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First things first: congratulations to Naughty Dog (UNCHARTED 2 won three awards, including Game of the Year), thatgamecompany (Flower took Best Independent Game), and Sony Santa Monica Studios (God of War III is your Most Anticipated Game) for their Video Game Awards wins this weekend.

And thanks go to the 100 PlayStation fans who joined us to celebrate these wins in Hollywood on Saturday evening. It was a truly fun time, and the reaction of the crowd when UNCHARTED 2 claimed Game of the Year/Best PS3 Game/Best Graphics was made all the sweeter by the fact that several Naughty Dogs were there to watch along with us.

PlayStation Blog VGA 09 Meet-up068 DSC00091

Along the way we raffled off multiple copies of our biggest games of the year (Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, UNCHARTED 2 and more), a couple of super-rare James Grayson-inspired Resistance: Retribution leather jackets, and a so-tough-to-get-that-even-we-don’t-have-one UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter’s Edition. It’s the least we could do for fans that came out to see us on the sloppiest day I’ve ever seen in Southern California. See all the pics here.


So, a lot of you asked why we didn’t hold our VGAs viewing party somewhere else. Here’s the reason: We were able to score two extra tickets to the live show, courtesy of one Geoff Keighley. The plan all along was to pluck the first two people out of line and send them into a waiting limo for the night of their video-gaming lives. Nobody deserved it more than Eric and Brittanie of Ontario, CA. The couple stood – in the driving rain – for 8 hours (!) to attend the meetup.

PlayStation Blog VGA 09 Meet-up046

Unfortunately, the limo was late, and that same freak LA rainstorm turned what is normally a 15 minute drive to the Nokia Theater (even in LA traffic) into a nearly hourlong slog downtown. We just missed the seating window. Fortunately, Brittanie and Eric are really good sports, and we returned to the meet-up to watch the VGAs on Spike. They’ll be getting a nice schwag bag for their awesomeness.

Thanks again to Naughty Dog and everyone else who came out to see us, making this another successful community event. Let’s do this again.


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  • Grats guys, and CONGRATS to ND!

  • Oh man, N’Gai was there? And I missed him again?

    • Dude, not every guy with dreads at a video game event is N\’Gai!

      I did run into him later on downtown, however :-)

  • Thats great!

    Congrats to all the winners. Especially Naughty dog and flower who deserved it for his brilliant and original game

  • So many congratulations to ND! Thanks for walking the walk so we can talk the talk!

    Sony Santa Monica: We’re still talking, you guys (and gals) keep on walking.

  • oh btw The 2 people were from Ontario California or Ontario Canada? lol

    and i hope we get some news about Dead nation soon or a release date before the end of the year would be nice lol XD

  • Ok ok their dedication definitely justifies it all, though other states would be just as willing I’m sure :(

    Maybe even Florida people would be ;)

  • Shame rhe southeast doesn’t have Sony get togethers like this. I bet it would be fun to go to something like this.

  • looks like a lot of fun!

  • Congrats Naughty Dog………………are you going to make a sequel for U2? hope to see it

  • I Don’t know how long Naughty Dog has been around but, I know they are the future of gaming!! Great Job Guys!!

  • Yeah, congrats to Naughty Dog, well deserved

  • BIG congrats to Naughty Dog. This is one of the few times I actually agree with the Game of the Year decision…it could have been no one else.

    I’ve lost a lot of faith in the Playstation brand this current gen. From the lies about rumble, to the extreme delays, the loss exclusive titles, a fractured trophy library, and basically no implementation of Custom Soundtracks even though they said they would, Sony has left me little choice but to abandon the hardware…EXCEPT for the Uncharted series.

    If I didn’t have a Playstation, Uncharted is the game that I would go out and buy the system exclusively for. Personally, it’s my favorite game (series) of all time. The graphics are always outstanding, the game play is fantastic, and the voice acting is second to none in video games, dare I say all of entertainment.

    Good work Naughty Dog, it’s been a long time coming, but your just deserts are here for you to enjoy, so eat up, you deserve it.

  • PS. Please don’t make Uber-Exclusive collectors editions (Fortune Hunter Edition, I’m looking at you). As a fan, I like Collector’s editions, but as a Canadian, Sony usually ignores us…so I’d like to be able to buy this stuff at Wal-Mart of Future Shop (Game stores, like EBGames aren’t very populated across the country).

  • Congrats ND, keep up the good work!

  • Great night but my friends and I were kick out from our table for the naughty dog team and the only people that have to stand the whole night! ><

    • Sorry guys…we should have rotated you in some other seats!! But it was for a good cause though, right? Hope you got something signed by the team!

  • Uncharted 2 beat out MODERN WARFARE 2?

    The shock on that alone was enough to surprise me, simply because it seemed like such a lock. Uncharted 2 deserves it though, I can think of no other game this year that I’ve had so much fun with, both watching and playing.

    It’s this years MGS4 for me. Grats ND, keep on keeping on!

  • Hey Jeff, thanks to you guys for hosting the party it was fun. I got my girlfriend to come along with me and make the drive from san diego and wait in the rain. (if only i left i an hour and a half earlier i could’ve been first, oh well) It was fun though and congrats to all the winners.

  • Congrats to all, thanks for all the hard work and time you guys put in to these games…we appreciate it.

    On another note; I understand it’s cold in the East Coast… but; it would be nice to have something like this on our side… i.e. New York City ?

    Congrats again guys.

  • What fun! glad ND came out on top for Game of the Year! I voted that game/studio for multiple categories including many other PS3 exclusives.

