Consider Your Dread Burned: Persona 3 Portable Coming to North America in July

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Hello, PlayStation Blog visitors! We bring good news. By “we” we mean Atlus, the publisher with the penchant for bringing edgy, outside-the-box RPGs to North America. The good news?

Persona 3 Portable, the handheld-ization of the award-winning beloved Persona 3, is coming to PSP and the PlayStation Store (for all you PSPgo owners out there) this July.

Persona 3 Portable Box

So aside from being the portable version of one of the highest-rated RPGs of all time, why exactly should you want to play Persona 3 Portable? I’m glad you asked…

For one, P3P takes what was easily already a 100+ hour adventure, one with an innovative day/night structure that mixes satisfying dungeon crawling combat with addicting social sim elements, and expands dramatically upon it. With the new option to play the entire game through with a female protagonist, players will encounter a series of new events, social links, and romantic possibilities, all the while experiencing the acclaimed Persona 3 narrative from a fresh new perspective. Even hardcore fans who finished the original game will find something new to fall in love with in P3P.

Persona 3 Portable Screen 2

The enhancements go beyond added content; one-button menu shortcuts, streamlined team equipment changes, incredibly short load times, and other tweaks create an ideal pace for portable gaming.

One of the most significant changes from the original game is the ability to control one’s entire party in combat. While the party A.I. in Persona 3 was certainly in the upper-echelon of party A.I. systems, fans of the original game seemed to want the option to take full control of their team in battle, and the developers have granted their wishes in P3P.

Not satisfied with the original game’s two difficulty options? P3P introduces FIVE selectable difficulties, ranging from the ultra noob-friendly “Beginner” (would you like us to just play the game for you, instead?) to the ultra hardcore “Maniac” (the force is strong with you), ensuring that what is certainly the most compact, streamlined version of Persona 3 is also the most flexible.

Persona 3 Portable Screen 3 Persona 3 Portable Screen 1

Look at me, going on and on about P3P and it’s so early yet…silly goose. We’ll have tons more assets and inside info for you folks, our dearest friends at the PlayStation Blizzle, in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned, and be sure to pre-order your copy of Persona 3 Portable, landing in North America on July 6.

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  • Already pre-ordered, thank you ATLUS

    SMT4???? PS3????

  • such a good game, but the fact that you can’t actually walk around the world is a little bit of a let down…

  • epic! Can’t wait! thanks Atlus!

  • Insta-buy.

  • As someone who rarely plays an RPG, i have to say that Persona 3: FES hooked me!

    Cant wait for P3:P :D

  • I never beat P3, but I did beat P4. P3P has the changes that P4 has right? Sounds like this is the one for me to get.

    That ‘Shin Megami Tensei’ over the P3P logo is kinda askew, any chance of straightening that before it gets over here?

  • Still no Personas on PS3.. :'(

  • Any chance Persona 4 will eventually make the switch to PSP? Anyways Looking forward to this and I like the little changes you made to the game! Thanks Atlus!

  • Can’t wait for Persona 5 on PS3 =P

    Any word if this will come to the UK?

    • Nothing seems to be planned at this time re: a UK release, I\’m sorry to report. Still, many SMT games make the jump back across the pond, so hopefully something\’s arranged for P3P as well!

      Thanks for the question.

  • is there any truth to amazon listing Persona 5 for the ps3?

  • Thanks for bringing this over Atlus.

    Just one question can we get a preorder bonus or a soundtrack CD like for the Persona PSP; that was awesome!

    • While there\’s nothing to discuss at this time and no guarantees that there will in fact be any bonus items, we always explore every possibility for doing something special for our games, and the SMT franchise is no exception.

  • Once again Atlus is showing that they’re tops when it comes to providing us North American gamers with high-quality products. I love that they’re continuing to bring us more of the Shin Megami Tensei series.

    Currently playing through FES, but I’ll pick up P3P to replay it in the future from the new character’s perspective. And maybe see if I can’t get my girlfriend into the game that way, haha.

    You guys should consider enhanced remakes of Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Now THAT would be killer.

  • this makes me “so” angry that i live in the UK. i can’t play the P1 remake on my psp go, and now i cant play P3P either :-( please can you bring these to the UK psn? pretty please?

    • If only it were up to us, V_Ben; we\’re strictly a North American publisher. Hopefully something will be arranged to bring the games to your region!

  • Sweet!!! Still havent finished P4, my save got deleted when i sent my PS3 for repair so i gotta start all over again *sigh*

    Hopefully Persona5 gets announced soon for PS3 only!!!

  • Triple dipping. Love you, Atlus.


  • Any word on a Persona 2 remake? ;)

  • Yet another reason I NEED a PSP. Will all the special features from FES (minus the side story with Aegis) be included? I never played FES.

  • @Aram Jabbari
    P3P? What that? Is that suppose the be the next PSP? You spill the beans Aram :P

  • The word epic is thrown around far too often by all of you young, easily impressed fools. This is far from ‘epic’.

  • i hope so too :-) i love the series, but waiting for publishers to pick up UK rights for some games is pretty frustrating some times :P i did import demons’ souls though. loving it so far! its just a shame that UK publishers don’t seem to care about psp games most of the times :-(

  • Well you are probably get me to buy this game again. Why? Because it’s awesome. Thanks for bringing it over.

    Any word on a digital release?

    • Ice_Pick, a digital release of P3P will occur at launch or as close to launch as logistically possible. Good question!

  • Oops. Probably should have read the entire post before posting my comment. Thanks for giving us the option of a digital copy.

  • Does the female protagonist have a cannon name? I really don’t want to end up naming her Minato Arisato haha

    Day one :)

  • PSPgo here I come! This is what I needed to get me off the fence!

