This Week in PlayStation Home: Villain’s Lair Personal Space, Super Bowl Events & Tons of New Virtual Items!

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This week brings a massive update to the ever-expanding world of PlayStation Home, with a mountain of virtual items and an awe-inspiring personal space (complete with built-in mini-games) being released just this Thursday alone. It’s an update that Home fanatics absolutely cannot miss out on, which is why I’m dropping in to invite each and every one of you to come check out the veritable boatload of new content we have in store for you, the PlayStation Home community.

To start, let’s look at the brand new Villain’s Lair personal space – one of the most highly interactive personal spaces to ever be published on the PlayStation Home platform. The perfect spot to indulge in your nefarious tendencies, the Villain’s Lair is an enormous environment that includes everything from a shark-infested aquarium (because even the most scoundrelly of scoundrels needs a little companionship from time to time) to a laser-guarded private museum where you can display the fruits of your detestable labor (such as all the treasure you are planning to plunder from the vaults of private collectors from across the globe).

The most intriguing aspects of the Villain’s Lair are the TWO games that are baked in to the space, available to you for no additional cost. From the deliciously ignoble strategy game (where you can plot the course for total world domination and subvert, divert, and destroy the forces of good one movement at a time) to the hilariously heinous village ruination game (where you can call upon various forces of nature to wreak havoc on the poor citizens that dwell therein), the Villain’s Lair is the place to be if you like to partake in your fair share of iniquity. Check out the video below for a thorough fly-through of this awesome new personal space.

As mentioned earlier, we will be releasing a heap of new virtual items in PlayStation Home this Thursday. From the slew of Villain’s Lair items that will aid you in constructing an appropriately evil atmosphere in your new abode to Samurai wigs and bundles of the ever-popular animated items, there’s truly something new for everyone this week in PlayStation Home. Check the Latest Updates tab (accessible while in-world via your PDA by pressing Start > Community > Latest Updates) for a list of all new items and other new content each Thursday.

In terms of weekend events, I want to invite all of you out for three nights of pure football fan boy-ism. We’ll be devoting this entire weekend – from Friday, February 5th through Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th – to playing Madden NFL 10 during our nightly Featured Game parties. So come out to Central Plaza between the hours of 6:00PM and 10:00PM PT (9:00PM and 1:00AM EST) and join up with your fellow Colts and Saints fans to launch into our own private Super Bowls. Be sure to don the corresponding team and player jerseys, available from the EA SPORTS Complex and the PlayStation Home Mall, so friends and foes know which team you are on. One word of warning: It’s sure to be intense, so you best bring your A-game….

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  • sucks i cant be there my ps3 got the YLOD when i was playin M.A.G :'(

  • This looks awesome. If I might ask. Where do you get the music for the trailer here? And if it’s possible, where can I get it?

  • I like the personal spaces and everything but they need to be more accessible. Seems like such a waste to go through the trouble of decorating it and not be able to show it off to more than just who you invite.

  • Looks like the lost damn apartment in the UK – only on steroids..

  • 1 thing i dont get is, where is the trophy room. when r we goin to c that in home. but any way nice update.

  • Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star.

    The new space looks great !

  • Awesome job, i can’t want to see that space!
    I wounder how much it will be, %6.99? – Or if it has freebie rewards?

  • This makes me want to have Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog get in on this Home action. Hey Home dev’s…make a call!

  • Hey L_S, I think it’s important to bring this to your attention, but a lot of us, while impressed with these updates are still wondering how long we have to wait before we get answers we’ve been asking for months now….

    We feel that with every new update on virtual goods, it keeps the dev team from improving the internal structures since a lot of these virtual items tend to crash or cause problems. We want to know what the situation is on video & music sharing, the trophy room, and the whole bevvy of other features Home was originally intended for? A lot of people STILL can’t log in since the last firmware update!

    What about incorporating Home avatars into other games? What about improving on public voice chat (giving the ability to block others who are being offensive)? What about the Hover craft or shrinking potion that you promised us?

    The new updates are fun and all… but they only provide a small temporary entertainment value… we need more structural updates… I understand the art team and dev team are separate… but when are we gonna get updates from the Dev team??

    Thanks for all you do.

  • good Locust_Star thank you i will soon have over the world of playstation home Evil lol i will become it the overload of home evil lol

  • BLACK AND GOLD SUPERBOWL BABY!!! WHO DAT!!! But sounds like an awesome HOME update, can’t wait to download that villian’s lair.

  • and also show my Saints pride in the central plaza, never really bought home content until I heard about this update.

  • Nice update, when does the hero’s sweet come out?

