UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Single-Player Demo and PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack DLC

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Many of you have been waiting anxiously for news and details about the downloadable content we at Naughty Dog have been working on and we have been saying you’ll hear about it “soon.” Well, soon is finally here.

You may have gotten a glimpse of this initial DLC release as part of some news that made its rounds around the internet yesterday, but that wasn’t the full story.

So, what is going to be available on the PlayStation Network Store on January 28, you ask?

Thanks to our friends at Guerilla Games, Insomniac Games and Sucker Punch Productions, we’ve been able to a pull off something unique within the UNCHARTED 2 competitive multiplayer modes – our first DLC release is the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack.


The PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack contains seven new skins featuring some key personalities from other major PlayStation first-party titles – Sev and a Helghast soldier from Killzone 2, Nathan Hale and a Chimera from Resistance 2, and Cole (both good and evil variants!) and Zeke from inFAMOUS.

The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack will be available for purchase globally on the PlayStation Store on January 28, 2010, for $4.99 in the US. If you’re outside of the U.S., check your local Store or announcement for region specific pricing.



We have another release that’s appearing on the PSN Store on January 28 – the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves single-player demo will be available to all, free of cost. Now you can tell your friends who haven’t played our game yet (slackers!) that they can easily check out UNCHARTED 2 for themselves by downloading the PSN demo starting next Thursday.

As you can see, a little bit of the information you may have spotted yesterday is different and that should let you know that not everything you may have read is accurate and up to date.

There is no doubt that we have some long-term plans for DLC and that we need to share those plans with a lot of people so we can all do our jobs properly. The fact of the matter is that game development, even for downloadable content, is a fluid and sometimes unpredictable process until you get closer to releasing whatever is being worked on. We don’t share our DLC plans publicly from the beginning because things can and will change over the course of development and we absolutely don’t want to create any unrealized expectations for millions of fans of our game.

It’s incredibly important to us at Naughty Dog that our fans have the best and most accurate information about anything we’re up to. There will be more info coming in the months ahead about our future DLC content once we have everything solidly locked down – and, trust me, there are a lot of very cool things in store for UNCHARTED 2.

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  • That’s awesome…can’t wait!

  • Sweet, definitly going to get the first pack for the inFamous skins.

  • Looks like I’m going to have to put some pennies in my account to get this purchase!

  • Now that is some kickass DLC.

  • Still waiting for the announcements on the Fortune Hunter Winners for Canadians!! Did they just forget about that contest? its like been 2 months :(

  • Cool! Gotta check out the demo now!

  • Now we can tell who has better graphics! U2 or KZ2 :p

  • Finally DLC, but I think its pretty unoriginal / ununique. I would have liked some real Uncharted skins. But keep it up I guess.

  • That’s nice, but I would love a single player DLC, like a lost chapter or something, I will give you my money for a more single player DLC focused release.
    For those that are into the Multiplayer this is fantastic news, I am more of a single player guy when it comes to this game.

  • What about Solid Snake?

    Snake: I’m no hero.

    Me: Awww :(

  • Sweet! Definite buy for me! This news actually eases the pain of my absence of wisdom teeth this morning :( Anyway, I’ll by this and the Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC next week! AC 2 DLC IS coming next week right?

  • Looks great.

    Would I be right to assume that the “evil” characters (Evil Cole, Chimera, Helghast) will be on the Villains side and the “good” characters (Good Cole, Sev, Hale) will be on the Heroes side?

  • Throwing this out there even though I’ve been told “NO” multiple times lol. More Co-op please! Could we get some stuff from Uncharted 1 as well? It was really nice when Guerrilla did that for us on KZ2 with old KZ1 maps.

    Funny part about the new skins… Sev is the only one who doesn’t look out of place lol.

  • Do you really not care about the rest of the world?

  • This is a very disappointing move. The strength of Uncharted is in the narrative and the realistic ‘world’ that Naughty Dog has created. Allowing foreign characters into that universe breaks the fiction they’ve worked so hard to create.

    While I’m sure I’ll get used to seeing foreign characters in the game, I think this is a very wrong-headed decision on Naughty Dog’s part. If I wanted to play other games, I’d have bought them. There are no aliens or space soldiers or whatever in Nathan Drake’s world, and I would have much preferred they’d keep it that way.

    Create a ‘Super Smash Brothers’ type of mashup game in PlayStation Home if you want to mingle different franchises and cross-promote, rather than mucking up a game I love with characters I’ve never heard of.

  • O SH-

    I thought they were shopped from IGN and faked. xD This is awesome.
    Thanks guys! Will buy.

  • I thought they were free at first :(

    Nonetheless, I will get it in the near future =) just need to know the price for the Asian version when the DLC comes out :D

  • Sold! and I never buy DLC

  • Can we expect future Playstation Hero skin packs?

    I’d love to have Kratos, Solid Snake, Jak, Sweet Tooth, and all kinds of other awesome characters going to war with each other.


    Nathan Hale = Epic Win

    Cole = Still pretty epic win

    everyone else = frosting on really good cake :-)

  • Cool idea! And props for explaining why info is released the way it is to the public.
    Nice work.

  • Single Player, please.

  • All this and still no Jak skin? I’m going to go sulk in a corner

  • That is some awesome DLC!

    Nathan vs Nathan -Jan. 28th 2010

  • There are also no skeletons with glowing red eyes in the “realistic Uncharted universe” but no one has a problem with those. I think this is a great move. As for being “ununique”, few other games put other characters in their online, so i’d say its more unique than coming out with a new map. Although I’m looking forward to new maps as well

  • Wow wow wow wow wow, I love you Naughty Dog guys ;D

  • Good news on the demo… still haven’t played the single player but if the demo is good this might be a buy.

