Consider Your Dread Burned: Persona 3 Portable Coming to North America in July

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Hello, PlayStation Blog visitors! We bring good news. By “we” we mean Atlus, the publisher with the penchant for bringing edgy, outside-the-box RPGs to North America. The good news?

Persona 3 Portable, the handheld-ization of the award-winning beloved Persona 3, is coming to PSP and the PlayStation Store (for all you PSPgo owners out there) this July.

Persona 3 Portable Box

So aside from being the portable version of one of the highest-rated RPGs of all time, why exactly should you want to play Persona 3 Portable? I’m glad you asked…

For one, P3P takes what was easily already a 100+ hour adventure, one with an innovative day/night structure that mixes satisfying dungeon crawling combat with addicting social sim elements, and expands dramatically upon it. With the new option to play the entire game through with a female protagonist, players will encounter a series of new events, social links, and romantic possibilities, all the while experiencing the acclaimed Persona 3 narrative from a fresh new perspective. Even hardcore fans who finished the original game will find something new to fall in love with in P3P.

Persona 3 Portable Screen 2

The enhancements go beyond added content; one-button menu shortcuts, streamlined team equipment changes, incredibly short load times, and other tweaks create an ideal pace for portable gaming.

One of the most significant changes from the original game is the ability to control one’s entire party in combat. While the party A.I. in Persona 3 was certainly in the upper-echelon of party A.I. systems, fans of the original game seemed to want the option to take full control of their team in battle, and the developers have granted their wishes in P3P.

Not satisfied with the original game’s two difficulty options? P3P introduces FIVE selectable difficulties, ranging from the ultra noob-friendly “Beginner” (would you like us to just play the game for you, instead?) to the ultra hardcore “Maniac” (the force is strong with you), ensuring that what is certainly the most compact, streamlined version of Persona 3 is also the most flexible.

Persona 3 Portable Screen 3 Persona 3 Portable Screen 1

Look at me, going on and on about P3P and it’s so early yet…silly goose. We’ll have tons more assets and inside info for you folks, our dearest friends at the PlayStation Blizzle, in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned, and be sure to pre-order your copy of Persona 3 Portable, landing in North America on July 6.

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  • Yes! First day buy! I’ve been craving some ATLUS goodness…

    BTW, although this is a great port, it’s still just a port. Any info on some upcoming ORIGINAL PSP games? NIS is showing us love, so why won’t ATLUS?!?! :(

  • Let’s hope that a P2 PSP bundle does happen. About the Hitler thing… well, there has been worse stuff than that, so I don’t think than that is a limitant by now.
    Anyway. This is a post about P3P, so let’s celebrate that!! Awesome news Atlus, thank you!!

  • Epic news! please Atlus keep bringing more games especially to ps3 :)

  • This is great news. Atlus makes the greatest games. Please continue to support the psp and ps3. Please continue to release your ps1 classics on the ps network (tactics ogre ect.) Also please consider releasing some more of your classic gba games on the psp (tactics ogre ect.) If possible port over some of your DS games as well. Thank you for supporting psp and ps3 platforms. Thanks for reading.

  • Hell yeah!!!!! Thank you ATLUS!!!! You guys are my favorite publisher (with NIS a close 2nd) Great work, I love this series and all the other games you brought to the PlayStation Platforms. Thanks for supporting us PS gamers. You guys know your audience as niche as we may be you give us the goods and we will continue to buy your products. Keep it up! :)

    From Persona 1psp/3/4, Class of Heroes to Crimson Gem Saga to Demon’s Souls to 3D Dot Heroes and now P3 portable….your games rock!

    I sooo wanna get this. a new persona game is a game for me!
    too bad my psp doesn’t work anymore… maybe its time to upgrade to a pspgo :P just for this~

    Cant want for all of atlus’s Awesome-ness for 2010!

  • how about some premium PSN avatars Atlus?

  • Almost finished with my first run though the game as the new female protagonist, I’m loving all the differences.

    Also glad to see you guys decided to keep original Japanese box art as well.

    Keep up the good work!

  • “While the party A.I. in Persona 3 was certainly in the upper-echelon of party A.I. systems”
    Excuse me? EXCUSE ME!? Come say this to my face, sir.

    Oh, I’m totally buying this game.

  • I still have my copy of Persona 3 FES as well as Persona 4, I can’t wait for this version though. A new lead character adds so much potential to an already amazing game. I can’t wait to try it.

  • Just a quick question

    Why is it so hard to put games on the PS Store, I did read the post so I’m glad you’re putting your game on for download but it seems like not alot of developers do it. I bought a PSP GO just so I can play Kingdom Hearts on it. Recently I found out that there not going to put the game up for download so I’m a little annoyed that I have to re-buy a PSP 3000.

  • This is good news!! Totally day one buy along with 3D Dot heroes!

    But I have a question, If I buy Persona 1 PSP from Amazon will it come with the Soundtrack or was just the launch copies?

