SingStar Viewer Available Today on PlayStation Store

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Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of SingStar Viewer, a great new SingStar application available later today on the PlayStation Store.

With SingStar Viewer, you can browse and purchase songs from the SingStore, as well as watch, rate and review uploaded video clips, photos and profiles in the MySingStarOnline community – all without having to load a SingStar disc in your PS3.

Anyone with a PSN account will be able to download SingStar Viewer for free from the PlayStation Store and see what’s going on in the SingStar community and SingStore. Once downloaded, SingStar Viewer will sit on your XMB under the ‘Games’ category for quick access to the online community. If you’re already a SingStar owner and member of MySingStarOnline, then you can purchase from SingStore, rate video clips and leave comments for other players and interact with the SingStar community.

If you’re new to SingStar on PS3, then you can browse the SingStore and view community videos etc. (just not rate / review them). Take a look at the video to see SingStar Viewer in action, courtesy of the PlayStation.Blog.Europe:

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  • Groovvy !!!!!!!!

  • Now you will all be able to see my awesome 5 star videos!

  • Do you need the singstar game to get that to work?

  • Wireless mics in North America, please.

  • thats awesome

  • @ 4
    Yup yup! Been waiting for that forever.

  • Works much better with remote play than using the disc based game to access the same content.

    Kudos for this. Thanks.

  • i’ve been using the UK one for some time now. its neat little App.

  • all i want is Universal Music songs.

    also What happened to the singstar website? i can’t find a single singstar mic bundles or single games at BestBuy or even at Walmart or Toys R Us?

    It seems like the push for SingStar is disappearing in the US.

  • I would but since I got singstar for PS3 it sucks the audio is off on the audio even with the mic checker. Also the songs have really gone downhill since the singstar PS2 days. Not enough modern rock song or good country songs. The songs you give us are older then I am and even my parents think the song choices are lame. More newer songs please

  • Can I buy and list/watch music with out having to own Singstar? That would be very cool.

  • @9. There never was a push for Singstar in the US. UK has had this for a long time, from what I’ve heard. They also got a few new releases that we will never see here…unless we import. It’s okay. Ever since I gave up alcohol, Singstar has been sitting on the shelf.

  • what took this so long
    i downloaded this from my UK account
    about a month ago

  • I wish you all would support SingStar in North America as you do in Europe. :-( I am a huge SingStar fan, and I’ve been waiting for this feature for ages, ever since it was released in Europe. Please don’t forget your North American fans.

  • If we have SingStar and have participated online (purchased songs, viewed, rated, etc.) will we then be able to rate through the SingStar viewer? Or will that still be restricted to the actual game?

  • I don’t understand why you can’t just play your DLC songs through this. Discs are really out-dated for music games.

  • Awesome! Should we expect the same type of application for Rock Band?

  • Finally there’s a convenient way to get my vids viewed. Maybe I’ll finally get that platinum!

  • Sing Star is giving me issues. My PS3 was stolen. I got a new one and tried to re-download my songs. and What do you know?!? It wouldn’t let me. Can we fix this?

  • Probably the dumbest thing about Singstar (like Konami and MGS online) is that it isn’t tied to your PSN account. If your PS3 breaks, if you buy another console, or if it’s stolen…you’re not getting your additional content back.

    What a waste of money.

  • so basically…I can watch music vids on my ps3 now…is that right? if so, schweet

  • If you’re new to Singstar can you purchase songs from the SingStore or just only view?

  • can we please have more alternative song and wireless mics stop these old song

  • Sweet can people tell me how bad I suck?

  • The blog post says we can’t rate/review them, or at least non-SingStar players can’t, but the trailer says we can rate them. Can we get clarification please?

  • This has been available for yonks, so what’s the massive rave about. That said, it makes it a hell of a lot easier. The problem now is, I’m buying way too many singstar songs and only ever play the game when friends come over, and then I have to give them free alcahol and get them massively pissed before they’ll even attempt to play. Costly procedures.


  • Very good news, since I’d much prefer not having to load the disc just to check new songs. :)

    And yes, wireless mics would be wonderful in North America. That’s likely why I play Lips more right now.

  • More Singstar support in the US?

  • You’re kidding. No wireless mics? It was a pain going from four to two USB slots in the first place. No way I can work with that.

  • I new to singstar and I don’t have the game. I just wanted to know if you download the singstar app, can you purchase songs and videos and put them on your psp?

  • Had this since last week when it was released in other areas regions and I still can’t understand why people are not getting the wireless mics from overseas at a great price. I’ve had them over 6 months already.

  • Release better songs for the US! Forget the viewer.

  • Had this in UK for a while and it is a great little app. It is worth mentioning that it is compatible with Remote Play too.

  • More Apps! Many many many more Apps! Like this. And Different. More Apps!

    Plus wireless mics please! :D

  • Now if we can get a few recent songs from America in the American store and the wireless mics, my sisters and girlfriend will be happy – not to mention me too (I’m sick of apologizing for the game).

    Any idea of when Singstar Motown is coming stateside?

  • Release the wireless Mics in Canada please!!!!

  • I’m a little confused, is it something I can now DL music videos, and have on my hard-drive?

  • are the music videos at least 720p? is the audio 24-bit? lossless?

    if the quality doesn’t exceed YouTube, etc, especially with regard to audio, I don’t see myself or anyone I know pointing their eyeballs at it.

  • Why wasn’t there an update for which Singstar songs would be available in the US last week?

  • I miss my singstar psblog updates

  • Please…when can we see Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the store? Thats one of the main reasons why I got a PSPGo (that game and God of War) so I only have one game to play at this moment.

  • Seriously stop using money in this updates and better use money to get new and popular songs. Or to bring wireless mics to north america.

    I used to play this game all weekends with friends, but not anymore cause you didn’t made the agreement with UMG or put any new or cool song in the store so we stop playing it.

    Even if i hate change discs, I prefer you realize vol.3 with wireless mics. please don’t let us die.

  • i want to play UK PS2 Singstar disc on US PS3. Can you make an update that allows that?

  • Thanks Erin,
    I’m glad to see some music support come to the U.S. This is what we been missing music downloads on the PS3. Videos make it even better. Much appreciated!

  • I bought my wireless mics from


  • Thanks for the app, it’s a nice convenience. I also think it would be nice to play DLC from the app, or pop in a disc without having to start a new instance. And as long as I’m at it, here’s my wish list:

    2) Leaderboards! Groups are nice, but what about universal and friend leaderboards?

    3) Can we have placeholders for all songs we own? They can show which disc song can be found and prompt if disc swap needed.

    4) Currently we can see only the top 1 in each difficulty via profile. Can we have top 10 in each difficulty?

    5) How about online battles and duets? No need to stream, we can just see real-time score and end results.

    6) Export media to PS3 would be great since online has limits.

    7) More North American love.

    And don’t forget to visit my profile and (be)rate my media!

  • When is the next US update Erin??? Thanks.

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