  • Oh yeah, Atlus > Square any day of the week.

  • god this the 3rd persona 3 game i a, buying for you now why are you getting persona on the ps3
    it i would be better

  • Nice to see that my biggest gripe has been fixed, non-controllabe party members.

    Import time.

  • How is SONY making money with all this PSP tripe? stop posting PSP spam to my favorite blog please….

  • This is great news. Persona 3 is my second favorite game and I look forward to having it playable anywhere I want. Now I just need to buy a PSP…

  • Love the persona games, hope you guys bring the series to the PS3. :)

  • @ ZhePrime: Why import? Support NA getting nice things.:p

    CDubyahS, it’s as simple as not clicking on posts about the PSP and its games…

  • I’ve beaten the PS2 version five times between regular Persona 3 and P3FES.

    I will be there on the first day with forty American dollars to buy the game for a third time.

  • is it just me or is the main character different?

    • MrCaine,

      The male protagonist is unchanged. There is, however, a new female protagonist you can choose from the onset, and she offers a fresh perspective on the classic P3 narrative, opening up new social links, special events, and romantic possibilities.

  • @Tails… dont bash it til u play it… epic is the perfect term

  • I request an SMT 1 and 2 remake, Persona 1 and 2 remake, pretty much any SMT-related game that wasn’t on the NA PS2, not in the first-person view, for PS2, PS3, or PSP.

    Hopefully there’s an Atlus game coming to the PS3 soon.

    I request SMT 4 on PS2 or PS3.

    Any word on the winners of the Atlus 12 days… contest?

  • One Word “Epic”

  • Please ignore rude pricks such as CDubyahS, while I myself and many others don’t usually buy PSP games, it is still great to hear from all the developers of all the games related to our preferred console brand. Job or joy of communicating, please don’t be discouraged to keep in contact with the many that do love PSP games by kids such as CDubyahS posting ignorantly bitter remarks.

  • Agreed. This game is FREAKING EPIC. I played the PS2 version, and the amount of time you can sink into this unbelievable. The New Game+ feature makes it all the better.

    To Aram:
    I’m not entirely clear on what storylines are being included in this version. Will the FES storyline be in there?

    Thanks for bringing this to the PSP! =)

    • Jeigh,

      While The Answer, FES\’s combat-heavy bonus campaign centered on Aigis, does not appear in P3P, much of the tweaks and improvements that FES introduced do.

      We\’ll try to get as specific as possible in the near future since this already seems to be a popular question.

  • A pleasante surprise and a great adiction for the PSP family. Thanks for bringing this up! =)

  • That’s awesome Atlus, I finally got a brand new copy of P3FES (thanks to Play-Asia!) after trying it out at a friend’s place and I’ve been loving it so far. I’m an oldschool SMT/Persona fan (played the first release of Persona 1 as well as P2:EP). I’m going after the Devil Summoner and Digital Devil Saga series later this year. Atlus’ RPGs are the best, seriously.

    Anyways, now that you got Persona 1 and Persona 3 covered on PSP we need that remake of Persona 2… preferably with a the long-awaited official localization of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I’ve been waiting over 10 years for this.

  • @ MrCaine

    Gee, no need to be a jerk about it lol many people on these forums happen to be PSP users as well.

    Can’t wait for this – looks like it’s going to be the most epic RPG on PSP to date!

  • its unfortunate that i don’t have a psp.. anyway, i would love to see this on PS3, this is a sure buy!

    more power to Atlus, keep up the great work!

  • Is it july yet?

  • so just a question about this version is going to be the original P3 or will there also be the added content from the FES such the extra Personas and the fusion shop and such?

  • @28…um … the PSP hardware makes money…the PS3 doesn’t.

    Just saying.

  • Looks awesome, definite day one buy for me! Can’t wait!
    @ #28 CDubyahS: Please stop spamming my favorite blog with your idiotic troll comments. A lot of people own PSPs, and a lot of people read this blog for PSP news.

  • @ #28 CDubyahS: Uh, because people like myself OWN BOTH a PSP and PS3. And the blog is “PLAYSTATION.BLOG” not “PLAYSTATION3ONLY.BLOG”, therefore STFU.

    @Atlus: Was just a matter of “when,” not “if.” ;) ;)

    I dunno if I’ll EVER FEEL LIKE (bah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah) [BABY BABY BABY] rebuying the PSP version. Mostly because I still have Persona 1 (and Parasite Eve 3 coming) to finish on the PSP. Well, that, and there is no “Episode: Aigis”/”The Answer” chapter included. :( I have no interest in the female character and have to finish Persona 1/4 anyway.

    But it’s good that it’s coming. Maybe if it goes on sale ($20?) on PSN, I’ll consider it.

    Also: Do more PSN sales like Nippon-Ichi Software America. I’d buy some games if they were $10.

    (Which reminds me: NISA if you’re reading this post like Atlus: Disgaea 2/Prinny $10-15 sale sometime this year, plz? I missed out on Prinny, but a Prinny price-drop to ~$15 when the sequel comes out would get me to buy Prinny easily)

  • @CDubyahS really? get blocked.

  • Now the question is, do I buy a fourth copy of this game.

  • >> Anyways, now that you got Persona 1 and Persona 3 covered on PSP we need that remake of Persona 2… preferably with a the long-awaited official localization of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I’ve been waiting over 10 years for this.

    Unless the ESRB has softened to the Hitler cameo (doubtful), just import a copy (IIRC, Atlus JP re-printed this) and get the fan translation (which is passable) and play it.

    If anything, I’d like a retranslation of EP to match the fantranslation. Character limit and Atlus’s old translation are “eck.”

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