LittleBigPlanet – Sack it to Me: “Sackboy Greetings” Edition

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Greetings Sackpeople!

Wanted to shoot out one last “Sack it to Me” before our holiday break and as promised wanted to provide some more goodies…

LBP_New on the PlayStation Store

PSN avatars meets are here!!!

Its been a long time in the works, so we’re glad to finally introduce new PSN avatars. Avatars are now available individually or in bundles via the PlayStation Store. And the great news is, the first round of avatars happen to be all LittleBigPlanet avatars. Check out the first batch and let us know which avatars you’d like to see next.

LBP_PlanetsBundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL LBP_FestiveBundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL

LBP_Character1Bundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL LBP_AnimalBundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean DLC packs

LBP_Pirates_Add-On_thumb_US LBP_Pirates_Native_Add-On_thumb_US

If you missed our big announcement last week and you haven’t gotten your hands on the Pirates of the Caribbean packs, you have a whole lot of catching up to do. Check out the PlayStation Store and check out the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume packs and Level Kit, with a ton of new costumes and levels to play. Special to this Level Kit is a new WATER gameplay element which is sure to change the way you play LittleBigPlanet. So get your snorkel and fins ready for a completely new, and WET adventure.


LBP Plushies for the US!

Our friends at Senario has just unveiled our first official line of Sackboy plushies available at Limited supply, but I know they’re restocking. Also stay tuned as we have more plans to get Sackboy to a retailer near you.

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  • Are you serious?? I’m still waiting for Music during my games, and Cross game voice chat!!!!! What makes Sony think that i’m going to pay for a Little picture that doesn’t even move!?!? Friend Request me.

  • Definitions of greed on the Web:

    excessive desire to acquire or possess more(especially more material wealth)than one needs or deserves
    avarice: reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins)

  • what is psp creators edition and when will it be on PLAYSTATION STORE?

  • this means we will never be able to use our HOME avatar on the xmb, why cant Sony get something right the first time round this generation of gaming is so full of mistakes.


  • im not paying for avatars. Sony Owes us new avatars seeing as we’ve been stuck with the same [DELETED] ones for years. delete all these crappy avatars, replace them with new, non-stupid ones, Then start making new “premium” avatars. these first batch of “premium” avatars are very underwelming, the price is reasonable but the avatars are still very dull. better luck with the next batch.

  • Hey if you’re taking suggestions for avatars I would love to see some Mega Man 10 avatars when the game comes out. PLEASE!

  • @26
    not everybody is poor like u mama’s boy!!!

  • so many games, so little time! still thinking about the pirates bundle. i think LBP has saturated the market with regurgitated gimmicks. worst yet, a fee for an avatar?! sorry, i stopped at the golden toilet. :\

  • I hope those plushies get to the brick & mortar stores soon, as they look pretty cool.

    as far as the avatar pricing goes at least they’re cheaper than the gameer pics that you can get on Live

  • I would like to see the logo from the clothing brand Famous stars and straps (F.S.A.S.). I know it has nothing to do with gaming but thats my favorite brand and I love the logo.

  • Is there anyway I can have different settings for water, allowing sackboy to walk instead of swim, just with a greater than average jump? I’m trying to make a Mega Man level.

  • Sackboy avatar, FTW!

  • I love the idea of being able to buy avatars. Yes I do because you can’t take it with you when you go anyhow. so you might as well enjoy it buy spending it on things you like. I’m feel sorry for Rusty and the rest that can’t seem to get past that. Heck we get alot for free so be grateful for that. I for one would like to see some Real Socom avatars and Some sort of Home picture importing in the future. Decent update today as well. To all the angry people, Bah Humbug on you. You’re the ones that need to get a Life, a Job and Some sort of self control….

  • I would like some better cars :) my little police car is getting a bit boring too look at. maby somthing from SHIFT or MCLA, or maby somthing from GT5P :) would be nice.

  • @10 WATER is free, you can play as many community levels as you want with the water addition using the scuba gear and everything, just like you can play with the paintball gun for free in community levels. You are paying for the premium level add-ons made by Mm and the ability to add the extras in your own levels. You can even play the Pirates levels with a friend who has bought the pack (even though you haven’t) but you can’t keep the stickers and objects unless you buy but you can play at least.

  • When is the Amazon PSN store getting the pirates level pack?

