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Last week, many of you demanded a God of War III countdown timer. Well, it’s there now (down on the right rail); I hope that makes March 16th come that much sooner for us all. The better news is – the new GoWIII trailer is hitting this week! I’ve seen the near-final cut, and it is going to be EPIC. Look for more details soon!

Oh, and – Saints or Colts?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 1, 2010)

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  • @jeff

    Sony needs to inform the public of the benefits of bluray, and the value of free online through DEAR PLAYSTATION.

  • Why is sony giving us, usa, all the crappy stuff! this is BS…

    switching to 360… ive had enough…

  • at least they have backwards compatibility…

  • Final Fantasy VII Style Difficult to Translate to HD, Square Enix Says… Motomu Toriyama noted that part of the reason Final Fantasy XIII lacks towns is that they are difficult to design for high-definition graphics.

    Funny, Level 5 didn’t have any problems creating large and fully detailed towns in White Knight Chronicles.

  • I couldn’t get the quoting right. Oh well, the first paragraph is quotes, second is my comment.

  • I know this is kinda off-topic, but are we ever gonna be able to create PSN accounts for Latin American countries other than Mexico (in my specific case, Costa Rica)? The “expansion” was announced at E3 I believe, yet we’ve heard close to nothing about it.

  • Jeff, here’s some stories you should include. PSUni is doing some good service for Sony and the PS3 =)

    [url=]Dante’s Inferno Review[/url]

    [url=]MGS4 becomes best selling PS3 exclusive at over 5 million[/url]

    [url=]Zipper: M.A.G. shines with a headset[/url]

    [url=]White Knight Chronicles Review[/url]

  • Whoops, sorry about the links! D’oh! Used the wrong code. How do you edit posts? Well just put them in the list and delete mine =P

  • from now on i’m going to call Jeff “the Rubster”
    and i would like to see an unboxing of the God of Wat 3 ultimate edition

  • hahahahaha what a joke u people are, sure would be nice to play my ps3 an all the new games out now.being that mine stop working when it downloaded 3.0v all by its self..yeah stop working my 60g ps3 that i paid well over 700 dollars for when it came out stop working after 3.0 came out,now u want me to pay another 150 plus shipping,what a ripp off thats over 900 dollars for 2 an half years of game play..not including the money i have in games an stuff..why should i have to pay for their defect an fireware problems? my xbox had the ring of death an xbox fixed it for no charge an gave me a 3 year warrenty.why cant playstation live up to their mess up..this is why we have lawyers an if i gotta buy another ps3,well lets just say they are in breach of their own contract..just not fair to all the playstation fans..make this right sony,or class action will.

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