BioShock 2 PS3 Walkthrough: Collecting ADAM at Ryan Amusements

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This week’s Q1 PlayStation Showcase didn’t just feature Sony-published games; a number of publishers brought along heavily-anticipated titles to show on PS3 and PSP. I think that term – “heavily anticipated” – definitely applies to BioShock 2. In this video, 2K Marin‘s Lead Environment Artist Hogarth Delaplante (“call me Hoagy”) walks us through some of the new features and areas in BioShock 2, and details new gameplay features like setting traps, “dual-wielding”, and the new hacking mechanic. Hit the HD button underneath the video for best results.

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  • Looks good, but still not sure about the rubbish looking multiplayer.

  • Cool Walkthrough! Jeff, as usual you always bring the good stuff. Congratulations on the new baby!

    My best advice I can give you guys about Bioshock 2, is to not include any online multi player trophies. The min I see that trophy list show online trophies. I’m not buying this game.

  • Why would it be such a problem if they were to expand on the already expanded single player trophies? I wish more developers put multiplayer trophies into their games, like Killzone 2.

  • YES! Bioshock 2 info, can’t wait to get this game.

  • It pains me reading this blog……so many cool things happening in the PS world, yet it’s a constant reminder that my house was broken in to and everything including my Plasma tv and my PS3 were stolen :(

  • I loved the first game and I’m eagerly awaiting this game over God of War 3 and Gran Turismo. I really don’t care for the multiplayer though.

  • We’ll see if this has a fantastic single-player experience, or is just a money grab with some multiplayer tacked on.

    I’m hoping for the former, obviously.

  • TakiFuGu, I completely agree. The only exception for me being if it like the two from Uncharted 2. Just a little incentive to at least try online, but not something to make you play stupid long. I’m looking at you Bad Company…

  • Really looking forward to returning to Rapture! I seriously hope the multiplayer addition doesn’t take away from a quality single player experience.

    This is one sequel that has A LOT to live up to, and I hope you guys do it justice. :)

  • @ 3

    Killzone 2 is nearly impossible to platinum due to some of the absurd online trophies. Total pain in the butt. I don’t even bother.

  • @ 5

    I’m sure by 2010 you’ll be able to replace all of the items you listed above.

    jeezzz, I never get why people come on the blog to tell their sob stories. I feel your pain but this is not a AAA meeting dude.

  • Makes me want to get the first one so that I can get up to speed.


    Ouch! Sorry dude. Hope this Christmas is a blessing to you.

  • @12

    An “AAA” meeting? You leave Triple-A and the entire roadside rescue business out of this mister, you got it?

    lol, I think you meant AA meeting.

  • Yea Killzone 2 does have bad trophies because its impossible to Pt. That been said no game has worse trophies than Socom which is fitting for the rest of the game.

    Still playing Demon’s Souls (on new game+) and slowly getting some more trophies in that… Bioshock 2 looks great looking forward to it, I hope it’s a worthy sequel and not just an expansion of the first one.

  • @11

    Killzone 2 wasn’t that hard to platinum. Getting the air support kills just takes a little time; it’s certainly not impossible.

  • Once again I cant see the video bcuz sony hasnt issued a fix for the flash player they broke in update 3.10. A status on that would be nice. In the meantime could you at least provide an alternate link for the videos you put on the blogs. One my ps3 browser can still read.

  • @ 14

    yeah you got the point. Sorry, put an extra A in there.

    I think people think that Sony or Jeff is going to offer them a free PS3 replacement or something.

  • More videos from the showcase please!

  • Looking good, I’m actually enjoying playing through the first one right now. Almost done.

  • i think I’ll g by Bioshock now its like 20 bucks now. cause i wasn’t paying 60 dollars for a year old port.

  • Can we do something about the video player on the Ps3? It’s ridiculous how we can’t watch videos on Playstation.Blog on the Playstation 3, seriously!

  • Looks EPIC to me!
    Enough said!

  • Looks slick. Thanks for the demo.

  • Hm… So now you play as one of those giant, scary dudes, eh? Everything’s looking spot-on. And I respect a good lighting man- after seeing what Killzone 2 did with that aspect, I’ve come to respect that aspect of graphics a whole lot more.

    I’m seriously going to need to reconsider getting Bioshock. (And then, of course, Bioshock 2.)

  • For the ppl complaining about killzone online trophies you must not be very skilled at the game because the hardest trophy is beating the single player game on the hardest difficulty, the top 1st is just based on many points u got with then the week. If u can beat offline on hardest u should have no problem getting that.

    If you want to talk about bad trophies I’ve got one name… Warhawk.

    and @25 if you never played bioshock your missing out on one of the best games of this generation.

  • hey Jeff can you some how check if the PS3 version’s gonna have a mandatory install like BioShock? thanks!

