ModNation Racers Beta Recap

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Hello everyone!

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Ramone Russell here, back again with a complete recap on the ModNation Racers beta. Well, the beta is over and we wanted to give everyone an update on how things went. First and foremost, we are absolutely astounded by the sheer amount and variety of user generated content that was created during the online beta. Thousands upon thousands of karts, mods, and tracks were created, remixed, shared and uploaded. On the racing side of things, there were over 95,000 total races played during the beta.

Playing, creating, and sharing (while awesome), is just one piece of the beta puzzle. We were also able to gather pages upon pages of feedback on all areas of the game. The information gathered is a vital part of the beta process as we make the final changes and tweaks to ModNation Racers before it ships later this year.

All of us at UFG and SCEA would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta for your help giving the game a thorough vetting.

If you have seen interviews or previews with William Ho, Dan Sochan, or anyone else from the UFG team, you know we are super excited about the possibilities of user-generated content for ModNation Racers. With this in mind, we wanted to show everyone a small fraction of that content created during the beta. Also keep in mind that the beta build of the game had more than 90% of the parts (shirts, pants, terrain brushes, etc.) locked out. Every one of these creations was made using a very small portion of the parts found in the final version of the game. Below are just a few images, but you can click through to our Flickr page to access the whole set.

“Policecar1” by aZnLaW

ModNation Racers Beta Picture 023

“Bug Eyes” by Crashdance23

ModNation Racers Beta Picture 274

“The Masked Networker” by TheAlp

ModNation Racers Beta Picture 025

For your viewing pleasure. I have also included two YouTube videos made by members of the beta community. The first shows the track creation tools, and the second is all about Mod creation.

ModNation Racers Beta- Creating a Stage by Borman18

ModNation Racers Beta- Character Creation by Cth22

And check out even more user-created videos on the ModNation Racers Beta!

Thanks again everyone!

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  • i have just one question, i enjoyed the demo so much, but, i want to know if i keep all the beta and savedata from it, i will keep it when the retail comes, or it will better to delete all of the data?

  • i mean, if i will have to star all over again, levels cars etc etc

  • plz add GT Wheel support!

  • According to GameFly, and they usually know what’s up, this got pushed back 3 months to the end of June. Hopefully that means that they will have enough time to put something out that meets their vision and our expectations.

  • Also, if you guys follow the update/DLC model of LBP, here is hoping that you do something with Jet Moto or at least WipEout

  • I didnt haven’t very good luck with the beta. Most of the times I tried to race it either wouldn’t load the track or froze my console. And the home area was really laggy. I didn’t try it in the later stages of the beta I hope it improved as it looks like this could be a great game.

  • Sweet beta I really enjoy it . I only wish they gave out to more people

  • As much as I was looking forward to this beta, I didnt have much time to play it. The few times that I did, though, were frustrating. Framerates were horrible. Who wants to play a game that needs smooth animation when every few feet of track the screen gets choppy? I will reserve my final judgment for when a demo is available with the release of the final game. Right now, I give it a 2.5 of 5 stars. Its unfortunate, because I wanted so much for this game to be awesome. At least it was just a beta and there is time before the final release for things to improve.

  • I hope the final game will have a space themed background and tools for track creation so we also can make sci-fi like looking tracks where the checkpoint/ finish line looks like an Stargate etc. (or making a “rainbow road”…)

  • I’m really interested on this game, but I read that it only allows 2 player split-screen, is that true? cause that’ll probably keep me off from buyin it (at least at $60), I mean Mario Kart 64 had 4 players two generations ago. Please if it isn’t implemented consider it

  • still haven’t fixed the image :/ i was really proud of that mod, hope they change the image so my “The Masked Networker” isn’t appearing as a cardboard box kart :S

  • Guys I have a question: I know that ps2 is popular.I have slim version.Read one article that ps2 sells well even now.Is it possible that Sony will release in the near future Playstation 2 with HDMI audio-video output, that we would not be confused with a choice of all these VGA-boxes and Component cables. Because composite not good enough.I would buy a second unit ps2 with HDMI.We all know that these component inputs we dont have in 90% of cases.Can you imagine yourself on the back of playstation 2 is HDMI output, also is the chip inside that converts all to progressive scan, and if you want, you can manually select 480p or 576p.I think would be cool. Especially if to consider, that at Sony authorities know, that ps2 is popular console, so why not make it even more popular this way?

