make.believe: Gran Turismo Made Him a Pro

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If you followed along with today’s Sony CES press conference, you got a taste of Sony’s unified, global “make.believe” message. The philosophy behind make.believe is simple: Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. So what does that mean, exactly? A couple of examples were shown off during the press conference, but here’s an example that is a little more on track for us gamers: the story of how Lucas Ordonez went from Gran Turismo player to real-life racer:

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  • wow…

  • cool! wish I can do my own video too aspiring to become a game designer :)

  • congrats to that guy and the winner of this year competition.

  • This is actually pretty cool. Make. Believe

  • congrats Lucas

  • we need an app for the iphone/ipod that lets you which of your friends are online and also let you send and recieve messeges OR go ahead and make a REMOTE PLAY App it should be named PS Network or something … ANY1 AGREE

  • Amazing video! I talked with the guy on the forums! :D

  • I like it, Awesome Sony, I approve this message lol, sorry I couldn’t resist!!! ;P :D

  • Just to put a different perspective on this, not to be disrespectful to sony or anything, but what are these… things supposed to do? I’m pretty sure that it didn’t entice me to buy GT, and it didn’t make me hold anymore respect for professional racers than what I had before (personally I don’t, I’m sorry if that offends you, but that is my simple honest thought) So what is it meant to do? Am i supposed to feel inspired that a guy played a video game instead of studying and ended up professionally racing? Of course i could simply be the incorrect audience for this to appeal to, so i might just be incredibly wrong about everything anyway and some other people may find this as their inspiration to do great things If that is the case, than you can disregard my comment, as I am not fit to judge this campaign.

  • Man i cry and touch too.

  • wow!!

    Gran Turismo ftw!!

  • Very touching video :)

  • I agree with crazypeng1
    what is “make.believe”? Is this another way to advertise the games? trying to brainwash people to buy the game just because someone become a professional driver by playing racing games, it will not change anything.
    I will only buy a game if its good, not because it has some sort of “inspiration” boohoo!

  • Cool. This inspired me to become a fortune hunter. I think I’d better play some more Uncharted 2. lol

  • Make.believe us a March 2010 release date in the United States.

  • Nice video! However, it’s NEVER easy to be picked up (sponser) or even making that transition from game to real life. I would have loved to see the hard work and determination, which got him to where he is today. Not just 2 seconds of seeing him play GT. But ofcourse, it’s only a short vid.

    Goodluck to Lucas, he’s living his dream, one out of million people get to do it.

  • Make.believe isn’t meant to sell games. It’s a slogan that the entire company uses for all their products. It’s like this: You imagine how awesome it would be, if you could read a recipe, while you’re in the kitchen, preparing whatever. This could obviously be done with a laptop or a cell phone, but now Sony also offers this using the newly announced Sony Dash device. You believe it can be done (you imagine it) and voila, Sony make it happen. It applies to everything; imagine the posibilities, make them happen.

  • in the conference he said that the believe is all their goals and ambitions, and make is the drive and different ways of doing things, and the “.” is where they meet and make something AMAZING, also im calling it right now, but with psn coming to our laptops, blu ray players, and hd3d tv’s, sony is shapin up to be sky net, lolz, in before the apocalypse, HAHA XD

  • @ 18

    LOL Bring on skynet! I look forward to the machines. Can’t be any worse then how people act in the world today.

  • Wow… Seriously wow… Call it pathetic if you want but I literally teared up for a second to think his dream came through through something so simplistic as that… No joke.

    This needs to be an add on tv, because I’m almost certain people aren’t aware of this and would certainly make people think for a moment.

  • The video was corny, but it gave me chills. So you can take that as a good sign. Creative and artsy, I think. Would be better to see him racing others in the end, though.

  • Wow, thats amazing…

    lol me too

  • How I envy this guy. I’ve been a hardcore fan of the GT series. I’ve finished all previous GTs, and am currently playing the GT5 Time Challenge and GT PSP. The simulation actually saved my life preparing me on how a car reacts in a certain situation and, even when I totalled the car, I escaped unscratched. I kept my cool all the way and corrected the car’s travel to avoid further damage. It’s definitely nice that he had the chance to be further trained. Keep it up man, and Good Luck!

