BioShock 2 PS3 Walkthrough: Collecting ADAM at Ryan Amusements

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This week’s Q1 PlayStation Showcase didn’t just feature Sony-published games; a number of publishers brought along heavily-anticipated titles to show on PS3 and PSP. I think that term – “heavily anticipated” – definitely applies to BioShock 2. In this video, 2K Marin‘s Lead Environment Artist Hogarth Delaplante (“call me Hoagy”) walks us through some of the new features and areas in BioShock 2, and details new gameplay features like setting traps, “dual-wielding”, and the new hacking mechanic. Hit the HD button underneath the video for best results.

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  • @50

    Don’t try and talk sense…it’ll just lead to frustration. Good luck.

  • what’s the deal I still cannot watch videos on my ps3 since doing an update. When will this get fixed?

  • Boring!!! 1 of the most overrated games of all time together with Assassin’ Creed. I played the 1st one. It was fun overall, but nothing close to the hype and reviews. But this video… damn, it just puts you to sleep.

  • will this game also use mlaa?
    that technique on on Saboteur looks amazing vs the xbox360 and even the PS3.

  • HEY JEFF ! gotta question. how come they can fix a bluetooth sync problem that they said didn’t exists and it was a hardware problem even though it happened to the new slims? but they couldn’t fix they video problem on the blog that clearly exists? it’s funny how eric and his team of 4 are slacking these day’s. it would be nice if they didn’t make buggy firmware. and give it to us without fully testing.
    they should do beta testing on the firmware. i know many people who will be happy to test them. as long as if the fw did something to your system while testing you get compensated for it. like a new system not a refurb one.
    please pass this along to the firmware team thanks.

  • I want to know why the *pointless* inclusion of multi-player was forced onto this game so needlessly, while taking away time and resources from the single player game.

  • The first one was awesome,only problem was the 5GB install. Is the sequel going to have an awful install?

  • I’m looking forward to this sequel as much as any that’s come out this year. One thing I hope is different is that the type trophy awarded is more commensurate with the particular accomplishment than it was in the first Bioshock. I mean, seriously, a Bronze for completing the game on Hard? In Batman and others I’ve gotten Silvers just for completing the main story on Easy.

  • @17

    Actually Sony didn’t break the Flash player on PS3 in firmware 3.10. It’s the PlayStation Blog itself you should be blaming. They changed their video format to one PS3 can’t play for some stupid reason. I feel the same anger about it as you, but you are pointing your anger at the wrong place.

    I couldn’t for the life of me tell you WHY they changed formats though. All I know is that it’s rediculous, and is really starting to irk me that they havn’t gone back to the old video format. It just makes no sense. Jeff knows this is a problem and more and more people are )rightfully) complaining about it every video post. So why they havn’t just gone back to the old format is just mind boggling. They SHOULD have went back right away as soon as they noticed the complaints.

    And Jeff, if you read this, IF you ever decide to actually DO something about this, please make sure that you repost THIS particular video, because it’s one I REALLY want to see, along with alot of other people. Judging by how slow you are to address this and simply go back to the old format, I don’t think you appreciate how many people ditched their PCs because the PS3 browser is good enough for most casual web surfers.

  • Can’t wait for this game! I’ve recently completed BioShock and unlocked all the trophies, and now I’m playing the Challenge Rooms, and it’s a LOT of fun!

  • I’m looking forward to this quite a bit, but I also hope there aren’t trophies for the multiplayer that require you to “grind”. Ugh.

    Uncharted 2 did it best, just a couple trophies for playing the multiplayer.

    Quantum of Solace did it the worst. Kill 1,000 enemies in multiplayer among others that require you to grind and devote many, many hours. Ugh.

  • @60 You ditched your pc just because the ps3 has a browser that’s dumb, the ps3 browser is not even close to being that good.

  • Looks absolutely amazing. One question Jeff, will there be a Demo? If yes, when? If no, why not?

  • I hope it’s longer than the first one and has alot more music from that era.

  • I cant wait!!!! Loved the 1st one.

    hey, can I work with you at 2K marin????

  • The PS3 version of BioShock 2 looks very sharp and runs smoothly, 2K did a fantastic job, so big thanks for that. Though I never had any complaints about the first BioShock on the PS3.

  • Already placed my pre-order for the special edition. Wish I had scored some of the cool merchandise like a splicer mask.

    With this and God of War III it’s going to be a great start to the year.

  • I love Bioshock and to the guy who got his ps3 stolen i feel your pain

  • Hope to see if this game will live upto its expectations unlike mw2 i thought it will be much better but with the campers and the short amount of health… Far out anyways its an good game and i know this will be even better but hey the first bioshock [DELETED] OWNED .. and bioshock 2 looks sexy on the ps3

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