    I like the sackboy plushie… the sackgirl looks kind of weird though…

  • I would like the ability to use our Home avatars as our PSN avatars – for free!

  • I find it ludicrous that after the duration of time the PS3 has been on the market.. after all this time… the first batch of newly released avatars are released as PAID content. Seriously, Sony Computer Entertainment? You’re charging us $$$ for these extra animated icons that a high-school student could have yanked out in a week? That’s not cool.

  • So can we try and, uhm, make a few more level packs than ONE per year.

  • Motor Storm
    Motor Storm 2 Pacific Rift
    Uncharted Drakes Fortune
    Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
    Resistance Fall of Man
    Resistance 2
    BioShock 2
    Killzone 2
    Little Big Planet
    God of War
    Metal Gear Solid 4
    Batman Arkam Asylum
    Fallout 3
    Call of Duty 3
    Call of Duty 3 Modern Warfare
    Call of Duty World at War
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
    And all Sport Games

    These should all get Premium and free avatars

  • I haven’t really been able to log into the PlayStation Network in awhile, but once I get back on there I’ll check out the new avatars for myself.

    Outside of LittleBigPlanet, I’d like to see avatars for these games/franchises:

    Eternal Sonata
    Final Fantasy
    Metal Gear Solid
    The Simpsons
    Resident Evil (it’d be cool to be featured as a zombie)
    Silent Hill
    Ico/Shadow of the Colossus/The Last Guardian
    Many more…

    Basically, expand on the avatars that are out there. Making more free ones for those who don’t want to pay for premium-only would help too, I imagine.

  • @ 70, I Agree, Plus Avatars From All Metal Gear Series, Grand Theft Auto IV, And All Shooters Games. Because The Avatars We Got Are Played Out.

  • Oh snap! I love this! The avatars I couldn’t care less about. I love my blue poo for an avatar! But I love the water in LBP. So much fun and adds so much to the game!

  • I’m loving the new avatars Sony! For ideas on new avatars, here is my list:

    Metal Gear Solid, MGS2, 3 and 4
    Modern Warfare 2
    Assassin’s Creed 2
    More God of War
    Heavy Rain
    Killzone 2
    Batman (Arkham Asylum or not)
    Uncharted 2

    I think you guys get the idea XD once again, thank you for finally bringing some new ones out. I made sure to buy 4 of them just to show my support lol

  • cool avatars ima buy some!! and as for ones i’d like to see in the future i’d like to see some mortal kombat ones or sonic characters or how about some resident evil ones or some logos like the ‘naughty dog’ logo or the ps3 logo or a psn logo or even ps home logo thats all i can think of right now so there you go….GET TO WORK SONY!!!! XD lol oh and some free ones would be highly appreciated

  • love the new water levels. For 2010 I think that games should include avatars. Some of the premium avatars should be dynamic similar to the dynamic themes on the xmb such as the LBP theme.

  • Water really does add a new way to play. I had tons of fun. Only problem with the pck were the levels. Very fun and creative to play but were a little easy to ace. The final boss was also easy once you learned the special trick.

  • We shouldn’t pay for avatars.

  • Sorry, but I am sooo very sick of Sackboy. I haven’t played this game in ages–nor do I have the desire to ever put it back in my PS3. And now this? Paying for pictures???!! Really? REALLY??!!

    And as usual, look at all the puppets that are buying them sending the green light to Sony and MM that we will buy this crap. Not all of us are puppets, however, and I will not buy a one…nada. Sick of this crap…

  • Yeah, those free avatars should be loaded with thousands of little things by now…anyways, i don’t mind paying for things like avatars, but how about we lower the price of them? I mean, like HOME, stuff in there is like .99 to what $5, i mean like $3 for a little shirt..c’mon, lets micro size the price and up the profits you may receive, how about nickel and diming us for real =\

  • @36

    I too am having that same issue. It seems that these Avatars (as lame and expensive as they are – for simple pictures…) are linked to your account and are not transferable to sub-accounts on the same PS3. I doubt this was intended and will be fix…really soon…as I purchased these for my kids, not for me.


    Fix it please.

  • This just about sums up why Sony is losing so badly to Microsoft. Marketing incompetence. People have been clamoring for plushies since the freaking first day they ever saw Sackboy, yet Sony does nothing. Over a year goes by, including major holiday buying seasons, yet nothing.

