UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Single-Player Demo and PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack DLC

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Many of you have been waiting anxiously for news and details about the downloadable content we at Naughty Dog have been working on and we have been saying you’ll hear about it “soon.” Well, soon is finally here.

You may have gotten a glimpse of this initial DLC release as part of some news that made its rounds around the internet yesterday, but that wasn’t the full story.

So, what is going to be available on the PlayStation Network Store on January 28, you ask?

Thanks to our friends at Guerilla Games, Insomniac Games and Sucker Punch Productions, we’ve been able to a pull off something unique within the UNCHARTED 2 competitive multiplayer modes – our first DLC release is the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack.


The PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack contains seven new skins featuring some key personalities from other major PlayStation first-party titles – Sev and a Helghast soldier from Killzone 2, Nathan Hale and a Chimera from Resistance 2, and Cole (both good and evil variants!) and Zeke from inFAMOUS.

The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack will be available for purchase globally on the PlayStation Store on January 28, 2010, for $4.99 in the US. If you’re outside of the U.S., check your local Store or announcement for region specific pricing.



We have another release that’s appearing on the PSN Store on January 28 – the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves single-player demo will be available to all, free of cost. Now you can tell your friends who haven’t played our game yet (slackers!) that they can easily check out UNCHARTED 2 for themselves by downloading the PSN demo starting next Thursday.

As you can see, a little bit of the information you may have spotted yesterday is different and that should let you know that not everything you may have read is accurate and up to date.

There is no doubt that we have some long-term plans for DLC and that we need to share those plans with a lot of people so we can all do our jobs properly. The fact of the matter is that game development, even for downloadable content, is a fluid and sometimes unpredictable process until you get closer to releasing whatever is being worked on. We don’t share our DLC plans publicly from the beginning because things can and will change over the course of development and we absolutely don’t want to create any unrealized expectations for millions of fans of our game.

It’s incredibly important to us at Naughty Dog that our fans have the best and most accurate information about anything we’re up to. There will be more info coming in the months ahead about our future DLC content once we have everything solidly locked down – and, trust me, there are a lot of very cool things in store for UNCHARTED 2.

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  • Less grind after hitting level 40 for the last items you need to buy at 40+ on, please. Patch this in.

    Also new co-op scenarios or I’m not interested in the slightest.

  • Disappointing. I was hoping for you know..Uncharted themed DLC for….uh..Uncharted 2. :|

    I hope in the future that Naughty Dog comes up with Uncharted themed stuff only. I know I won’t be buying this pack and I certainly won’t buy similar packs in the future.

    Sigh..I’d rather have Naughty Dog implement the supposed upcoming changes to glitches on certain maps. That and I’d like to see a ban on sexist/immature/inappropriate clan names. (PSN names too but thats more of an issue for Sony to deal with. ) You know…Actual things that could improve the game a bit.

    It would have made more sense to have got the Uncharted 2 SP demo out before Christmas. It probably would have helped a lot with Xmas sales.

  • Meyer! What about the villais skins from Uncharted 1 (Navarro, Eddie Raja, Roman, Pirate, Mercenary), Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton from Uncharted Eye of Indra? How long we have to wait to play with them (except the luck people who have them)

    So! Good Work! :D

  • I can’t believe how selfish and gready some of you are. It’s only 5usd, you support developer and in doing that you support your own product. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it, case closed.
    Good job NG

  • I also wanted to add: There were several offline player skins that didn’t make it into the online multiplayer. Why didnt they make it? Why aren’t they being added?

    What happened to the skins from the beta (eg. Elena’s outfit from the first game.)?

  • Will there be any Uncharted 2 Avatars or Dynamic Themes?

  • Hopefully Naughty Dog will answer this:

    Will these new characters have unique voices/phrases or will they essentially just be skins over characters with a Russian/Sully/Chloe voice?

    Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

  • Any chance of seeing Kratos holding an AK-47?

  • That’s pretty rad. And I’ve gotta hand it to you guys, those assets looks so good in your engine!

    ITS ONLY $5

  • This is why I LOVE Naughty dog. Such great developers! But one pronlem.. WHERE TEH HELL IS KRATOS!?! LOL ;)

  • Question I’d love for you guys to answer please…

    A demo is used so that gamers can try a game out before it’s released… so why does this game get a demo so far AFTER it’s release.
    I just don’t understand the point of that.

    • There are still millions of PS3 owners who haven\’t bought or played Uncharted 2 – not to mention there will be plenty more people who will buy a PS3 in the future. We want to make sure they ALL have a chance to try out our game.

