Star Wars and Indiana Jones Come to PlayStation Home + LocoRoco Spaces, MotorStorm Super Carrier & More!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: This week hosts one of the largest content updates in the history of PlayStation Home! I know, I know…we’ve made this type of announcements multiple times over the course of the past year. But never – and I mean never – has it been truer than this week. Don’t believe me? Then I challenge you to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, February 18th and try to wade through the wide assortment of new stuff we’ll have waiting for you. We’re talking two new game spaces (MotorStorm and LocoRoco), two new personal spaces (LocoRoco and PlanetLand), a new Mall (full of Star Wars gear – including lightsabers, Stormtrooper costumes, and more!), new videos in the Theater (for The Tester, and SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo) and events galore. We have a lot to look and just a little space to do it in, so let’s get down to it!

When you pull up your World Map this Thursday, you’ll notice that the MotorStorm chip has reappeared, along with a brand new MotorStorm game space. The new MotorStorm Super Carrier is essentially a battleship turned full-on party boat, custom-crafted for all of you road warriors that are looking for the perfect environment to meet up with other racing addicts and launch into multiplayer matches of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Of course, this space houses a proverbial boatload (pun intended) of awesome content, including the interactive DJ booth wherein you can play house DJ, using some of your favorite tracks from Listen@Home. Check out the video below for a fly-through of what is sure to become one of the most popular party spaces in PlayStation Home.

You asked for it, so you got it: This Thursday, February 18th, we will be releasing the highly-anticipated LocoRoco Island personal space, along with some a bevy of special LocoRoco-themed furniture. But that’s not all: We’ll also be unveiling a brand new LocoRoco game space – the Mui Mui King Passenger Boat. Both of these mega-interactive spaces come packed with games and other content that is sure to please all you LocoRoco fanboys (and girls) out there, so watch this video to get a taste of the new LocoRoco Island personal space (available from the Estates Store in the PlayStation Home Mall) and then pull up your World Map on Thursday to take a ride on the new Mui Mui King Passenger Boat (we’ve snuck in a few pics to whet your appetite).

Home LocoRoco HOME MuiMui

For those of you that are looking for a truly otherworldly PlayStation Home experience, we’re pleased to present the brand new PlanetLand personal space. This patently sci-fi hangout is a real feast for the eyes, boasting gorgeous vistas, a wide array of clothing and furniture options, and even a predatory plant, poised to devour any unwelcome guests before they can get close enough to crash your pad. Peep the below video for an overview of the new PlanetLand personal space (and associated clothing and furniture), available this week only in PlayStation Home.

You’ve been waiting with bated breath for the season premier of the PlayStation Network exclusive The Tester – the new reality series that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a group of hardcore gamers all vying for their dream job as a member of the SCEA QA team. And since you’ve been so vocal about wanting to watch this hot new series in PlayStation Home, we’ve decided to bring it to you. Starting this Thursday, February 18th, and returning every Thursday that follows until the culmination of Season One, we will be airing each new episode of The Tester in the PlayStation Home Mall. And we’re even offering free virtual items to all of you that come out each week. So come watch The Tester season premiere, grab your free item from the Theater or Central Plaza commerce points (additional The Tester items will also be made available in the coming weeks – some of which are positively hilarious), and be sure to return week after week until the winner is crowned.

This week will see a major update to the PlayStation Home Mall, with no small thanks to our new resident business guru, Mr. Magnus Keynes. To celebrate Mr. Keynes coming aboard to the PlayStation Home team, we’ll be launching four new stores in the Mall. Some of these stores will be devoted to items from long-time partners such as Lockwood Publishing (who are releasing a Sodium store), Loot (our friends over at Sony Pictures Entertainment, who brought us Ghostbusters items and the Loot Sound Stage personal space) and EA (who are sure to continue to pack their store with tons of great content). However, two of these stores are brand new, such as the Exclusives store, which is full of limited edition items. To celebrate the grand opening of the Exclusives store, my good buddy Magnus is dropping the price on over 200 items specifically as thanks to you, the loyal PlayStation Home community. Pick up these items for one month only in the Exclusives store before they are pulled off the shelves forever. And if you see Mr. Keynes wandering around in-world (you can identify him by his snazzy gold suit), take a moment to say “hi” and welcome him into the fold.

Also launching this week in the new Mall is a LucasArts store. That’s right, my friends – we’re talking Star Wars and Indiana Jones in PlayStation Home. From the Stormtrooper costumes to the Indy gear, lightsabers to Sith banners, the LucasArts store is chock full of some of the most highly-requested items from the PlayStation Home. Here’s what our friend Brooks Brown, Community Manager over at LucasArts, had to say about this momentous occasion:

“Over the last year, since the world of PlayStation Home got underway, one of the things that has been put in my ear is that we need to get involved. From the moment I saw what this exciting new platform could provide gamers, I couldn’t have agreed more. As a user, I really want to run around as a Stormtrooper, telling people that they aren’t the droids I’m looking for. So it is my pleasure to announce that, as of Thursday, February 18th, you can now find a LucasArts storefront in the PlayStation Home Mall, packed with all sorts of items with the promise of more to come. We even have Imperial Officer uniforms for those of you who wish to act out your Grand Moff Tarkin fantasies – you know who you are!”

