Coming to PSN this Week: New High Velocity Bowling Characters and Ball Packs

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Happy Holidays Bowling fans! 2009 is almost over and we wanted to close the year out with a PAINful Xmas! That’s right…Jarvis and Ginger are coming to High Velocity Bowling. These are both available this Thursday 12/10 for just $0.99 each, and they each come with a new customized bowling lane and bowling ball! If that wasn’t enough we also have two new ball packs coming your way also for $0.99 each!

For those late bloomers who haven’t played the game yet, now’s the perfect time to try it out. It uses the SIXAXIS motion sensors so you hold the controller and swing your arm like you’re throwing the ball. With 4-player local play and 2-player online, it’s great fun for family and friends, and can be had for only $9.99 on PSN. In addition to the eight quirky, unique characters included in the base game, there are a bunch of other downloadable characters and ball packs available via in-game commerce or the PlayStation Store as well, on top of Jarvis and Ginger coming this week.

Here’s the breakdown of the goodies coming this Thursday:



High Velocity Bowling CH_Jarvis

His love for pain, and fearlessness around danger has developed his strength as an extreme athlete. This has helped his power in the alley immensely. However, with recklessness comes carelessness. His accuracy isn’t the greatest, but this never detracts him from going all out.


High Velocity Bowling CH_Ginger

With her experience and proficiency at handling balls of all sizes, her accuracy in the lane is impeccable. But, since she loves the way she looks in her uniform, Ginger likes to take it slow down the lane to ensure she doesn’t get herself dirty.

Here’s a video of these two in action on their new lanes.

Ball Packs

Winter Holiday Ball Pack

High Velocity Bowling BP_Holiday2009

The Winter Holiday Ball Pack was inspired by the gift of giving and puffy snow, including two showcase balls.

Animal Patterns

High Velocity Bowling BP_AnimalPrints

The Animal Pattern Ball Pack was inspired by the instinctual character of the world’s wildlife, including two showcase balls.

We hope you enjoy all the new goodies from HVB family. Happy Holidays, and thanks again from SD Studios for all your support!

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  • Still one of the best games on PSN. Motion controller is awesome here.

    We need a PS Home game launching room though!

    Too bad Sony wants $150 to give me a refurb 60gb that will die in 91 days. Oh I miss my PS3.

  • do we really need more high velocity bowling? really?

  • This is still one of the best PSN games. Motion controls are great. Ability to launch via HOME would be even sweeter.

    Too bad Sony wants $150 to give me a refurb that will break in 91 days. Oh, I miss my PS3. Maybe Santa will persuade Sony to stop ripping off their customers with poor products and high repair costs?

  • If you want to bring a Pain character, bring Kenneth! And get the Fat Princess too while you’re at it.

    • We will certainly keep that in mind. Until then have fun with Jarvis and Ginger. Thanks for the suggestions. Happy Holidays!

  • I love how indie developers have dlc characters and stuff from other games, it’s like they all share characters from games that are exclusive to the PS3/PSN these should implemented in more disc-games like how it is with LBP and possibly Modnation, this should be in more games. Good pick in DLC especially the ‘yummy’ Ginger

    • Thank you for your support. We\’re all glad you dig the DLC. We all feel the same about Ginger. If you\’ve got a PSP and haven\’t the chance, you should check out Pinball Heroes on PSN. You can find a HVB and PAIN table to roll with. Happy Holidays!

  • “With her experience and proficiency at handling balls of all sizes, her accuracy in the lane is impeccable”

    Really? Really.

    • We gotta keep it real in the HVB universe. We hope you take the time to check out the new stuff. Thank you for the support. Happy Holidays!

  • Sold! I love this game!

    • Sweet! We do too! We really hope you have fun with the new DLC. When you get a chance stop back in and let us know how you like the new stuff. Happy Holidays!

  • This is a VERY under-rated PSN game! If more people buy it, they will be very suprised at how fun the game is! Thanks for keeping the game fresh with new DLCs like this. Keep them coming, and don’t listen to the haters!

    • Thanks for the fine words DZORMAGEN! Fans like you keep this thing alive. Keep the love coming and it\’ll find its way back. Have fun with the new stuff and have a great holiday!

  • why cant i view the video, im browsing via the ps3 broswer?

  • Jarvis falling out during a gutter ball. I loved that part! Good Job! I love PAIN and HVB so putting the two together is a win in my book. Keep up the good work.

  • but anyway this game rocks, beats wii’s bowling in so many ways!

    • I agree! Thank you for your support and have fun with the new DLC. I\’ll check into the video thing for you and let you know if I can help. Have a great holiday!

