MLB 10: The Show All-Star Week Features

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Aaron Luke here to bring you the next edition of the MLB 10: The Show posts. This entry will discuss the additions made to the MLB All-Star Week festivities.

When we set out at the beginning of the year, one area we knew needed to be addressed was the addition of the Home Run Derby. As we began to dive into the feature, we thought rather than just offering it as a stand-alone feature (which it is), why not include it into all season-based modes’ MLB All-Star Week festivities. Now when you’re playing in Season, Franchise or Road To The Show, you’ll have the opportunity to play in the Home Run Derby.

When playing the Home Run Derby, you have the choice to set which players are controlled by player 1, player 2, or the CPU – except in RTTS, where you only get to control your created player. You also will have fast-forwarding abilities, in case you want to skip the CPU-controlled player’s at bats.

After tackling the Home Run Derby addition, we thought why not go all-in and include the All-Star Futures Game as well. So, we’ve done just that. Now you get the full All-Star package. The All-Star Futures Game is available in both Franchise and Road To The Show – and just the same as the derby, in RTTS you will only have the opportunity to participate if your player was selected.

As you can see, we’ve paid a lot of attention to offering you as much of the MLB All-Star Week festivities as we can. These enhancements are available in all of our season-based modes, with the exception of the All-Star Futures Game, which is available in Franchise and Road To The Show only.

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  • UH great game but players dont wear helmets while they participate in the home run derby. they also wear thier team jerseys with allstar patches on them not these fake allstar jerseys. GET IT RIGHT!

  • I have a question for Aaron. Will the batting practice pitchers in homerun derby only throw right handed or can you chose to hit from a left hander?

  • question for lake,

    were is the demo? will it be next thursday?

    also with the minor league teams will teams like the Staten Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cyclones.

    (if your not the guy to ask then tell me who is)

  • i forgot to say if the two teams i mentioned will be in the game

  • @51 actually during the HR derby they wear the league they are representing’s Batting Jeresy. during the All Star game they wear their own jersey

  • What are you guys gonna do better for next year that you didn”t did this year…and why???

    Thank You,Gustavo{ThEReAL32}

  • Would they be any world series celebration in season mode or other modes and playoff clinch and advancing and also world series ceremony in MLB 10 the show.

    Thank You,Gustavo{ThEReAL32}

  • Are you guys gonna change the commentator and press coference after a game and to tell the media what they thinking and if they promised a playoff run this year{option} new bateer stance.

    thank you gustavo thereal32

  • What is a Minor League player’s license,and what do you do with it in mlb 10 the show….and also in road to the show do you get experince point like last year or did it change.

    Thank You,Gustavo thereal32

  • On update roster will each player will have there real life hr,avg. and more or last seasons stats.. thank you

  • will they be daytime turn into nightime in games or not……please have it it loooks cool and it brings real.

  • will you guys have real life this year all star jersey and in the update each week will you change the all star player if what there stat are each week. thank you

  • @59 the player would have had to play some time in the Majors to be part of the MLBPA to be able to have their name in a game

  • will you guys have Stephen Strasburg in the starting rotation for the national or the minor or maybe not in the game. thank you

  • I want to play the real life all stars this year and not the good player in my season in the game. REAL LIFE ALL STARS PLEASE!

  • I have a question.

    Being left handed, I was wondering if I can finally make a left handed second baseman or shortstop. I always wondered why it was left out MLB The Show 08

  • Is the World Baseball Classic going to be in mlb the show in the future?

  • 65 AJD_L3G3ND | February 19th, 2010 at 10:17 pm
    I want to play the real life all stars this year and not the good player in my season in the game. REAL LIFE ALL STARS PLEASE!

    So even if someone who’s having a monster year in the real MLB, broke his ankle in your season mode……you still want him to make the All Star team in your season mode? I’ll never understand why guys like you even play season modes?

