BioShock 2: Your Questions Answered Part One

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We FINALLY got the invite up to 2K Games Marin to talk to the BioShock 2 team, and what better timing than a week away from the game’s release on Feb. 9. We certainly gathered by your abundance of Tweets that excitement for BioShock 2 is crazy high. So on Monday, I sat down with Senior Producer Melissa Miller and Lead Environment Artist Hogarth de la Plante (with a chillingly lifelike Little Sister standing eerily behind us) who answered a heap of your questions – so many in fact that we had to split the video into two parts.

So today, you’ll see part one that focuses primarily on BioShock 2‘s single-player campaign, including details on story development, philosophical influence, plasmids and much more. And head on back tomorrow for part two, which delves deep into the much-anticipated multiplayer mode.

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  • I cant wait anymore!!!!

  • Bioshock 2 looks awesome. Definitely a must buy.

    As for the online multiplayer, it takes place in the period between the first Bioshock and the second. We’ll be able to revisit old spaces and visit new spaces. It may end up tying bits and pieces of both games together. The pictures I have seen look sharp.

    I be seeing all of you in Rapture.

  • @clupula668 yeah, large mandatory installs pretty much suck. How come I can play through both R&C: Future and both Uncharted games without any visible in-game load times (although sneakily hidden as streaming while walking around initial parts of levels) but have to wait almost a minute to load a single arena in Tekken 6? Bad programming, that’s why.

    There’s no excuse for NEEDING large mandatory installs. The drive streams at a constant predictable rate, it was designed that way, and game devs can ALLOW installs (props to Unreal III) but requiring them is just rude.

    4GB on my drive for Oblivion, 4GB on my drive for Resident Evil, 4GB on my drive for DMC and so on. Ridiculous.

  • Bioshock 2 looks sweet. I love the first one, and I want to see how this game does. I might not buy it on the first day, but I will get this game.

  • Bloodclot | February 3rd, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Finally someone else is having problems with the videos from the Playstation Blog when they are played using Firefox. I have to keep my cursor over the video while it is playing or else it will stop and reload.
    Chris Morell replied on February 3, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    What version of Firefox are you running? We’re looking into the issue, thanks for calling it out.
    the problem for me was adblock plus. disable adblock plus for this site should fix the problem.

  • He say a lot of big words i don’t know what mean…

  • Ok, it’s tomorrow. Where is part 2?

  • will we be able to shoot using the R1 button this time around?

  • @ – Maluraq you can get a 500gb hard drive for $50 for the ps3 .. less then the price of a damn new game.. and a 1 terabyte drive (1000gb for the non-tech savy) for around $90 for the ps3. Every PS3 uses a 2.5″ sata laptop drive and you can change it out with 1 screw to open the hd hatch and 4 to relase the drive from the holder. It’s in the PS3 manual.. go to neweggDOTcom for cheap costing PS3 compatible Hard drives. and quit the complaining this isn’t the crappy rrod machine that charges half the price of the console for a lousy… PS3 FTW!!!

  • Hey where is part 2? I can’t find it :(

  • apparently “tomorrow” is as in “when i get around to it”.

  • LOVED THE FIRST ONE! hope the second doesn’t disappoint me. i preordered so i would have suit on home lol

  • and by the way… if Rapture was ever built, i would move there, they need a space for it on home, not a personal space, an accual location, that would friggin ROCK!

  • i preordered im late lol

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