  • hey Jeff can you learn if Bio2’s gonna have a mandatory install? thanks

  • i was disappointed by the original game. i thought it was severely overhyped. the story just did nothing for me. not a bad game, but not amazing. so i really don’t think i’ll be buying this just for online when there are so many other great FPS’s coming out like MAG and BFBC2.

  • WOW I like the performance and looks on the PS3 version! Nice work to the Bioshock team! I look forward to BioShock 2 on the PS3 vary soon! Also there better be some PS3 exclusive content this time around as well!

  • Wow, this looks really good on Playstation 3! Good job Bioshock! I’m really excited for this! Exclusives hopefully?

  • Nice, very much looking forward to this game. My wife and I enjoyed playing through Bioshock respectively through the modes (each attaining a platinum).

    For my wife to get a platinum, the game must be good. That was her first and last platty, although she’ll be playing Bio. 2 to get one there as well. Kudos on a very detailed/unique game and we’re looking forward to this one.

    By the way, Jeff, congrats on the new baby(? – in reading an earlier post). My wife and I are expecting our 2nd to pop out any day now…he’s stubborn so far (her due date is manana).

  • Thanks for the ps3 love. Bioshock almost made me buy a 360. Glad it came out on ps3. I bought that one and will buy this one too.

  • I enjoyed BioShock but had several technical difficulties with the PS3 port (post fw 3).
    Hopefully the gameplay will be on par with the other versions this time around.
    Actually, I dont care since I pickedup a $100 arcade at walmart specifically so I could finish BioShock. But it would be nice since the PS3 is my “main man”.


  • I hated the first one. worst 30 I ever spent. I don’t know how it could have gotten the reviews that it did. just stopping by to try to understand what so many people saw in this game. maybe I’m missing something.

  • I can’t wait for this. The first one is one of my favourite games of all time.

  • These games arent good. Raise your standards.
    Another FPS? Please.

  • I can’t watch the video on my PS3. why?

  • I loved the original so much. Played through three times since it’s original release. Looking very forward to seeing how the lore of the BioShock universe continues.

  • I don’t understand how people can hate on Bioshock. It’s the best shooter/rpg I’ve ever played. This game makes u think before rushing in.

  • i can understand why people hate bioshock, i mean its not even that great. its cool to use the plasmids and all, but it had very bad pace. you had long stretches of time not doing anything, it was boring. the story was awesome though, one of the best i’ve experienced, very interesting. setting was great too. choices of saving or harvesting the little sisters were too black and white. you’re either good or bad? also the game has so many glitches with poor frame rate (i had it on the lowest FR and it still froze in some parts) bioshock still needed polishing before its release on ps3….
    but bio2 looks better, lets see if it will

  • looks quite good i doubt it will live up to first. The shooting wasn’t great in the first one i felt so i tended to stick with wrench and the crossbow :D i like what you have done with various parts eg the dual wielding and being able to use the drill is wicked but i feel it may make it quite easy. When you drill i want to feel like a huge vibration for immersion when i drill into some guy and him like lookign at the drill rip through his stomach :) but this could allow enemies to attack you in the back as you are unprotected there. Multiplayer i odnt have high hopes for but shall wait . I don’t see why you changed the hacking system? I thought it was good on the last one but it still looks quite good. I hope it is as good if not better than first :D

  • Will there be a huge 5GB install like the first game or is it more optimized now? That is literally my only complaint with the first game. Just bought the challenges DLC, will play it before Bioshock 2.

  • will this be two player splitscreen co-op?

  • I wasn’t sure what to think about a sequel. The gameplay and graphics look great though. I”m still wondering about story and the hacking mechanic ( in the video it looks very simplistic)

  • The game is looking pretty good. I have one question though. It’s something that bugged me in the first one. Will shooting and switching weapons be on R1/L1 this time? And switching between plasmids on L2/R2? To me, the L2/R2 buttons are better for secondary actions. L1/R1 are my preferred way to shoot/iron sights with the Dualshock 3. Will there at least be different configurations to choose from? Thanks.

  • Looking good! And nice TV, i have the 52″ XBR4 :)

  • the guy- no, I should refer to him using his name xD- Hogarth Delaplante seems so passionate about his game^^

  • can you guys please fix the ps3 browser i cant watch videos :-(

  • @TakiFuGu
    Unfortunately Chrstmass won’t be a blessing (as far as replacing anything), since the insurance company is dragging their feet and I don’t think they are going to give me enough to replace everything. I need to replace my daughters computers first, so I won’t have a PS3 for quite a while.

    FYI, as nice as getting a free PS3 would be, I think it would be better if Sony would implement a way of dissabling stolen PS3’s.

  • I loved the first game, its where my PSN ID (“Big Daddy” Mr Bubbles) came from. The sequel looks great from what i’ve seen I hope it doesn’t dissapoint.

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