ModNation Racers Karting Its Way to PSP

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Over the past few months, we’ve been showing you how United Front Games is bringing the “Play, Create, Share” concept to kart racing with ModNation Racers. Today (via Gamespot), we announced that ModNation Racers will also be coming to the PSP as well – and at the same time as its big-brother PS3 edition (the exact street date is TBA).

I was down at San Diego Studios this week, where the team demoed Mod creation, Kart customization, full track creation, single and online-multiplayer modes; basically, everything that you’re expecting from the PS3 version of MNR. How did they manage to jam all that into the PSP? That’s a story for another day. Meanwhile, the proof is in the trailer, embedded below.

For more of Gamespot’s MNR PSP coverage (including a Q&A with GS’s Ricardo Torres), click here. We’ll be showing you a lot more about ModNation Racers PSP, right here on the Blog, starting next week.

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  • LOL, HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! The PSPNo was only shown twice and the first time it was bumped offscreen by the 3000!!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! Looks like Sony is acknowledging that they’re ignoring the No entirely! Sure am glad I didn’t drink the digital Kool-Aid and still own my 3000! This game is gonna be AWESOME! (Except for those of you with PSPNos, of course. You *might* get it a month or two after the release.)

  • @ bedhead 1 – just buy it as a digital download, then you wont have to wait and when you buy your go you will already have a game for it:)

    @ Jeff – I LOVED the beta for ModNation PS3 so this is the best news I have heard in a while! Now, I can take it with me:)

  • Can’t wait! The beta was lots of fun. Going to buy this on both platforms for sure.

  • will there be online multiplayer?

  • Definite Mario Kart killer!

  • @49

    LBP has physics, which is not too easy to go along with multiplayer

  • look UnholierThanThou the PSPGo is awesome!! and games come the same day it releases on UMD

  • will there be any dlc on ps3 and psp and will there be pre order goodies

  • #58 Some do. Not all. And certainly not the back-library.

    The PSP Go is a disaster.

  • Wow really surprised and excited. Glad that San Diego is stepping in, cause I love MNR and enjoyed the beta and I want UF to be focused so they can turn out an even greater product then what the beta stuff included. But SONY PROMOTE THE HELL OUT OF THIS. I know I don’t work in the marketing department, but the Kevin Butler commercials work but make sure they are more frequent. Easier said then done, but I can’t wait to play MNR on the ps3 and psp.

  • You know what would be *amazing*?

    If there was a discount for people buying the PS3 and PSP versions together. ;)

  • Does the trailer show the real gameplay? Because that looks like the PS3 version, and if it is, I’m impressed.

  • wait so does this mean I can design a level on my PS3 and play it on my PSP?? And vise versa??

  • The game looks great! But when does the one for PS3 come out?

  • mnr is comin out june 1st and so is the psp version cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks great! I’ll definitely give it a shot

  • Just 4 gt psp and realease a psp2 that is 2x powerefuller than da ipod touch

  • This looks a million times better than a certain plumber’s kart racing game.

  • this is going to be in my psp library.

    I like the new video player here on the blog, beats the old one by a LOT.

    Also, will there be a way to get this and the ps3 version as a bundle? that would be nice.

    One more thing, will this include infrastructure racing along with sharing and and stuff? because littlebigplanet removed actual multiplayer from its psp counterpart…

    anyways, this announce made my day and probably week. Thank you :)

  • Seeeing this makes me go… wao you guys are going all out with this franchise!!! Way to go!!!

  • @1:05-1:12

    It seems that Sony themselves finally realized the PSPgo’s situation….

  • I’m still wondering what ever happened to the Fat Princess PSP version, after that was announced, we have heard nothing about it. I can’t get my hopes up because i fear the same for this version :\

    Still ModNation Racers (PS3) is a total day one buy. Definitely. Man that one Batman driver i saw i was really awesome XD

  • Looks pretty sweet as it is. If there’s any connectivity between this and the PS3 version, then all the better, I guess.

  • is there still going to be a modspot

  • In order for this to be very successful it needs to be able to share levels with the PS3 version. If some PS3 levels are too complex for the PSP to handle the interoperability I mentioned should at least guarantee that all PSP levels will be playable on the PS3 version of the game. This way PS3-level-makers would be able to create content even when they are away from home which should pave the way for much more content online.

    There also could be an indicator in the PS3 version that tells you when your level is too complex to be shared with the PSP version. That way people who want to share their levels with everyone can do it and those who wish to push the PS3 to the max can also have that choice.

  • you send it via the internet i know this because i have gone over every movie for it twice each i am a die hard gamer


    Die Hard Gamer
    PlayStation UK

  • yes there will be a modspot still

  • I will buy this on both platforms. If you are able to share levels on both, look out, this will be a huge seller.

  • Honestly Sony needs to drop the PSPGO. The PSP-3000 was just starting to pick up sales, and beat down the DS then they released the PSPGO and it’s been eating away at all the PSP-3000s progress over the last 2 years.

    It’s aimed purly at Iphone fans, and it’s only got half the features. On top of that most of the new Tegra powered Cell phones can play games that look just as good, and in 720p HD no less…….

    Sony announce the PSP2 with 2 anlog sticks, or just drop the PSP system it’s hurtting the PSP market just like the PS2 is by still being around.

    IMHO If Sony fails to drop the PS2 this year then they desserve to loose even more cash for it, same for the PSPGO.

  • I hope the full version of MNR fixes the voting system. Simply looking at one side of a car, without being made to download it, and vote it is ridiculous. Understandable it’s a beta right now, but there are players who have already stated they use multiple accounts, just to boost their ratings up and push others down.

  • ughhhhhh……The Video loading screen stops at 1/4 of the Loading circle!!! And when will the PSBlog Videos work on the PS3??? It still says that “It is not supported”????????

  • Awesome, Is there a release date on this?

  • I truly do not care about the PSP version.I just wanna know when the PS3 version is coming out.Please?I’m asking nicely.I can haz release date?

  • Will the auto-populate and randomizing feature be on this one?

  • It confounds me that games today rarely have that offline multiplayer experience anymore…now all of it is online or whatnot…I mean why sell a console that has multiplayer functions offline yet not release a game that has that ability? I know that it is not up to Sony, but the developers should try to address the problem…

    In any case, this game would be great to play on both systems.

  • To all the people doubting them for releasing it on PSP at the same time just shut up. I suggest buying it only on PS3 because as always the PSP version will suck and all the people thinking of gettting Gos just don’t. The go is THE EXACT same thing as a 3000 but WITHOUT a UMD! Why lose over half the lack of games the PSP already lacks? Get/keep a 3000 and get a 16gb memory stick and stop drinking the kool aid. Think with your brain!

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