The Tester Coming to PSN in February

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Thanks everyone for all of your comments about The Tester. I know many of you are excited about the upcoming launch of The Tester. I am here to share great news – it is premiering on February 18th exclusively on PlayStation Network! We’re also welcoming a new celebrity judge to our prestigious panel on The Tester – Hal Sparks! Most of you know him as an actor and comedian, but he’s also a diehard gamer. You can watch contestants face off against Hal throughout the eight-episode series – it’s going to be brutal.

Hal Sparks

The Tester is an original competitive reality series that PlayStation fans can really get into. Produced in partnership with one of the biggest names in reality TV (51 Minds), this is a program for gamers, about gamers who are competing to win a job as a game tester on PlayStation’s first party development team – the team that has introduced history-making franchises such as God of War, UNCHARTED, LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo. This is a golden opportunity for gamers to launch a career in gaming – in fact, some of the most recognized developers in the industry started out as a game tester.

From day one, the goal of PlayStation Network has been to provide quality content specifically for our PlayStation audience – including thousands of movies, TV shows, digital comics, games and add-on game content to choose from – and offering the flexibility to control when you want it, where you want it. Original content has consistently been a huge part of that vision, from first-party games such as Flower, flOw and Fat Princess to exclusive video content such as Qore and Pulse. And now, we are going even further by offering an original high-quality, reality series. With the largest network of first-party game studios in the industry and deep partnerships across the Sony brand already in place, look for us to continue to build out our stable of original content in the future.

PS3 and PSP owners can download The Tester from PlayStation Store starting February 18th for FREE. PlayStation Home users will also be able to watch the series with other PS3 owners in the PlayStation Home Theatre.

We’ve added more details on The Tester at, including photos, cast and panel details, and more. In the meantime, check out the trailer of The Tester below or from PlayStation Store.

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  • Hurray! That’s me in all of my bearded glory… “It’s game over man…”

  • haha love it!!

  • Doesn’t look too bad!

  • Oh my goodness…this can’t be real..

  • Good luck UNCyrus – @1.

    Looks like fun.

  • Whatever, I just have a very important question

    Does anyone knows if Heavy Rain Soundtrack will be release outside of Europe? I would really like to get the soundtrack here in the States. Sony can you guys please release the soundtrack here in the states via amazon or something.

  • I can’t wait to watch this show!!!


  • Looks like it might be fun. Will it be on the Game side of the store just like Qore and Pulse or in the Video side of the store?

  • Will this be available to Canada?
    I mean. If you stick it in the “video” side of the play station store, I, and other Canadians wont be able to even access it.

  • My god, that looks terrible. Why in the hell would anyone think it’s a good idea to make a ‘Real World’ knock-off with a bunch of crappy actors pretending to be stereotypical video game nerds? All I got to say to this is it’s “game over, man.”

  • I am also interested in if it is available in Canada. It sounds interesting.

  • which countries will this be avalible in? please answer!

  • CANADA?!!?

  • Will this be on the regular PSN Store or the Video Store?

  • Hello Susan, Senior Director of PSN.

    Do you work for SCEA? If so, SCEA is responsible for Canada too. As a Senior Director, can you please enlighten the 10%+ of your customers that have been waiting for any news on Video Store for Canada, Comics for Canada. You have not mentioned that his will not be available to Canadians so there are little miracles…but the bigger picture must be addressed. Grace has ignored any and all of us that have ask to be kept in the loop for over a year now (in the case of Video).

    All Canadians would like to know is if you are actually working on getting these services into Canada. I do not understand the strategic value of working on it and not telling us. So please, as Senior Director, can you tell us if we will be seeing the Video Store and the Comics Store in Canada within the next 12 months. SONY has already lost my business (sadly as I own two and soon 3 PS3s) for video to iTunes/Live in Canada as Grace refuses to speak to the issue but perhaps you can save some future customers here by addressing the question.


    BTW. If as Senior Director you do not have the freedom to speak to the issue can you please get someone on the blog that can?

  • Nicely said KSPRAYDAD,
    *Crosses fingers for a reply*

  • Dont “ip block it” please D:!

  • god damnit i am canadian no video store for me:(

    I am not even from Canada and I feel you guys pain.

  • nvm its in home i love sony!

  • this is the worst and most stupid idea ive seen in a long time..the tester?! lol

  • lame…

    Go back to fox and mtv.

  • ……….. Ya no.

    It’s nice to see sony expanding into other avenues, but I have to ask was Sony paying attention to their demograph during the PS2 generation? When reality TV shows were consuming the weekly line up gamers were playing their PS2’s, Xbox’s, LOL GameCube’s, and PC’s. So why would we watch this? I’m not even sure the girl gamers will watch this beyond 5 or 10 episodes, the kiddie gamers will watch it simply because it has to do with gaming and don’t know any better.

