MLB 10: The Show All-Star Week Features

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Aaron Luke here to bring you the next edition of the MLB 10: The Show posts. This entry will discuss the additions made to the MLB All-Star Week festivities.

When we set out at the beginning of the year, one area we knew needed to be addressed was the addition of the Home Run Derby. As we began to dive into the feature, we thought rather than just offering it as a stand-alone feature (which it is), why not include it into all season-based modes’ MLB All-Star Week festivities. Now when you’re playing in Season, Franchise or Road To The Show, you’ll have the opportunity to play in the Home Run Derby.

When playing the Home Run Derby, you have the choice to set which players are controlled by player 1, player 2, or the CPU – except in RTTS, where you only get to control your created player. You also will have fast-forwarding abilities, in case you want to skip the CPU-controlled player’s at bats.

After tackling the Home Run Derby addition, we thought why not go all-in and include the All-Star Futures Game as well. So, we’ve done just that. Now you get the full All-Star package. The All-Star Futures Game is available in both Franchise and Road To The Show – and just the same as the derby, in RTTS you will only have the opportunity to participate if your player was selected.

As you can see, we’ve paid a lot of attention to offering you as much of the MLB All-Star Week festivities as we can. These enhancements are available in all of our season-based modes, with the exception of the All-Star Futures Game, which is available in Franchise and Road To The Show only.

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  • Are the All-Star Rosters based on the year-to-date Stats of every player in the league?

    Or do you use a preset roster?

    • The All-Star rosters are not preset. We base the rosters off of the current season stats. So if you\’re playing in Season or Franchise, your All-Star roster will be reflective of the best players in your current season.

  • Thats awesome I’ve been missing the Homerun Derby! and now the Futures game? sweet Deal. so if you get selected in RttS to be in the homerun derby does that give you stats to upgrade as well?

  • Game looks nice.

  • Cool blog and all, I’mma let you finish but when are you guys going to just give us a freaking inning of cpu vs. human gameplay. All these trailers are cool but I’m 3 years past that.

  • DEMO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So I can see there\’s some interest in the Demo. Ok, understatement, I know. I can tell you that we have completed it and it\’s been approved. We are working on trying to get it released as soon as possible.

  • This game just keeps moving up on my priority list. Looking GREAT guys!

  • So Do We Get Rain Delays In This one? also you guys Should Make A dynamic Theme for Each Team.

  • Oh Yea You guys should bring back the ads on in the stadiums. like in 08. ex Yankees dugout said bank of America so you guys should do some that looks almost to bank of America.

  • you guys Have The world Baseball classics??? I Hope Puerto Rico Is in There!!!!

  • got my peanuts and cracker-jacks. im ready

  • Catcher calling the game, and now all-star week. These are the big additions to the game?

    How about improving the game so there aren’t a bunch of players hitting .400 during a season, or making the online playable. Or some innovations in the batting/pitching interface.

    I love the show…but this is the first year I don’t think I’m going to get it.

  • @11…They already talked about how they worked on the playability of online.

  • @1

    It is based off the player performances in game, and voted in in game. So it can be different for everyone. Depending how their franchise is going.

    Hats of to Sony SD, the video looked great, love the atmosphere with the player reactions on the sidelines. March 2nd is soon!

  • What no celebrity softball game?

  • Seriously when is the demo coming out?? The game comes out 03/2/2010. I want to play!!!

  • thanks for the post! alos looking forward to a demo to prove to my friend that the Show is where it’s at!

  • Thanks for the post it looks great. When is the demo of MLB 10 The Show coming out SECA San Diego?

  • Great :) This is one of my more excited features in the game. Now just expand the record books (top 10 for season, all time and team records please) then I believe I’m good to go!

    By the way, you guys gonna tease us with some of the trophies? It’d be nice to have a list, complete or not.

  • CAN’T wait for this game I’m gonna buy this game like 5 times for my little cousins :) baseball rocks you guys make it seem so real

  • This game is a must have foe all Sports fans!! Best sports game PERIOD!!!!

  • beatintoddallday | February 2nd, 2010 at 5:25 pm
    This is comments taken from the Online League blog….
    I hope the Sounds of Show blog is soon. I need time to get my music together before the game comes out.

    Jason Villa replied on February 2, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    It sure is. Expect it around 2/15.

    Where is the sounds of show blog?