  • 64 ThEReAL32 | February 19th, 2010 at 9:13 pm
    will you guys have Stephen Strasburg in the starting rotation for the national or the minor or maybe not in the game. thank you

    How does anyone still ask a question like this? Especially since they’ve already answered it. They can’t put in real minor league players. No game has ever put in real minor league players. Read before you post!

  • @66

    If you notice in real life there are no 2nd baseman, short stops, or 3rd baseman that throw left handed. You can bat any which way you want but you have to field right handed, just picture trying to throw to first with your left handed over by 3rd base

  • Hey, Jason villa

    Are you guys going to have a $1,000,000 dollar challenge like 2ksoprts?

    I’d rather have such a great challenge on the superior baseball game of the decade
    (MLB 10 The Show).

  • Just a little, thing but in the end of game cinematic where the players high 5 in a line, they are all the same height. This was the same in 09, is this going to be fixed in future? There were a few other clips where this happened IIRC.

  • @70 there may not be any current players who play 2b, ss, or 3b who are left handed. It doesn’t mean they never existed. Don Mattingly played both 2b and 3b (albeit for a short time). It doesn’t mean that the game shouldn’t include it as an option in RTTS

  • True true, even Blake Dewitt is left handed as is chase utley, but u have to field right handed

  • I hope the Home Run Derby is challenging as the games are. Wouldn’t want to be hitting 15 homeruns every single time you step up with 10 outs. Aside from the graphics, season modes, and customization, I think the the challenging aspect of this game is what separates it from the others, and real gamers respect that. Can’t wait til the 2nd

  • Aaron, I enjoyed 09 The Show. The one part of the game that I had a lil trouble with, is when I wanted to replace the starting pitcher with a reliever or closer. If I didn’t put a DH in to hit for the pitcher I would have to wait til the next inning with the fatigued pitcher already on the mound. Then I would have to go and replace him with the pitcher I wanted to replace him with. Don’t know if I missed how to do that last year, but I was wondering if MLB 10 The Show is going to allow you to be able to replace the fatigued pitcher maybe while your batting, so he would not show up the next inning. Thanks

  • Which came first? The Demo, or the Game? C’mon! I’m jonesin’ here!

  • can you play the HR derby online? please someone say you can.

  • Jason Villa replied on February 19, 2010 at 3:37 pm
    “So I can see there’s some interest in the Demo. Ok, understatement, I know. I can tell you that we have completed it and it’s been approved. We are working on trying to get it released as soon as possible.”

    Does this mean it will be out when PSN updates this Thursday the 25th?

  • stop answering only questions that don’t have demo in it,we pay good money for your game and would like some answers,would you want someone to keep telling you that you can test drive your new car then they keep getting around the questions like its a long distance relative

  • You should absolutely make it possible to use the Playstation EYE to scan your face in create-a-player mode for PS3. For MLB the show 09, the playstation eye was on the back of the box so i assumed this was possible, so i went out and bought a playstation eye just for that feature, but was totally bummed out when i realized the eye was just to record your voice, so now i have a playstation eye lying around….PLEASE ADD this option!! If it’s already too late to add this option to the game now, will it ever be possibile for you to add it in a update or patch???!!!

  • can you do the HR Derby online?

  • The demo was scheduled to be released on February 11th, 2010. The demo was delayed and was rumored to be released February 18th, 2010. The Playstation Store still does not have the demo available for download. However, it has been confirmed by SCEA on the MLB 10: The Show Community Website that the demo is scheduled to be released along with the February 25th PlayStation Store update

  • First let me start off by saying this is THE BEST SPORT GAME OUT!! I do have a suggestion. I am a die hard baseball fan, and was wondering for this years game do the all-stars get to where there teams uniform or is it still the same as the other MLB’s? That is my only problem with this game. It just erks me to no end.

  • I think that in the all star game they should use the players team jersey instead of the american and national jerseys.

  • I have a question about the music mode feature. Will you actually be able to pick what song you want to play or can you only turn music mode on or off and that’s it? Such as you can’t select next song or anything. It just plays music.

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