Star Wars and Indiana Jones Come to PlayStation Home + LocoRoco Spaces, MotorStorm Super Carrier & More!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: This week hosts one of the largest content updates in the history of PlayStation Home! I know, I know…we’ve made this type of announcements multiple times over the course of the past year. But never – and I mean never – has it been truer than this week. Don’t believe me? Then I challenge you to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, February 18th and try to wade through the wide assortment of new stuff we’ll have waiting for you. We’re talking two new game spaces (MotorStorm and LocoRoco), two new personal spaces (LocoRoco and PlanetLand), a new Mall (full of Star Wars gear – including lightsabers, Stormtrooper costumes, and more!), new videos in the Theater (for The Tester, and SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo) and events galore. We have a lot to look and just a little space to do it in, so let’s get down to it!

When you pull up your World Map this Thursday, you’ll notice that the MotorStorm chip has reappeared, along with a brand new MotorStorm game space. The new MotorStorm Super Carrier is essentially a battleship turned full-on party boat, custom-crafted for all of you road warriors that are looking for the perfect environment to meet up with other racing addicts and launch into multiplayer matches of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Of course, this space houses a proverbial boatload (pun intended) of awesome content, including the interactive DJ booth wherein you can play house DJ, using some of your favorite tracks from Listen@Home. Check out the video below for a fly-through of what is sure to become one of the most popular party spaces in PlayStation Home.

You asked for it, so you got it: This Thursday, February 18th, we will be releasing the highly-anticipated LocoRoco Island personal space, along with some a bevy of special LocoRoco-themed furniture. But that’s not all: We’ll also be unveiling a brand new LocoRoco game space – the Mui Mui King Passenger Boat. Both of these mega-interactive spaces come packed with games and other content that is sure to please all you LocoRoco fanboys (and girls) out there, so watch this video to get a taste of the new LocoRoco Island personal space (available from the Estates Store in the PlayStation Home Mall) and then pull up your World Map on Thursday to take a ride on the new Mui Mui King Passenger Boat (we’ve snuck in a few pics to whet your appetite).

Home LocoRoco HOME MuiMui

For those of you that are looking for a truly otherworldly PlayStation Home experience, we’re pleased to present the brand new PlanetLand personal space. This patently sci-fi hangout is a real feast for the eyes, boasting gorgeous vistas, a wide array of clothing and furniture options, and even a predatory plant, poised to devour any unwelcome guests before they can get close enough to crash your pad. Peep the below video for an overview of the new PlanetLand personal space (and associated clothing and furniture), available this week only in PlayStation Home.

You’ve been waiting with bated breath for the season premier of the PlayStation Network exclusive The Tester – the new reality series that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a group of hardcore gamers all vying for their dream job as a member of the SCEA QA team. And since you’ve been so vocal about wanting to watch this hot new series in PlayStation Home, we’ve decided to bring it to you. Starting this Thursday, February 18th, and returning every Thursday that follows until the culmination of Season One, we will be airing each new episode of The Tester in the PlayStation Home Mall. And we’re even offering free virtual items to all of you that come out each week. So come watch The Tester season premiere, grab your free item from the Theater or Central Plaza commerce points (additional The Tester items will also be made available in the coming weeks – some of which are positively hilarious), and be sure to return week after week until the winner is crowned.

This week will see a major update to the PlayStation Home Mall, with no small thanks to our new resident business guru, Mr. Magnus Keynes. To celebrate Mr. Keynes coming aboard to the PlayStation Home team, we’ll be launching four new stores in the Mall. Some of these stores will be devoted to items from long-time partners such as Lockwood Publishing (who are releasing a Sodium store), Loot (our friends over at Sony Pictures Entertainment, who brought us Ghostbusters items and the Loot Sound Stage personal space) and EA (who are sure to continue to pack their store with tons of great content). However, two of these stores are brand new, such as the Exclusives store, which is full of limited edition items. To celebrate the grand opening of the Exclusives store, my good buddy Magnus is dropping the price on over 200 items specifically as thanks to you, the loyal PlayStation Home community. Pick up these items for one month only in the Exclusives store before they are pulled off the shelves forever. And if you see Mr. Keynes wandering around in-world (you can identify him by his snazzy gold suit), take a moment to say “hi” and welcome him into the fold.

Also launching this week in the new Mall is a LucasArts store. That’s right, my friends – we’re talking Star Wars and Indiana Jones in PlayStation Home. From the Stormtrooper costumes to the Indy gear, lightsabers to Sith banners, the LucasArts store is chock full of some of the most highly-requested items from the PlayStation Home. Here’s what our friend Brooks Brown, Community Manager over at LucasArts, had to say about this momentous occasion:

“Over the last year, since the world of PlayStation Home got underway, one of the things that has been put in my ear is that we need to get involved. From the moment I saw what this exciting new platform could provide gamers, I couldn’t have agreed more. As a user, I really want to run around as a Stormtrooper, telling people that they aren’t the droids I’m looking for. So it is my pleasure to announce that, as of Thursday, February 18th, you can now find a LucasArts storefront in the PlayStation Home Mall, packed with all sorts of items with the promise of more to come. We even have Imperial Officer uniforms for those of you who wish to act out your Grand Moff Tarkin fantasies – you know who you are!”

