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Hey there Baseball fans,

In this post I’ll be describing the details of the all-new and revamped Online Season League system for MLB 10: The Show. Forget what you knew about SportsConnect leagues last year, and please continue reading…

Our goal coming into this year was to give online users the same season experience online as they’ve come to expect in the offline season mode. However, there are still the Online League specific features, like creating a Draft or Non-Draft league. The draft still allows for 6-30 teams, with some audio queues for “your turn” and “countdown.” A few new Create League settings: Custom Sliders, Presentation Mode, Umpire Balls and Strikes, Ejections, Home Run Celebration.


We are again providing you with all online user stats and leaderboards, but the huge change this year is the addition of all player stats for your full 40-man roster. You will get access to the full “Around the League” screens, including Playoff Brackets, Standings, Statistics, Team Rankings, League Leaders and Awards. Just to relay the amount of data available in Online Leagues, we are potentially talking about 30 teams, with 40 players, each with 70+ stats!


Beyond stats, we are including the pieces, essential to effectively managing a team during a season: Team Management. Under Team Management you can set your lineup, defensive positioning, pitching rotation and more. One of the keys to making a season mode realistic is the concept of Energy and managing your team with energy considered. This year, you won’t be able to use your ace for every game, over and over. If you overuse your players, your attributes will take a hit, and you run the risk of injury. This is a great segue to our next set of additions…

Injuries, disabled list, trades and free agents are all now a part of Online Season Leagues. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game. Just like in the big leagues, you’ll have to deal with injuries. Luckily there is the addition of the free agent pool and a 40-man roster to help you manage. You can now perform trades online. Trades can be 1 for 1, 2 for 1, 3 for 1, etc. There is a league voting system, so don’t think you’re going to get away with trading a scrub for an ace.


Now this is still an online league, so there are league management tools available that you wouldn’t need in an offline league. First, you can drop a user from your league. New to this year, you can also replace that user with another from the Invite Player screen. This is something that really helps a commissioner keep quality players in a league and ultimately the league progressing nicely. Another league management change is that any user, commissioner or league member can abandon or quite a league at anytime. This used to only be available while a league was in the forming stage. Now, you can quite while in season.

There are a few new additions and changes I wanted to rattle off:

  • Additional Commissioner Slot (6 total leagues now)
  • NEW Auto-resolve feature. Set to On/Off when creating a league and helps keep leagues progressing
  • Ability to Drop and Replace players within an In-progress league
  • Apply a Custom Slider to a league
  • League Invitation system upgrade
  • New My Complete Leagues list, showing a summary of all completed leagues, the winner and playoff participants
  • New League Round-up and League History tabs in Gamer Card
  • More emails and communication on league changes
  • Players Needing Leagues upgrade. Commissioner can now send invites directly from that screen
  • Additional information about users for a commissioner resolving a game
  • Quit a league at any time (commissioner or league member). No more being held hostage

We look forward to seeing a ton of leagues created and played to completion.

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15 Author Replies

  • Sounds good. I’ll definitely try to get this game the day it comes out. Hope the online stuff is successful.

  • Hello Jason, I really appreciate this great game!

    However, I just have a few questions that I really wanted to know from MLB 09

    1. When playing in a regular game for a season or franchise, I cannot see my players’ nor opponent players’ attributes at all. (no upper deck card) Therefore I cannot know which players have which stats and etc

    2. Same situation in a game when I cannot see the pitchers’ fatigue. Because I play NL, it’s absolutely crucial to know my pitchers’ fatigue during he game.

    3. When the outfielders already threw the ball to the infielder, you cannot cutoff during the middle. In Pro Yakyuu Spirits, there is an option where you can use the middle man to cutoff whenever I have to (such as a shortstop cutting the ball off)

    4. Do default free agents still have the MLB hat on all the time despite trading him to a different team by me?

    I was wondering if these 4 were implemented this time around. Please help me out. It’s an awesome game, thanks!

  • Thanks for the hard work.Can we expect a demo this year also?

  • I havent played in any online leagues in the years past, but this is year I’m definitely playing in as many online leagues as I can since this game is the best. Thank you for such a great job guys.

  • I have only one wish for ONLINE play with respect to this game and that is;
    Please provide support for a fully functioning Online franchise where you can have as few as 2 HUMAN controlled teams with the rest being CPU. And all games are NOT mandatory head-to-head with another human players. Not sure of how the logistics of day-to-day operations would work but I do know that there are some of us out here that are limited to 2 or 3 people that are KEEN on playing a full fledged franchise experience and dedicated enough to stay at it, but never have the ability.

    I’d even settle for a single franchise controlling one team that 2 people could play at same time on different consoles. One could do the pitching, the other the batting, divide the fielding, lock specific players before the action part of the game starts for control (batting/fielding).

    We have done the single franchise, alternated pitching/batting each game but have to be at the same console AND same house. Life gets in the way of that and it would be so much easier to be able to connect to each other online for that same or similar experience.

    FANTASTIC game huge fans!

  • Chris is it possible to somehow add your last name if not already in the system for the RTS mode? Like my last name “Coots” I’m always using the next best thing. Anything we can do? This would make A++ for me!

  • Does this game have a “round robin” type online league where you can have 7 or 8 guys only playing each other in a league, or if we only have 8 people then the other teams have to be filled out by CPU players or other humans? Please help!!

  • what the heck man? ps updated and still no demo? this has pissed me off

  • You should absolutely make it possible to use the Playstation EYE to scan your face in create-a-player mode for PS3. For MLB the show 09, the playstation eye was on the back of the box so i assumed this was possible, so i went out and bought a playstation eye just for that feature, but was totally bummed out when i realized the eye was just to record your voice, so now i have a playstation eye lying around….PLEASE ADD this option….its my dream…

  • Re: Post #10
    I don’t understand why you haven’t included this feature yet again this year….for that reason I will not be buying this game and won’t buy another baseball game until this feature is included and I can play with my friends like in ncaa football online dynasty.

  • I was wondering how many trophies will be in MLB 10 The Show and will it be different than MLB 09 The Show, adding more trophies and less RTTS trophies?

    Thanks, Reply back Jason Villa!

  • Anyone know what the minimum number of users required for a non-draft online league is?

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