This Week in PlayStation Home: Waterfall Terrace Personal Space, NCAA Football Jerseys + Loads More!

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Happy New Year Home-bodies!

We here on the PlayStation Home team are dutifully working away on our New Year’s resolution, which is to continually offer more and more awesome stuff to you, the loyal PlayStation Home community, all throughout 2010. And to start, we’re releasing one of the coolest personal spaces to ever appear on the platform – the Waterfall Terrace.

This gorgeous abode, carved from the belly of an enormous tree, sits atop a massive waterfall, overlooking a truly breathtaking vista where you can enjoy an eternal sunset all while entertaining your friends with the space’s built-in fishing game. Cast out into your private lagoon and then try to reel in the big one. The better your lure, the better your chances of landing a lunker (hint: your lures upgrade as you progress throughout the game). Your best catches are automatically mounted on the wall of your apartment as testament to your angling prowess. Display your achievements in this expansive pad, which gives plenty of room to party and plenty of space to customize (special Waterfall Terrace furniture will also be made available come launch day). Check out the video below for a tour of this brand spanking new personal space, available this Thursday in the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

EA continues to bring a wide array of sports-related content into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, much to the delight of all you hardcore sports fans. This week EA releases a literal ton of NCAA college football jerseys. Gators, Blue Devils, Wolverines, Tar Heels, Fighting Irish – whatever your alma mater may be, you will now be able to show your school spirit properly. Head over to the EA SPORTS Complex or the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up these awesome jerseys first thing Thursday morning.

PlayStation Home NCAAFBscreen1 PlayStation Home NCAA FB screen5

PlayStation Home NCAA FB screen6 PlayStation Home NCAA FB screen2

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall will be getting a significant update this week – including new Assassin’s Creed 2 items (male and female Guard outfits) and some additional sportswear items. Be sure to pick these hot new items up this week to complete out your collection.

See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • I like that I get to display achievements for this mini game…but what about our actual Trophy room? Did this fall of the to-do list?

  • Awesome i can’t wait to buy that Home! :)

  • EA is a joke and speaking of jokes I want to know if they will release a Tiger woods shirt that said TIGERS & HOES (get it). I would buy that for a $1. And tell Peter Moore to grow a pair a FIRE him. Any way happy gaming everyone. :)

  • Oh no . . . That personal space looks awesome! I may have to add it to my list of things I must buy on PS Home.

  • Playstation HOME, still a useless piece of crap.

  • Any unlockeables in the fishing minigame?

    • Yes there are. You will be able to unlock clothing rewards as well as additional lures that will help you catch bigger fish.

  • If we can have more games in our personal spaces then it would be fantastic! HOME alos needs some more things to do in HOME. Sodium One was a great start, lets make more of that. And the last thing, all the game spaces that are today needs more fun things to do in them. Ractchet space, EA complex and Uncharted 2 is great examples that every gamespace MUST HAVE! PLZ!

  • if you have problems viewing the videos on the blog check to see if it is actually that is the problem they use them for 90% of their videos they embed to their blog posts. I know that youtube still supports the ps3 browser’s version of flash last I checked.

    the only way to fix the viddler issue is get flash 10 support on the ps3 browser due to viddler changing their flv player app over to flash 10 from flash 9.

  • Man i love how u guys keep updating ps home now i actually waste some time in it unlike before and if theres a USC jersey then im definitely buyin it

  • I’m guessing the trophy room was a concept that sounded great when they initially thought about it and looked great when they created some mock-ups, but in reality turned out to be waay too complicated to make reality.

    I still say the other systems do a much better job at integrating avatars into the complete console experience than Home, which keeps avatars locked up within the one application.

  • how about showing sony’s CES presentation in the home theaters?

    I am surprised you missed this one.


  • @ Locust

    thanx for the reply. That helpful communication/info helps clear up a few things. Keep it up.

    and i hope to see a in-world Q&A soon. I know u said awhile back u were looking into ways in which to organize and effectivly implement a successful public Q&A and i wish u luck in that.

    Will Pray for success.

  • I haven’t been following all the buzz around home so excuse me if I am behind the times but are there any soccer jerseys for national teams or anything related to the world cup as it is just around the corner and will begin in June 2010?

  • SWEET, Thanks for the update! The new space looks awesome!! keep it coming!


  • yea, unfortunitly my ps3 bricked and has to go in for repairs. i blame the mag beta due to how the fan sounded when i started it up. of course sony thinks otherwise. guess i’m out 148$, and so now will be sony in that money not being spent on games/content instead.