You heard him – this week’s update is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these pics for a taste of what to expect now that LucasArts has come to PlayStation Home, and keep your eyes on this Blog for more announcements as they come.

Home Indy Home Stormtrooper

Our friends over at Loot are throwing quite the event in celebration of the launch of their new store. The Aliens vs. Androids Event, scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 20th at 8:00pm PT (11:00pm EST) in Central Plaza, will pit Aliens against Androids in a battle for the brains (err…minds) of the PlayStation Home community, with the winners receiving gold trophies for their personal spaces and the second place winners (read: losers) receiving a silver gold trophy for their personal spaces (these items will appear automatically in your inventory if you own the Loot Alien or Loot Android virtual items; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery). Aliens and Android outfits are available from the new Loot store in the PlayStation Home Mall (Alien items are for sale; Android items are free). See the video below for more details regarding this special event.

Last but certainly not least, EA will be hosting a NHL 10 game launching party next week. Join the EA SPORTS NHL 10 Community on Monday, February 22nd from 4:00pm to 8:00pm PT (7:00pm – 11:00pm EST), in Central Plaza, and play with the development and community team in a special NHL 10 Featured Game Party. To participate, simply add one of the following host accounts: NHL10Dev1, NHL10Dev2, NHL10Dev3, NHL10Dev4, Yaw_DEV, and LBotteron. Then, use the “Go To” feature to travel to official “instances” of Central Plaza during the event times. Once at the event, insert the NHL 10 into your PlayStation 3 and then join a game. Make sure to add people you meet in PlayStation Home to your friend’s list so that you can find one another in the game lobby.

See you in Home!

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  • Thank you so much for bringing the Motorstorm ship to our shores and of course Star Wars..and Loco is gonna make a lotta people happy.
    always the best to you LS…

  • Wow massive update!

  • Jeez talk about a massive update! Thanks sony!

  • grow up.

    this update is awesome. you guys keep making me come back to home with updates like this. awesome job!

  • the Motorstorm Carrier is mine! lol , LUNATICS UNITE!!! is that a sign that we might see the new Motorstorm at this years E3? i sure hope so

  • Is the PlanetLand apartment only available this week or is it “only” available in PlayStation Home. If this is only available this week, does that mean it will be free like the chamber apartment?

    • It\’s available only in PlayStation Home. And, sorry, but it\’s not free. However, it isn\’t a limited time item, so you should have plenty of chances to pick yours up!

  • Know it’s early, but how much for these new spaces?

  • Hmm, very impressive update. I’m liking the MotorStorm Space as well as the new PlanetLand personal space.

    Although I must say, I sure hope that Aliens Vs. Androids is different from past events and users are actually counted, because if not… things might go downhill. It’s all about the way things are handled. Now, we should all know this going in, so no slip-ups this time, eh? =)

  • @7
    Prolly the usual. 5.99 or somethin?

    lol’z @ Indigestion….

  • Great update Locust,

    I knew we would get Loco Roco. ;)

  • awesome! you guys by chance fix the the home launching i-gotta-load-home-twice thingy?

  • Wow massive update indeed. I’ll be busy checking this out.

  • FINALLY!!!!!! Star Wars in Home. Hopefully there will be a Darth Vader costume too.

  • Wow! Awesome Update! I have no words to describe this! :o

  • So what happens if someone was to buy the Aliens costumes and gets the Androids costumes also? Does that mean they get the winning item and the losing item?

  • OMG!! So happy!! Welcome to the future of HOME!! Can’t wait to lose my mind in the mall, going on home now to clue my friends in and point them here!!

  • I ain’t afraid of no alien!

    It’s alwayhs nice to have a new store in The Mall. Thank you very much.

  • I’m trying to get the Capcom guys to make an Age of Booty space in Home..



  • @Locust_Star

    How much do the star wars merchandise run for?

    I gotta make sure I pick up enough PSN cards for em all :D

  • Great update!! Epic!!

  • yea a DARTH VADER costume SHOULD be in this UPDATE or im gonna be VERY ANGRY..those HOME DEV better hope the FORCE ISNOT WITH ME! anywho..this update is looking good..not too crazy about the alien and android dance off..but the StarWars stuff got my attention :p i would really like to see- VOICE CHAT and the option to CHAT WITH MORE THAN ONE FRIEND. MAN…is HOME ever gonna be off BETA? because it has so much potential but im not seeing better updates..just player contents here and there :/

  • any news on the IREM items we were supposed to get 2 weeks ago locust?

  • WOW, this update looks awesome!!

  • holee cow, another space?! i still haven’t saved enough for the waterfall terrace and the bell tower, and now, outer space real estate?! eeks!

    can you maybe throw in free furniture “with” the space to make it worth the buy? the furniture bundles are great, but $24.99 can go towards 5 pre-orders at the game store!

    decisions! decisions!



    That is all

  • So when’s Final Fantasy and God of War stuff coming out? Avatars and Themes as well, please.

