make.believe: Gran Turismo Made Him a Pro

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If you followed along with today’s Sony CES press conference, you got a taste of Sony’s unified, global “make.believe” message. The philosophy behind make.believe is simple: Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. So what does that mean, exactly? A couple of examples were shown off during the press conference, but here’s an example that is a little more on track for us gamers: the story of how Lucas Ordonez went from Gran Turismo player to real-life racer:

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  • Marketing speak like make (dot) believe and the Wii name signifying we all play together, and garbage like this, makes me want to puke.

    I’m waiting for DreaMS (Microsoft) for the full trifecta of lame campaign crap.

  • All we need to do now is invade an alien planet so i can use my Killzone 2 skills to whoop some ass haha.

  • i wish they would show him race other drivers beacuase even if he is a proffesional racer it doesnt really matter if he is not a good racer

  • @53 you’re missing the point. At the very end it states “Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real.” His goal was to be a racer and thanks to Sony his dream became a reality. So it doesn’t matter if he’s a good racer or not he’s living his dream and that’s all that matters. Yea it sounds cliche, but it gets the message across.


  • lol @ the people that don’t have PSN avatars, just oooozing of trollness

  • Felicidades Lucas, te deseo lo mejor!

  • lol can’t believe people are complaining about this. It’s just saying to follow your dreams really. It’s not saying playing video games makes you awesome at driving cars or using magic on orcs.

    It’s just saying anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Just so happens they used cars and some of you lame-o’s don’t think car racing is cool… in which case maybe someone sitting playing wow 24/7 then somehow magically being able to use magic and swing a sword woulda been more appealing. Start thinking outside the box monkeys.

  • I cannot believe how dumb some people are. It’s not an advert for Gran Turismo 5 as some are stupidly thinking. It’s just like a short video about Sony’s “make.believe” slogan…

    On a good note it’s a great video, like one of those “art” vids you see on TV, Youtube etc

    Love the direction and the tune too :P

  • I also just read No. 34’s comment…Sony Corp are an electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group…they are not a sole games developer like Nintendo. “make.believe” is a slogan used on all Sony’s products, over the whole corporation…

    Think about that before going off on one

  • This is kind of irrelevant but I post this in case anyone who works in Sony sees this.

    Except from the 3D feature that are about to see, the next step will be something like Eyefinity,

    Eyefinity is an ATI technology that enables a GPU to output on three displays simultaneously.

    I think we are going to see this in the next XBOX since MS chose ATI one more time and MS as well as Sony are trying to expand the flexibility and features of their products as media and gaming devices.

    GT5 for example requites 3 different displays, 3 games and 3 consoles to achieve this result. One GPU that can do this is the feature.

    Also imagine how this would help the user in the media features. With each aprt of the screen displaying a different application function simultaneously.

    You can play a video/blue ray movie on one screen, run the web browser on another, and the Life with Playstation on the third.

    It would make the product even more functional and complete than it is now and will add or counter a competitive advantage

  • Oh and btw….I love this video.

    Well done Sony ;)

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