  • My feedback for the first Home update in 2010 is the same as my feedback for the first Home update back in 2009.

    Bring voice chat back!

    Home is soooooo lifeless without it.

    “Additionally, as part of version 1.04, the voice chat feature within PlayStation Home will be temporarily suspended. As soon as we are ready to resume the voice chat feature, we will inform you via and PlayStation.Blog.” – Dec. 17th 2008.

    Is this EVER going to happen?

    For a community application, Home really struggles. You can add all the clothes and rooms you want, but if we can’t talk to our friends, what is the point?

    Try adding some FEATURES into Home in 2010, not just more nickle/dime content.

  • Another awesome update! Thanks again Locust! :D

  • How about some of the stuff that was promised long ago? TV’s, video sharing, trophy rooms, etc., instead of trying to nickel and dime us to death??? As it is now, Home sucks.

  • So uh, you guys have a thing for trees, or what?

  • Looks Awesome But I Wanna More Urban Home Space Apartment Like A Bigger Version Of The V I P Section In Singstar

  • The Waterfall Terrace looks beautiful. I’m gonna get it. I hope the fishing game really does keep the scores saved unlike the Neptune Suite Blast Zone game.
    However, I’m a bit bored of the same time-of-day for the personal spaces. I really hope that there will be an update for us to change the time-of-day lighting and even weather (because I’m a rainy-day-person). Even if it just for the Harbour Studio.

    And I agree with most comments about the direction of Home. It is too much of a business (although that is good). It should be focused on being part of the XMB. We should be able to use our own avatar (a pic) for our PSN avatar. The loading time for Home should be reduced (I have to wait nearly 2-3 mins until I see the PSHome loading screen then the blue-logo falls for me to connect). That draws me away from entering Home most times. It used to load faster before. Generally, Home should be very quick and easy to access at first before entering the Home world.

    Thanks for the new stuff. I’d like to see more Japanese-anime-themed clothing and hairstyles and colours. And please try to add customisable weather and time-of-day lighting to our personal spaces please, please, please.

  • I’m glad to see the devs keep updating home. However, it would be nice if they would just take a week or so off, then take that time to fix problems that have been voiced and not addressed.

    Still waiting for Picture Frames to be fixed….

  • Will Playstation HOME ever come out of beta?

  • Question to any Home Representative:

    I have drooled over every single trailer and interview of Home when Mr. Phil Harrison first announced it. There are two things that looked awesome. That first Central Square from the first trailer that had the nice-voiced lady introducing the concept of Home. Will that space ever come? Even as a nostalgic space to visit?
    Also, One of the most exciting thing Mr. Harrison demonstrated was the Hall of Fame. I think that should be priority because it will be a big attraction. And I wouldn’t mind purchasing it if you want. It looked too dark in the demonstration but it was way cool. All it needs is the user’s personal touch (space customisation like wallpaper/themes) and it’s a cool visual way to display your personal favourite accomplishments and trophies. The favourite-video-moment can be added later. I guess it has to do with developers developing 3D items for it. So many items are weekly created for Threads, so please ask third-parties to contribute to Hall of Fame. If they don’t do the 3D figurines, at least a picture or short video will do. We should also be able to invite friends like normal.


  • i’ve been looking on the internet and been woundering when is the us going to get psp update 6.30 i heard that it has a future on it called psp room and many other futures like voice changer, friends list, block list, and a new section called mic which you could see if your mic and headset is working what i also heard is that you guys are going to add a future to where you put a 6 digit password when you start up the psp system.

  • When can we get a call of duty place

  • NBA Jerseys coming soon?

  • i think that personal space will cost,after 1 year of full days using home,we only got some mini ornaments,and EU,when they always get cool stuff free and beter than our paid stuff,JP always have betetr freebies than our paid stuff,EU even got a free awesome eprsonal space,i will keep wishing for cool frebis in NA and not limited -_-*,they alays leave the rest for us,please, can you just make the region universals? its just that NA always get nice stuff,but isnt good that other regions get better,they may make a balance at least, or is just hat NA publishers dont have good ideas?

  • Im deff. gettin this Personal Space…Nice work HOME Devs!!!

  • YES! GO UK!!!!

  • ohhh!!! no navy or virginia tech.. looks like i have to wait,, and ill be picking up the new apt, becuase i love fishing,,,

  • @ Locust_Star, why is there no Ohio State jersey. Theyre one of the Top teams in the whole NCAA.?