  • Awesome update Locust!! It’s gonna start getting hard to say “The biggest update to date” =P… but I’m sure it won’t be a problem =].

  • Two quick questions

    1) Are we ever going to get Demon’s Souls armors?

    2) Is there any way to tell Namco that their male topless avatars are way too thin?

    King is supposed to be a very muscular character and after I bought his costume, I was very disappointed because he’s supposed be the same size as the bison avatar from street fighter, but king looks like he hasn’t eaten for weeks. He’s as thin as a toothpick. Street Fighter 4 has very accurate sizes for avatars, but Namco is far off. I’m currently waiting for Devil Jin to come out from Tekken Namco and when he does, I don’t want to be disappointed in buying an anorexic and totally inaccurate sized character.

  • Star, great update. But still ticked at being misled on how “cool, or great” these things are.

    I’m sick of wasting money on personal that are worthless. Spaces that were told, are a must have “for any true fan” ! The Clock Tower I was led to believe was cool, yet I buy it and for what? A half of a floor, go upstairs, and the areas 1/2 the size of downstairs. huh? Many of the ones that have come out, at least have multiple rooms, and levels.

    You MUST implement a PREVIEW of these personal spaces. If I knew what I was getting, I would NEVER wasted my money. Gr8 I can see outside & see the inner workings of the clock. Oh Joy. It was a waste of money & I’m not the only one who has said this.

    If we can have “PREVIEWS” of the clothes we can buy, you can certaintly create a 360 degree panoramic view of the space for sale.

    . Lastly, It has been a year since you replied to my email, and told me that they were finally going to update how many items we can put in our spaces, and you said it was 100!

    It’s 1 year later & it is still 50. How about concentrating on GIVING US WHAT EVERYONE HAS ASKED FOR OVER A YEAR +, and NOT come out with Personal Spaces that waste our time and money.

  • Why isn’t the Alien outfit free? :(
    This is going to be like the Hamster event now. Androids are going to win. I’ll be buyng the Alien outfit to at least help our chance of taking over the human race.

  • LOL! I like the “To Serve Man” from the Twilight Zone reference.

  • definitely i’m going to get the Locoroco space!! hey any unlockables in PlanetLand?

    and WHERE IS our HEAVY RAIN shirt? i would pay 2 dollars for it -_-

  • Locust_Star, i hope you will be an ALien! Aliens will rule Home! :D

  • dammmmm! thats a massive update

    but planetland cmon come up with cool name.


  • I’m definitely buying Star Wars items from the LucasArts store! Here’s hoping the clothing parts are mix-and-match instead of one whole outfit like the Ezios.

    Perhaps the LucasArts partnership can lead to SW Personal Spaces, like the Millennium Falcon, hangar bays, or the Emperor’s Throne Room.


  • Question:

    – Will the Initial Load times ever be cut down to a slim close to nothing instead of roughly 5 minutes?

    I really would like join some people just to launch a game (which is the original Concept for Home is it not? to be in a virtual ‘Match-making System’) without a 5 minute wait to meet people, then launch the game and wait some more.

  • And yet it will still take up to 10 minutes JUST to get into HOME.

  • sliver surfer without his board surf up dude.


    That MotorStorm Space is TIGHT! FRAK YEAH!

  • yeah #39 i have the SAME ISSUE! wats up with HOME DEVs need to fix this problem ASAP..its sort of making me avoid home because of the very long black screen that makes me think my ps3 is frozen or something >:I NOT COOL! so yeah fix that and bring back voice chat and put better “STUFF” in the STUFF STORE..ooh and hook us up with a Go-Kart racing game or a golf course that allows us to use our OWN AVATARS..that would be COOL im sure it would draw alot more people into HOME..IMO :p

  • WOW all that stuff and Home is still a slow glitchy mess!


    Wait… the clothing in the Planet space… or apartment or w/e… it looks SOOO much like that of AppleSeed’s character’s clothing, especially from their latest dvd “ExMachina”… this this intentional? Or just a happy coincidence?

  • Oh great, ANOTHER massive update of MORE clothes and personal spaces.

    Hey Locust, is THIS what Home will be? Are we ever going to get features that were shown YEARS ago? Is public voice chat EVER going to come back? Is home EVER going to load faster or get more stable?

    I gave Home a chance, I told others about what great potential Home has. Here we are YEARS later and I was wrong. I do agree with a lot of people now in saying that Home, in its current form is a complete waste of time. For a community application Home is a failure, but it obviously generates money so good for you guys. I’m done waiting.

  • ooh i just got ANOTHER GREAT IDEA for a MINI GAME..HOMERUN DURBY! and PING PONG! that would be cool too :p

  • FINALLY! How exciting! Home will be bursting at the seams, come tomorrow! How utterly delicious!

    Kudos! To all the hard-working departments and branches involved in listening, creating, and producing(on time) such a big update to all of us that have horrible ADD!

  • People actually still use HOME? Wow, I gave up on HOME a long time ago.

  • I cant wait to dress up like a STARWARS character…. i mean just look at my name…..

  • Hey Locust,

    How is this Mall update effecting the existing stores? are some being removed?

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