This Week in PlayStation Home: Waterfall Terrace Personal Space, NCAA Football Jerseys + Loads More!

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Happy New Year Home-bodies!

We here on the PlayStation Home team are dutifully working away on our New Year’s resolution, which is to continually offer more and more awesome stuff to you, the loyal PlayStation Home community, all throughout 2010. And to start, we’re releasing one of the coolest personal spaces to ever appear on the platform – the Waterfall Terrace.

This gorgeous abode, carved from the belly of an enormous tree, sits atop a massive waterfall, overlooking a truly breathtaking vista where you can enjoy an eternal sunset all while entertaining your friends with the space’s built-in fishing game. Cast out into your private lagoon and then try to reel in the big one. The better your lure, the better your chances of landing a lunker (hint: your lures upgrade as you progress throughout the game). Your best catches are automatically mounted on the wall of your apartment as testament to your angling prowess. Display your achievements in this expansive pad, which gives plenty of room to party and plenty of space to customize (special Waterfall Terrace furniture will also be made available come launch day). Check out the video below for a tour of this brand spanking new personal space, available this Thursday in the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

EA continues to bring a wide array of sports-related content into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, much to the delight of all you hardcore sports fans. This week EA releases a literal ton of NCAA college football jerseys. Gators, Blue Devils, Wolverines, Tar Heels, Fighting Irish – whatever your alma mater may be, you will now be able to show your school spirit properly. Head over to the EA SPORTS Complex or the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up these awesome jerseys first thing Thursday morning.

PlayStation Home NCAAFBscreen1 PlayStation Home NCAA FB screen5

PlayStation Home NCAA FB screen6 PlayStation Home NCAA FB screen2

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall will be getting a significant update this week – including new Assassin’s Creed 2 items (male and female Guard outfits) and some additional sportswear items. Be sure to pick these hot new items up this week to complete out your collection.

See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • Texas baby!!!!!

  • what about the georgia bull dawgs add them

  • Locust_Star,

    Im glad everyone at SCEA, and the PlayStation Home team keeps providing for the community. Theres one thing that would actually help build the community within PlayStation Home and make it a true Social Networking destination, and that would be more XMB integration. We should be able to select our Home Avatars and sport then as our XMB Avatars. This would help make it feel we are connected too PlayStation Home even when where not loged in. Also Home Rewards and Challanges should be tied to our FaceBook similar to our trophies we receive.


    • Great ideas all around. I can ensure you that we are continually working to better integrate Home into your overall PS3 experience, and I’ll be sure to pass your suggestions on to our development team. Please keep the valuable feedback coming!

  • Looks pretty cool… When are you gonna be able to buy either a bowling lane or pool table for other home spaces

  • Could you please let us know if the Trophy room is still being worked on? Anything about it? Pleeeeeease.

  • HAHAHA, I was gonna post Texas Baby!!! too. lol. Nice update, can’t wait to go fishing on home.

  • How about you make good on the Christmas gifts from the Tree in Central Plaza. Why wasnt anything awarded on dec 23-25? Also I never got the new years award even though I was there the whole night. heck the ball didnt even drop on my screen. my regular psn id is SOOPERGOOMAN187. aLSO HAS THE MAX AMMOUNT OF FURNITURE BEEN UPPED? i’D LIKE TO REALLY DECK OUT MY SPACES BUT CANT DUE TO THAT RESTRICTION. PLEASE FIX THESE FAULTS.

  • The personal space looks really cool .I like the addition of the mini games being added to these spaces. I hope a God Of War home space is in the works with a mini game that uses the same QTE’s as the series does. It would be awesome!! Maybe a throne room or chamber a top MT Olympus or upon a titan that is moving. Just wild ideas! Thanks PS Home team. keep the good stuff coming.

  • Also, it looks like these jerseys are gonna fit better than the Madden NFL ones, The Madden NFL ones look as if you need an undershirt, they are way too oversized when compared to most of the pants on home, gives it a weird look.

  • Now I get to proudly wear the jersey of one of the most dominant teams in college football history…..GO Gators!! lol New personal space looks awesome too….the more sports related stuff the better!!

