ModNation Racers Karting Its Way to PSP

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Over the past few months, we’ve been showing you how United Front Games is bringing the “Play, Create, Share” concept to kart racing with ModNation Racers. Today (via Gamespot), we announced that ModNation Racers will also be coming to the PSP as well – and at the same time as its big-brother PS3 edition (the exact street date is TBA).

I was down at San Diego Studios this week, where the team demoed Mod creation, Kart customization, full track creation, single and online-multiplayer modes; basically, everything that you’re expecting from the PS3 version of MNR. How did they manage to jam all that into the PSP? That’s a story for another day. Meanwhile, the proof is in the trailer, embedded below.

For more of Gamespot’s MNR PSP coverage (including a Q&A with GS’s Ricardo Torres), click here. We’ll be showing you a lot more about ModNation Racers PSP, right here on the Blog, starting next week.

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  • Nice!

    Any word on any way to share creations between PSP and PS3 versions?

  • This will be amazing!

  • Will this have 4player local multiplayer? If so, will it have a “battle” mode or just racing?

  • what’s up jeff
    also that trailer was awsome, glad 2 see it come 2 the psp( even though i have both a ps3 and psp )

  • on PS3 that is

  • i think games like this should be cross platform, so if you create a level in the psp version you can import on the ps3 and visa versa.

    LBP should have done that too.

  • When we were playing Beta we were already hoping this would happen. Awesome news.

  • finally, a worthwhile kart racing game on psp.

  • This is cool. Now comes the decision, do I get the PSP version or PS3 version.

  • Lol, and they say the Iphone is more powerful than the PSP.

  • great new!!

  • Wow this is cool, very nice news! :D

  • Awesomeness! The PSP’s year just got a little bit brighter! =)

  • I think this is lame. The PS3 version hasn’t even released yet and you’re already announcing a PSP version? I think I’ll just skip this game altogether. I’ll probably rent it on PS3 at best.

  • GoW PSP, Tetris PSP, Gran turismo PSP and now MNR PSP?? Awesome, I’m thinking about buying one more PSP just to play those games with my girlfriend via ad hoc.


    Bellesa – PS3BR (Playstation 3 Brazil)

  • oo thats cool!
    but sadly i wont be buying, im waiting for a PSP GO and if i buy it on UMD then im just wasting money really
    but il buy a PSPGO when it hits £79 – £99 its not even CLOSE to being worth £229 haha
    but yeh, il buy its big brother on the PS3! loved the beta for that

  • Does this game use the same creation tools as the ps3?

  • This is good new for PSP owners who don’t have a PS3. But if you have a PS3 this just a wast of time and money. I will not buy both versions. PS3 is where it is at. OH and I feel the same way for LBP. And still have not bought LBP PSP becouse I own the PS3 version. :) I have a PSP also and it will sit and collect dust. untill sony comes out with unique games rather than the same game over and over. MGS peace walker is how it should be done take notes. That is a system seller.

  • @DNAgent

    Really? Just because the company is trying to support the PSP, you are going to skip it altogether?

    You opinion is your own, but sometimes the logic behind it is strange.

  • Great! Another port of a PS3 game… Whatever happened to original PSP games? It seems like for every original game, there’s 20 ports…

    I’m sick and tired of it! I HAVE a PS3. I don’t want anymore watered-down versions!

    And put Crisis Core on the PSN already!!! This wait is getting ridiculous!

  • DAMN YOU ModNation Racers!!! Now I’ll be forced to buy two versions — because this game looks like too much fun, and I’ll want to bring it with me!

    Some clarification needed though:

    Does the PS3 version have split-screen multiplayer? If so, how many players?

    With 4-player splitscreen, this game should quickly become a “friends-over” party classic.

  • This is great! Mario Kart 2.0 for PSP users! I will get this and Mod Nation Racers for PS3!

  • Oh great, this means any potential release date will be pushed back another month while develop starts on this. ):

    Ah well. Will there be interconnectivity with the PS3 version?

  • This closes the deal for PSP having a great year! I think Sony would be wise to time PSP Go’s “relaunch” with the release of this game. Bundle pack baby!

  • i heard that modnation racers for the PS3 will be delayed in its anticipated spring 2010 release.

    can the social media manager share anything about that with us at this time ?

