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First things first: congratulations to Naughty Dog (UNCHARTED 2 won three awards, including Game of the Year), thatgamecompany (Flower took Best Independent Game), and Sony Santa Monica Studios (God of War III is your Most Anticipated Game) for their Video Game Awards wins this weekend.

And thanks go to the 100 PlayStation fans who joined us to celebrate these wins in Hollywood on Saturday evening. It was a truly fun time, and the reaction of the crowd when UNCHARTED 2 claimed Game of the Year/Best PS3 Game/Best Graphics was made all the sweeter by the fact that several Naughty Dogs were there to watch along with us.

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Along the way we raffled off multiple copies of our biggest games of the year (Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, UNCHARTED 2 and more), a couple of super-rare James Grayson-inspired Resistance: Retribution leather jackets, and a so-tough-to-get-that-even-we-don’t-have-one UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter’s Edition. It’s the least we could do for fans that came out to see us on the sloppiest day I’ve ever seen in Southern California. See all the pics here.


So, a lot of you asked why we didn’t hold our VGAs viewing party somewhere else. Here’s the reason: We were able to score two extra tickets to the live show, courtesy of one Geoff Keighley. The plan all along was to pluck the first two people out of line and send them into a waiting limo for the night of their video-gaming lives. Nobody deserved it more than Eric and Brittanie of Ontario, CA. The couple stood – in the driving rain – for 8 hours (!) to attend the meetup.

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Unfortunately, the limo was late, and that same freak LA rainstorm turned what is normally a 15 minute drive to the Nokia Theater (even in LA traffic) into a nearly hourlong slog downtown. We just missed the seating window. Fortunately, Brittanie and Eric are really good sports, and we returned to the meet-up to watch the VGAs on Spike. They’ll be getting a nice schwag bag for their awesomeness.

Thanks again to Naughty Dog and everyone else who came out to see us, making this another successful community event. Let’s do this again.


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  • @ Jon_Mclane

    Everything turned out for the best because even though we missed the Awards, the event was sooooo much fun and watching everyone’s reaction to the awards, especially N.D’s at the end was well worth being there.

    I wanna thank Jeff, Chris, and everyone at Playstation for making this event possible and for giving us the opportunity to be there, well worth the wait in the rain :)

    BTW Jeff, I sent you over my e-mail! Look forward to hearing back Thank so much!

  • Yeah the event was absolutely great. I thought I was happy enough for the LBP Game of the Year edition. But winning the big prize of the Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter’s Edition topped it greatly. Thanks for throwing the event guys.

  • Yet I missed out on another PSBlog meetup :(

  • Jeff or Chris, when is the next PSBlog meet up?

  • congrats naughty dog ive been with u since the jak and daxter series plz make another jak game

  • That Resistance Retribution jacket is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well looked like a good time, at least we won game of they year.. hopefully sont can repeat it with gow3.. .. oh yea flower got indy game of the year, i bragged about it all year long and guess what i was right best sixxas game ever made.. waiitng 4 flower dlc content to enjoy my predictions of indy game of the year..

  • playstation rule!

  • oh man lucky ppl! congrats to ND!

  • Ah!! I was there! I almost won that Fortune Hunters edition too… well… not really, but I should’ve won it.

    Congratulations Naughty Dog!

  • Congrats to Naughty Dog, Really Deserve the Award

  • Congratulations guys!

    You need to convince SCE Australia to get some events like this down under in Sydney.

  • 1st picture, left…. HURR DURR DERP DERP DERP!

  • Gratz!! To the PS3 team and congratz!! to the UC2 team on GOTY, beat MW2 :)

  • Ok, you guys SERIOUSLY need to quit saying “schwag”. The word you are trying to say is “SWAG” spelled “S-W-A-G”. The word “schwag” is slang for low-grade, crappy, bricked weed. See for yourself, feel free to Google it yourself if the vernacular definition shown here isn’t enough to show you. So, to recap: unless Eric and Brittanie got autoographed bags of dirt-weed, please use the correct terminology in the future. Thank you. Oh, and CONGRATS to Naughty Dog!

  • Good show Naughty Dog! Good Show!!!!!!

  • CONGRATS to the NaughtyDog team for winning 3 awards at the VGA’s including:Best graphics,best PS3 game and GAME OF THE YEAR for Uncharted 2!!! AWSOME ^-^

  • i guess i’ll get uncharted

  • Lol i pretty much Knew Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2: Among Theives will win good job Dog. Hope you guys make a much better game than uncharted :P

  • I was there and the event was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who put it on! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • i am highly disappointed in you all for even letting this mockery continue with out speaking, up. Well, now I say to thee Nay. Uncharted 2 should not have gotten the game of the year award, and I know some fools out here believe differently, but truthfully the game has only been out a couple of months, Whoopty-doo Naughty Dog, you guys brought a game out its been w/ us for 2-3 months a lot of my friends haven’t even played it; but you guys think you deserve the game of the year. Please lets realistic w/ our chooses, this game should be apart of next years votes along w/ assassin’s creed 2 and GOW 3. Please someone fix this Travesty/Mockery known as the VGAs, they are the worst at what they are doing.

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