ModNation Racers Beta Recap

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Hello everyone!

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Ramone Russell here, back again with a complete recap on the ModNation Racers beta. Well, the beta is over and we wanted to give everyone an update on how things went. First and foremost, we are absolutely astounded by the sheer amount and variety of user generated content that was created during the online beta. Thousands upon thousands of karts, mods, and tracks were created, remixed, shared and uploaded. On the racing side of things, there were over 95,000 total races played during the beta.

Playing, creating, and sharing (while awesome), is just one piece of the beta puzzle. We were also able to gather pages upon pages of feedback on all areas of the game. The information gathered is a vital part of the beta process as we make the final changes and tweaks to ModNation Racers before it ships later this year.

All of us at UFG and SCEA would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta for your help giving the game a thorough vetting.

If you have seen interviews or previews with William Ho, Dan Sochan, or anyone else from the UFG team, you know we are super excited about the possibilities of user-generated content for ModNation Racers. With this in mind, we wanted to show everyone a small fraction of that content created during the beta. Also keep in mind that the beta build of the game had more than 90% of the parts (shirts, pants, terrain brushes, etc.) locked out. Every one of these creations was made using a very small portion of the parts found in the final version of the game. Below are just a few images, but you can click through to our Flickr page to access the whole set.

“Policecar1” by aZnLaW

ModNation Racers Beta Picture 023

“Bug Eyes” by Crashdance23

ModNation Racers Beta Picture 274

“The Masked Networker” by TheAlp

ModNation Racers Beta Picture 025

For your viewing pleasure. I have also included two YouTube videos made by members of the beta community. The first shows the track creation tools, and the second is all about Mod creation.

ModNation Racers Beta- Creating a Stage by Borman18

ModNation Racers Beta- Character Creation by Cth22

And check out even more user-created videos on the ModNation Racers Beta!

Thanks again everyone!

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  • loved the beta!

  • Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much free time to participate in the beta as I would’ve liked. However, the times I was able to play were an absolute blast. I look forward to losing track of time while having pure nonstop fun once I get my hands on the final product.

  • loved it , i couldnt play with my friends online but i know the full released game will have the option , getting it for sure as a matter of fact im getting 3 copies of the game ( little nephew and younger brother loved it too )

  • Thanks for the beta it was rad…Im going to the flicker page to see if my Red Baron made it!

  • When are we going to get a release date? Soon?

  • The beta was great, but it still need some fixing, handling was a pain sometimes, and the camera is too close

  • Looks good. Is there anyway we could get full home game launching support like were getting with LBP. These types of games are great to jump into with a group of friends.

  • Is there any plans in the future to get famous Artists to create a Mod/Racer as potential DLC or something?

    The Mods themselves have that Vinyl toy / Munny feel to them already and part of that culture is getting famous Artists to do their own.

  • It looks like it’s going to be so much fun

  • does anyone know how i can get the beta for this. today is my birthday w000t…

  • I’m sorry but doesn’t this game look like it completely being aimed to kids where is the market for the Mature crowed? Sony should realize that the adults bought the original 60 Gig console so where is the market for us hard core gamers huh???.Ridiculous!..Hey maybe SCEA should concentrate on Cross Game Chat with In Game Music this is starting wear me out!..

  • worst ran beta ever :(

  • those meanies never let me test the train go-kart

    controls while driving/ racing were awful.

    But the 3D world creator ( track maker mode) was perfect :)

  • That track creation is tight, and soo easy. My mind is goin a thousand miles a minute. One thing I haven’t seen in a kart racer is different camera views in racing. Could we have the option of havin the camera a little further back from the racer and a first person view.

  • I don’t suppose this allows for tunnels, underwater tunnels with glass and stuff, and stuff like that?

    • oh we\’ve got tunnels! there\’s a few screen-shots floating around already with our sweet tunnel tech! :) It\’s fun stuff!

  • This game looks amazing. Really wish I could be in on the beta.

    On another note, the videos and images aren’t entirely formatted properly for view on a mobile phone.

  • aw its over? i didnt get to play it as much as i wanted, but what i did play was great. Game is looking good so far.

  • day1 buy for me

  • I agree I wish I had played it more….awesome game, I think it gave me enough of a taste to know that I will probably buy it!

  • I’m so excited for this game. It’s too bad I didn’t get into the beta, but this is still a day-one purchase for me.

  • This game has a lot of promise. I played the beta, and found that the creation tools were amazing. very, very in-depth (not to the same degree as LBP, but it was different from LBP. which makes it very good)

    I was even able to make the PixelJunk Monsters Tiki-man! (and someone else made the PixelJunk Shooter Survivor)

    Looking forward to the release~

  • Dude this is just… pure awesome, absolutely a day one buy from me. Seriously UFG… I think I love you.

  • Thank you for allowing my participation.

    Qore rewlz!

    My favorite feature of this game is the phot feature. I enjoed capturing wild stunts on camera.

  • Solid beta, should be a really great game. Will we be able to download our creations once the real game is released?

