Are You the Ultimate God of War Fan?

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Want to be forever immortalized within God of War III Ultimate Edition? How about getting a copy of God of War III Ultimate Edition signed exclusively by the development team?

If so, here’s your chance to prove your worth by creating your own video telling us why you think you’re the Ultimate God of War fan. Remember, be creative! At the end of the contest, the development team will select the top 20 submissions to be included within the ending credits of God of War: Unearthing the Legend – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise. All the selected winners will also receive a copy of God of War III Ultimate Edition signed by the development team.

God of War III Ultimate Edition

Check out some examples of what fans have done in the past (even the God of War development team gets into the act). Remember, you don’t have to dress up like Kratos to win. We’re just looking for the most unique and creative video our fans can come up with for the Ultimate Fan Contest.

So if you think you’re truly worthy of this challenge, simply fill out an online submission form and upload a short video telling us why you deserve to be forever immortalized in the God of War III Ultimate Edition.

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  • If I dropped myself out of a second-story window and landed on my head, I suppose I’d qualify to be a GOW fan, right?

    Meanwhile, the GT5 demo arrives in two days; now THAT is something worth waiting for!

  • so im assuming that no one is going to answer why the god of war collection freezes up constantly and is unplayabale? can someone please patch it? can someone please reply?

  • @52
    That maybe the issue for you… I have the game and I’ve never gotten any issues with it

  • Wait i’m from Greece. Can i participate?

  • Once again just for US residents!! That’s bad!

  • I know you probably have no say in this, but, for the love of god, make something similar available to UK/European/PAL residents!

  • Can I just have that mask? I’ll just buy the retail version when it’s released.

  • @Ken Chan

    I was wondering if there is any chance that you are the marketing team have thought about doing a custom God Of War 3 bundle for the PS3? You all have some amazing artist on staff and I think it would be cool if you all could some how make some limited edition bundles each with different art work from the God Of War series.

  • Hey Ken I have an idea. Instead of the limited edition ultra version that costs a fortune and has limited appeal. How about at game launch you release a cheap ass version of it for a lower,yet actual reasonable price. Maybe no manual, or no cover art or something. I don’t need a collector box that will sit in the parents basement, or on a nerd shelf for 10 years and make me wonder why they even release limited editions.

  • I’d so buy this, but I’d rather have physical stuff then digital stuff.

  • @52[If I dropped myself out of a second-story window and landed on my head, I suppose I’d qualify to be a GOW fan, right?]

    Only if Athena catches you in mid-fall. Otherwise, you’ll just get a Darwin award for your effort.

  • That’s why USA rules.. Don’t have to complain about it.. Rules are rules if you don’t like them move to the US..

    I’d enter to win but I reather buy mine and have them sign it because you would apreciate it more then winning something free anyways..

    Sucks when your sick and stuck in bed for rest and only thing I can do is get on my phone.. Which is covered in germs by now..

  • Hey guys, what about Indians?
    We are also a Fan of GOW…

    pity we can’t participate.I have some very good ideas

  • If this contest is only avalible in the U.S then you won’t be finding your ultimate God of War fans

  • This contest should be named “Are you the Ultimate US GoW Fan?” How are you going to find the ultimate fan when you are not even including every single fan?
    Pathetic really. Just goes to show Sony does not want to take a few more steps to open this contest to more countries. Always taking the easy way out.
    US =/= World.

  • Awesome! What is the cut off date though?

  • Also, are we allowed to use profanity/adult themes (not sex obviously :p) seeing as how this is an adult game?

  • @ 23 god of war collection doesn’t freeze, ive had it since it launched not 1 freeze. it could be your ps3

  • you shouldnt come in here anyway complaining, this is about a contest, not a game not working and you want to cry about it here for attention.. sony support

  • on the other hand, this contest does sound really fun, i could take some time and do this since it end 3/1/10 give me a little time to think about it…

    off topic.. im on my 57th play through of the gow III e3 demo. i did a new move by holding R1+ square…nice!

  • @67 3/1/2010

  • Dear Playstation,

    When are going to release the God Of War Comics?

  • please allow canadian to join in on this contest. I honeslty believe i am the biggest GOD OF WAR FAN. even though i am not able to participate i have already started writing a script for my 5 minute video. ill be sendins it in regardless i just have to win. if i dont win IN THE END THERE WILL ONLY BE CHAOS

  • Well, it looks like a neat contest. I personally wont be entering it since I never win that sort of stuff, but I do have one thing to tell you guys.

    GOW Collection has a bug that is driving me (and a few others) crazy! By the time you get to fight the minotaur for pandoras box the music for Pandoras Rings is mixing in the background with the rest of the music, so two tracks are playing at the same time.

    It’s annoying and needs to be fixed. Even going back to the title screen of the game does not fix this issue. I have to go back to the XMB and entirely re-load the game to get it to stop for awhile but eventually it starts up again and if left untouched, the music will mix in the BG with other music even though the end credits!

    Its very annoying, and needs to be patched up soon please. A lot of people would appreciate Sony looking into this matter.


    these guys need to be on there. this video is a classic. they made a fan video before a contest was even present.

  • Canada gets screwed again

  • That God of War CE looks sweeet! And heavy…

  • yessss!!!

  • @SuperSonic1305 Not only Canada my friend, Mexico also!

  • awesome lookin ;o

  • *dev question*-will the gow trilogy soundtrack be on a cd or download only?I hated how the two soundtracks that came with GOW 1 and 2 respectively were download only.

  • *dev question*

    If I submit a video for this contest does it need to be me explaining why I am the Ultimate God of War fan or would an epic God of War music video of my own creation suffice?Or would I need to put those two together?

  • #76, You’re kidding right? That video just shows that Star Wars Kid somehow didn’t mame himself before reaching college. LOL

  • How do I leave a video??

    and do i have to be over 18 or 17 or whatever

  • I know it’s only Us residents. I’m Brazilian and i’d like to send a video anyway. I have friends living in US, I can put their address or it’s not allowed? I can send this video with no Us address?

  • PLZ SHOW A NEW GOD OF WA 3 TRAILER JANUARY 18TH PLZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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