This Week in PlayStation Home: Villain’s Lair Personal Space, Super Bowl Events & Tons of New Virtual Items!

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This week brings a massive update to the ever-expanding world of PlayStation Home, with a mountain of virtual items and an awe-inspiring personal space (complete with built-in mini-games) being released just this Thursday alone. It’s an update that Home fanatics absolutely cannot miss out on, which is why I’m dropping in to invite each and every one of you to come check out the veritable boatload of new content we have in store for you, the PlayStation Home community.

To start, let’s look at the brand new Villain’s Lair personal space – one of the most highly interactive personal spaces to ever be published on the PlayStation Home platform. The perfect spot to indulge in your nefarious tendencies, the Villain’s Lair is an enormous environment that includes everything from a shark-infested aquarium (because even the most scoundrelly of scoundrels needs a little companionship from time to time) to a laser-guarded private museum where you can display the fruits of your detestable labor (such as all the treasure you are planning to plunder from the vaults of private collectors from across the globe).

The most intriguing aspects of the Villain’s Lair are the TWO games that are baked in to the space, available to you for no additional cost. From the deliciously ignoble strategy game (where you can plot the course for total world domination and subvert, divert, and destroy the forces of good one movement at a time) to the hilariously heinous village ruination game (where you can call upon various forces of nature to wreak havoc on the poor citizens that dwell therein), the Villain’s Lair is the place to be if you like to partake in your fair share of iniquity. Check out the video below for a thorough fly-through of this awesome new personal space.

As mentioned earlier, we will be releasing a heap of new virtual items in PlayStation Home this Thursday. From the slew of Villain’s Lair items that will aid you in constructing an appropriately evil atmosphere in your new abode to Samurai wigs and bundles of the ever-popular animated items, there’s truly something new for everyone this week in PlayStation Home. Check the Latest Updates tab (accessible while in-world via your PDA by pressing Start > Community > Latest Updates) for a list of all new items and other new content each Thursday.

In terms of weekend events, I want to invite all of you out for three nights of pure football fan boy-ism. We’ll be devoting this entire weekend – from Friday, February 5th through Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th – to playing Madden NFL 10 during our nightly Featured Game parties. So come out to Central Plaza between the hours of 6:00PM and 10:00PM PT (9:00PM and 1:00AM EST) and join up with your fellow Colts and Saints fans to launch into our own private Super Bowls. Be sure to don the corresponding team and player jerseys, available from the EA SPORTS Complex and the PlayStation Home Mall, so friends and foes know which team you are on. One word of warning: It’s sure to be intense, so you best bring your A-game….

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