  • Love to see some form of support for one of my favorite go to games on PSN.
    This is the best game when you just want to play something really quick to pass time.

  • Do people even still play this game? It was terrible to begin with, and the trophies were stupid, and it was completely over priced…yet still more DLC?

    Why?! Why not work on something else and better?

    • We\’re sorry you feel that way. We realize this isn\’t for everybody, but we try. I appreciate you taking the time to post though. Have a great holiday!

  • I’ll purchase it….love the game.

    Great for company or even by yourself for practising.

    • Thanks GGCAN! We\’re glad you love the game. We hope the new DLC makes it even better. Enjoy, and have a great holiday. Thank you for the support!

  • This was the very first game I bought off of the ps store about two years ago. Thanks for your constant support.

    • That\’s awesome! You are truly welcome for the support. Thank you very much for your long time support. You\’re family! Have a fantastic holiday and have a blast with the new DLC.

  • Really dig this game. Finally earned the “1600” trophy the other night after battling back from an embarrassingly low rating. Now I can enjoy the game without stressing over that damn trophy! Oh, and Ginger will be mine!

    • Great job on the 1600! Ginger is waiting to help make your holiday season a good one. Have fun with the rest of the DLC. Thanks for the support!

  • Glad to see the game continuing to get support, even though sixasis hasn’t been the phenomenon it was hoped to be. My family had a lot of fun with this game over at my place this summer and they liked the characters a lot more than Wii Sports bowling. Keep them coming!

  • I don’t suppose you could bundle all this DLC for the game for a discounted price? I know there’s a ton of it now, and will this game support the Motion controller sometime in the near future?

    • That\’s a pretty good idea and we\’ll definitely keep that one in mind. As far as the motion controller support, I don\’t have an answer. As with every other decision that impacts the game directly, we need to evaluate it and determine if it makes sense for the current product. Our main concern right now is making sure we bring exciting DLC to the table to keep things fresh. Thanks for the support and Happy Holidays!

  • @jeff or chris can u guys fix the blog i cant watch the videos from my ps3 and i don’t have a pc please fix this ASAP ty

  • Just bought a couple of the new ball packs and luv em! This game is so great, never fails to entertain during parties.<—Period

    • Great to hear. We hope you enjoy the new stuff we\’ve got for you guys. Have a blast and enjoy the holidays!

  • Thanks for the continued support of HVB, it’s good to see.

    • You\’re welcome. It\’s good to make. As long as everybody is having fun playin\’, our team is happy to create new stuff to keep it alive. Thank you for your support and have a happy holiday.

  • DLC with some of the downloadable games has gotten out of control… With PAIN, people were saying it wasn’t a full game from the beginning- throw in $50 worth of DLC and I feel like I paid for a $10 demo.

    Can we please set a limit somewhere, and then have a “Full Edition” (with firmware already included)?

    • ooops. hit the wrong button! We appreciate your thoughts. However it is delivered to you fans, our goal is to provide a fun, fresh experience…every single time. Thank you for taking the time to write. Happy Holidays!

  • I dont know about you but this game is SOOO hard!Im stuck at 0% trophies because of this,even online is hard….Everytime I play online,I lose..Any tips for me Brandon?

    • All I can say is take your time, be patient, and have fun with it. If you\’re tryin\’ the spin thing stop for a bit and bowl straight up. Take yourself back to the good ole days when you went to those bowling parties as a kid and you just tossed the ball like you didn\’t give a ?#@$! If that doesn\’t work cuss it out…that usually does it for me (but not while the kidz are around). Happy Holidays!

  • We appreciate your thoughts. However it is delivered to you fans, our goal is to provide a fun, fresh experience…every single time. Thank you for taking the time to write. Happy Holidays!

  • A very FUN and underated game. My whole family loves it. Though we haven’t played it in a while, the DLC looks like just the thing to freshen it up and get us back playing during the holidays.

    Quick question – I love the all of the characters and ballpacks that you’ve come out with, but have you ever given a thought to new Lanes/Alleys for DLC? I think that would add even more fun to our HVB experience! Thanks for the fun!

    • Thanks for the support! We hope you have a great time with the new DLC. Regarding your question: Beyond the lanes we deliver along with the characters and their bowling balls…no. It\’s always about the complete package to us. Why stop at the lane when we can give you the rest. Thanks for your support, and have a great holiday!


    • I wish I could but then the ESRB police will be after me and bust me. In the HVB world we still need to keep it as clean as we can…we\’ve got the kids watching. So for now we hope you enjoy Jarvis and Ginger. Thanks for the support, and Happy Holidays!

