This Week in PlayStation Home: Villain’s Lair Personal Space, Super Bowl Events & Tons of New Virtual Items!

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This week brings a massive update to the ever-expanding world of PlayStation Home, with a mountain of virtual items and an awe-inspiring personal space (complete with built-in mini-games) being released just this Thursday alone. It’s an update that Home fanatics absolutely cannot miss out on, which is why I’m dropping in to invite each and every one of you to come check out the veritable boatload of new content we have in store for you, the PlayStation Home community.

To start, let’s look at the brand new Villain’s Lair personal space – one of the most highly interactive personal spaces to ever be published on the PlayStation Home platform. The perfect spot to indulge in your nefarious tendencies, the Villain’s Lair is an enormous environment that includes everything from a shark-infested aquarium (because even the most scoundrelly of scoundrels needs a little companionship from time to time) to a laser-guarded private museum where you can display the fruits of your detestable labor (such as all the treasure you are planning to plunder from the vaults of private collectors from across the globe).

The most intriguing aspects of the Villain’s Lair are the TWO games that are baked in to the space, available to you for no additional cost. From the deliciously ignoble strategy game (where you can plot the course for total world domination and subvert, divert, and destroy the forces of good one movement at a time) to the hilariously heinous village ruination game (where you can call upon various forces of nature to wreak havoc on the poor citizens that dwell therein), the Villain’s Lair is the place to be if you like to partake in your fair share of iniquity. Check out the video below for a thorough fly-through of this awesome new personal space.

As mentioned earlier, we will be releasing a heap of new virtual items in PlayStation Home this Thursday. From the slew of Villain’s Lair items that will aid you in constructing an appropriately evil atmosphere in your new abode to Samurai wigs and bundles of the ever-popular animated items, there’s truly something new for everyone this week in PlayStation Home. Check the Latest Updates tab (accessible while in-world via your PDA by pressing Start > Community > Latest Updates) for a list of all new items and other new content each Thursday.

In terms of weekend events, I want to invite all of you out for three nights of pure football fan boy-ism. We’ll be devoting this entire weekend – from Friday, February 5th through Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th – to playing Madden NFL 10 during our nightly Featured Game parties. So come out to Central Plaza between the hours of 6:00PM and 10:00PM PT (9:00PM and 1:00AM EST) and join up with your fellow Colts and Saints fans to launch into our own private Super Bowls. Be sure to don the corresponding team and player jerseys, available from the EA SPORTS Complex and the PlayStation Home Mall, so friends and foes know which team you are on. One word of warning: It’s sure to be intense, so you best bring your A-game….

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  • I don’t think Locust-X cares what we want us adults A real dance club! With real music! Play some popular tracks from Lady Gaga etc.. Some Killer beats Remixes etc.. Just something more Original then we what we have now! Sony 2009 is over now please update HOME with way better stuff Cross Game Chat In Game Music for both HOME and The PSN!..Or you will fail!..360 is just laughing up the cash with what features they have versus the PS3 Network and I’m sure a lot of PSN users will agree with me!..They have Facebook,Twitter,Myspace: Then comes the real cool stuff better Avatars with as well as this month Xbox-Arcade I want this on the PSN and soon! why not on the PSN?..We need a better place as well to hang out in HOME otherwise just quit what your doing with HOME period!..The PSN needs some readjusting with the Avatars etc.. But I want to see this before I curl up and die Cross Game Chat/In Game Music SONY!

  • Yeah the Beach Resort is cool as well as the other awesome spaces in HOME for Europe and Asia bring them here Sony!..Also more free stuff like Movie Exclusive previews like what Europe gets for free!.. Star Trek, G.I.JOE costumes etc..Why not in the US?..

  • My Evolving Tree hasnt grown yet and got it like a week ago.

  • @25 do you promise ? please do . great job @ home team . and if theres anything you guys can do to make folks like #25 leave .. please do . “bless” the other console with their presence .

  • Why is this Dev Team working on Home and not another Getaway wasn’t there at one time one in development. Man, I’d much rather play another Getaway than go on Home and do absolutely nothing!

  • Remember patience is key, and new features and functions will be available in the near future. Posting comments to expedite these things is useless, try giving feedback on the things you do enjoy and how far the PS Network in its entirety has advanced.

  • TV’s and the Hall of Fame where are they?

