Are You the Ultimate God of War Fan?

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Want to be forever immortalized within God of War III Ultimate Edition? How about getting a copy of God of War III Ultimate Edition signed exclusively by the development team?

If so, here’s your chance to prove your worth by creating your own video telling us why you think you’re the Ultimate God of War fan. Remember, be creative! At the end of the contest, the development team will select the top 20 submissions to be included within the ending credits of God of War: Unearthing the Legend – a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise. All the selected winners will also receive a copy of God of War III Ultimate Edition signed by the development team.

God of War III Ultimate Edition

Check out some examples of what fans have done in the past (even the God of War development team gets into the act). Remember, you don’t have to dress up like Kratos to win. We’re just looking for the most unique and creative video our fans can come up with for the Ultimate Fan Contest.

So if you think you’re truly worthy of this challenge, simply fill out an online submission form and upload a short video telling us why you deserve to be forever immortalized in the God of War III Ultimate Edition.

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  • Awesome stuff, are Canadians eligible to participate in this contest also?

  • I wonder what kind of short video the real Kratos would have taken.

  • Forget the game,i want the mask!!

  • @1 (Kchow23): Nope.. I just red the official rules on the submission form and as usual it’s only open to the U.S., unfortunately.

    I’ve already pre-order my Ultimate Collection the day it was announced, but a second free copy to give to a friend would of been cool. Can’t enter though :/ Canadians and Europeans need more contest like this too.

  • Maybe I’ll recreate some of the ‘hidden’ parts of GoW I and II?

  • Any chance that there will be a contest for Canadians? (i.e Uncharted 2: Limited Edition) also I’ve not seen where I can pre-order the Limited Edition version of GOW3 in Canada retailers… they only have the standard.

  • Too late Ken, it’s already reserved at Gamestop, I can’t wait to open Pandora’s Box, MUAHA MUAHA MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :p :D

  • @4
    Thanks for the answer, and yea it’s unfortunate :(

  • i just picked up the GoW collection and the code for the GoW3 demo doesnt work :( I HAVE to win this contest now to make up for it.

    • No reason why the demo shouldn\’t work. Try again or contact our Customer Service line. They can help you out.

      As for the contest, chances of winning is high since we\’re planning to include 20 videos for the ending credits of Unearthing the Legend

  • hmm i might do this

  • Even if Canadians cant enter im still sending a vid. GOW3-GOTY-2010

  • @#6
    I pre ordered at Rogers Video, in Toronto but if your in any major city they should have a Rogers video.

  • rawr..
    there are scary people out there.

  • @9

    I was having the same problem. Try all lowercase letters. It worked for me. Either that or they just fixed it.

  • @5

    i hope your talking about the hot tub one

  • I would do but I suck at creating stuff have no camera and if I do with my luck I wont win

  • This is nice! That would be awesome if the winners are at the end of the credits in God of war 3. Or something you can unlock or i dont know lol

  • Sweet I’m making a video tomorrow!! Ken are you on the forums?

  • and I’m not going to spend the extra $40 for it since all that I want and care about is the game and since I don’t pre-order I guess I have to wait to play the demo when it get release either early from quore or when it get release on psn (don’t have the GOW collection but I’m going to get it just not right now)

  • too bad I am not too creative :(

    • Don\’t really need to be.. it could be as simple as you telling us why you think you\’re a God of War fan, or how much you liked the story / characters from the previous installments. It\’s completely open

  • How much does it weight?

    People who want to ship this out of the US and get charged by the pound would like to know. :)

  • Nice. Now if only you can get the GOD OF WAR COLLECTION to STOP FREEZING…

    Anyone? Is anyone at Sony listening? Please? Make it stop freezing with a patch or something.

    It’s unplayable.

  • Of course this is only open to the US…why would we expect Sony to do anything right for once with respect to Canada?

    Screw you Sony.

  • OK when I click the video it asked for my age. You have to be 18 to enter, I posted a comment see #12, and it says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” We SHOULD be all ADULTS on this specific post, and the last word I said should not be moderated cause WE SHOULD BE OVER THE AGE of 18 right? I understand I said a bad word, but it was taken out of context….

