The Tester Coming to PSN in February

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Thanks everyone for all of your comments about The Tester. I know many of you are excited about the upcoming launch of The Tester. I am here to share great news – it is premiering on February 18th exclusively on PlayStation Network! We’re also welcoming a new celebrity judge to our prestigious panel on The Tester – Hal Sparks! Most of you know him as an actor and comedian, but he’s also a diehard gamer. You can watch contestants face off against Hal throughout the eight-episode series – it’s going to be brutal.

Hal Sparks

The Tester is an original competitive reality series that PlayStation fans can really get into. Produced in partnership with one of the biggest names in reality TV (51 Minds), this is a program for gamers, about gamers who are competing to win a job as a game tester on PlayStation’s first party development team – the team that has introduced history-making franchises such as God of War, UNCHARTED, LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo. This is a golden opportunity for gamers to launch a career in gaming – in fact, some of the most recognized developers in the industry started out as a game tester.

From day one, the goal of PlayStation Network has been to provide quality content specifically for our PlayStation audience – including thousands of movies, TV shows, digital comics, games and add-on game content to choose from – and offering the flexibility to control when you want it, where you want it. Original content has consistently been a huge part of that vision, from first-party games such as Flower, flOw and Fat Princess to exclusive video content such as Qore and Pulse. And now, we are going even further by offering an original high-quality, reality series. With the largest network of first-party game studios in the industry and deep partnerships across the Sony brand already in place, look for us to continue to build out our stable of original content in the future.

PS3 and PSP owners can download The Tester from PlayStation Store starting February 18th for FREE. PlayStation Home users will also be able to watch the series with other PS3 owners in the PlayStation Home Theatre.

We’ve added more details on The Tester at, including photos, cast and panel details, and more. In the meantime, check out the trailer of The Tester below or from PlayStation Store.

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  • FREE you say? Is that free for all the episodes, or just the first one? Can’t wait to watch it though. Sucks that I am going to be on Vacation starting on the 18th :(

  • Lame. Seriously.

  • Cool animated PSN logo. :D

  • This looks like it will be the only reality show I’ll be watching.

  • Ohhhh psn you must take delight in torturing these young fools. I love it! Anyway, Hal should be complaining to the photographer about that picture, he looks awful in it.

  • I’ll have to watch this.


  • @44
    LOL there’s a trophy whore on the show.

  • hopefully sony has another contest in 4years lol

  • i there going to be a season 2?

  • This show is about as pointless as Burger King having a reality show where the winner gets to be a crew member.

    Congratulations John! After 3 long months of tests and eliminations, you’ve overcome all obsticles in front of you and earned yourself a full time job on the Whopper board!

    Keep it up and maybe we’ll teach you how to make Chicken Sandwitches.

  • WTF?? DAVID JAFFE FOR THE WIN. That guy will judge the living [DELETED] out of you.

  • How long will each episode Be? 15min,30min,a hour?

  • Hahaha, It’s Hell’s kitchen for game testers. I though it was going to be bad when it was announced but this is worse then I thought. Beer-i-ohs really?

  • Lol…the premise is so ridiculous.

  • Well, glad its free.

  • LOL the show looks interesting…….i wanna be a game tester lol

  • This show is missing some Flavor Flav! LMFAO!

  • Is this a joke? Seriously? Seems like Sony think we all watch MTV and Fox channel and want this so called “dramatic” show. What does any of this have to do to be a gamer tester? Seems like an excuse to make another one of these lame reality tv shows.

  • Is Hal Sparks the guy that plays Zoltan in Dude Where’s My Car?

  • This looks terrible. I don’t know why anyone would want to be a tester. It’s not near as glamorous as anyone thinks.

  • Seems very cool. I hate reality TV but meh, i’ll probably download it :)

  • I look forward to sseing this, however I hope this show will give the contestants more real-life situations while working on the job than just be a survivor-style contest.Not everyone can be a tester,so it would be essential to see what developers look for the “ideal” tester during the show. At least that’s how I see out of the trailer/teaser.

  • I don’t care what all the haters say, I’m looking forward to checking this out, especially for free.

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on February 1, 2010 at 10:14 am
    On the blog? It’s your Adblocker plugin on Firefox, most likely. Just disable it for this site (we don’t do pop-ups!)

    i havent been able to view videos using the PS3 browser for awhile now.

  • #74:

    Nobody has. It’s not your Adblocker.

    Sony made changes during one of the recent firmware updates…and we’ve been screwed since.

  • i gottta admit ths looks interesting… on xbox thy had teh show “the guild” for free…nd i spent my dwon time off games watchng it… is ths show gonna be available in canada… i say a reply ealier saying yes…but im double check… if it does good hopefully u guys can open canadian contestants in so i can sign up for season 2 :)
    p.s. wen r we gettn the comics nd video sections… im an average comic fan nd the videos would be well used if i could acces thm

  • I LOVE IT!!! I’m always a fan of people getting hurt (physically & emotionally), and of course the gaming aspect is why I’m watching. I just hope Christina Lee makes more than a few “surprise appearances” too…

    Any chance it could be moved to the Video store instead?

  • How long will each episode be?