  • Does this plays like CTR? (Crash Team Racing on PS1)?

  • I absolutely LOVED the beta, though I did lose connection to the server ALOT. I’m not sure if that was on my end or server side though.
    I had alot of fun with the beta, I didn’t even race that much, lol. I liked just hanging out in the ModSpot chatting with people and sharring creations.

    It’s amazing how deep the tools are once you learn all the neuances (sp?) Seriously, even with the limited option that were unlocked in the beta, just about every licenced character you can imagine was in the game and looked spot on (some versions more than others, lol). Everyone in the beta knows the “Elmo”, at first no one could even believe that was made so perfectly with the tools. It didn’t even look like a character that belonged in the game.

    And I was EXSTATIC when my “Helghast Criiuser” Kart reached #1 on the podium. I don’t know why I felt so proud, but I did, lol. I ended up getting around 900 downloads for that. Maybe more, I wasn’t on for the last few days.

  • That was a great beta!

  • I have seen that this game only supports two player split screen. I feel that is pretty sad considering that almost all kart racers have 4 player split screen. kart racers are party games and they NEED split screen. im gonna have to say no go on this one because of the lack of 4 player split screen

  • I put my feedback on the forum yesterday, it wasn’t all of it. Hopefully the bad bugs I left out are known to UFG. That feedback better actually make a difference, because they basically told us they are compiling all the feedback and getting rid of the forum.

  • Holy cow, that’s my creation! Bug eyes! I thought getting into my first beta was awesome… thanks for choosing my mod UFG!

  • been a long time since i posted but thats Uncharted’s fault!

    Anyway i think this game looks awesome…and come on people it is a BETA! it will be a little buggy in places. Looks wicked though.


  • Hey I made 14 tracks on the modnation racers beta and several characters. Will they be deleted? Because im not sure if i can remember how to make all of them again.

  • The only problem i have with the game was the camera issues where i couldn’t control the camera from going from looking behind my driver and going above to overhead view where i couldn’t see the track ahead, other then that i had fun with the game and can’t wait for the game to ship, i just wish i had more time to play it.

  • IT is the best cant wait for it

  • I have the EU beta and i think its great good job.

    But there are issues that you could improve on like;
    loading times.

    sometimes beta freezes but ps3 doesnt.

    when usin stickers in sections (hood, front bumper etc) it cuts the stickers if its startin 2 go other 2 other section it would be good if u can make it go around the corner into the next section if you know what i mean.

    1st day was fine bit laggy but fair enough but since then i cant join any of my friends even ones who live arcross the road from me and it says cross instance gameplay released in retail game why? they can join each other :(

    But overall a brilliant game and keep up the good work im really enjoying it. :D

  • I was just wondering if this game has 4 four-way split-screen play? For me, its integral to the Kart racing experience but I have heard no mention of it thus far.

  • modnation racers really really needs battle mode

  • please please please with a chary on top put battle mode or at least put weapons in the mod spot <

  • please reply [:


    The bugs, many issues and changes as well as things like MODplanes, MODboats, larger scale hopefully on the creation of a track but the amount I typed for you only to find this text box was not large enough so I lost everything I typed!

    Sorry, not doing all that again, got other things to do now.
    Enjoy it very , check out The Incredible Hulk MOD and Kart called The HULK! Tracks… check out MOD NATION Speedway with lots of detail and none of that auto adding now, it does not work properly with things not in realistic places!

    Forget all those on here whining about Crashing, Freezing, Lagging and other server issues… do they not understand about Betas? Most did not seem to because the lack of communication while in game… all they wanna do is burn round in circles and smash into you like they are playing Burnout! Give Beta’s to those who know how to test it!

    All the best, looking forward to this! I might come back before the Beta stops to give some tips and mentions some bugs etc… like going as high as if your in space… above the graphics!!

    C ya.

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