  • all the great home items are good buy iam with everyone i dont pay for nada on home untill they make it better i thought about buying a aptt. for my ave. but i just go too my friends crib and fish. the mini games are a big plus too buy more games and plezzz bring music too home we need it. other then that home is growing and hope 2010 will be a good year for home. ty sony

  • Remember that if you use a famous persons music or a large companies images, you have to pay for their copyrights. Thats why you see any big name music artists on home.


    Adults want that stuff? Wow how would you know? You sound like you are about 12 years old trying to act all tough. If you don’t like what’s going on here, then go away. Nobody cares about your threats. You want to tell people you are an adult, try acting like one. Home is what it is and lots of people enjoy it. Could it get better? Of course. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t use it. That is the adult thing to do.

  • @34
    We complain about Trophies because they said it was going happen. Home Should have had Trophy rooms from the begining. If they no longer want to do Trophies thats fine, but they need to announce that. If they announce that I will take my losses and stop supporting Home. Sony has the obligation to deliver on features they outlined. I would love open chat as well as trophies as well as music and Video support….all things promised. Also it looks like 360 avatars will be getting to see Videos together before we will on Home and thats just sad.

  • What happened to the TV in the clubhouse? The one bastion of hope I had for playing video off my harddrive in home…..just disappeared….awesome!

  • here i go my first offical , thoughts ive been with ps3 from the start, and home has come a long way but . uneed more interaction. with home its dying slowly . ive bought so much stuff in home its outta control but thats going to stop , i ant going to put my money , in to home anymore. cause i cant use it , what iam saying is you need to make it for 13 to 17 years old and 18 and up. i would love to pick up a girl and hug her or shake her , hi 5 or anything like that or dancing together, i mean like holding eachother . you need to do these things not more add ons and spaces . but playstation home creators r thinking he dont under stand , were trying to keep up . but u want busniss you need to add these features,games ant enuff . plus it just takes too long. i no 70 dollars is coming under r choice right. if home is serious about keeping me paying or showing home family, the ropes in there. its like i work there to keep home alive, help me make it better , faster , more interactive, oh this is betwwen me and home. they no ive been loyal. dont bite the hand that feeds. , hope you like my first speech about home . see yeans on there.

  • bring out were we would use r lisence for proof of age . omg it would work . this is what i want , and millons more.

  • Can we have tvs

  • “I’m going to hold the world ransom for 1 million dollar.”

    I can’t help with the Dr.Evil joke since I saw the villain’s personal space.

  • Ok PS3 I’m new to the blog but would like to post my thoughts. It would be amazing if there was a response to them.

    First I love the fact that I can put pictures from my hardrive in my home space via picture frames. Can you tell me when I will be able to listen to music from my hard drive in my personal space via some type of virtual stereo.

    Also how about a new furniture minigame purchase (the pool tabel). I’m sure it would be a big hit.

    Thanks, anxiously awaiting response.

  • Hey comment 61 Please keep your opinion’s to yourself man I bet your just jealous that your not an adult yet.Wa wa..God kids today can’t ever shut up!.Heck even my nieces and Nephew are more mature then you people..And yes I’m old but who care’s I fight for a cause that most companies are to lazy to give what we want so I complain about it..I mean what else can you do? Not much if you ask.Start a blog?..Yeah but does it help get your comment around the web?..Who knows.

  • I want a working tv please, I have been ask for days now. I don’t care if it has real tv, game trailers or make it to where you have to put a blu Ray movie in or download movies to it. Please respond to me about this idea.

  • And I would build a virtual playstation 3 that you can put in your apartments

  • I just got the Villian’s Lair and its awesome. Great job. Just wish the Wizard’s Den came with everything promised in the advertising. Tried contacting someone at Sony to see if I can either suggest ways to unlock the pet dragon, unblock the windows or something. It seemed like I was duped into a waste of money at this point and I look foolish to my readers who told them about the wizard’s den at

  • yes, i think itd be awesome to be able to incorporate our home avatars too into other games, or at least be able to have that option like nintendo wii lets us have the option of either being able to use our mii’s in some games or just use the default characters. wouldnt it be awesome to be your own avatar in games like resident evil 5 lol or gta 4? i dunno its just something i also think would be pretty sweeeet

  • oh yeah, also I know others have been mentioning this as well but thought i would bump up their ideas. There should be a way we can buy like stereos and have us be able to upload our own playlist to it I would totally buy a stereo and the hookups that would be awesome. And I think that the things we buy we should be able to interact better with them, like not just have an ‘about’ section pop up. If someone gets like a candy machine the people we invite should be able to get like candy or something, not just see what it’s ‘about’ and only look at it. Please make more interactive virtual items! thank you!