  • #24:

    We all know that Sony will never deliver even a fraction of the available PSP games via download, so I think Sony should relaunch the PSP GO with a UMD drive…and stop punishing the people who buy it.

  • Why? So that people can steal it off the internet? Stop wasting your money and time.

  • Please please please support infrastructure multiplayer with your PSN friends list, like Motorstorm Arctic Edge does.

  • I am very impressed at the quality of games being delivered on the psp.
    I am curious if LBP PSP will see any kind of adhoc or infrastructure support now that I see Mod Nation can do it on the PSP?

  • Any word on a potential PS3+PSP versions game bundle that may cost 10 to 20 dollars less than buying individually?

  • hmm not too sure about mod nation any more, it’s a great idea, and, going by the beta, the creation side is great, but the actual racing was tedious, heavy, unresponsive and just generally a let down. i know it’s still in beta stages so hopefully it will be addressed, if not i think i’ll be avoiding it. think it will be a lot better on psp, as a just pick up and go game, i’d probably get it on psp if i hadn’t sold mine. if sony were to release crisis core though on psn, i might think about investing in a pspgo. i think the console release needs to be reshaped in time for launch.

  • Hey Sony,

    You know what would be great? If the PS3 version had a downloadable version of the PSP game on the Bluray disk.

    That way people who want to take advantage of the interaction between the two(that you will be announcing at a later date), wont have to spend $100 to buy two versions of what is essencially the same game.

  • “but sadly i wont be buying, im waiting for a PSP GO and if i buy it on UMD then im just wasting money really”

    To #16, why don’t you just buy it online and then move it to the PSP Go later if you buy one? You do know the regular PSP can handle downloaded games too don’t you?

  • Do want! I will wait for the PS3 version to be $30 or less. So you won’t be collecting my monies for I bet years.

    Why o Why haven’t you lowered the price on LBP. Your been milking it for almost 2 years now. With the DLC you can easily make up for the lower sales price.

    Pull your head out. Your platform needs more family friendly titles, and more games in the budget range. It’s the reason the PS2 was the system to own. It’s wasn’t exclusives, it was the fact a family could buy one and get plenty of low cost fun titles.

  • Some original PSP only games would be nice. The trend of “same game as PS3” is already getting a little tired.

    I do like the PSP though, it really is an amazing piece of tech.

    Still getting MNR for the PS3 however.


  • There should be a PSP + LBP + ModNation package deal, would definitely help with sales I think.

    Looks great, though and very glad to see the Play. Create. Share. concept is being brought over to the portable market as well.

  • #31

    I’m disappointed to hear that the actual racing isn’t the best.

    Man, if they would just clone Mario Kart in terms of gameplay, I’d be happy with that!

  • @krae_man

  • Oh wow… wow. A kart racer on PSP? ….the pricing neeeeeeds to be perfect for this! I would buy this day 1 if it was announced at $24.99 or less. $30 would need either strong fan hype, or content hyping in marketing the reason why its worth the double dip.

  • @krae_man

    You seriously need to get over your insane sense of entitlement. If you want to the connectivity between both games, then get both, in no way should the PSP version just be given away.

  • Well, hey, that’s pretty cool news.

  • This is what Mario Kart should have been! The beta was great, too short, but great. 1st day buy from this guy. Speaking of buying the game, are there any promotions coming down the pipe if you preorder?

  • ModNation racers is longer a PS3 exclusive anymore? i know its still under playstation name but cmon PS3 exclusive games always seem to go to PSP just like what happened with Little Big Planet.

  • PLEASE–for those of us who have both systems–make it so we can pay a slightly higher price for the PS3 version and get included a download ticket for this version–that’d be sweet!

  • @44 don’t buy it if you don’t want it–the nice thing about going to PSP is they aren’t porting the game or taking assets away from the PS3 version (like they would for a multiplat game) –since they are having a totally separate team rebuild it the original game is the way it was meant to be!

  • MNR for PS3 is June 30th according to Gamefly. It changed right around the end of the beta, from March to June. Sony usually delays for the right reasons; GT5 on the other hand? May not be out this year now.

  • So this has multiplayer but LBP does not, why?

  • wow, very surprising, great news

  • PS3/PSP blu-ray combo please.

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