SingStar Viewer Available Today on PlayStation Store

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Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of SingStar Viewer, a great new SingStar application available later today on the PlayStation Store.

With SingStar Viewer, you can browse and purchase songs from the SingStore, as well as watch, rate and review uploaded video clips, photos and profiles in the MySingStarOnline community – all without having to load a SingStar disc in your PS3.

Anyone with a PSN account will be able to download SingStar Viewer for free from the PlayStation Store and see what’s going on in the SingStar community and SingStore. Once downloaded, SingStar Viewer will sit on your XMB under the ‘Games’ category for quick access to the online community. If you’re already a SingStar owner and member of MySingStarOnline, then you can purchase from SingStore, rate video clips and leave comments for other players and interact with the SingStar community.

If you’re new to SingStar on PS3, then you can browse the SingStore and view community videos etc. (just not rate / review them). Take a look at the video to see SingStar Viewer in action, courtesy of the PlayStation.Blog.Europe:

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  • Any chance that there would be some lady gaga tracks for the singstore soon?

    UK got like three of them already :(

  • how do you get the veiwer? where do you download it from? i can’t find it…

  • It doesn’t make sense unless UMG doesn’t want North American $$$ – a singstar player is a singstar player no matter where you live around the world, duh. Please follow suit with the UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP deal in the UK for the US/CANADA…There are a LOT of people actually willing to PAY MONEY to sing songs…what’s the deal?! UMG + Sony would be fools not to tap the North American market for SingStar…there’s a lot of potential for growth should such a great deal go through that would bring in Lady Gaga and Timbaland to Sing Star!!! Again, people are actually willing to PAY $$$ to sing good songs, how crazy is that?! Don’t miss out – and hurry up my attention span doesn’t last long once the novelty wears out, i’m onto the next one!

  • please more songs!!!!!!!!! :)

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