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Hi everyone! For those of you who still have yet to pick up your very own PSPgo system, there’s no better time than now. As most of you already know, PSPgo is the first all-digital, full-game handheld entertainment system on the market to date. Since its launch last October, we’ve seen a tremendous response to the newest member of the PSP family. If you’re ready to take the next step in portable entertainment, you’re in luck!

For a limited time, we’re offering an incredible value to all of you PSP newbies. Now through Sunday, March 21, 2010, U.S. and Canadian consumers who purchase a new PSPgo system can download one of our top PSP titles from the PlayStation Store at no additional cost. How you ask? In short, this limited-time offer combines the PSPgo system with a PSPgo In-game Promotion Code, which entitles you to a digital download of either LittleBigPlanet (PSP) or Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines.

PSPgo Voucher Code

The PSPgo In-game Promotion Code redemption process is simple:

  • You must purchase a new PSPgo unit between Thursday, February 18, 2010 and Sunday, March 21, 2010.
  • To redeem code, you must create a PlayStation Network account or login to your existing account directly from your PSPgo system.
  • SCEA will then e-mail a code (using the email associated with one’s PSN account), which is good for one qualifying PlayStation Network account to download the game for the PSPgo system, via the PlayStation Store.
  • All in-game promotion codes must be redeemed by March 31, 2010.

With more than 300 downloadable games, and more than 2,700 movies and 17,000 TV episodes available on the PlayStation Network (video download service available to U.S. residents only), PSPgo is the ultimate handheld entertainment system designed for the digital lifestyle. Again, the PSPgo In-game Promotion Code will only be available for a short while so be sure you take advantage of this limited offer soon. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy!

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  • I purchased my PSPgo on launch day like many of the people here are also complaining about I purchased the white one.. And am I able to use this deal with my PSPgo?

  • Thanks, now if you can expand the deal to people who have bought the game in the PSPgo in the last 2 weeks, then I will be happy.

  • Sony should give all of us a free game for putting up with their crappy updates and high prices.

    A free game would go a long way to making me feel less ripped off.

    And by the way, could Sony please put some pressure on Rockstar to fix the downloadable GTA games?

  • Add me to the list of upset launch day purchasers. I understand the new promotion to push the latests incarnation of the PSP out to more users, but you have to think of what it does to the community of early adopters. Even mighty Apple had a major PR nightmare and community backlash when they dropped the proce of the iPhone less than a year after launch. But, like Apple I think Sony won’t leave us loyal customers out in the cold.


  • …. :(

    I bought the Go on day one.

  • “we’re offering an incredible value to all of you PSP newbies.”

    And us long time faithfuls get…?

  • Great promotion 6 months too late. Now knock $50 off the price of the pspgo and support the product with decent psn network updates. Pspgo is a great system lacking good network support. Please fix this sony!!

  • @57

    Seems to me that Sony does a very good job of ignoring the PSPgo owners. Why do you think they won’t leave us out in the cold?

  • Hahaha im beggining to think PSP GO was a sick inside joke on consumers…
    SCE: “HAHAHA Look at them complain”

  • Am I missing something? How do I prove that I just bought my PSPgo? I’m looking for a way to email someone to get my code for LBP (Assassin’s Creed was lame).

  • A bit of advice.

    Don’t buy the pspgo, the system is not supported well by sony & 3rd parties.

    The game releases are few and far between, most of the time it’s game no one wants. Many games released on the PSN are buggy, broken and have yet to receive a fix or patch (GTA Stories, SH:0rigins finally was fixed last week). The back catalog of the software library is almost completely ignored. There’s just so many things that sony has done that has made the pspgo not worth buying.

    It’s a quality handheld and I think it’s really comfortable, but it’s download only and it’s not being supported with the game available for download. Also, the price is too expensive and the price for games need to go down.

    It’s really frustrating that I bought a pspgo at launch and us early adopters miss out on a free game like this. The Euro region got it, why can’t we? It’s also extremely frustrating to own a console and wanting to play specific games (crisis core, star ocean) on it but it’s physically impossible because you own a download only console and the games aren’t available.


  • wow nice way to make your supporters think about going to other systems, Why not make it if you HAVE a PSP Go and you download a theme or something they email you a code?

  • i bought my go the day of release, this isnt too cool for those of us 1st day’ers butt then again sony always does this, but i will no longer get any products on launch for i have learned my lesson this time.

