PSPgo In-game Promotion Code Available Now

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Hi everyone! For those of you who still have yet to pick up your very own PSPgo system, there’s no better time than now. As most of you already know, PSPgo is the first all-digital, full-game handheld entertainment system on the market to date. Since its launch last October, we’ve seen a tremendous response to the newest member of the PSP family. If you’re ready to take the next step in portable entertainment, you’re in luck!

For a limited time, we’re offering an incredible value to all of you PSP newbies. Now through Sunday, March 21, 2010, U.S. and Canadian consumers who purchase a new PSPgo system can download one of our top PSP titles from the PlayStation Store at no additional cost. How you ask? In short, this limited-time offer combines the PSPgo system with a PSPgo In-game Promotion Code, which entitles you to a digital download of either LittleBigPlanet (PSP) or Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines.

PSPgo Voucher Code

The PSPgo In-game Promotion Code redemption process is simple:

  • You must purchase a new PSPgo unit between Thursday, February 18, 2010 and Sunday, March 21, 2010.
  • To redeem code, you must create a PlayStation Network account or login to your existing account directly from your PSPgo system.
  • SCEA will then e-mail a code (using the email associated with one’s PSN account), which is good for one qualifying PlayStation Network account to download the game for the PSPgo system, via the PlayStation Store.
  • All in-game promotion codes must be redeemed by March 31, 2010.

With more than 300 downloadable games, and more than 2,700 movies and 17,000 TV episodes available on the PlayStation Network (video download service available to U.S. residents only), PSPgo is the ultimate handheld entertainment system designed for the digital lifestyle. Again, the PSPgo In-game Promotion Code will only be available for a short while so be sure you take advantage of this limited offer soon. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy!

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  • wow can’t wait for it.

  • I just bought a new PSPgo on Monday… :(

  • keep them comming,anything for people who already have one?

  • i might get one now…

  • the debut of the Go has been marred by some pretty downtrodden decisions on Sony’s part, most notably the $250 price tag, an utter lack of compatibility with any previous PSP accessories, and no UMD conversion program..

    Plus, iFixit has confirmed that removing the battery actually voids your warranty!!!!


    i’ll stick with my PSP3000!!!

  • oh yeah, i almost forgot to say-

    SONY! please give us another analog stick nub on the PSP4000!!! and a touch screen would be great…

    ok, i’m done now..

  • Ooooh Sony, you really know how to entice the masses. Keep up the GOOD work and most importantly keep on SPOILING us!

  • Agree – how about those that have a PSPGo and still haven’t found much use for it other than as a drink coaster.

  • What about those of us that bought one before the 18th?
    Are we SOL?

  • So early adopters get a bastardized version of Rockband and everyone that buys now gets to choose between two really good PSP games. Whatever…

  • I guess being a launch Go buyer gets me screwed out of this offer.

    I received my PSPGo on 10/1/09 and love it due to its size and storage and I luckily didn’t have to pay the $250 MSRP.

    So… the launch owners in the US not only didn’t get the promo from the UK for the free game, we got a demo versus of Rock Band without a way to actually buy the full version, and now we don’t get the free game from this offer….

  • got my pspgo on day of release! where’s my voucher code?! played the heck out of rock band; should’ve waited for a better deal like this one! pffft!

  • Whoa. I wish I waited to get my Go now…totally great deal!

  • maybe, if there’s a limited edition metal gear solid pspgo, i’ll definitely splurge on one! i know, i know, there’s a bundle out of japan but it’s not a pspgo but i couldn’t resist but to pre-order that one as well!

  • cool i just bought one too.

  • Yes Buy a PSP Go and get one of two games out of a huge collection of titles available on UMD that you’ll never have access too.

    Great offer, so great I fail to see the value in it.

  • What about those that already bought one?

  • Sweet!

    Man, I still can’t believe we didn’t break the PS Blog with the John “D MAN” post :(

  • and what about the people who got screwed by buying this before now?.. Word to the wise for people considering it. They are not putting new games on the PSN (or at least 3rd parties aren’t i.e. silent hill and new game releases) They are showing no love to the pspgo, the product isn’t selling and this attempt at a “deal” proves it. (check npd numbers for proof) This keeps up Sony and the other devs will cease to put anything up for the go and the early adopters will be burned.


    a very disgruntled PSPGO owner…

  • What? Despite your knowledge that (IF) PSPGO was a huge success for you last October, but you rally SINK LOW with this one due to the fact that YOU and THIRD PARTIES are not willing to lower the prices of all older titles… And what is the deal with this? PSP 1000-3000 models sounds more appropriate to own one – all thanks to low price on UMDs. Why would you go THAT FAR TO RIP US OFF WITH $20.00, $30.00 or $40.00 if they are all digital games…? It doesn’t make sense. GO BACK TO YOUR DRAWING BOARD AND WORK ON by making things RIGHT FOR US in this Sony Playstation community.

  • Aww, I got mine as a Christmas present to myself and now I get nothing? :( I bought LBP PSP but Assassin’s Creed is something I’d love to get for free as well :p

  • yeah, great.

    i bought mine back in october and got a patapon 2 demo and, what, 5 songs for Rock Band: Unplugged?

    can’t believe it isn’t retro-active.