  • I love that you are implementing mini games into the spaces. It works and makes them more enticing, especially when we’re still hoping to get video and music to entertain visitors :) I recommend some kind of paint ball gun mini shooter. lol

    Also, would it be difficult to add the ability to record videos in the Movie Studio space. We have a blast playing with it, but have no computer rig to digitize all our nonsense.

  • This is awesome news for HOME fans! Any new on when HOME will get NBA jerseys? And when 2K Sports will start adding to HOME?

  • Dear Home staff,
    Please fix the log-in problems many users are still having, the Central Plaza freezes and the missing, buggy and modified items we’ve paid for (listed here: ) before you release new stuff. Except the Loco Roco apartment and a public beach where we can go in the water. We really want that!

  • I’m sorry I’m not trying to flame but HOME as it stands now is a waste of resources. Pull the plug and rethink the project. Just an opinion don’t hate.

  • @2 XxDeathDoctorxX


    How ’bout them Dawgs last night in Stegeman?

  • Plus I would love see an actual jersey (not just 00), how about a KOBE BRYANT, LEBRON JAMES, PAU GASOL, etc, etc????

  • Locust.

    What’s the price for the jerseys and the fishing game?

  • Any idea when the SOCOM Confrontation space will be updated.

    • We do not currently have a date that we can announce, but rest assured that there is more SOCOM coming to Home in the not-so-distant future.

  • still cant watch videos from my ps3 come on playstation blog staff don’t get lazy on me fix it ASAP ty

  • That’s it? Just a personal space, some new football jerseys and Assassin’s Creed II items? After 2 weeks of no updates… this is all we get…

  • @WestEndMatt – Amen to that.

  • Ick, still worthless. Any idea when we’ll get a RPG homespace? There are many to choose from that’ll be releasing soon. How about a White Knight Chronicles space since you guys are publishing it?

  • I am sure there will be other clothes and furniture in the mall Jin Zou

  • Quick ? for any Home or Sony rep…why are Home avatars only used within the Home application? As others have pointed out, the other two systems incorporate their Home equivalents into not only their dashboards, but also in first and third party games? Why does Sony keep Home avatars locked up? Let them act as PSN avatars, characters in other games…really seems like a no-brainer. It’s sad to see the other guys doing much more with their equivalants….makes no sense.

  • So that personal space looks epicly huge. A 50 item limit for our personal spaces is just too small for that space.

    Also, are the NCAA jerseys Division I only? Or a mix between both? Or is it every team in both Divisions?

    • Here is a list of NCAA teams that will have jerseys available tomorrow:

      Alabama Crimson Tide, Arizona Wildcats, Arkansas Razorbacks, Auburn Tigers, California Golden Bears, Clemson Tigers, Duke Blue Devils, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech, Illinois Fighting Illini, Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals, LSU Tigers, Maryland Terrapins, Miami Hurricanes, Michigan Wolverines, UM Golden Gophers, Missouri Tigers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, UNC Tar Heels, UND Fighting Irish, Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Oregon State Beavers, PSU Nittany Lions, Purdue Boilermakers, USC Gamecocks, Syracuse Orangemen, Tennessee Volunteers, Texas Longhorns, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Virginia Cavaliers, Washington Huskies, Washington State Cougars, WVU Mountaineers, Wisconsin Badgers

  • I say they should release Devil Jin or some Demon’s Souls armors.

  • Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star.

    Love the new Home space !

    I agree with a previous blogger…would be nice to have a personal space with a pool
    table instead of having to wait for one.

    Any ideas when we may be able to view something in our Clubs on the Video screen ?

  • @ #4 I totally agree, we need a pool table in our apartments or a bowling lane / pool table apartment.

    @ #9 Yeah I’m not really happy with the NFL jersey, the NCAA jerseys look alot better.

  • Looks like a great space. Do u know what the price will be? (prob not ur standard 4.99)

    any events planned for this week and is there any word on a Q&A in the near future?

    Additionaly, Did we unlock the special prize at the end of the “Festive Tree” event, or were not enuf mini-games played to unlock the special item and event described in past Blog posts.

    Thanks 4 your Time. Hope this Year is a new leaf to breathe new life into home. We will do our part.

    • All the events for this week are the Featured Game game launching parties. You can find out more details (titles, host accounts, etc.) at the Listen@Home kiosk in Central Plaza.