  • @virgils_mustache

    Agree 100% theres no excuse… SCEA Cheated us into buying what is staying as a promising handheld @ best…

  • Everything Sony has done for Playstation has been to better it’s usability for its consumers, and skeptics alike. In fact I believe the PSP is one of the best systems around for a portable device, and the PSPgo is simply the only way for people to go in the future for true gaming.

    That being said, it is absolutely the worst system in the world, with terrible software support, not enough integration with the PS3, features that are pointless on a gaming system, and did i mention no software support? Sure these two free games are neat, Theyre pretty much the only games worth getting… and how come i cant demo PSP games on my PS3 to see if the system is worth owning? I have a PSP 2000 and i use it for Resistance: Retribution, and God of War… Thats it. Chrono Trigger sees more action on my DS and thats saying something.

    Sony, believe me when i say im sorry, but you have to use a good defibrillator or call the time of death. In the words of wise:
    “It’s time to Nut up or Shut up.”

  • Please extend this offer to all PSPGo owners for the reasons noted above. Yes… -ALL the reasons.

  • let me get this straight, just because you went out and bought a PSPgo 5 months ago you think your entitled to this deal…

    everybody who said i should get this deal because i was a day one buyer. havent put up reasonable argument yet. its not like you bought it 1-7 days before the promotion then you have point…

    if you bought your PSPgo 1-6 months tough luck. Sony owes you NOTHING…

  • good but still not worth 250bucks come on sony drop the price

  • @66

    In most cases I would agree with you. The reason why many of the current PSPGo owners are upset, is that from launch until now, we have been fed with utter [DELETED]. When compared to Sony’s proclamation of this breakthrough futuristic piece of a skype phone- which literally all I use my PSPGo for these days, the Go falls short for the reasons noted above(lack of network support, etc.) When you buy from the first batch of product, you hope to experience something before anyone else. The problem is, there was close to nothing innovative or new to experience compared to those who are buying it 6 months later with a free game.

  • @NEJI64
    Sorry to break it to you but PSPGO owners can and should be enraged by the lack of support… little to no games released weekly, most legacy games have yet to come to the system… Lumines FFS one of the best games on the system…

    No arguments?

  • @66

    In most cases I would agree with you. The reason why many of the current PSPGo owners are upset, is that from launch until now, we have been fed with utter garbage. When compared to Sony’s proclamation of this breakthrough futuristic piece of a skype phone- which literally all I use my PSPGo for these days, the Go falls short for the reasons noted above(lack of network support, etc.) When you buy from the first batch of product, you hope to experience something before anyone else. The problem is, there was close to nothing innovative or new to experience compared to those who are buying it 6 months later with a free game.

  • So Sony… about those of us who already bought a Go… I got mine at launch, day one at midnight. Now, first I had to deal with lackluster selection on the PSN Store, then I had to deal with LittleBigPlanet Portable not being available to download when I could have walked in and bought a UMD for my 1000. Now I’m screwed out of a free game for actually supporting you? Any chance you might want to think this over a bit better and reward *everyone* who dropped money on a Go?

  • You guys are morons if you think you should get the free game for being early adopters. When Best Buy is giving away a free PS3 when you buy a Sony HDTV that you already bought 6 months ago, do you go whining to them that you should get the free PS3?

    This offer is to promote new sales of the PSPGo, not reward people who already bought it.

    If you have that much of a problem with your PSPGo purchase, you should have done more research on it before putting down your money.

  • i heard about a rumor regarding a “re-launch” of the pspgo to entice the gaming community. if this is it, it’s not going to work especially if you have a lot of disgruntled pspgo owners who aren’t getting the love for supporting and being loyal to the coolest portable gaming media ever! just not fair to us! i’ll give my money to apple instead and get an itablet!

  • what about the people who got one on launch day?

  • This is a good strategic way to get consumers to gravitate over to the pspgo. I bought my pspgo in mid January, so this promotion leaves me out, BUT hopefully sooner than later there will be a absolutely fantabulous PSP update that will make the go an absolute must have for us all. A free game plus an amazing update equals insane profit for sony. I will miss my “ha! my psp can slide open!” moments at school though because everyone will have one.

  • As someone who bought a PSP Go at launch, this is really disappointing. Would it have been that hard to have extended this promotion to early adopter? It would have been a nice loyalty boost all around instead of a slap in the face to everyone who showed their support early on.

  • @gettinmoney662 &

    You both make good points. But, those who purchased the PSP Go at launch did so with the head of Sony’s Hardware Marketing saying that there would be a program to convert already purchased UMD games to digital versions. This was all quietly pushed aside and forgotten by SCEA while SCEE was giving away three games of choice and Gran Turismo for early adopters. The North American early Go adopters really have been shafted by Sony and this re-launch of the system is just bringing up old wounds.