  • @Northstar77 “Sony has the obligation to deliver on features they outlined.” Seriously, you are truly simple to believe that. The only real obligation that Sony has, is to make sure their system will do as promised. Home is OPEN BETA, which means use is subject to their discretion, not just yours. Should they so choose, you could be perma-banned for your negative behavior, but as you can see, they have not banned you. The trophy room in the villain’s lair is as close as we’ll probably get for your oh-so-important trophy room, so accept what is, is. There are MANY of us who agree about audio and video in our personal spaces, but there are also the few of us who, regardless of how many updates come and go, know that patience wins out over senseless whining. If we get it, excellent. If not, then we adapt to the absence.

  • Sorry, one more thing, how do we put trophies in the trophy room in villain’s lair? And I think there should be a bigger or at least better selection of hairstyles on home like long flowing hair without bangs or something like that, it looks like a dude made the selection of hairstyles they have now for us girls and like 98.7% of them suck. I know most of the girls on here would agree, thanks!

  • ok i bought the new apartment i got a total of 8 items there which i think that’s all of them, but the problem is that even though you exit out of the game it doesn’t save your progress and another thing i tested is when you want to play local with a friend in your home it doesn’t allow the person to play the game with you but you playing for him. Internet IDK because i haven’t found a person to play it through internet. Nice update though but what about the hero outfit and evil villians outfit in the video? are they a prize because there not in the mall. hope i get a reply with this thnx.

  • fixing the information on which needs fixing is the Tactical game for world domination

  • so are you guys ever going to address the issue of the wizards den? i’ve scoured the net to find a single reply from anyone @ psn and you guys seem to just not answer a single person…what happened here? i even sent a message to locust on psn and got no reply. it’s just a simple question guys; why did you advertise one thing then sell us a bunk, degraded version? while it is still worth the money (i guess) i wouldn’t have bought it looking like it does… please let us know whatthe deal is there, at last? please? i spend about 100 USD on home per month and would like an answer for why you wasted my time and money…thanks!!

  • but the villians lair is epic! but we could use a clubhouse upgrade though. any word on that? the option is there on the pda but after a year your still stuck with the tiny 31 member club… i wouldn’t mind paying a M2M fee if i got different clubhouses. also what’s up with the six plus minute black screen before home loads? just started happening after new years and it’s really lame. but other than that home is cool, and i’m on it a lot. a reply would be nice though ;P

  • does anyone know how to put trophies in trophy room in the villains lair? thx in advance

  • I am having problems with items i purchase not being in my wardrobe or furniture. I message locust_star I ask mods in home and get ignored by them all and no return messages. It is frustrating when you spend you money and then get ignored when u have a problem with you purchase.

  • welcome to home! the home team doesn’t care about your happiness aparently just taking your money…

  • Locust_star, please tell me who to contact when I buy things and they don’t appear in my wardrobe or items. I have sent you messages, and also posted here to no avail. Please help me

  • chase i have tried to get them to talk to me for about a month now, with no reply here, on psn, nothin. really disapointing home team…

  • Heres a few things for these numbers:
    53-It wont evolve, they just take the old item out and give you a more updated version, so by the book, its not evolving, just updated,

    71- YEP WE WERE ALL DUPED, and they dont tell us anything. And no this dont have any cool stuff, FAIL! Did you know there was a certain timelimit we could have called C.S. and asked 4 a refund on this item? WELL NOT MANY DID. It wasnt even in the message of the day or anything. And to late now, but goo to home and SPEND SPEND SPEND (lol-),
    80- its trophys from the games- so they ment prizes or “trophys” double talk,
    81-84, I NEVER GOY HOCKEY PANTS, NOW ALMOST A YEAR LATER AND NEVR A PM REPLY TO EITHOR. so your screwed as far as any C. S. for us the spenders go.

  • There is a serious error in the villain’s lair personal space. If you try to place picture frames they end up inside the cubes in the trophy room and you cannot remove them or alter them once they are placed. Please fix this bug soon.

  • i could have gotten a refund!?!?
    that just makes me more angry!
    thanks home team! yet another HOME run!

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