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Hi everyone! I’m Kumi Yuasa, one of the US SCEA producers here in Santa Monica, and I’m here to introduce one of the newest fantasy titles to you, made especially for the PlayStation Portable system, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS. Much like the earlier version we released on the PS3, THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT LEGENDS is a digital card-based game that lets you collect, trade and battle magical creatures on the move that combines card trading, magic and adventure with the freedom to play wherever players want! Available as a download only from the PlayStation Store in Spring 2010, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS will be the perfect way to capture any gamer’s imagination wherever they are!

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THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS on the PSP packs a vast world of magic, mystery and battles into the palm of your hands. At its heart are more than 300 digital trading cards, over 30 of which are brand new to the franchise! What makes it even more portable is that the card collecting experience from the PS3 hit has been streamlined, no longer requiring the PlayStation Eye peripheral nor physical cards to be carried along with you. The PSP version’s digital cards can be earned by playing through the game, traded wirelessly from one PSP to another, won in battle with friends and enemies, and even bought from the PlayStation Store in future downloadable content releases. Each card features a monster, dragon, mage or mythical warrior with their own special skills ready to do battle against your opponent, and some cards are rare to come across. However, players must carefully choose among the cards they have collected to compile their ultimate deck. The cards are not lifeless images – these creatures come to life on screen springing out of their card and into attack, battling real time as they hack, slash and cast spells on each other. Deploy the right creatures from your deck to defeat your opponent and secure victory!

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With more than 300 cards to collect, great adventures to be had and great times with friends to be enjoyed, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS is an essential PSP title for all lovers of fantasy, action and strategy.

I’ll leave you with that for now. Continue to check back here on the PSBlog for updates about the new single and multi player modes, plus other news on THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT LEGENDS!

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  • Whoa! Awesome! This is exactly how I said the game should have been done in the first place. I like the idea of all the cards being in the game already and being able to earn them through gameplay. Using the camera and physical cards wasn’t a bad idea, but it was WAY TOO F’ING EXPENSIVE! I still regret dropping the $500+ dollars on EOJ cards back in the day, I just don’t play the PS3 game anymore. This seems like a great idea though and I cant wait to give it a try!

  • Firstly i was pretty dedicated to the ps3 version of the game and most of us have spent over a 1000$ on cards, like alot of us have mentioned it will take alot to get me back into this game.

    But tell me how are the cards going to be purchased are they unlockable ingame or do we have to purchase digital booster packs, in case we have to purchase digital booster packs this is possibly the most pathetic move sony could make.

  • I’m a little disappointed, because I thought that using the physical cards, and camera to play EOJ on the ps3 was the fun and unique part of the game, but there wasn’t much support in selling the cards for it. This new psp game makes it seem just like all the other digital trading card games….

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