  • Another awesome update as usual. I’ve bought just about everything in the mall from day one. Keep up the good work.

  • Quick question. I am 19 years old, yet every time I try to go on Playstation Home, it says that I am not old enough. Is this a glitch? I would really like to experience all of this.

  • @15

    did you sign up for your PSN account when you were 17? that might be your problem right there. you might have to go in and change your account settings in the system

  • Man this place sounds like its shaping up to be the awesome. This may be my next appartment purchase!

  • That’s actually a pretty sweet place, nice update

  • Hey Locust_Star…Or whoever is in the charge of this project (PS HOME):

    The last time you had several events which involves videos- you know to listen and to answer trivial questions or anything like that… I was wondering WHY(!?!?!?) did you not think about including closed-caption or optional subtitle for those events (when it comes to videos)???

    Is that something you TRULY don’t want for us to be involved…? I mean for deaf communithy- for those who are very interested to be a part of that event…such as myself. I’d prefer for you to find a way to make this more “ACCESSIBLE” for us and for anyone who wants to be a part of PS HOME events.

    I wonder if Sony will heed our requests to have optional subtitle to be available for Qore, Pulse Edition and Video Store that you are ushering for consumers to buy or to rent…? Please find a way to make this work!

  • Locust_Star

    Q: can we get those awesome school uniforms from IREM that japan has?

    i made some attempts at making my own but they either come out to skimpy looking or they just dont have the right look and most of my friends want these uniforms also.

    • Hi,

      We are publishing new IREM items tomorrow as well. The school uniform you mention is not part of the batch that we are releasing this week, but we will let IREM know that you have requested these items.


  • Since were getting personal spaces each week – will we see the Loco Roco Apartment here in the future Locust_Star?

  • I’m sorry to say, I’ve had it with Home. No amount of personal/public spaces or nifty items makes up for the extremely long load times and lack of promoted standard features(voice chat-video/audio support, etc).
    Dev’s… enjoy your noob crowd in Home, cause your old patrons are starting to fall out. We’re clogged up with junk(t-shirts), and sick of lagging out or getting booted while just trying to use the PDA. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Here is the difference versus Assault Hero’s game on the 360 this game supports IN GAME MUSIC! And look at crappy PS3 NO SUPPORT FOR IN GAME MUSIC!! YOU LAZY S^^^ I want In Game Music this year or I’m done with the P^Station!..No more excuse’s Sony!

  • Home is for kids not adults so that’s why it sucks!.. Don’t have time for it anymore anyway it was fun while it lasted Shame on Sony for there selfless Promotion with HOME! HOME IS DEAD!..I wish we had what the other countries have!.. But Sony will never realize that!..Where is In GAME MUSIC/ CROSS GAME CHAT!?..YEAH THIS WAS IN HOME AT THE BEGINING BUT THEY TOOK IT OUT BUT WHY?….

  • More and more and more paid content, it never ends. These updates are so completely boring to those of us who refuse to drop even a penny on non-existant things. By the way why are they pumping out so many “personal” spaces lately? Those are going to outnumber the amount of public spaces before long…

  • And whats the deal with there advertisements “IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING?” B^lcrap.. That’s a lie Sony forgot to mention in there advertisements that there’s is no support for CROSS GAME CHAT/IN GAME MUSIC YEAH CERTAIN GAMES But hardly any support if you ask me.. very Disappointing coming from SCEA and there publishers.. =( 2010 I hope they starting listening to what we want! CROSS GAME CHAT WITH ALL SUPPORT FOR GAMES WE BOUGHT FROM THE PSN AS WELL AS THE GAMES WE BOUGHT!

  • When will we see actual features added to Home instead of shiney things put out to make people forget for another week?

    Where’s the things like the bouncing ball, shrinking potion, and hover craft? Where’s the big features like stereos and TVs? Ya know they don’t even have to stream, right? People have said repeatedly they’d be happy with a simple system to watch their own content in their personal spaces.

    This is where Home is completely failing. Instead of working to better integrate Home with the PS3, the exact opposite seems to be happening. Sure there’s game launching, but why would people log into Home to game launch single player titles in particular when it takes so long just to log into Home?

  • Home is completely lifeless without some form of public chat. It’s like going to a block party where everyone has duct tape over their mouth. Can you imagine a Superbowl party with nobody talking. Does that even sound remotely fun?

    You can bring all the personal spaces and outfits you want into home, but until it gets FEATURES that give it VALUE, it’s just a waste.

    Why can’t there be an OPTION to have open voice chat? Start everyone on mute and leave it up to the player to determine if he wants to hear some profane 12 year old.