  • Just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Brandon….after 25 responses of wishing everyone else a happy holiday, he deserves it.

    Don’t have the game, but nice support for the fans.

    • Thanks KidCommando! Right back to ya…Happy Holidays! I hope you get the chance to check out Bowling High Velocity style one day. If not, good lookin out and thanks for takin the time to write.

  • Nice job reponding to the comments Brandon, shows that you are really dedicated. :)

    • Thank you! I appreciate that. You fans have been great to us and have been doing a great job supporting us. Have a fantastic holiday season.

  • Can you guy at team ramrod develop a new game using the sixaxis like HVB. Perhaps a baseball or golf game. HVB uses the sixaxis so well it is almost like having a Wii. Adding other excellently made sports games like HVB only makes the sixaxis technology better. Call it High Velocity Golf.

    • Thanks for the fine words. If the right game or idea comes along, maybe we\’ll get the chance to do that. We hope you enjoy the new DLC. Have a great holiday and thanks for the support!

  • i cant wait to use the motion controller with this game. wonder how well it will work.i need more info about that.

    • If I had more info to give I would, but unfortunately I don\’t. In the meantime you\’ll have to do it the old school way. Enjoy the new stuff. Happy Holidays, and thanks for the support.

  • Brandon,

    Thank you! You guys really support this title well. Getting a new roller, lane, and ball for under a buck is a great deal. If you keep ’em coming, I’ll keep buying ’em.

    – 100% Trophies
    – Current Rating – 1536
    – Best Online Score – 258

    • Spoken like a true HVB vet! Thanks for hittin\’ the game hard, it is truly appreciated. Enjoy the new DLC. LowSteadyHum, we hope you have an awesome holiday season. Thanks again for the great words and support!

    • Spoken like a true HVB vet! Thanks for hittin\’ the game hard, it is truly appreciated. Enjoy the new DLC. LowSteadyHum, we hope you have an awesome holiday season. Thanks again for the great words and support!

  • i’m shock this game and Pain still supported.

    • Well there\’s no reason to be shocked by it…just have fun with it! I\’m happy you took the time to write us a message. If you get the chance take Jarvis and Ginger out for a spin. Have a great holiday!

  • More Pain add-ons? sounds good

    • Thanks you for your support. Hit us back after to get a chance to roll with the new stuff…i\’m curious to hear what you think. Have a happy holiday season.

  • When will we see Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops!

    • If you mean on the bowling lane…i\’m not sure. Sounds cool though. I\’m down for a new genre…Stealth Bowling. Thanks for the message. Happy Holidays!

  • Ugh… honestly who cares. I’m shocked anybody actually still plays this and Pain anymore. The sales can’t possibly be very good for this stuff anyway, can they?

    Why don’t you guys start fresh and make a new PSN game? That way you can generate a whole new fan base and considering all the new PS3 sales in the past year, get a whole ton more sales too. Also, if you decide to release DLC for that game, you could generate even more sales.

    Sorry if that sounded rude or whatever, but I honestly don’t see the point in the never ending support for these two (very) outdated games. Seems like resources could be put to better use.

    • Thanks for your input. It was nice of you to drop in, take the time, and offer your support…in a different way. Have a great holiday season!

  • Why can’t I unlock the Snowglobe bowling ball, and the Meat (cow Print) ball. I can use the snowglobe ball in the default ball bag, but I can’t put it in any other ball bag, because it is locked, and the cow print ball is locked. I have completed the game, unlocked everyone, even bought most charecters, and ball paks. But they still remain locked. What the deal, I’ve sent an email regarding it, but no one has an answer, or solution. Love the game, but The snowglobe ball the one I like can only be used in the default ball bag.

    • Hi Matix49G….my apologies for that…that doesn\’t sound right. I have my team looking into that as we speak. Hopefully I can give you more insight real soon. Anyhow, I appreciate your support. I hope you get a chance to grab the new stuff when it releases. Have a great holiday!

    • Ok Matrix49G, here\’s the deal: It sounds like your save data may be corrupt. Being that those 2 balls are our default balls, this should not happen. This means you should be able to put those balls into any bag. Your only solution right now would be to delete that saved data…which I don\’t suggest…and start again. Perhaps you can fall in love with a different ball…perhaps one of the new ones in the Winter Holiday pack. I wish I had a better solution.

  • oh, that PAIN alley is neat! Good job guys.

    • Thanks for that BlindMango….I just gave a shout to the artist who built it…he says thanks as well. Anyhow, we appreciate your support. Have fun with the new DLC and have a great holiday!