  • I’m starting to get a little frustrated that the demo is still not out this week. I was out of school all week and looking forward to the demo. All I’ve played is NBA Live and COD 4 and GTA. I’m about tired of those games. Come on DEMO!

  • How come the batters in the Home Run Derby are not wearing hats?

    In real life they wear hats not helmets.

    Please fix this for MLB 11 The Show :)

  • When is the demo coming out????

  • @ 23

    just a hilarious complaint .

    less than 2 weeks for this baby

  • Dear Aaron Luke:One Question Are Does The Majestic jerseys the (real) Players Are Going To Use in The All Star Game in Anaheim?


    • The jerseys being worn in the video are the same as the jerseys you will see the \”real\” players wearing in this year\’s actual Home Run Derby.

  • Question
    How does the game select the Home Run Derby Participants in Franchise mode? Does it pick the participants based on current Home Run leaders or do I pick them and always give one of my players a chance?

    • When in our season-based modes, we select the Home Run Derby rosters based first off of players selected for the All-Star game (same as real life), then we pick from the top sluggers to fill out the derby lineups. You won\’t be able to pick the derby lineup when in any of the season modes, and you will be defaulted to only control any players selected from your mode selected team. There are options to control other players if you choose to, and for those users whose teams don\’t have All-Star selected players. If you play the stand-alone version of the derby, you will then be able to select the entire lineup.


  • Cant wait for this game to come out. I’m a big fan of the game of baseball and playing this gets me in the game. Just hope I get to here my name called this year on RTTS ????

  • demo demo demo

  • Wow f’n awesome. You guys just made my day. I already pre-ordered a couple weeks ago, but now it’s so much sweeter.

  • The show is so far above other sports game, its insane.

  • QUESTION!!!!!


  • if the batter charges the mound will the get ejected? last year my pitcher got ejected and i still see A-rod on first

  • Dear Aaron Luke,
    When is the demo coming out? I know 2k10’s demo is due about two days after the release of their game. I hope you and other staff choose to let the demo be available asap. Thank You for your time.

  • I hope they don’t follow 2k’s lead an release it after the game releases. That’s pretty ridiculous. I thought the point of a demo was a head start to try it out to help decide if you’d like to buy it. For me, I just want the demo to play it so I have something to do until it comes out. lol

  • Mr. Luke,
    I would like to know, since there is now a World vs. USA game, can you now select the birthplace of your custom player?

  • I’m glad the HR Deby finally made it to the PS3 and the Futures Game is a very nice addition. Now all we need to complete the All-Star festivities is the inclusion of the annual “Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game”. Can we look forward to this possibly being added as DLC this year, or will we have to wait for MLB 11? I can’t wait to take the plate against Goose Gossage as my favorite Doc from Grey’s Anatomy :p

  • @12 – Where?

  • Yo, give us a trophy list.

  • When is demo comin out???
    Thanks- Bob

  • I’m glad the choice was made to include the Derby in all these different game modes, nice job on that!

  • Does the futere games gonna have the same roster as in real life…..and in road to the show in what let say level will the players start like, last year in double AA,will it be diferent
    Thank You,Gustavo{ThEReAL32

    • You will still start out in Double A, however we\’ve changed the flow this year so that you will no longer start your career in MLB Spring Training. Instead, you will start right at the beginning of the Double A season. Spring Training will now be something you earn. Also, we don\’t have the Minor League player\’s license, so the Futures Game rosters won\’t be the same as the real-life counterpart.

  • will that be the origanal logo for the all star game

  • demo demo demo!!!!

  • In this year’s HRD, say its the final round. And the first player hits 4 homers. Now say the next guy hits his 5th with only 7 out. Will it automatically end the derby, or do you have to get ten outs. In previous years you had to get all 10 outs, and the announcers didnt even acknowledge that the player won the derby with that homer. I hope you understood that… thanks

  • The Futures Game jerseys all always based on the All Star workout jerseys and are mesh with USA or World script.

  • I love stats, both in real life and in the game. Is there any info on if there’s a increase in the number of stats the announcers use, like a pitcher’s stats against a team or player, or batter’s average at home or away, both season and career stats?

  • I saw that Jason Villa commented that the demo is done and that y’all are trying to get it out as soon as possible.. I know the Playstation Store typically only updates on Thursdays but is it possible for y’all to get it released earlier in the week than that? Or will it most likely be Thursday? Thanks!

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