    Honestly what does any of this have to do with game testing? Granted they can’t use currently broken builds on the show, but I’m sure there is a broken beta of Uncharted 2 floating around out there for them to test their skills on.

    I don’t think this whole thing was thought out. If it fails I hope it does not weakin sony’s resolve to keep trying with something different that isn’t “The Survivor for Gamers”.

  • “including thousands of movies, TV shows, digital comics, games and add-on game content to choose from”
    Thousands of moveis, TV shows, comics? Sorry, I only see 0 of that stuff. I can only see games and addon’s. Oh wait… I thought this was a North American blog rather than just US?
    Sony has been working very, very hard on Canadian Video Store since 2 years now, awesome progress so far!!
    /end frustration

  • I’d So Give This A Shot But I’d Wouldn’t B Acting All Crazy Gettin Drunk And Stuff

    I’d Probably Lose Cause I Would Wanna Be Running Around, And Getting Hit Wit Pies

    I’d Probably Dominate On The Gaming Skills Part Tho

  • I Meant Wouldn’t Not Would XDDDD

  • In The 2nd Sentence XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • If this show is successful, i totally want to be on the next season!!!!

  • Video store for Canada?

  • This has got to be one of the stupidest things Sony has even done -.-

    Seriously just stupid

  • Canada still doesn’t have a PSN Video store, will we be able to download these episodes? Or are we SOL?

  • Likely not really my cup of tea, but I’d at least like the opportunity to determine that for myself. – Video Store for Canada please!!!

    I guess I’ll have to check it out in Home…if that will work for me in Canada?

  • Seriously WTF does a lame survivor rip off obstacle course have to do with testings your knowledge for video games and tech?

    These are so actors too, I bet they dont even know what PS3 stands for.

  • Absolutely waste of time! Whats the point.. Sony invest this money wasted on ‘The tester’ on your network!

  • So not sure if it was a web hiccup, but i couldnt view the website…

    I got your Apache2 test page…

    If you are a member of the general public:
    The fact that you are seeing this page indicates that the website you just visited is either experiencing problems or is undergoing routine maintenance.

    If you would like to let the administrators of this website know that you’ve seen this page instead of the page you expected, you should send them e-mail. In general, mail sent to the name “webmaster” and directed to the website’s domain should reach the appropriate person.

    For example, if you experienced problems while visiting, you should send e-mail to “”.

  • I hope you didn’t spend valuable time, money, and resources on this…instead of keeping games secure (FFXIII, Tekken 6, GTAIV, DMC 4). Exclusive games are what sell platforms, not reality shows or Home.

  • I’m amazed anyone thinks being a tester is anything to be desired.

  • If this show has more than 80 people watching it, all hope for humanity is clearly lost.

  • People, honestly.. stop being so judgmental, I praise SONY for trying something new.

  • PS – Funniest Hal Sparks moment…the elevator scene in Spider-man 2 – LOL!

  • @33

    I’m on the show, and if you think I’m an actor and not a PS3 player, I dare you to say that to my 37 platinums. But, I don’t hold your ignorance against you :)

  • haha looks sooo funny!!!

    @SGAsheep it says:
    PS3 and PSP owners can download The Tester from PlayStation Store starting February 18th for FREE. PlayStation Home users will also be able to watch the series with other PS3 owners in the PlayStation Home Theatre.

    …So i think its avaialable for everyone.

  • When is PSN going to fix the video problem. I have to keep mouse on video to watch, that tells me that the onload or mouseover code in the site is corrupted since this problem only started after a “update” to the site. This is a shame that it is taking so long.

    • On the blog? It\’s your Adblocker plugin on Firefox, most likely. Just disable it for this site (we don\’t do pop-ups!)

  • @40 UNCyrus

    You lost all credibility when I saw your Hannah Montana platinum.

  • This is a joke like PSPgo right.
    Great that is all I need someone else at sony telling me (WE DO NOT RESPOND TO RUMORS). The Tester Get a real job LOL :)

  • @44 mywhitenoise

    I have 5 hours to kill and was waiting for the next tuesday for a good release. I’d assume my Mirror’s Edge or CoD:W@W would make up for it

  • Hey, It cant be as bad as the apprentice LMAO

  • @46 UNCyrus

    Yeah, most of those platinums are actually good games…its just the Hannah, LOTR, Terminator, and Potter ones that kind of throw it off.

  • why is everyone bagging on this? if you don’t like it don’t comment on it and your not forced to watch it.

    I actually think it looks pretty cool.

  • Ah man, I wish I was older.

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