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Last week, many of you demanded a God of War III countdown timer. Well, it’s there now (down on the right rail); I hope that makes March 16th come that much sooner for us all. The better news is – the new GoWIII trailer is hitting this week! I’ve seen the near-final cut, and it is going to be EPIC. Look for more details soon!

Oh, and – Saints or Colts?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 1, 2010)

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  • That Alien PS3 mod is awesome. I wonder what happens to it if the guys sends into Sony for service :p?

  • Anybody else ready for Bioshock 2 this week? GO COLTS!!!

  • Alpha Protocol Delayed – GiantGamer

    New God of War 3 Scans – GiantGamer

    New Red Dead Redemption Screens – GiantGamer

  • @ Major01

    I’m so hyped. I’ve got the collector’s edition fully paid-off!

  • I would like to see the Saints win because the colts just won a few years ago. I’m sick of Mannings being in the super bowl too ;)

  • Arsenal suck! Long live the blue. Chelsea FC! Hey Jeff what day exactly are we getting the GOW3 trailer? cant wait to see it..Go Colts!

  • Saints All the Way!!!!!

  • Not enough White Knight Chronicles coverage!

    Let it be known: I was looking forward to the release of WKC. Then, when the reviews hit, I actually was a little… hesitant to pick it up. So, instead of purchasing it outright, I rented it on Friday and I’m happy to say that I’m going to be returning my rental on Wednesday and buying a NEW copy (wish to support the Level 5 folks) right when I do return it.

    Long story short: don’t listen to reviews. Make a judgment, rent the game if you’re not sure. As someone who loved FFXI (back in the day) and Monster Hunter, WKC is a perfect mish-mash of both. Really fantastic.

  • Square-Enix is demoing FFXIII in SF this week it seems. Does that have anything to do with you guys?

  • Jeff, still planning on doing the unboxing of the GOW3 Collector’s Edition? I really, really need to find out the weight to decide to keep my pre-order or not.

  • hey jeff,

    i was wondering if you can confirm or deny a Limited Edition God of War III PS3?

    im very interested in that if Sony is making one…

    also, i was wondering about mid-night launch locations.

    one more thing, i swear, downloadable GoW III content, can you go into more detail on what exactly what the downloads are?


  • A trailer, a release date and some screen shots, in 1 months…

    …hardly the end of a drought. Lay off the hyperbole next time Jeff.

  • Saints! Who you going for Jeff? and also it getting really close to GOW 3 release date and it appears there wont be a PS3 Bundle :(

  • White Knight Chronicles is an amazing game everyone need to know about it and buy it! best JRPG on ps3 so far this year!

  • The Last Guardian for the win!

  • Saints! oh and Heavy Rain is so close I can almost taste it!

  • what are your thoughts on MAG and Heavy Rain, Jeff?

    • I\’ve played quite a bit of MAG and found it really addicting; more than I anticipated, really. Haven\’t played Heavy Rain yet – I\’ve already seen too much by being behind the scenes, and I want as unspoiled an experience as possible.

  • my PS3 stopped reading games. Can anything be done or is it shot?

  • Can’t say I buy Yoshinori Kitase’s reasoning for why FF7 is a no go. After all the team at Bioware seemed to have no issues with Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 and this whole excuse sounds like a cop out to me.

    Even remaking FF7 to PlayStation 2 standards would be a step up for the title as the game has not aged well visually. However I don’t thik Square would have to drop to that degree of detail to deliver a truly beautiful re-representation of Final Fantasy VII.

    So I’m not buying this explanation. It would certainly take years, but at this point it would be worth it to drop the time and money into getting a team to work with the FFXIII engine to make an FFVII remake.

    • I linked to that story because we get asked about that a lot. That\’s the final word for now, it seems.

  • Many of us are still waiting for Cross-Game Voice Chat, and Voice Messages… I’ve been waiting for these two features for three years now. Here’s to 2010 bringing them for us. It would easly make the PlayStation Network more Networkish.


  • Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?? Only super bowl I know is the big meal I’m about to eat!

    Fallout New Vegas confirmed this year:

    PlayStation 3 is Castlevania Lords of Shadow’s lead platform:

    A persuasive Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo montage video:

    Modnation Racers coming to PSP, TOO!:

    By the way, screw both Colts and Saints :)

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow details:

  • When can we see some significant news about DC Universe Online and The Agency?

    The waiting is slowly killing me!