  • Very cool, given that I plan to buy one next week.

  • This is unfair to people like me who picked up the PSPGo day one. I had to pay 40 for LBP PSP! I have been supporting Sony and this is just a slap in face. Maybe i should sell my PSP for a DSi.

  • lol I buy 2 PSPgo’s in December for myself and Christmas Present for my son and all I get is two copies of a horrible copy of Rockband thats not the demo but not the full thing either…

  • LOL! Still can’t play my existing PSP games on it. Any possibility of a physical to digital exchange system? No? Pass…. Price drop? No? Pass….. Larger screen? SMALLER?!!! Pass…..

    There is literally NO INCENTIVE TO BUY A GO UNLESS YOU ARE A RICH KID WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OR CARE OF IT’S LOWER PRICED ITERATION OR WIDER SELECTION OF PHYSICAL MEDIA. Please pull head out of buttocks and properly support your product and existing customers. Yeah, yeah, yeah… “the Japan branch told us to…”. Not good enough.

  • I, too, am victim to launch day PSPGo. Nothing for us?

  • Please tell me if Lunar Silver Star and Blaz Blue will be available on the ps store. When there released.

  • What about those of us that bought the PSPgo in back in October? We that trusted you and gave our money for quality product…ONLY GOT A ROCKBAND “Lite” edition. Which was a DEMO with the ability to buy tracks!!

    Please… Consider US

  • I just got my PSP Go about a Week ago. How about a PSPGo rewards system like they have inthe UK. You know register one of their umds in an older psp. I have 4 now. 1000, 2000, 3000 and a PSPGo. Hook me up or something….plus a ps3, 10 or so minis games and I dunno how many psn games. (let alone Home virt items) go check I dare you. I would like to dload a game. Heck mine never came with RB Lite, Had to bug the store employee for a code…. :(

  • Yippy, I get nothing upgrading from my PSP1000 the day the PSPgo game out.

  • by the way for the digital thing cant u guys just set it up so that we turn in our physical copies of the games at a sony style store and receive a voucher for the digital version.(I really want to get a psp go)

  • Those that purchased one at launch get a code as well.

  • i mean should get a code as well.

  • Wow, from someone who bought it on launch day, thanks for nothing Sony.

  • Great… so what’s getting done for the earlier adopters who are stuck with UMDs are weren’t offered any free games, like in Europe?

  • go for littlebig planet it has more replay value

  • I purchased at launch, am i getting one??? No!
    Thats right sony giving us the finger yet again for supporting a risk they took.

  • People keep complaining about the price point of the Go, but just think how much money you save in the long run from having only a fraction of the PSP’s library available for purchase on PSN. You can’t pay for what’s not offered.

    Thank you, Sony. If it wasn’t for your piss-poor support of your latest hand held iteration, I’d never be able to pay the bills.

  • So early adopters get the shaft?!

  • Geee thanks for ripping me off Sony. I’m very disappointed to hear this. I get a demo of rockband and now you’re offering two good games….really now :/

  • This sorta doesn’t make sense.

    1. Buy a new PSP Go.
    2. Open PSN account.
    3. They email you the download code.

    What happens between 2 and 3 so that they know to email you?

  • Not U.S Only? AWESOME!

  • I only got a patapon 2 demo with my PSPgo. How about some love for me?

  • Who cares about the PSPGo anymore? You guys can’t strong arm the licensors behind Lumines to let Q? put it on the PSN store, or strong-arm them into porting Supernova to PSN. And while we’re at it, your PSN support is a freaking joke for the PSP. Barely any games coming and if there is any it’s one-two a month. You have a serious backlog of games that Go users can’t play.

    No, thanks. I’ll stick to my PSP-1000.

  • Hey fellow early adopters, this is what you get for being said early adopters. Beause we like to be First to get new tech, we may miss out on oppertunities presented to those that wait. I can’t cry foul on tv manufacturer Samsung for buying a 60hz lcd when a 120hz came out 6 months later at the same pricepoint, can I? No, just suck it up Buttercups.

  • Any way us current Go owners could get in on this?

  • PSP Go fail, lot of UMD games without PSN version and no UMD films and series for latin america ><

  • “Since its launch last October, we’ve seen a tremendous response to the newest member of the PSP family.”

    Yes, and the response has been tremendously negative. Still way to high of a price. You have the games priced far too high for anybody to consider buying the device. You need to make new releases $29.99 for digital downloads. It doesn’t matter what the retailers tell you. all of them outside of gamestop have for all purposes stopped selling PSP games. They no longer sell your games for all purposes. If you offered download cards for $29.99 for them to sell they can still profit and the game gets sold for a reasonable value. As it is $40 is far to high for a new game even for a UMD.

    @40 tmyjr

    RTP. They give you a choice of a game, not two games.

  • So I got my PSP Go on day 1…and I’ve been buying a lot of games and comics for the system and all of a sudden, you make a deal where people who jump on the PSP Go bandwagon can get a game…

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