    Now we get news that plushies will be shipping December 30. Let’s look at that date. DECEMBER 30. That’s FIVE days after Christmas. Jebus, that’s mind bogglingly incompetent. What a missed opportunity.

    Anyway, after last Christmas came and went my wife decided to make two little custom sackboys for our kids this year. I guess that freed up money for buying Halo branded megablocks.

  • Man,looks like the guys at sony listened to IGN about how stupid is there avatar list,and now this is a good start but i hope it would be more personal,like putting your own face or your own sackboy as an avatar.

  • Awsome update.. finnaly AVATARS! but itell you guys some people would want more im guessing you guys proabably already know that but thanks for the hard word keep it up! -ryanmck142- Hey chris stiers

  • Thanks for the Avatars!! I dont care if I have to pay for them (they are worth it). Keep them coming! I want them for all the games that are out and coming out.

  • Water in LBP – Check!
    POTC Content – Check! (Awesome!)
    New Avatars – Check!

    Paying for Avatars – WTF??? Seriously? Lame!!! I’ll pay for more then most when it comes to the PSN, but this is crossing a line here.

  • BTW Sackboy ROCKS!!Merry Christmas!

  • Now that their is water in LBP what is the odds of an Bioshock 1 or 2 DLC coming? I would love to have my Sackboy dressed up as a Big Daddy, or a splicer, etc.

  • A box of cereal costs around $4 anymore. Fast food meals $5-7. A 4-pack of underwear is $8. Candy bars are $1.50. Sodas are $1.50-$2.00 in vending machines. So spending 50 cents on one avatar or $1.50 for 4 is not entirely bad in my book. PSN is FREE so what’s the problem? Are there really people who are going to complain about Sony charging mere CENTS, not dollars, CENTS for avatars?

  • I think robot chicen needs to come to lbp. would love to see for the next december costume to be composite santa. and a level pack would be nice as well.

  • guys stop complaining, its just 50 cents!
    Its better than nothing, compare it to sodas at vending machines that cost as much as 2$!!!
    AND Microsoft charges up to 1k microsoft points for some ‘costumes’ for their avatars. 1k points equals $12.50. JUST FOR A VIRTUAL OUTFIT. .50 cents for a handy little avatar is not that bad. we also have a better system, online service, library of games, free internet service, and built in wireless router. dont forget DVD, CD, and Bluray playback. JEEZ. I know I was mad too at first, but some people freak out over an optional 50cent avatar


  • This is a GREAT LBP week! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  • i just bought an LBP Avatar right after i heard the news :D

  • @65 I DID buy the pack, sir. I even SAID that I bought it in my original post, so I don’t know where you get the idea that I didn’t buy. What I’m saying is that the creation tool (water) should be available for free. I am fully aware that you can play user-created water levels for free. MY gripe is in being forced to purchase something Disney branded in order to acquire a creation tool that should have been available a year ago with the game’s release. Read, absorb and think before you post replies.

  • Santa didn’t leave me Space Suit… (sob)

    I LOVE the Water POTC pack! Thank MM.

    May I gripe over this… Many of us couldn’t get a PS3 until Black Friday, two weeks AFTER the Space Suit was re-released. I want the Space Suit so bad it hurts. Every level I want to make and play is sci-fi related and the poor-man’s space suit substitutes just don’t do it for me. SO PLEASE Sony, MM, PS, whoever, I’LL PAY $5.99+ for the Space Suit. The folks who got it first could at least say they got it for free but PLEASE make it available for everybody.

  • addendum to above…

    No doubt with Disney here they’ll be a Buzz Lightyear costume but it’s not the same.

  • cool


  • I have a question concerning the downloaded PS1 games from the PSN. If you have a downloaded game, such as Resident Evil 3, on your PS3 and you have a PSP, can you copy that game onto your PSP using remote play and play it anywhere without using any sort of wireless internet connection and without being around your PS3 console? For example, lets say I’m sitting around bored in school and I can’t connect to the internet and I’m not next to a PS3, could I have my downloaded PS1 games copied onto my “PSP go” so I could play it whenever or do I have to have some sort of connection to my PS3?

    Please help because I’m considering buying a PSP if this feature is available.

  • do we have to pay for these naw avatars?

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