You heard him – this week’s update is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these pics for a taste of what to expect now that LucasArts has come to PlayStation Home, and keep your eyes on this Blog for more announcements as they come.

Home Indy Home Stormtrooper

Our friends over at Loot are throwing quite the event in celebration of the launch of their new store. The Aliens vs. Androids Event, scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 20th at 8:00pm PT (11:00pm EST) in Central Plaza, will pit Aliens against Androids in a battle for the brains (err…minds) of the PlayStation Home community, with the winners receiving gold trophies for their personal spaces and the second place winners (read: losers) receiving a silver gold trophy for their personal spaces (these items will appear automatically in your inventory if you own the Loot Alien or Loot Android virtual items; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery). Aliens and Android outfits are available from the new Loot store in the PlayStation Home Mall (Alien items are for sale; Android items are free). See the video below for more details regarding this special event.

Last but certainly not least, EA will be hosting a NHL 10 game launching party next week. Join the EA SPORTS NHL 10 Community on Monday, February 22nd from 4:00pm to 8:00pm PT (7:00pm – 11:00pm EST), in Central Plaza, and play with the development and community team in a special NHL 10 Featured Game Party. To participate, simply add one of the following host accounts: NHL10Dev1, NHL10Dev2, NHL10Dev3, NHL10Dev4, Yaw_DEV, and LBotteron. Then, use the “Go To” feature to travel to official “instances” of Central Plaza during the event times. Once at the event, insert the NHL 10 into your PlayStation 3 and then join a game. Make sure to add people you meet in PlayStation Home to your friend’s list so that you can find one another in the game lobby.

See you in Home!

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  • TO BLOG MAINTENANCE: The embedded videos on the blog postings don’t work on the PS3 browser… Is is a Flash 10 thing or what? I tried using the search box and posting this very comment using my PS3 browser as well, but it wouldn’t bring up the text input box once I clicked in the field. Please tell me there is a fix on the way on either the PS Blog or browser end. It’s a bit silly to have a link on the PS3 home page to the PS Blog that doesn’t function properly on a PS3. Just looking out..


  • Dear Locust,

    I do hope that you read this. It would be great if you made a Locked Sticked Thread of all the Issues and fixes that come to playstation Home, You could then update it every week in the Support Forums of Playstation Home just like you do when you make this post.

    Please have a look at my suggestion on the last post of this thread.


    I hope you take my suggestion and put it into action as it will only help ease the community on these issues.


  • This update has actually excited me about using Home.

  • Hey Locust (Off and On Topic), do you have any news about the current situation with users being able to stream content (like videos and music)?

  • Freaking Awesome update guys, kudos to you, I will be purchasing quite a few items, Indi and StarWars FTW!!! 8)

  • Hey Locust!
    ”Massive” could be the update that will allow us to use our music and videos in our personal spaces or the use of HOME avatars as our psn avatars or the interaction (through travel) of pal,jp,usa versions of HOME or the option to start from my personal space in HOME when i turn on my ps3 and not just a definately big content update ;)

  • i was totally hooked into Playstation Home until one day this girl i was talking to turned into a guy.

  • any chance u can say what starwars stuff it is?

  • That Would Be Cool If Metal Gear Solid Comes To Home I Would Be So Happy

  • Last time i logged in Playstation Home, my PS3 died… so, ive been without it for almost 2 weeks… i certainly think Home has its pluses, but im not at all happy that it killed my $600 machine… thanks Sony…

    and no, im not one of those people who think Home is a complete waste of time… there are some pretty decent games in there and spaces to check out… tho im not too interested in spending money on things no one will ever see, as im not a social butterfly some of these other users are..

  • trust me when i tell u this, the Marvel universe is huge from characters,places to items,if u want a gold mine Marvel is where its at. Oh family guy stuff would be cool too.

  • Hey Locust_Star, any chance of us getting public voice chat back in Home anytime soon? It’s been over a year. Or should we just wait for the PS4?

  • When will Home itself get an update? The log in time is very long. Over 5 min to just log in.

  • I thought the update was going to be bigger. You said new mall. All I see is some stores replaced. I was so happy for a new mall. T_T
    Thanks for star wars stuff though. T_T

  • Now all we need is for PS Home to get integrated into the XMB and not a massive DL thing that you have to work at to check out 24/7. Also see if you can make the DLs smaller, and faster, as well as allow players to choose their starting locations.