    And Two, My PS2 just died, and I didn’t get the Backward compatibility PS3 which I really regret. So I didn’t get to finish P3 let alone P4.

    So Is any chances of seeing a Persona Collection on PS3? I mean any chances at all. or at least like a Persona 4 FES or something like that?

    by the way, I really enjoyed Demon Souls, totally my GOTY from last year.

    • Dragun619,

      Only launch copies of Persona 1 for PSP guaranteed the inclusion of the soundtrack CD. However, if the product page still lists the soundtrack, then your order should come with it. And you should still be able to find launch copies at some retailers.

  • I would love a Persona game on PS3.

  • Awesome! No more Mitsuru spamming Marin Karin in every battle!

    I already beat P3:FES on the PS2…so I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I want this. A special preorder bonus would probably be a good enough push for me to buy it though…

    My only question is, will P3P contain “The Answer” from FES?

  • Atlus is at it again. Terrific!

  • Drool…. ;)

  • Happy to see you’re making the “Shin Megami Tensei” a bit smaller on the packaging, since Persona is not actually a Shin Megami Tensei game.

  • Good news, but release date is very late.

  • Heh, the difference between here and the Atlus message boards, is no one gripes about one of the many awful Growlanser games not being translated instead.

    Thank you Atlus, for keeping us safe from further releases of that horrible series.

  • Never played a Persona game in my life lol

  • I’m currently working my way through P3:FES as we speak and I’ll probably buy this game. I’m coming around to SMT as a whole now that I’ve put 2 and 2 together… which I’ve separated for a long time :(

    Soundtrack CD would be nice (did the original P3 come with one, didn’t like the life sim stuff when I first heard it) since I seem to be addicted to the boss music… for EVERY SINGLE GAME GEEZ WHY SO AWESOME!!!

    So I’ve got this and Strange Journey… I need to finish 4 and FES… I hate you Atlus I’ll never finish any of your games… too cruel? I’ll tone down my enthusiasm next time since I’ve already pulled out of MAG (trophy for multiple faction = no no = lost sale) so I guess Atlus wins again… congratulations!

  • first time I have ever posted on this site. I just want to say THANK YOU. There are rarely any company who go so far out of there way to get games to everybody than Atlus. Many of your games give free extras that others charge 20 bucks more for, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  • Cant wait! It will be a great b-day present to myself. Thanks self (and Atlus) for the perfect gift!

  • OMG! OMG! OMG!



  • Oh, that’s great news indeed. I’m playing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, which is pretty cool so far. Will the download version be available on the same day / week as the UMD?

    • k1ngsnak3,

      The digital version should be available within the same week (as close to the same day as possible) of the retail UMD launch.

  • Awesome, thanks Atlus as usual you guys rock. Looks like my PSP is going to be very busy this year between Lunar, Badman 2, Metal SlugXX, Metal Gear, Hexyz Force, Mimana Iyar Chronicle,Valkyria Chronicles 2 and now Persona 3. I think my PSP may need a new battery by the time all of this is done :) .

    P.S. Extra thanks for the UMD version!

  • Will buy on PSN if its $20.

    Unfortunately, I know that is not going to happen since there is some stupid rule where downloadable PSP games have to be insanely overpriced.

    *awaits the inevitable $40 download price*

  • P.S. Does one of the difficulty modes remove fatigue?

    I got sick and tired of dragging Junpei’s worthless behind around for 3 floors till I could get out.

  • Yes I will buy my favorite game ever for a third time.

    Day 1!

  • MMMMM Sounds cool I have never seen any of the Persona games….will I be able to pick this one up without having played any of the others?

    Also cant wait for 3d Dot Game Hero’s….super pumped about this one

  • Sorry if this was asked already, but can I come in knowing nothing about the Persona universe?

    For the past few years, I’ve been very intrigued by this series, but just haven’t had a chance to pop the PS2 back in.

    PS3, PSP, and 360 pretty much govern most of my gaming options right now.

  • when will we know the winners of the metal slug contest?

  • Christmas in July.

  • This made my day, week, and probably month. Seriously, the closest copy of P3: FES sold out recently, and this will let me play a game I missed out on and wanted.

  • Also, to those asking about if a person new to the series can start: Yes, because all the games are only tangentially related, if related at all, in terms of canon. However, expect a very, very hard game. Atlus: kings and queens of incredibly fun and genuinely difficult games.

  • Where the hell is Shin Megami Tensei 4 on PS3!? Or some other SMT related game for PS3!? Tell your pals over in Japan to get to work, we need some SMT love on PS3!!!!!!

    Otherwise, great work, own about 95% of your games, LOVE Atlus! :)

  • Where the hell is Persons 2 IS/EP ?????

  • Amazing! What is the chance we get a collector’s edition? and stuff for PSN download? Still, amazing!

  • SO far away why!!!! Man White knight Chronicle and FF13 are set to take my Life this cant come soon enough. :(

  • I love that you guys announced this through email. Anytime I get an email form Atlus I get excited

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