  • ACK. You should have to place IN BOLD LETTERING who is eligible to enter the contest. It’s just ****ing evil to read the whole article and later learn (after having to go though the full rules page) that as a Canadian, I get a nice foot sent straight for my nether region.

    Apparently only Americans can be GoW fans.


  • ok i have never done something like this before but since i have my copy of MGS4 signed by the mastermind behind th game , Kratos does deserve the same treatment from me , i think i will give it a try , dont know what im going to say yet but i’ll try to do my best , lets see if my God of War posters , ps2 games , ps3 collection , UMD and DD psp copies give me some sort of confidence that i might win , i’ll try thats for sure , In The End There Will Be Only Chaos !!!! good luck everyone

  • nice, but im not from the US :(

  • Why isn’t the contest open to Canadians?
    Is this a North America Blog…..

  • God of War…it only does destruction

  • Kratos…he only destroys everything

  • Will this be available in stores?
    Is the box art final (cuz i really don’t like the close up face stuff)?
    And is the contest available for Canadians?

    Lokks pretty sweet!

  • Wait.. so the one i pre-ordered from EBgames will not be signed by the team? :(

  • That voice in the video. Is that the dude from the playstation underground CD Magazine released on ps1? If so then thats badass.

  • When will you guys end up announcing the winners? Just in case I don’t win, I’d like to know ahead of time so that I can still prerder it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Myself

    Gah. Why must I always misspell a word!

  • I bought the God of Wawr Collection and my code isn’t working. It says code is not vaild please check code. I feel like i’m ggetting scammed. I emailed Sony didn’t get a reply back.

  • I bought the God of war collection and my god of war 3 demo code does not work. It says code is not vaild please check code. I emailed sony didn’t get a reply back. Am i getting scammed.

  • Sorry for double post.

  • Okay is there any other examples then the video provided here? An how far can we go with this? Like wat if i ripped someone heart out? lol
    no but is there any other examples?
    AND ALSO PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING ISSUE WITH THE CODES I RECOMMEND THAT U CHECK IT IF YOU HAVE AN 8 It MIGHT BE THE LETTER B, try to swap some that look like it could be another like o could be 0(zero) i had the same issue its just that wen i scratched the code there are these black line that curve all over it and makes it hard to make out what is what. like i had an 8 but since there was this black curve it was really a 6 its strange.

  • Already pre-ordered it :)

  • also is that really going to be the box art cover? cause i don’t think man like it that much, i thought it would show all of kratos like the other ones do

  • Wow I was planning to unleash a whole world of creativity on this project….. but then I read the rules and Canadians can’t win :(

    Oh well =D

  • You know what my favorite part about this game is thus far? There was interview awhile back (I forget with who) where the team was asked straight out how long the game would be and if it would be a linear or open gamestyle, and the response was flat-out “it’ll be the same as the others.” No shame, no hiding, and no B.S.- this title is SO ****ing AMAZING that the interviews can be completely shameless in their straightforwardness and refusal to cater to lowly pop-culture demands. I don’t know of a single other game that could pull that off. Kratos is a freaking rockstar in the gaming realm. And, if I may add, he’s looking DAMN good (in a platonic sense- even if I were like that, I’d keep my distance =P).

  • *Looks at rules*

    Oh. Bye then.

  • Guess I better get my creative juices flowing, as well as gather all of my GOW paraphernalia.

  • Can you guys fix the God of War forums?

  • Could these contests have a (U.S Only) beside the title? disappointing to hear that there’s a contest for your favorite game and then you notice that Canada is left out once again

  • how about releasing both this and the GOW collection here in Australia?
    yes thats right, we like to play ps3 games too.
    we also love competitions ;)

  • SONY PLEASE FIX THE PSN ACCOUNT EXPIRATION PROBLEM. When you goto friends list, portable ID, etc it says the account has expired and makes you relogin. PLEASE FIX IT. It’s been this way for over week.

  • whats the deadline?

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