  • Hey Jeff, is there any site i can watch the Sony CES?

  • Sony’s unified? Hah, I’ll believe it when I see it, if Sony was unified, we’d have SPA doing Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter full feature animated films, we’d have SCEA making Cloudy with a chance of meatballs games instead of Ubisoft, we’d have a Michael Jackson Singstar, we’d have more SME songs on the singstore, etc etc etc, Sony Unified, make.believe indeed because I don’t believe that.

    Cool video though.

  • Please put this ad on TV in every major city.. People need to see what Sony and its development studios do for people and how they constantly push the envelope.

  • The video is very inspirational. I think this video should have more exposure in order to show that despite all the negativity regarding videogaming, good things do happen. Congradulations to Mr. Ordonez.

  • make DOT believe = worst catch phrase ever… you seriously need to fire whoever comes up with these ideas…

  • Touching and inspirational :) So what’s next? 22 gamers in Uncharted 2? And turn them in archaeologists? Bounty Hunters? :) That’d be pretty sweet, haha. And congratulations to Mr. Ordonez!

  • Best game ever!

  • So when is their going to be on the PSN store for download? Just wondering, because I think my friends and family would love it.

  • i want to make.believe sony will give out more free stuff on playstation network. let’s see that happen! thanks in advance! hehe!

  • @ assassin4321

    there is such an app and it is called ” itrophy” it works great if you log in correctly the first time

  • This is exactly the reason Sony is in 3rd place.

    Rather than focus on making games and releasing them, they seem to focus on well, stuff like this.

    LBP PSP was another thing. They had some design contest for art students in SF. But they couldn’t even get the game up properly on PSN until a week later.

    Gamers want games, period. Sony has done this pretty well in some cases (Uncharted 2, for instance). But it seems they want to focus more on being popular than actually putting out great games.

    Imagine what all this money that went to this contest could have done in the hands of developers. Perhaps funded a bunch of indy projects that would have shored up the flagging developer support of the PSP (the gaming device Sony often forgets about).

    Maybe it could go to staffing the PSN store full time, instead of updating only once a week on a Thursday.

    Maybe it could have gone to funding development of SoE games to be played on Sony gaming devices, instead of the PC?

    Heck, maybe they could have developed an actual career mode for PSP Gran Turismo…

  • @33

    Just to let you know Sony has alot more than just a games division lol. So this type of vid is actually showcasing Sony and its overall brand appeal. If you took this just as a gaming advertisment you are clearly looking into the wrong direction of what this vid was doing and suppose to do.

  • Never heard of him. And I’m a racing fan…


  • wow…

    GT5 FTW

    @14, me too.

    I will play more Uncharted 1

  • I wanna download this TV AD on Play Station Store.
    Can SCE provide this AD?1080P of course.

  • very cool commercial!

  • lol at 36 , if you are a GT fan and you have GT5 P you would know who he his , just download for FREE the nissan academy contestants and then the 24 hours Dubai race you would be his whole journey from GT5 P gamer to Profesional Driver

  • sorry i meant to say you would see his whole journey

  • In Canada, I guess we’ll just have to take that ‘make.believe’ slogan a little more literally than intended.

  • Well, going back to the days of all the GTA3 hoax, let’s hope that not ‘all’ gamers are inspired by the games they play. Otherwise, Sony will end up proving to all the parents that GTA is ‘bad’ for the world! LOL! I really see that this is going to pop-up in the news soon! Hahaha! Well, I am inspired by God of War… anybody here seen Zeus around? I have a bone to pick with him.

  • FYI to my last comment, to prevent confusing, I know this video is about GT… and yes, I meant GTA! lol

  • Any chance of seeing some GT5 videos since it is on the show floor?

  • Cool!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • “Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real.” I think that can really apply to me, especially since my grades have been slipping lately. Nice story guys and congrats Lucas. I hope I have a make.believe story and eventually work for Naughty Dog(I love those guys).

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