    I loved the multiplayer beta though… too bad you don’t offer it as a separate multiplayer-only download through the PSN – it would be a definite BUY for me.

  • Bought!
    Thanks Naughty Dog and Arne

  • @Phillynavs3 — Skelzor is a character Drake drew in his journal, and Marco and Ghengis figure into the story as well. With the exception of the occasional Santa hat, there has never been anything in the Uncharted game that isn’t in some way part of the Uncharted universe. This change breaks the reality of the game’s world.

    On the bright side, at least people will have to pay $4.99 to ruin my experience. :)

  • Great but…at the same time, as much as I want to help ND i’m not sure I’ll pay this price for skins only, not even one MP map with these skins? Or maybe at the same date via a free patch?

    It’s a little disapointing to see some “milking” form ND, I know it’s a normal thing nowadays but it’s also a bad thing for gamers at the same time, the price will have to be adjusted for DLC for all games in upcoming months and for that, gamers will have to buy only things that are really worth it. With that said, ND give us the best game ever so… :) I’ll think about it… …but I’m really not the guy that usually pay for skins only…

    • We\’ve already provided a free map via a title update in late November — so we have essentially done what you\’ve asked for. ;)

  • Damn I was hoping for a Sackboy skin. Kidding!
    Will be picking this up for sure!

    On a side note, I was watching Cougar Town with the wife last night and I figured out who should play Drake in the movie version of Uncharted: Josh Hopkins. Man that guy looks and sounds like Nate!

  • Hell yeah! Can’t wait… It’s a definite buy for me.

  • I cant wait for skins of the player from the first Uncharted :P

  • The multiplayer isn’t exactly cannon people!

    Its not like Nate is teaming up with Sev to take down the Helghast in Borneo in an all new adventure. There are Skeletons running around with glowing eyes, and characters like Pinkerton, Rika and Navarro who aren’t in the game.

    The Uncharted multiplayer takes the MECHANICS from the single player, and nothing more. These won’t be available in the Co-op objectives playlist either, so there is absolutely no harm done to the story in any way.

    And to the person who talked about ND not caring about international people, the skins are launching world wide, its only the price that’s American.

    I sure hope the money from these goes towards making free maps :)

  • I’d rather have no DLC than this to be honest.

    What next. . .A character dressed in a Warhawk Jet Suit? . . A Haze Tooper? . .

    I want Uncharted 2 Characters in Uncharted 2.
    I want Killzone 2 Characters in Killzone 2.
    I want Cole in inFamous.
    I want Nathan and Chimera in Resistance.

  • I’ve said it somewhere else but I’ll say it here too; I don’t play multiplayer for the immersion. Finally having some skin variety is cool. Skins from three of my favorite games this generation is even more awesome!

    If you do another Hero pack, grab Garza and Radec from Killzone 2, Capelli and a Steelhead from Resistance 2 and Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot from MGS4. Please. :-P

  • Thanks alot Naughty Dog, the skins are much appreciated and I for one will not hesitate in picking them up…but how about a double cash weekend to go along with them!? ;p

  • What about sackboy?!?! :P

  • This is amazing!!

  • It is very cool that PlayStation not only has a great selection of first and second party games for this to happen, but also that Naughty Dog would do this. Really great idea and execution. The models look great. I hope we will see a good number of maps added soon.

  • Arne,

    You said that it was US only? Does the exclude Canada?

    • I didn\’t say it was US only, I only provided pricing for the US — this pack will be available globally and you\’ll have to check your local PSN Store for pricing.

  • This is great! Do you think future DLCs with also supports trophies? Also I think a lot of people want to see the characters in the 1st Uncharted, what are the chances we see those skins?

  • Playing for skins…sad.

    The studios should collaborate to make a full game instead. A “PlayStation Heroes” game sounds awesome; 4-player(Drake,Hale,Sev,Cole) co-op action like L4D. Make it happen.

  • Also, do they have voices?

  • “I’d rather have no DLC than this to be honest.

    What next. . .A character dressed in a Warhawk Jet Suit? . . A Haze Tooper? . .

    I want Uncharted 2 Characters in Uncharted 2.
    I want Killzone 2 Characters in Killzone 2.
    I want Cole in inFamous.
    I want Nathan and Chimera in Resistance.”

    Good for you, nobody is forcing you to buy it.
    Now let us players enjoy the DLC.

  • @44
    good question, and to Arne, any plans on another double cash weekend?

  • So sad that Naughty Dog is “milking” this game with this multyplayer stuff.
    Why not make a single player DLC like a “lost chapter” that expands the story?
    I am kind of disappointed that you focused your efforts in MP instead of giving us more of the awesome single player experience that is what this game have always excels at.

  • With developers adding on extra trophies for paid DLC being the “norm,” will there be any new trophies included with this pack?

    Great idea for the skin pack, by the way. I’m definitely rolling with the Helghast. I always wanted to play as a Helghast in 3rd person view!

  • Why is Cole electricity static like a painting on his arms rather than dynamic like inFamous?

    Here is a few suggestion of other Playstation Heroes:

    God of War: Kratos
    Heavenly Sword: Nariko and Kai
    Warhawk: you guys choose
    Twisted Metal: Sweettooth
    Ratchet and Clank: Captain Q. and Ratchet

  • I apologize for misreading.

    Ok, so it will be available everywhere but the pricing will depend of the store.

    • No worries! That\’s correct! For example, reading over the EU PlayStation.blog, the DLC will be £3.99 or €4.99 for Europe.

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