MLB 10: The Show All-Star Week Features

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Aaron Luke here to bring you the next edition of the MLB 10: The Show posts. This entry will discuss the additions made to the MLB All-Star Week festivities.

When we set out at the beginning of the year, one area we knew needed to be addressed was the addition of the Home Run Derby. As we began to dive into the feature, we thought rather than just offering it as a stand-alone feature (which it is), why not include it into all season-based modes’ MLB All-Star Week festivities. Now when you’re playing in Season, Franchise or Road To The Show, you’ll have the opportunity to play in the Home Run Derby.

When playing the Home Run Derby, you have the choice to set which players are controlled by player 1, player 2, or the CPU – except in RTTS, where you only get to control your created player. You also will have fast-forwarding abilities, in case you want to skip the CPU-controlled player’s at bats.

After tackling the Home Run Derby addition, we thought why not go all-in and include the All-Star Futures Game as well. So, we’ve done just that. Now you get the full All-Star package. The All-Star Futures Game is available in both Franchise and Road To The Show – and just the same as the derby, in RTTS you will only have the opportunity to participate if your player was selected.

As you can see, we’ve paid a lot of attention to offering you as much of the MLB All-Star Week festivities as we can. These enhancements are available in all of our season-based modes, with the exception of the All-Star Futures Game, which is available in Franchise and Road To The Show only.

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