      There is currently no in-world Q&As planned that we can announce at this time.

      As far as the Festive Tree special event goes, it was, indeed, unlocked. The unlocked event was the NYE ball drop, which occurred at 11:59pm on 12.32 in Central Plaza.

  • I’m good on the spaces and clothing front. Can we get TV’s, radios, public voice chat and trophy room?

    Also have you given any thought to making the wardrobe more like the original home trailer where you could switch out in the open? The load times are quite excessive.

  • I think it’s really good that you keep updating home. However one thing there seems to be missing is the ability to jump. I know it’s rather pointless but I think it’s something everyone would like and appreciate.

    So is there any chance you would consider a jump?

  • also nothing free this week in home which means no reason to log in home


  • I’ll be getting the Terrace apartment for sure. It looks great and the fishing game is going to be an addiction.

  • Home is just a rip off. You charge (In the UK) £3.99 for a crappy little space where you have a pointless game to try and make it look fun when really it is a load of rubbish. This game’s main purpose is advertisement and make more money even though you’ve made billions (literally). Can’t you make something better, and a great game which you dont have to pay for the add ons in the game.

  • Where is the Socom Special Ops Space? Can we please have an update. Thank you.

  • The NCAA jerseys look cool. BTW I still haven’t received my Star Trek costume codes for renting Star Trek (2009)? And yes I did rent it during the period and also checked junk folder.

  • I was hoping for the video to say “Extended furniture limit”… but it didnt.. no buy for me

  • @ ModernYorkster

    Spot on.. this is what I have been saying ever since HOME released.

  • @ArSEnAL_nAsRi8
    Home is not a game. It’s a social gaming platform. There are mini-games and an MMO in Home, but Home itself is not a game. You don’t have to pay for anything in Home. There is a ton of free stuff in Home. Check out the PlayStation Home General Board and you’ll find a stickied thread with every free item Home has to offer, and it’s a lot.

  • Stop joking us.

    I defended Home for so long(and don’t argue that), but it is just a disaster. The whole program should be streamlined, no 100 rooms(with a mess of a map) that we have redownload each week and load upon entering.

    There are no stand out community features. We can’t group with friends and play games. Heck we can’t voice chat.

    There is no stand out features, games or rooms that we could find better somewhere else(Online pc flash games are better than anything you guys have in Home). I thought you guys had something going with Sodium One, but we can’t even PvP. Smash scorpions- are you kidding me?!

    How long is this going to be in Beta? Right before PS4 is released, “oh Home is the best thing ever after all these years.”

    If you really want this to be anything, put some real effort into this and redo everything that you can. The UI has to be faster, cleaner, and have more features. There has to be more features built in-this should be the “definitive social experience you can’t find anywhere else besides ps3.”

    Stop making it just a advertising spot where you nickel and dime people for virtual clothes.

  • great space – i’m definitely getting it! but, Home needs to increase the item-limit per space; i got so much furniture i want to put out and the ornaments and stuff! my apocalyptic chamber is maxed out on items but the space looks bare!

    the fishing game reminds of the mini game in fable. can i fish for items?!

  • Yeah, what 33 said:

    Give us stuff to do in our apartment because we rather do that than be in the dysfunctional public spaces.

  • Hope the fishing mini-game is somewhat simple. Not exactly a huge fishing fan, but there’s a lot of RPGs with fishing mini-games and they’re always more complicated than it’s worth!

  • There definitely needs to be more integration with Home:

    One idea……Trophy Room!!!

  • @Insomnia999

    Hear Hear! I couldn’t agree more!

  • Home needs trophies! Just think..a trophy for visiting a certain amount of spaces or hours spent online.

    A TON Of PS3 owners are addicted to getting trophies and many, many, more people would visit Home to get those trophies..and maybe be fans of the service forever!

    Just a thought, lol.

  • This space looks so cool. Yay FISHING!!!

  • Great update Locust_Star,

    I hope the NBA jerseys come out next!

  • Is there any skill to catching a fish or do you just real in and hope for the best?

    There should be some animation to it to-moving the rod, fish jumping out of water. Make it interactive, something I would actually want to play. Think Zelda: Ocarina of Time, that had an awesome fishing mini-game. That was on the N64, I would hope you guys can make a mini game at least that good on the PS3!

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