  • Looking great! i’ll buy this

  • Actually I think Lt. Colonel John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) from Stargate Atlantis is the spitting image and personality of Nathan Drake in every way.

  • Won’t the glowing red eyes be a disadvantage since none of the other players will be “glowing” blue? Guess I’ll wait until it’s confirmed that these skins don’t affect play balance.

  • Wow, that is awesome. I’m getting the game now because of this DLC. Reminds me of playing Unreal Tournament 3 online with a bunch of people who also use mods. Was someone on the ND team playing UT3 with mods and was like “Wow, this is awesome, we need to do this!!”?

    There’s nothing like playing Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 in a match with Cloud Strike, Snake, Mario, Sonic, Samus Aran, Master Chief, Gears characters and Spawn while you’re playing as Bomberman or a giant banana while using the 3rd person camera mod. Well, nothing like it until Uncharted 2 now, LOL

    Seriously, you sold another copy of the game due to this DLC. I’d LOVE to see more characters as well. Ratchet and Clank, Snake and Kratos would be sick.

    I can’t believe people are complaining about this. What tools. What a stupid thing to complain about. The “Kool Factor” on this is through the roof.

  • Huh. For me, personally, you guys at Naughty Dog got it backwards. I certainly would have paid for the map you gave us for free, but I’m not going to pay for skins.

    Either way, I’m excited to see you guys are working on DLC for this game, and I’m looking forward to more Uncharted 2 content, especially if it’s more co-op missions (which is the highlight of the online play for me)

  • Ahahaha that is awesome! Great franchises to pick for this, and it is thankfully priced just about right for what looks like high-quality models. Sold!

  • Thank you naughty-dog,hope you don’t think all of us are a bunch of unappreciative,whiny,cry babies because I speak on behalf of your fans when i say thank you for adding DLC for those of us who would like to continue to enjoy uncharted 2’s multiplayer in varied ways ^_^

  • SOLD!!!!!!
    God of War Characters: Kratos and Zeus
    Heavenly Sword : Nariko and Bohan
    Ratchet and Clank: Ratchet and Nefarious
    and more lol , sony we want Heavenly Sword 2 !!!!!!

  • Seems fair. When you think about it, you’re getting 6 skins for 5 bucks…that’s like…83 cents per skin. Cheaper than most other games that charge a dollar or two per outfit or whatever.

  • Looks good. Are these pure skins only or is the also new audio to go with each character?

    Any news on the error syncing data problem? Still waiting to join the online party again. Myself and many others are locked out of playing this game online until that’s sorted out. You can understand many of us will have to hold out on any DLC until we can actually play the game again.

  • @63

    Actually releasing a demo a month or 2 after a games release is the better business model and in fact quite alot of developer/publishers are doing that now.

    Demos are a double edged sword. Sure they can attract in alot of new buyers, but they can also put off potential buys, and they have done that quite a bit this generation. HeII, the HAZE demo got bashed so much it completely killed Free Radical and they had to close their doors. I also think Killzone 2 actually would have sold better if not for the demo, because people on the internet totally bashed that demo (though I loved it). Other great games got negative press from their demos, like The Force Unleashed.

    The superior business model is to release the game first, get all the sales from the game’s own hype and word of mouth, then a month or 2 later release a good demo which will generate a secondary wave of sales. It’s smart business.

    Certain game, a demo is good for. Like I think Heavy Rain will very much benefit from their demo. Motorstorm also benefitted greatly from a demo. Pfft, it became my favorite racing game of all time just from the demo. But demos are often bad news for shooters and other hyped games unless they are absolutely stellar.

  • Wow, what a failure.

    you’re turning my favorite game, possibly of all time, into SONY Smash Bros… but with guns.

    And P.S. DLC should be for the people who alreayd bought the game and appreciated it, no tbought some other game and appreciated that game.

    This is what I’ve been waiting for since november, BS skins and ANOTHER more info coming soon post?

    well done ND, well done.

  • I love tie ins like this. I havnt played too much Uncharted 2 MP (its good, but for some reason i havnt played it much), Maybe I’ll come back to it.

    And what is it with people every week complaining about ‘this is only for the US’. This is the US ps blog…it’s even in the url ‘blog.US.playstation.com’ lol

  • I like the idea of these skins, but I think $5 is too steep. Look what Assassin’s Creed 2 is doing for $3.99.

    Day 1 BUY, i love UNCHARTED2 and ND, ill support you guys for a long time as long as you guys support and show love to your fellow dogs

  • This is sweet!

    I can’t believe how many ungrateful comments have been posted about the news, but I’m loving what I’m hearing.

