LittleBigPlanet – Sack it to Me: “Sackboy Greetings” Edition

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Greetings Sackpeople!

Wanted to shoot out one last “Sack it to Me” before our holiday break and as promised wanted to provide some more goodies…

LBP_New on the PlayStation Store

PSN avatars meets are here!!!

Its been a long time in the works, so we’re glad to finally introduce new PSN avatars. Avatars are now available individually or in bundles via the PlayStation Store. And the great news is, the first round of avatars happen to be all LittleBigPlanet avatars. Check out the first batch and let us know which avatars you’d like to see next.

LBP_PlanetsBundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL LBP_FestiveBundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL

LBP_Character1Bundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL LBP_AnimalBundle_Avatar_Thumb_ALL

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean DLC packs

LBP_Pirates_Add-On_thumb_US LBP_Pirates_Native_Add-On_thumb_US

If you missed our big announcement last week and you haven’t gotten your hands on the Pirates of the Caribbean packs, you have a whole lot of catching up to do. Check out the PlayStation Store and check out the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume packs and Level Kit, with a ton of new costumes and levels to play. Special to this Level Kit is a new WATER gameplay element which is sure to change the way you play LittleBigPlanet. So get your snorkel and fins ready for a completely new, and WET adventure.


LBP Plushies for the US!

Our friends at Senario has just unveiled our first official line of Sackboy plushies available at Limited supply, but I know they’re restocking. Also stay tuned as we have more plans to get Sackboy to a retailer near you.

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