  • Yea, I kind of agree with space limitations.. I mean, you pay $2.99 for a picture frame that sony tells you where to put it in your home.. then to have that limited to like 4 picture frames per house, is kinda stupid, not to mention the homes that don’t even support picture frames.. Total waste! Also, the fishing game could be cool, as long as it allows more then 1 player at once! I can see having a house party, with say 6 people to go fishing, only to find out, it’s limited to just 1 player at a time…. FAIL!

  • I want a home space in a satellite, where you can look at earth, or another planet, and not the ratchet one

  • Are there going to be Bowling Green jerseys? Hopefully we’ll see caps eventually too.

  • This new personal space is by far the best one I’ve seen. But as nice a feature as this is, it’s meaningless to me because I still can’t log into Home. While I think this space is a highlight of Home, please spend more time working on the connection issues, like log-in freezes.

  • Ohh the Waterfall Terrace personal space. This really looks great! I was on the boarder of getting the Lakeside cabin but this one really blows that one away. Now if only there were some way around the 50 item limit. After putting down tables and chairs, lamps you are almost out of space. I would figure that the item limit would be limited to the space you are in.

    One question I do have is that the telescope on the top terrace of the waterfall space, can you look through it, is it permanently attached to the space, or is it a separate purchase that is only a non working ornament?

    Lastly on a different note, I’d like to see some organization done with the wardrobe. For example have a favorites section for your garments you like. This way you don’t have to search through every single shirt or whatever you own to get to your favs.

    Remember Home is still Beta which means it is not set in stone and will continue to evolve to get better and better till it’s perfect! Would you rather they announce that it’s no longer Beta with no more changes just a vague update here and there?

  • Is there any way you guys will be adding any hockey jerseys? Coming from a canadian hockey fan that would be awsome.

  • I have a question, how old do you have to be to go on Playstation Home cause i’ve been playing for weeks and all of a sudden when I put money on my account(so i can buy the sodiumone game) it says i’m not old enough! so i’m really upset about that. Please let me know why.

  • Thanks to the reply on my comment Locust. Looks like I’ll be sporting the WVU Mountaineers jersey since they don’t have my school which is WVSU.

  • Well, can a mod, etc. etc answer the question on how many people can fish at once, before I spend like my life savings on a new home??

  • Its the 1st time after awhile that I see Locust posting replies to comments. Next maybe even visit the forums.

    Anyway I just wanted to ask for 2 things:
    1. Fix outstanding issues with items which are broken/missing etc. or provide us with some updates. Releasing new items is great but ignoring the existing problem is NOT

    2. Interact with us! a social community is not a dictatorship. Right now everything is just going in one direction SCEA > US

    Overall this product is to serve us & u

  • I agree with #47. PlayStation Home should implement trophies! I find myself sitting around playing pool and bowling and things like that and I constantly feel discouraged that I’m not getting any sort of rewards for racking up wins or my many many losses.

    100 Accidentally (must hit another ball first) sunk cue balls! ;D

    Actually rewards for failure might just make people mess up games unless you figure out a way to make it so they can’t be deliberate or something.

    But definitely trophies for winning!

  • Kind of a follow up to what I last posted, I realize you give away PSHome items like clothes and furniture for completing tasks, however its not really the same as trophies.

    You can only wear one shirt at a time, but trophies are always available for people to see you participated in something or completed a home task.

    And that’s not to say you shouldn’t give out items because some of them are pretty fun.

  • with the addition of mini games in purchased content in home…has anyone though of adding a larger type of game attached to a personal space that enables Home Trophies? I know many people like to collect them…just a though. Even if it was a small number of trophies. You may get more people to lay down the cash for a space if a mini game with trophy support is attached.

  • Wow I must say that new Apartment looks great but, like everyone else feel that with the 50 item limit per space put on them that it will feel fairly empty. If you guys doubled the item limit to 100 per space I don’t think many people would be able to complain about it.

    Now when it comes to the Trophy Room/Hall of Fame I think that boat has sailed & is long gone sadly :-( . We all know how Sony works when it comes to these things, they say they will bring out this X feature and it takes them forever, then when they finally bring it out the developers hardly support it, So I really don’t see any developers other than Sony taking extra time to make 3D trophies unless Sony said it would be requried from now on but, again we all know Sony they don’t like to set standards they like to let the developers have their freedom and put in what ever they want. So sadly unless you put a wad of $$$ in their hands they aren’t going to put anymore effort into your system then they have to.

    to be continued…

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