  • @36 ihatereading369

    Obviously sales of the game and DLC are good enough or they still wouldn’t be supporting this title. Maybe the game is not for you, but it looks like there are plenty of players still supporting it.

    Also, it may be dated to you, but there are going to be over a million new PS3 owners after the new year. To them this game is going to be a fresh experience. It will also look good to them BECAUSE they are still supporting the game after all this time. If I was a new PS3 owner I would rather buy a game that was still being supported over a newer game that has been forgotten about by the devs.

    I’m sure these little DLC packages are not completely preventing them from working on a new game.

    I do see what you are saying, but you also have to look at the other side and not every game is for everybody.

    hopefully you don’t hate reading too much and you can see there is most likely a flip side. :P

  • @ #27 nYcFrEeWiLL82  

    I agree with you there. Every great game would be even better with Tati. Imagine: LittleBIGTati, Uncharted 2: Among Tati, Heavenly Tati, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Tati, and my personal favorite, inTati.

  • Cool dlc!

    I don’t really play this game that much anymore because all the trophies are online, but the DLC characters make it a hit at parties (better than that other system’s eponymous motion-controlled bowling game, in my opinion)

    • Thanks for the support. It sounds like a good time to fire it back up. I hope the holidays are good to you. Let us know how Jarvis and Ginger treat you and the friends.

  • Why would I buy your DLC or even play your game anymore? When I’ve lost my HVB game save twice due to my system breaking. PS3 backup utility does not restore HVB copy protected saves to a repaired system. I’ve lost my progress twice, great game but until you patch out copy protect saves you can count me out. Sorry.

    • Sorry to hear about that. My is hope is that some time down the line you\’re able to pick it up one more time. For what it\’s worth, thanks for taking the time to post and for being dedicated enough give us 2 chances. Happy Holidays.

  • so this game is not coming to Europe??

  • sorry got confused with hustle kings

    • No problem. If you\’re bored and need a game that releases in Europe, come check us out. It\’s called High Velocity Bowling. We\’ve got alot of crazy characters, cool lanes, and a gazillion bowling balls to roll with…ok not gazillion, but alot. Happy Holidays!

  • Can you guys unlock the save already!?

    • If you mean the DLC, you\’ll have to wait til Thurs….sorry! It\’s worth the wait though. Hang in there and let us know what you think when you get it. Happy Holidays!

    • Somehow I feel like you weren\’t talking about the DLC. If your concern is the same as #46, my apologies to you as well if this has been a problem for you. This is being relayed to the team. Thanks again for the support.

  • It’s nice to see some more content being developed HVB, even more than two years after its initial release. This is a great bowling game to play with family and friends online or offline. New content helps to freshen it up for veterans and maybe bring the game to the forefront to newcomers (including people who just bought a PS3).

    A couple of the comments above inquired about unlocking the (currently locked) save data file so that it can be backed up. I myself have unfortunately had a PS3 system fail on me several months ago, so I had to start over with my progress on HVB. Brandon, would you consider passing along to the team the possibility of developing a patch that can unlock the save data file?

    While you’re passing along comments, also thanks for this very enjoyable game.

    • I most certainly will pass that along. Sounds like this is becoming a hot topic. My apologies for these issues. I appreciate you supporting HVB. I hope you get a chance to check out the new DLC. Have a great holiday!

  • I plan on buying this game next time it gets discounted to $4.99.

  • since your team is adding characters from other exclusive PSN / PS3 games,

    how about these characters:
    Drake from uncharted
    Snake from MGS4
    Sacboy from LBP

    • That\’s a great idea! Perhaps in the future that may be a possibility. Thank you for your support. Happy Holidays.

  • As others have said, unlocking the save file would make a big difference before I go buying more DLC. Great game, but I’ve gone through 3 PS3’s in the past couple months, 2 of the malfunctioning units were Sony refurbs. Got my 3rd refurb back recently. Having to unlock the same stuff (in this case the best balls and charachters) over & over & over again on each console has killed it somewhat, along with Fat Princess and to a lesser extent KZ2. At least my online stats remained, except in Fat Princess for some reason, which is now a $15 digital paperweight. Hope HVB looks at this issue in the future. They patched in trophies, so anything’s possible!

    • We hear you all loud and clear. Thank you for the feedback. The team and I will certainly keep this in mind for the future. Thank you for the support and have a great holiday!

  • Great game and great support! Thank you for the Custom soundtracks!

    Anyone who is thinking about picking this game up just do it! Very fun to play with family and friends!

    Please make another game soon using the sixaxis control! Come on guys there’s money to be made lol.

    • Good lookin out! We hope you have a great time with the new DLC. Thank you for the support and fine words. Have a great holiday season.

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