing this game? Sony marketing is going to lead to another downfall to another great game. Congrats Sony on failing to market this game.

  • Why is there no commercial in the US for this game?

  • Will you make downloadable episodes on the PSN? I played the demo and think you guys did a good job on the game. I can’t wait to play the full version.

  • Are we actually not getting a “Dear PlayStation” ad for this game? This game should be on the news, TV, ads, newspaper…everywhere, for what it is trying to do.

  • first, I pre-ordered Heavy Rain from Best Buy and just received my email with the promotional code to download the prequel episode Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 – The Taxidermist. but the download code is invalid. called Best Buy and they said someone will get back with me in 10 days… WTF?! don’t know whose fault this is but way to screw over your loyal consumers again, Sony!

    second, why doesn’t the US version of Heavy Rain have the same packfront image as the European? it is a much more classy design. I will definitely be printing that out.

  • I got the game and love it so far, however:

    There is a bug-

    The first scene with Norman Jaden when I am walking around the crime scene, if I begin to take the ARI glasses off but do not complete the right stick movement (so the square Reds out), both analog sticks from then on cease to function. I have to quit out and restart the game. It happened to me twice (I am always accidentally moving the right stick thinking it will rotate the camera)

    Just a heads up, not sure if others can replicate the error.

  • @27 Sony VP of Teary-eyed Moments, Kevin Butler needs to get the ball rolling.

  • Why is this an iTunes exclusive? No love for Amazon MP3, or Zune Marketplace? Choice is good. And yeah it’s heavy rain here too, pouring out right now and UPS is running late with my Amazon order. Can’t wait!

  • my preoder code won’t work

  • Been waiting on this game for a long time and I have to wait even longer. I have it pre-ordered but due to recent trouble in school, no video games for a while. Which sucks, but hopefully I’ll be able to play Heavy Rain by the end of the year. And I already it rocks so congrats Sony and Quantic Dream.

  • *And I already know it rocks

  • 5 Stars!
    Thanks for the real box art. Now to rip my NA box art and print this one out. Great game guys.

  • Cristian,what kind of people should this be printed on? =)

  • Check Out Play Unwired’s 10/10 Review! http://mbsn.co.cc/zz24r7

  • i mean PAPER* lol

  • Amazing Game!!!!

    Plus its raining in NY :)

  • Amazon delivers my pre-ordered copy today. But a friend of mine asked if the preorder Bonus content is trophy emnabled. Might be too late for him to pre order now … but are there? Trophy support for the Bonus content?

  • The Heavy Rain soundtrack on iTunes does not seem to have the music used in the Heavy Rain trailers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tSaWMrRlx4 Is there a way we can get this song?

  • Just got the game, the insider art is very cool and wow it actually comes with an origami sheet to make the famous bird from the cover. Can you consider making a PDF of of this blood stained sheet?

  • There is a piece of paper inside the case of the game that looks like an unfolded origami, with some things written in it. Does it serve any particular purpose in the game?

  • Ahh, I really want this game but I’m short on money this month. :(

  • I’m playing it right now, it was my most anticipated game this game and i’m not disappointed even if i’m not really far into it.
    I really liked the origami paper inside the box with the instructions while it is installing, very nice idea even if mine ended up with a broken leg loll

    • At least you got that far. I think the furthest I got was a few folds. Once I had to make the legs, things got ugly. I\’m pretty lame at those.

  • its raining heavy in South Jersey too, what are the odds of that.

    but i want this game bad is heck, but i had was in a accident can’t manipulate the buttons that’s going to required in the game.

  • Today I drove a lot with my car and it was raining the whole day. I thought “Yeah, heavy rain *big smile*”

    Well, I still have to wait: Here in germany the game will arrive at the 26.2 if I am lucky.
    But no problem weather forecast says: rain for the whole week :D
    Greetings :)

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