BioShock 2: Your Questions Answered Part One

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We FINALLY got the invite up to 2K Games Marin to talk to the BioShock 2 team, and what better timing than a week away from the game’s release on Feb. 9. We certainly gathered by your abundance of Tweets that excitement for BioShock 2 is crazy high. So on Monday, I sat down with Senior Producer Melissa Miller and Lead Environment Artist Hogarth de la Plante (with a chillingly lifelike Little Sister standing eerily behind us) who answered a heap of your questions – so many in fact that we had to split the video into two parts.

So today, you’ll see part one that focuses primarily on BioShock 2‘s single-player campaign, including details on story development, philosophical influence, plasmids and much more. And head on back tomorrow for part two, which delves deep into the much-anticipated multiplayer mode.

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  • 360 version videos?

  • this is a playstation website so no 360 version videos. and plus i doubt the games are going to be that different between consoles. i cant wait for this game to come out

  • gg on playing the 360 version guys.

  • @2

    The videos ARE from the Xbox 360 version, thats what i was saying

  • First post that didn’t mention the 360.

    Seriously, though, February 9th can’t come soon enough. If this game is only half as good as the first, it’ll still be amazing.

    I’m also looking forward to hearing more about the multiplayer modes, as I’m not totally sold on that aspect of the game just yet.

  • oh ok then my bad i didnt know.

  • I wish this game didn’t have lame multi-player trophies that made you grind to Level 40 to gain a platinum.

  • Any word on a demo for tomorrow or next week? I am very careful before I spend $60 on a game before I’ve tried it.

  • @7 what game are you talking about…bioshock doesnt have character leveling

  • I’m also very skeptical on the multiplayer modes. It will be good if done the right way.

  • your video player sucks on firefox btw

  • @9 Don’t bother commenting if you have absolutely no idea what the game you’re talking about has to offer.

  • 360 footage? that doesn’t bode well with me i hope were not getting an inferior port i mean this is the playstation blog the least you can do is show us ps3 version. I have the game pre-ordered but will have no problem canceling or trading it in if i find out you made a masterwork for the 360 then just slapped this one together with some tape and bubble gum (i’m looking at you bayonetta)

  • Why does the video show the 360 version guys………

  • Maybe they only have 360 version videos because that is probably the only “official” footage released from the developers. I may be wrong but I don’t think they even showed exclusive PS3 footage. No, I don’t believe it will be an inferior port (what about the job they did with the original?). You can’t hate on them for their 360 origins.

  • Bioshock is probably the best FPS I’ve played since Half Life 2… you guys have got big shoes to fill.

    Still, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  • I think certain footage is from PS3 and other footage is from 360. Although, this being a Sony site, always an odd choice to include footage running on the competition’s system. At least blur out the controls.

    Either way, the game will be brilliant on both systems I’m sure.

    • We got a bunch of unspecified footage from 2K, and yes, apparently from both versions, which I was unaware of. For the most part the footage is platform-agnostic, so it really shouldn\’t matter but I apologize for the first version. Should be pretty much good to go now. Thank you all for catching those few bits.

  • Finally someone else is having problems with the videos from the Playstation Blog when they are played using Firefox. I have to keep my cursor over the video while it is playing or else it will stop and reload.

  • Awesome. I liked the first one. Lets see how the multiplayer goes in this

  • Why is this video of the xbox 350 version?

  • Who cares if its video of the 360 version? They’re the same version. It’s a little weird though that that happened?

    In Qore, it was the PS3 version. But stop giving so much attention to it here

  • I give what I want attention :p

  • Will there be DLC?

  • Nice that the game play videos shows the 360 version. lol

  • Hey everyone, don’t forget about the MANDATORY 5 GB INSTALL! Gee, thanks for that 2K, much appreciated.

    That was the dealbreaker for me. It’s obvious that you can make a game work WITHOUT installs, which has been evidenced by a number of games that are bigger and more graphically complex than this one.

  • I was a huge fan of the first game and thought it leveled-up and modernized a lot of Irrational/Looking Glass-style play mechanics from System Shock 2 and even Thief in some ways. However, something about BioShock 2 feels too familiar and almost played out in comparison to the first game. Though I’m sure once I play, it will be a fantastic experience. We can only hope it will be at least on par with the first game.

  • So you were invited to the actual studio, but you couldnt acquire videos for your own respective platform. How does that work?

  • Whats with the 360 footage

  • @16 i’m not hating on them for their 360 origins i owned the original bioshock for the 360 until my 360 died. my concern is that 360 to ps3 ports for the most part never turnout well.(again looking at you bayonetta) showing footage of the 360 version while being interviewed by someone from the playstation blog just raises some alarms with me is all.

  • hyped about this game!

  • @26 – Are you actually complaining about a mandatory install, when many PS3 owners like myself were begging Sega to release a patch for Bayonetta that gave the game an install? Maybe you like 30 second loading times between sections of the game, but for the rest of us, we’ll take the installs, thank you very much.

  • Question: Will there be more Playstation Home content from Bioshock 2 coming soon? Like will Home be getting some Bioshock 2 outfits besides the preordered Big Daddy outfit from

  • I as just playing the firs Bioshock,it’s very awesome. I got part 2 pre-ordered.

  • lol the first question was by Nazis?

  • 35

    Thought the same thing lol.

    Loved the first game…I should probably play it again to get me ready for this one!

  • Regarding firefox, you have to install the noscript addon to block some of the scripts on this site to let the video play without having to keep the mouse cursor over it. For some reason this site is LOADED with unnecessary scripts, tracking maybe?

  • its there going to be a Demo

  • I was hoping someone would have asked about the multiplayer since it looks like it’s totally unbalanced.

    Loved the first game, definitely want to play the second, but i liked the use of having Plasmids and weapons separate.

    So yeah, can we get any information on the multiplayer? anything at all.

    Thank you.

  • Can you guys actually believe that there is ONLY 6 [DELETED] days left!!!

    It feels like yesterday that Original PC | 360 BioShock was released.

    ( Yes I’ve played Both 360 and PS3 Version and I’m a Xbot since 2007 )

  • Played and finished the first and felt completely drained after playing it. I didn’t touch a game for like a month. I liked it a lot but don’t know if I liked that feeling. I think I’ll try to pace the second out instead of a 3 day run through.

  • No offense but when will our questions be answered about Gran Turismo 5… first question when is it actually coming out… we would like an actual release date.


  • Why the pointless multiplayer?

  • Hey Chris, any chance of that little sister in the background being mailed to me? :)

  • Im worried Rapture wont have that same captivating feeling this time around. will it still have that edge of madness vibe to it?

  • I use Firefox and never had a problem with the videos. =o\

    New 3+ minute trailer for this (available out there somewhere) is lovely. Need it on the psn so I can watch it on my big screen. HINT HINT

  • yea the video dose not work for me ether on Firefox 3.5.7 loved bioshock getting bioshock 2 pre-ordered it.

  • About the video problem, it’s more then likely because you have the Adblock extension on your FireFox (which is essential) so it’s a problem lying within that, not Firefox.

  • So they had to show the 360 version when talking about the PS3? Looks like this will just be a rental for me then. It seems like they are already showing their laziness.

  • Is there an install with the PS3 version and if yes how big is it?

  • Haha the footage is from the 360 version

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