    Although, I do have one question Arne; With the original Uncharted skins/characters having their signature voices assigned to them, will these new skins be voiced as well? If so, will they be by their original voice actors? I think that would be interesting to know.

    I just hope Naughty Dog didn’t recycle their sound files by using Nolan North’s voice for Cole’s skin and Emily Rose’s voice for…oh I dunno…Chimera, lol.

  • This is awesome, the only one missing is Snake, would love to see some characters from the Metal Gear Solid series. ;)

  • Nothing but love for this game, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make walking over ammo of a carried weapon and automatic pickup.

    Maybe you have very good reasons for making Triangle a pick up button, but when we’re playing survival or coop story and there are piles of ammo on the ground, we end up accidently picking up another gun, since you’re running and by the time you press the button, you’ve already passed your ammo up and picked up another gun… then it’s the hunt for your old gun back, which in the heat of battle is a nightmare.

    I know you can roll over amo to pick it up, but that would mean knowing that the ammo up ahead is for your particular gun.

    Like I said, perhaps you have your own balancing reasons for this, but I’d thought it wouldn’t hurt to mention it.

    Also, will any of these skins be playable in survival or other coops. I tend to be more into the coop games and most of the skins aren’t available. I understand the story coops because they relate to certain players, but the Survivals would be fun with Helghans. Thanks for bring out one of the best games of the generation, can’t wait to see what’s coming.

  • I personally commend SCEA and the game companies for breaking the fourth wall and giving these exclusive properties a little extra life. I don’t feel this is anything more outlandish than having a Renaissance Italian Sackboy.

    Ideally those purists who don’t get the DLC will see the same models they always do. So good choice for making it a choice.

    Though it must be so frustrating to constantly worry that other people might be having more fun. :-) I think that’s what the “system wars” boil down to. Now within each system we have “DLC wars” as people have to choose how much extra mileage is worth $2 instead of $200. Funny old world.

  • I wish you guys would have used the R:FoM skins though instead of R2…. Oh well….

  • Any chance we’ll see additional trophies for Uncharted 2 in the future?

    I’ll most likely get this package. Good/Evil cole skins looks awesome, and I will probably change it up a bit with Hale as well. Great to see that you bring over characters used in other games.

  • These look good but the price just isn’t right. Throw a few maps in – maybe maps based on the characters these games are from – and I wouldn’t hesitate.

  • btw any word on MP trophies? that would be a nice extra since most of the trophies were for the single player.

  • $5 for 7 skins?!?! Do they atleast come with their original voices or am I going to hear Drake’s grunts coming from Sev and Cole? This could be the dealbreaker for me…

  • Is it January 28th yet ?

  • WoW!!!!! when I think that nothing would be better that Uncharted 2, now all the PS heroes go to the game!!!!I cant wait

  • OMG!!!! I love the resistance franchise! To be able to play as Nathan Hale or a Chimera as a third person shooter sounds flipping awesome! I like the MP in Uncharted 2, but just this alone will make me LOVE Uncharted 2 MP! I thought it was all a joke when I had heard about it and that it wouldn’t really come out. I’m so glad you guys worked on this. I know what I’m gonna buy next week! Thanks!!!!


  • and where is kratos?

  • hey Arne, do the characters have original voices?

  • disappointment. hmm @ free map in november comment.. maybe i need to play uc2 again..

  • Isn’t this demo a little late?

    Sorry, but I doubt anyone who wants this game doesn’t already have it.

    This demo will do nothing, because you took too long. FAIL. Congrats.

  • Glad to see some Insomniac goodness in your games again. Now if you could just find out if Nathan is gonna appear in an upcoming Insomniac game, preferably Resistance. So I can shoot some Chimeran for Drake’s next adventure.

  • When will the US get the Eye of Indra bundle that EU has so we can get the multiplayer skins from that? I’d rather have those than random characters that aren’t even involved with the Uncharted universe.

  • No Snake? disappointed.

  • This is SA-WEET!!! How much is it? …either way it will be mine lol!

  • My people……Sons and daughters of PS3…
    We were once a broken nation. Shunned, OPPRESSED, and conquered by those we sought to escape.
    In 2006, Sony asked for time, and that time was granted by you…YOU..the strength in their arm, the holders of their dreams.
    On THIS DAY, we will stand united once more.
    ON HIS DAY, those driven to divide us, will hear our voice!!
    Defenders of the PlayStation dream….. NOW IS OUR TIME!!!!!

    Yes, I will be playing as a Helghast or an ISA dog if I’m on the “good” side.

    You guys at ND should see what you can do about making these new skins work in co-op as well. I wouldn’t mind the talking scenes being missing when you’re using one of these skins.

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