  • The beta for me was nothing but lag and horrible load times that disconnected half the time, and sitting in the lobby for 10 minutes waiting for other players is also not that fun… I did make a few lvls; that went smooth, but I suggest greatly reworking the lobby and matchmaking system.

    • sorry you had trouble connecting UG, but the folks here are working hard to ensure you have an easy time connecting and racing when the game ships! The beta is where we find all the stuff that breaks (when we finally have thousands of people hammering it) so we appreciate your time spent and your comments. thanks!

  • I remember saying that I would only buy 1 and rent the other when it came to the Sega Racing game & ModNation Racers but after that beta, ModNation racers is the one I will be buying. A lot of stuff was locked out of the beta yet people still managed to make amazing things (I was more amazed by the creation in this game than LBP). What was even better was the cutscenes (which I honestly didn’t think it would have). Seems like it will have a good story mode which is a huge plus but I’m just wondering if we will be able to use our own Mod as the main character in the story rather than the preset one.

  • I keep getting more and more hyped for this game as I remember how much I loved CTR and Mario Kart. Awesome game, try to make the online as smooth as possible.

  • Thanks to all for letting me participate in the beta. I just filled in my feedback form, and its up in the proper place in the proper format on the beta forums so please I hope you guys are really reading all of those, I spent a while getting my report ready. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the modspot.

  • Is there a release date for this game?

    I definitely want to pick it up on the first day.


  • Please give us the option to pull back the camera, it’s too close to the racer currently.

  • I forgot that this was going on. I thought the way to get in was with a voucher that came with LBP GOTY….well I got the game with my PS3 (alongside Ratchet and Clank) and got no code…

  • i was in the beta and i liked the gameplay, the problem is that i think it wasnt really focused on the racing aspects of the game… it was too hard to play with someone else and time trials got boring…

  • I will say that i was a little upset i did not get into this even though i am subcribed to qore.

  • The beta was so much fun! Please don’t make us wait until June to play this again :(

  • I would’ve really loved to participate, but beta codes were so hard to get off of Facebook. Within 5 minutes of them being up, none of the codes were working. I guess hype for the game was just that high or just my luck.

    Still looking forward to a release date, or another beta, whichever comes first :D

  • Thank you for the opportunity to beta test the game.

    Definitely on my pre-order list

  • The beta was awesome! The game is a must buy. I hope the the avatars are incorporated in Home as well. Maybe there should be a mini beta version of the game in Home.


  • Is there going to be a split screen offline mode?

  • Ah, man, the beta’s over? Damn, I would have played it a bit more had I’d known. Great game, though. I’m definitely looking forward to it’s release.

  • A couple of things I would like :) (and I have heard rumoured):

    Split-screen (I heard 4-player split-screen and 2-player split-screen online)
    Battle mode – creating custom arenas for a battle mode would be AWESOME – takes me back to CTR :)

    Also how much can we customize the races themselves? I’d love to be able to set different gameplay modes (like persuit, elimination, stuff like that) as well as just the number of laps.

  • I really hope you’ve taken all of the feedback into account and made tweaks where necessary.

    I’m sure the customization is top notch but the racing, that’s where this game would either fall apart or succeed!

  • will my character and soon-to-be track rollover into the real game?! i just wish they’d unlock a bit more of the stuff; still feel kinda limited creativity-wise.

    • i don\’t think you\’ll feel this way when the game ships. There\’s PANTLOADS more content for you to play with (thats a lot :)

  • I was glad to be a part of the beta. I’ve been waited this since last E3.

    Your game have a really good potential don’t blow it away !

    The beta was not that great for me. The lobby got too much loading time ! I want a PS3 game without LOADING TIME . Ask Naughty Dog or MediaMolecule how to do that…
    A PS3 game has to be smooth. You guys have the most powerfull machine ever made.

    Anyway, the machtmaking system has to be test again to find a better way and a faster way. I don’t blame you for this , maybe servers were in US…i’m in France.

    The gameplay is so cool, I really like it. Create avatars, cars and tracks is very cooool.

    There is some features you could add :
    Camera take down like Burnout :)
    Improve the drifting system.
    Add a destruction derby mode in a Arena.
    Add a team mode. Teamplay will make the difference.
    -I hope it will be able to play 4 players offline split-screen. Make multiplayer online creating tracks mode.
    -Vocal Chat. Option to mute a single player or mute ALL.

    For now, I can’t wait to try it again during the EU open beta. I hope you’ll make some improvements !

    Finally, thanks you to let us help you making a better game.

  • Thanks Ramone.

    The Beta was really fun…a few gliches, but that’s what the Beta is there for.

    Definate buy for me when the game is out.

  • The worst part about the beta for me was the laggy modspot menu. I kno your fixing it but make sure is 100% smooth. Also work on the racing and weapons. The second worst part about the beta for me. Very few weapons, not enough game modes and way to much drifting.

    -Even with all the problems this game is probably the best kart game. I predict 9/10

  • did have a few online problems but I don’t think those will be there when the game ships. Game was just pure fun when you got online though. And I was surprized at how easy the controls were. felt like second nature to me I was wondering if the GT wheel will work on this game. if it does than this is a must buy for me.

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