    Since I’ve been good, can Santa now please send me an Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter’s Edition?? Please?! :)

  • really proud of you lot uncharted 2 is an amazing game and can’t wait for the third installment. Great work and i hope you all very pleased :) PS. i voted for ya ;) ty for the beta guys :D


    But Claudia and Nolan were robbed.

  • Uncharted 2 winning GOTY is the death knell of the single player game.

  • You guys need to do something in NYC dammit :( What has it been, 2 years since the blog and not a single event in NYC? :(

  • Congrats Naughty Dog. Keep the hits coming. U2 is an amazing game, i love the online game features. Looking forward to more DLC and U3.

    Gamer Advisory Panel

  • Uncharted 2 deserved that away. All the nominations for GOTY were great, but they didn’t touch the quality of Uncharted 2.

    Glad everyone had a great time.

  • I want to play too!

  • Congratulations to ND, Uncharted 2 well deserved the awards.

  • It\’s cool, I can talk to Carlos any time!

  • I was there and it was AWESOME!! Sony knows how to support their community and through sick meet-ups! Chris & Jeff are cool as hell and they always come with great swchag!! (Even if I didn’t win anything)

    Congrats Sony & Naughty Dog!! There is justice in the world when Uncharted 2 wins GOTY at the VGA’s.

  • I was so glad to see Uncharted 2
    Win Game of the Year
    Its a Amazing game
    Naughty Dog deserved it.

    Was a fun show

  • I really got to thank PS.Blog for throwing this great event and congrats to Naughty Dog winning 3 awards, including Game of Year.

    I can’t wait for the next meet-up in LA.

  • that’s freaking awesome.. I live in la but was unable to go. I did manage to go to the meetup at the tamale place last year right before e3. Everyone was blown away when Jeff announced that the first 100 would have full access to e3.. I was part of that lucky group! Jeff was like a rockstar signing shirts and stuff! Hey Jeff, will we be having another pre e3 meetup this year again?

  • I agree with post number 19, MDVR.

    Looks like fun, I wish I was there. But congrats to all of those who won their awards and those nominated as well. Good luck to you all going in 2010, the competition is fierce, but the God of War already won this war! Lol

    I thought that ND were gunna win EVERY AWARD they were nominated in, and Nathan would’ve won best voice, but I guess I was wrong, plus FLOWER WON AN AWARD!!

  • Sony yet again proves that sales don’t matter. It’s quality! The PS3 has quality all over it!

    IMHO Many more people would switch over if Sony would do a new PSN add show casing the advancements of PSN, as well as boasting about the fact it’s free!

  • Congrats to all!

    I really wish there was some sort of event that took place in the DC area. California is overrated… Hello? Nation’s Capital anyone?…

  • That sucks for Eric and Brittanie. But they probably ended up having more fun watching the show with the rest of you guys. I would rather hang out with Jeff and Chris over Snoop Dogg any day.

  • congratz on all the awards guys

  • The only thing that sucks about living on the East Coast is missing Gaming events like this, they never have them out here.

    BTW, the event looks kick ass and hopefully one day I’ll make that trip. Congrats to everyone at ND, thatgamecompany, and Santa Monica. Those awards were well deserved.

    GG and Insomniac deserved awards as well as inFAMOUS. Oh well, I own all your guys’ games and I hope they continue to sell well into the future.

  • The only thing that sucks about living on the East Coast is missing Gaming events like this, they never have them out here.

    BTW, the event looks kick ass and hopefully one day I’ll make that trip. Congrats to everyone at ND, thatgamecompany, and Santa Monica. Those awards were well deserved.

    GG and Insomniac deserved awards as well as inFAMOUS. Oh well, I own all your guys’ games and I hope they continue to sell well into the future.

  • WHAT? No people’s reaction video to the GOTY announcement? I’d like to watch how you guys went nuts :)

  • how come no major Video Game event is held in New York? ohh well guess I gotta go to NY Comiccon then

  • so i guess i have to move to Cali. even though i’m scared of Earthquakes and that state is broke. i want to attend these events and Sony’s Game Studio fan day.

  • I WANT THAT UNCHARTED 2 SHIRT! Does this meen a possibility for a U2 GOTY edition?

  • apparently the east coast just doesnt exist in playstation world

  • First congratulations to the winners; also congratulations to the nominees, I was certain Fat Princess would also win.

    My first event and it was epic. I won Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (wish I would have taken a picture though), got free food, and got schwag signed.
    When Uncharted 2 won GOTY I thought “there is a god,” well no but it seriously made me feel like there was honest voters that knew Uncharted 2 deserved to win GOTY – toppling COD:MW2.
    To bad I froze up and missed my chance to talk to one of the guys from Naughty Dog or Jeff & Chris, as they were standing next to me waiting for their cars at some point.

    Either way Thank You Sony/PlayStation for the event, when my friends found out I went and wished they had came, I replied with “SCEA takes care of their people”

  • Awww man, I would have loved to get one of those Retribution jackets.

  • Congrats to all of the winners, and especially ND for winning GAME OF THE FREAKING YEAR WOO HOO LOL, so well deserved, congrats guys, enjoy it!!! :D

  • I know these awards don’t matter much, but I was pretty outraged at the “Best Female Performance” going to stupid Megan Fox. Claudia Black put in TWO epic performances this year in Uncharted 2 as Chloe, and Dragon Age as Morrigan (not to mention doing the motion capture for Chloe). What did Megan Fox do, show up for a 1 hour recording session? As long as stuff like this happens, I will not put any real merit into these awards!

  • what happened to the Canada Questions to get Fortune Hunter Edition nominees? i was one but i havent seen winners announced & it said it will be announced in Nov.
    Insomniac Deserved a award to & Nolan North Should have got bet human voice
    But Jack Black Needs a next award for Best joke while getting a award

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