  • Does this work if you order one of Please answer, if ye I will probably get one.

  • The White PSP Go is $199 on newegg. $199 along with free LBP is tempting. I might just bite…

  • Still not enough to make me buy.

  • This is total crap. My husband and I just bought Go’s earlier this month.

    I really wish this was retro active. Sony screws the masses again.

  • Congrats! This post made me go out and trade in a crapload of games and grab a PSP Go!

    Downloading the system update right now. xD On top of that, you made me get rid of my PSP-2000 with its custom firmware and my rootin’ tootin’ game stealing shenanigans. >.>

  • Also, with my PSP Go, there WAS no rockband code, just the papapon 2 demo, pre-installed. So i even got screwed out of the rockband demo.

  • @RedGiant17

    Well, now you learned an important lesson. Never buy a system until the games you want for it are out. Never buy a system on the promise of what’s coming, wait until the service is actually there before you commit.

    Besides, anyone with a PSP already really had no reason to “upgrade” unless they liked the aesthetics of the Go. I always looked at the Go as a way to bring people who had never bought a PSP into the PSP family.

  • i hope someone who works at sony can comment on the fact that they just screwed all previous pspgo users.

  • wow how about those who supported the launch and bought one day 1?

  • @axecution

    Come back in 2 weeks when the new system smell wears out and you realize you made a mistake “upgrading”

    Not to mention you are an idiot for admitting you were a pirate… guess you’ll get what you deserve soon enough.

  • I just remembered something, the NA launch was the only one that gave us nothing for buying one day 1, the other territories gave away GT PSP. And you guys never got the “UMD redeem program” going on!!! It was a shady tactic to get some sales, just like this new “offer”

  • @RedGiant17, Exactly.

    Way to rub salt in an old wound of your most loyal customers in NA, Sony!

    There was the incredible SCEE launch promo, then the abandonment of the UMD trade-in/conversion program (if it was really ever going to happen), and here we are again, left out in the cold.


  • So everyone who supported Sony and the PSP Go at Christmas time doesn’t get anything, but if you run out and buy one now, you get a free game. This promotion should stretch all the way back to December of last year, and anyone who bought a PSP around Christmas up to now should also be applicable for the offer. This is some major BS for customers who just bought PSPs.

  • im thinking this is a way to get as many pspgo’s with the $250 dollar price tag out the door before they do a price cut…its all just very fishy. why a free game out of the blue? great deal either way though thanks sony

  • Seriously Sony, you’re not giving a free game to current owners? What a stab in the back for all of us early-adopters. If Europe can figure it out, so can you. Don’t get caught up with legalities and just be decent

  • I love my PSP Go, and have had it since November. The problem is, I feel like everyone is getting deals except for us (US early buyers). Europe had some great deals to get some games with the system (especially if you had an older PSP too), and now *new* US buyers are getting a decent deal. What about the people who got one early and have supported the Go?

    Other than that, I love it. Been playing SOCOM a ton.

  • So I pay more for games than I would on UMD, I get a smaller selection of titles to choose from, I get two glorified demos instead of an actual game, I don’t get access to a free game download like European PSPgo purchasers did, and now you pull something like this?

    You guys need to realize that for some of us this is our first PSP purchase and after getting the proverbial shaft like we have been we’ll just go Nintendo or even Apple when the next line of handhelds is released. I don’t care how good the PSP2 will/won’t be. I wouldn’t even consider it for a second at this point. I am even considering now just selling my go and buying an iPod Touch. Justify my purchase Sony!

  • Seriously, i want to know what i get for buying this thing? Throw us a bone Sony. Your support on the GO is ridiculous

  • thats no fair SONY! I bought the PSP Go on day 1 and this is how your treat your earlier adopters of the system! Instead of giving us a reward you give it to those who are just gonna jump on the bandwagon because their getting a free game. FOR SHAME SONY FOR SHAME!

  • This is why we can’t have nice things

  • $250 and I can’t even play my 30+ and counting UMD games, no dual analog and did I mention it’s $250? No Thanks!

    Bring me a 4G LTE PSP Phone running Android with full DS3 buttons, throw in that beautiful OLED Touch Screen and music abilities from the X series Walkman and the slide out keyboard from the XPERIA let the wireless carriers subsidize the cost and sell it to me for $150!

    Come on Sony use your assets to make a truly kick ass device!

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