  • white knight chronicles is an amazing rpg game also cnt wait for march 15th gamestop midnight launch for god of war 3 and go get em saints XD

  • how about theses guys for the PS Podcast? Stiq Asmussen,Michael Patcher, Jeff Gerstmann from Giantbomb and N’Gai Croal

  • The PS3 dominated the critics Gamespot awards and this week it was revealed it completely cleaned house with the peoples choice awards. To put just how stellar 2009 was for the PS3 into context, Assassin’s Creed II got the critics best game for 360 and Modern Warfare 2 got the people’s choice best 360 game and both of those can be enjoyed by us unlike Demon’s Souls & Uncharted for our alternate choice neighbours :D

    Jeff will the GoW3 be made available for download from the Blog in MP4 1080p so we can see it in its true glory? CAN’T WAIT!!

    • The trailer? I can make it available for download, though we usually don\’t upload a 1080p version, in order for people to stream it easier.

  • i wholeheartedly agree with my fellow jrpg gamers. wkc is pretty good. its a shame that sites like ign doesnt give it the respect it deserves.anyways,i already secured my copy of last rebellion and next month i’m gonna do the same with sakura wars…

    thats not all, there are few rpgs for the psp/ps3 that are going to slip by just like lunar and last ocean international edition..too much many games too little $$ XD

  • You should try to get ediddy999 on your podcast. He is a big deal in the playstation community.

  • Looking forward to the God of War 3 trailer :)

    The guys on the Europe blog said that we might have to wait until the 12th though…Did he mean that us in Europe would have to wait, or that it might be delayed a little worldwide?

  • We need more info on The Last Guardian! Please!!


    Thank you.

  • @ depward (8)

    Thank you! That’s precisely what I needed to hear! I’m going to go pick it up right now.

    By the way, Jeff man, weren’t you going to send me a free copy of Demon’s Souls? Something about how you loved me THAT much and wanted to show it with free stuff? I’m pretty sure there was something about a check too… XD

  • maybe sony should extend the PS3 warranties with their shoddy solder job on the early models.. 10 year life cycle?? not if a $600 system doesn’t even last 3 years with it being well-taken care of…

    looks like i will be out of the PS3 loop for quite some time…

  • have you heard anything about gamers needing to pay for online service starting Feburary 12?


    Jeff, Please tell me if the premium service for the PS3 is true or not.

  • @28 (Jeigh) –

    No prob. It really is just a well done JRPG. Hope you enjoy!

  • GO COLTS!!!!!!

    btw, Heavy Rain will be release in less than 3 weeks..where’s the countdown for that??

  • Sony is doing a good job marketing God of War III. i saw like 3 posters in gamestop by the window so you can see it from the outside.

  • Hi Jeff!

    Any news about the “Sony Motion Control Thing”?

    We’re going to see something about that, cuz I like the Idea and All but the “way” it used is not really convincing, well that’s it


  • Nice MAG Super Bowl commercial! But then again, I guess it doesn’t really count as a Super Bowl commercial if it was only aired in Canada. But nonetheless, good marketing move by Sony Canada!

  • Well, the Saints won! What do you think, Jeff? BS or awesome?

  • I successfully predicted the outcome of three game-changing plays during the game (Super Bowl).

    Don’t ask me how I knew what would happen, how I knew who would win. It blew my face off, too.

  • Nice, i like how Kratos is now looking over the blog so that negative influences *coughdante’sinfernocough* won’t get near it.


  • @ Jeff (reply to comment #10)

    I’m interested as well!

    • Word, I\’ll talk to the team.

      I haven\’t seen the final version floating around the office yet, but when it does, we\’ll shoot a quick n dirty video for ya.

  • Jeff,

    I’m just wondering

    Why do you ignore comments mentioning a LE GoW III PS3?

    Most, if not all, comments made asking about it are just skipped, while other comments stating irrelevant topics are getting all the attention.

  • For the record, i too, am interested in the unboxing of the Ultimate Edition.

  • Kevin Butler, VP of everything FTW!

  • Latest PS News: My PS3 YLoD-ed today :(

  • Any word on new Bad Company 2 stuff?

    I have GvD’s approval to keep nagging you for it.

  • Thanks for the reply, Jeff. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that post!

  • @ Jeff
    Hi I pre-ordered 2 God Of War Ultimate Edition but kinda disappointed of the box because i think the SCEA didn’t put enough effort for putting the box. Why I say this? is because i saw the SCEE box…… The SCEE box is way better and way cooler than SCEA box. I got one question:::: Can we have the same box as SCEE?

    Why i care about the box? DUDE IT”S FREAKING GOD OF WAR and i spent $200 for that

    SO PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU REDO THE BOX? or just send a copy of the box please?

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