    As a community application Home really struggles.

  • Any freebies items?

  • I see chess!!!

  • WHAT?! The sharks don’t have laser beams attached to there head?! :( Still getting it though lol

  • Why is it there’s always one or two fools commenting on updates about the “trophy room” and “public voice chat”??? A trophy room is a fail, since it would have to be of variable size to accommodate nearly 1000’s of different trophies, as well as the code time necessary to create them. Public voice chat is also a fail, due to the fact that most home spaces are already struggling to remain stable.

  • oh you guy getting the Final fantasy XIII home space like japan as well ? cuz i love to have a home like that

  • Care to answer my question – #19? I know I made two different comments- one for PS HOME and another one for general PSN Store such as Video, Qore and Pulse Edition. (That one you don’t need to answer, but I’d like for your colleagues to answer them… NOT FOR ME, but for those people who truly want to know).

    Back to the point: Care to comment on my first question regarding PS HOME…? Please, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please don’t make this infamous excuse like others do: “We are looking into this matter…” It became old fast AND tiring. Really, would it be next two, three, four years from now? Or it will NEVER happen in this “Next-Gen” console (Playstation 3)? I hope not! Serious, please put this into your consideration and find a way to make it more accessible- that goes for Virtual Movie Theater in PS HOME as well.

  • holee cow, another Home update?! i’m still saving up to pay for a mortgage on the london tower, and the waterfall terrace is pending approval from the bank! the furniture bundles are tempting but gotta feed my dog! better put on my limited edition ezio costume and steal from Home residents – hahaha!

    ps. there’s a final fantasy xiii home space?!

  • Too many crybabies on this site. WTH!!

  • Fantastic that HOME are starting to add mini games in the personal spaces! that make me want to buy them! I will get this because of the mini games!


  • This space looks amazing are those games MULTIPLAYER you can PLAY w FRIENDs,WHEN is the 50 ITEM LIMIT going to get RAISED? We keep getting huge spaces,50 ITEMS DONT LOOK LIKE ANYTHING.And the SVER space has a RADIO you can hear music,the sound doesnt drop when you walk around, when are we going to get some player to play HDD TUNES,how is it we got picture frames that we can display pictures NO MATTER THE CONTENT but yet NO PLAYER to play music off our HDD, The spaces are QUIET,this would be nice. we can share pix through the frames and send in messages as attachments, YET we cant play any kind of tunes in home. We cant send music,if we wanted to we could let the person record it from doing a video chat,theres really nothing to do in spaces, so what makes us want to sit with no sounds and no kind of games to play cards, pool, board, multiplayer where we could actually watch each other,AND WE CANT CHANGE IN THEREs APT.Im sure you catch my drift on this. The S.V.E.R. space is so big that it needs at least 100 to make a dent and the RADIO IS AMAZING, I just hope they release tunes to DL, BUY, OR STREAM OUR MUSIC TO IT. Also an option to invite people on our friends list to our spaces.


  • @JKthree What kind of a frickin’ shark tank has sharks that don’t have frickin’ lasers attached to their frickin’ heads??? lol

    Seriously, tho, cross game chat??? What in the blue h*ll does that have to do with home??? For that matter, why would you need to talk to a friend who’s playing ratchet and clank while you’re gettin’ down with critter crunch??? Really, people, suggestions that make no sense are wasting too much blog space. Dry your tears and MOVE ON!!!!

  • is it ironic that it said destroy an entire village at your own whim. then they showed it raining and a wall of water….

    all i could think about is New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.

  • sounds cool but i rarely ever go on PlayStation home

  • Way to answer only the softball questions…

  • I will buy this in my quest to obtain my evil PS Home goal. Is the laser vault ONLY for the user? will anyone of my guests be able to follow me in? also will any of the old spaces be brought back? PLEASE!!!

    Btw, This is Doc from The Tester

    If you are reading this, go DL The Tester trailer in the PS Store.
    If you have, TY and I would guess you have cleared your sched for 18 Feb to watch the 1st show :)

  • Good update America. I hope you all don’t start complaining you have too much content.

  • Home = so boring

  • You guys don’t seem to get the message. No-one wants more useless personal spaces. People want less load times and downloads, more interactivity and communication in Home, more fun and interesting things to do. And I don’t mean crappy mini-games you can play by yourself.

  • Are we going to get any new public spaces anytime soon? I really wanted to see more from IREM, like the beach space and such. I’d also like to see more spaces with multiplayer mini-games, the Siren lounge was awesome because you could play with all those people at once, it was just ridiculous getting into the space…We really need more to do!

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