  • #78:

    Too long. Of that much I’m sure.

  • David Jaffe? GOSH!!! I’m so gonna watch this.
    Please tell me that it will be available in Europe.

  • wow that was really embarrassing to people that play games and testing is a horrible terrible job that should be a punishment not a prize.

  • Hahahah I love the trailer. Though the activities does seem weird and I hope David Jaffe is going to be on frequently and not as just a one time guest. His opinions are honest and often true which his blog can prove.

  • Is only the first episode gonna be free, or are all episodes gonna be free?? I REALLY hope they all are.

  • So finally a bit of content for us canucks. Bout time. I will watch this and imagine that next year maybe I’ll be on it. So now that some content is being sent north of the border, how about that comic store for the pspGO. I have to log in to a UK account to get stuff, and it works. So If I can log in from here in Canada into a UK account and get it, why not have it for us Canadians as well. Seems a pity to exclude us all the time. You know what I’m talking about Jeff. Also that media go software, utter JUNK!
    it just doesn’t do Everything in Canada…

    Oh and will this post show up on the blog today? Seems it takes MY posts 3 days to show up on here.

    Stop censoring me.

  • Oh and its My Bday tomorrow.

  • LOL @ all the lame haters here. Seriously, what a bunch of losers. You’re complaining about something that’s free?! Who cares if it’s stupid?! It’s a free, PlayStation-centric show, so that’s cool, even if Sony did seem to go to rediculous lengths to get a ….”diverse” cast. I’m againt diversity for just diversity’s sake. There should have been competitions to get on the show, not casting calls.

    And as some feedback for the producers, if there is ever a second season, the whole show should be more GAME focused. Like a gaming tournament. Similar to how ARENA!!! on the old G4 was set up. It would be nice for PS3 gamers to see a show like that based around PlayStation games, especially when MLG refuses to add PS3 games to their line-up. Which is rediculous when Killzone 2 is the most cometetive and skill based FPS ever, not friggin Halo.

    The whole “acting” reality show aspect is the only thing turning me off. Ultimate Fighter is the only reality show I can stomach. But I WILL watch every episode in Home regardless. I just hope next season is more of a gaming tournament, not a reality show.

  • Oh, btw, I LOVE the Hal Sparks/Nathan Drake amalgamation pic. That looks SO funny!! It’s crazy how Drake’s clothes and hair blend perfectly with Hal’s face. They look completely real, lol. At fist I was like “Wow, look at Hal’s new look….awefully hardcore for him.” It took me a few seconds to realize that was an amalgamation.

  • It has to be free because maybe 10 people would buy it.
    Is this Sony’s answer to the Guild? Felicia Day would get a laugh for sure

  • hanna montana platinum…LOL Ultra fail

  • Well I believe these are real gamers but if yall have seen SciFi’s WCG Ultimate Gamer which favored Xbox360. I dont think they even had a competition with the Ps3. Ciji Thornton aka Star was on the show too so WTF? Dont get me wrong I love that they finally made a competition show for Ps3 users, And I will watch this but dang cant you get new people im sure Ciji is a big ratings boost with her edgy look but come on other people deserve to be on it.

  • @86

    Because this money could be used for other things. Like new PSN games, money for more avatars and themes etc. Not useless stuff like this. This is done just for “entertainment” and not to show what it takes to become a real game tester, which is in fact rather boring.

    Sony should of used it to improve Qore and or Pulse. Come up with something more interesting than a show that seems like Big Brother.

  • Darth-Krayt…

    …insults the “lame haters” for insulting something that is free, then spends the next two paragraphs insulting the show too.

    Guy continues to be the biggest idiot on this blog.

  • I’m not a fan of anything that is “Reality” series in any level (The Real World, Duel, Starmaker, Tool Academy, ect.) I will try to see this. But if anything that I saw in the promo is any indication, I will not have interest on watching this. In my opinion this “Reality” series we had seem more on the past decade are at times watered down and uninspired productions just for a excuse of seen the “real” emotions of “persons”, but that’s my opinion. I just don’t like to see people allied, cheat, steal, betrayed, insult or whatever they do to upset others. I rather wanna see that in a novel, movie, or shows of fiction.

  • This is exactly why Sony is mired in third place; their competitors focus on games, Sony focuses on everything but games, which is you know, the whole point of a video game system.

  • lol looks good! i wish i was one of them

  • You should of signed a deal with MTV or something, this would have promoted the PS3 and its titles, as well as the gaming genre as a great form of entertainment (aim at the mainstream).

    I dont know how corny/serious the show is but that could of been something huge. Keeping it on PSN wont get the brand anywhere.

  • Does anybody know if the entire series is free or just the first episode and kudos SONY for trying something different.I will definitely be dl’ing this series onto my ps3.

  • This show NEEDS to be on TV! I would so watch it! It looks like survivor but with Video games, which is a dream come true for me! Do whatever you guys can to get this on TV(Maybe season 2?)

  • So I’m guessing it’s over, all the episodes have been completed right? They just have to be released? Well it’s awesome to see David Jaffe there.

  • This looks awesome! I liked watching the first season of the Real World (got bored of it after that) so I think this would be cool.

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