    I know lots of games support HOME Launching, but unless HOME gets XMB integration and becomes part of the PS3s online show then it has nothing going for it other then letting people with fake life’s live in a fake world.

    I was on HOME recently and it was nothing but people shouting at each other, or talking about personal problems/trying to hook up with others online. Vary sad for a feature that’s so innovative.

    We need more integration! I know your working up to it but come on! Step it up!

  • Suprise. Suprise. None of the Loco Roco content is working as of right now. :(

  • Hi Locust_Star, did you find out if my items were missing? Well I guess I’ll be getting yet another personal space (that makes 15 + 2=17 to date) and a bunch of storm trooper stuff.

    I wonder if there’s a Darth Vader suit.

    Also when is the movie studio from loot going to be made so that you can record video with the home cameras?

    Yet another great Update. Keep em coming like this. Now if only the PS STore Update was ever this good.

  • WTH!!! I just bought Loco Roco and planet land at the same time and only planet land shows up in my list of purchases and my home locations. But the reciept in my email says I paid for the loco roco space. This is a rip off. This better get fixed.

  • was hoping for more atmospher in the motorstorm place feels quite quiet :(

  • Sony, the lightsabers + new motion controller = saber fights in Home. Please :)

  • hi,

    will there be spaces with rain, snow, lightning, etc?
    will the central plaza have same night when its night and morning when its morning?
    will they add evening?

    what about swimming or different movements?
    thank you!
    GOD bless abundantly!!

  • i’m excited about the Star Wars content, i’m sure the PSN memebers who are in the 501st like are gonna be stoked being able to walk around like troopers.

  • WOW! I’m freaking excited for the Loco Roco space! I haven’t been compelled to spend money in Home until now. The Mui Mui are too cute, and my wife and I will happily sit and listen to them all day! I can’t wait to explore all the cool things!

  • IM disappointed that PlanetLand dont have any mini games and you cant walk outside to explore the massive world that you can see.

    I would have been a fantastic experience if you could walk around outside the room in PlanetLand and solve quests and stuff!

    Please make personal spaces like that or even public spaces. HOME will grow so much more whit that.

    But beside that, great update, will get locoroco, it looks nice and have mini games. But I would love to be able to swim around and compete in water sports…fix that!

  • For those that have bought both Planetland and LocoRoco spaces and not seen the LocoRoco space show up. I had the same problem. Easy fix that worked for me is to shut down PS Home then log back in. It showed up for me. Hope this helps you.

  • The Sodium One update is a mess, we don’t want to share our private salt shooter spaces and the game now lags so bad you can’t even play it.

  • so i buy the alien bundle pack and don’t get my paris alien? i would say i’m shocked, but alas home and all of it’s bugs have let me down again. if you ask why i continue to bother, i have a LOT of friends i’ve met on home since the closed beta (different sn now) and i like to hang out with them. so now i’m rebooting in hopes it shows up, if not customer support will get the wrath yet again…

  • well epic fail, simply living up to expectations now eh home team…?

  • loco island is the best so far form the japanese pv it has music in it as well

  • well locust and company, you should check your e-mail, listen to what cs tells you and fix my stuff. i was told 5 days, i don’t have that much faith in you, but we’ll see

  • How about making more siren blood cure maps?

  • I have to say that I’m not a big user of Home but I went to the Motor Storm Carrier as it’s one of my favourite games on the PS3. But what’s the point of the Carrier? I can’t seem to find anything to do. Unless I’m just missing something glaringly obvious…?

  • Guy only Indy costumes is a big letdown. I’de rather have that than anything Star Wars.

  • Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghostbusters….all my favorite movies here on PS Home. Now if there was only a Doctor Who theme stuff (clothes of the Doctors, Tardis place or many other things) then I would die happy.

  • I always wanted to be a storm trooper!

  • Imagine Living in a place like that for 5 $!!!

  • I’m so upset about the Salt Shooter game being messed up now. The lag is so awful I just gave up trying to play it and accuracy is awful now too. Now have to deal with all these noobs while trying to play the game too. If they don’t make it a private space again then I want my $5 back.
    Great update except for Salt Shooter changes.

  • @valbella

    i agree with ya. i paid 5 bucks to be able to play the full game…not to lag like crazy all day. but not getting what you pay for seems to be the trend on home…

  • Thanks for the LocoRoco Space!
    A question though…

    How do i unlock the mini games in it?
    there really isn’t much on mine ‘cept the one where you gather 5 locos and they sing for you or trade nuts for that errand king mui wants.


  • I just want to say that I love my loco island..its is very fun and interactive… I have a question though about the muimui farm which you unlock some of the way through. What does it become? every island I have been to that has it unlocked, it looks exactly the same as mine the day I got it..please help me track the knowledge of the illustrious mui farm..thanks

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