Coming to PSN this Week: New High Velocity Bowling Characters and Ball Packs

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Happy Holidays Bowling fans! 2009 is almost over and we wanted to close the year out with a PAINful Xmas! That’s right…Jarvis and Ginger are coming to High Velocity Bowling. These are both available this Thursday 12/10 for just $0.99 each, and they each come with a new customized bowling lane and bowling ball! If that wasn’t enough we also have two new ball packs coming your way also for $0.99 each!

For those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, now’s the perfect time to try it out. It uses the SIXAXIS motion sensors so you hold the controller and swing your arm like you’re throwing the ball. With 4-player local play and 2-player online, it’s great fun for family and friends, and can be had for only $9.99 on PSN. In addition to the eight quirky, unique characters included in the base game, there are a bunch of other downloadable characters and ball packs available via in-game commerce or the PlayStation Store as well, on top of Jarvis and Ginger coming this week.

Here’s the breakdown of the goodies coming this Thursday:



High Velocity Bowling CH_Jarvis

His love for pain, and fearlessness around danger has developed his strength as an extreme athlete. This has helped his power in the alley immensely. However, with recklessness comes carelessness. His accuracy isn’t the greatest, but this never detracts him from going all out.


High Velocity Bowling CH_Ginger

With her experience and proficiency at handling balls of all sizes, her accuracy in the lane is impeccable. But, since she loves the way she looks in her uniform, Ginger likes to take it slow down the lane to ensure she doesn’t get herself dirty.

Here’s a video of these two in action on their new lanes.

Ball Packs

Winter Holiday Ball Pack

High Velocity Bowling BP_Holiday2009

The Winter Holiday Ball Pack was inspired by the gift of giving and puffy snow, including two showcase balls.

Animal Patterns

High Velocity Bowling BP_AnimalPrints

The Animal Pattern Ball Pack was inspired by the instinctual character of the world’s wildlife, including two showcase balls.

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. Happy Holidays, and thanks again from SD Studios for all your support!

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  • Awesome. Having a ball (hehe) with this game. Love the DLC!
    Keep it comin’, and I’ll keep rollin’.
    Haven’t had this much fun since Ten Pin Alley back in the PS1 days…..I just dated myself huge.

    psst…..maybe a “dude” or “walter” character? “Jesus”?”Munsen” or “Ernie”? HA! That would be wiiiiiiiiicked.

  • Wow that looks cool and it also has great graphics <3 xd.

  • I would like to see a pack for new lane conditions so the online competition would be better.

    Sure, it suppose to be a tournament format but I think there should be an option to practice the lane.. like 10 shots before you start.

  • I can’t wait to get my PS3 back and pick up some fancy balls! Blu-ray drive failed *sigh* Oh well, the warranty’s got my back!

  • what about Tati from Pain?

  • Brandon, I know you guys have heard this request multiple times in the past and it seems that the answer given is always kinda generic at best. But please please please make this game 4 players online. I’m certainly glad you guys still support it, but bowlers/lanes/balls DLC only goes so far. 4 Player online IS A MUST for a bowling game. It’s maddening to have other friends out there with this game and not be able to play them because it only offers 1 vs. 1 online. As a bowler myself we need a game that offers a 4 player league type experience while playing online. Thanks.

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