SingStar Holiday Update

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Hi everyone,

I’d like to share with you some good news about today’s shiny new SingStar Holiday update to version 4.30.

Firstly, and most importantly, this update fixes the missing songs (although you will have to re-download those that are missing), problems with videos and other issues a number of you found with the previous version update. We want to thank all of you for being so patient while these problems were being fixed and tested thoroughly. Hopefully, once you’ve updated, you’ll find everything back to normal : )

Well, not quite normal actually. There are a number of cool new features also added in this holiday update for you to try out too!

Singstore: What's Hot USA

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • What’s Hot? – Now you can see Top 10s on the SingStore – our hottest content from current Top 10 downloads to top festive tunes.
  • Quick Buy – Watching a media clip of someone singing a song you really like and want to add it to your collection? Now you can go and view it directly in the SingStore with the press of a button!
  • SingStore On Demand – You can preview and purchase SingStore songs available directly from the Song Selection screen in the game. Just press the Square button and you can view the whole SingStore catalog while playing.
  • Previously Purchased Content – If you’re in SingStore, you can instantly see which songs you’ve bought before.
  • Download all purchased songs option – In the SingStore, you can now download all the tracks you’ve purchased before quickly and easily. Just go to ‘Purchase History’ and select from there.

SingStore on demand USA

My SingStar Online:

  • My Favorite Media – This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite media clips in the community in your profile, so you can quickly watch them again and again.
  • Clubs – You can transfer leadership of a club to another person.


  • Cartoon Interface – This gives child-friendly in-game feedback and end-of-song rankings.
  • XMB User Player Profiles – When adding player names into your new game, you can now select from names stored on XMB (i.e. login profiles).

Phew, that’s it!

Last, but not least, congrats to the SingStar team as the franchise has now reached over 20 million copies sold worldwide!

Let me know your comments below on the update and more – I’ll answer what I can : )

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21 Author Replies

  • will this update be avaiable for Singstar Latino???

  • Thank you Erin for keeping us updated and responding to comments. I look forward for the wireless mics announcement.

  • Update works fine with Latino. It was the one I actually updated.

  • I just got this on sale so I’ll be looking to expand my music collection soon.

  • i really wanna get singstar for my PS3 but i been forcing myself to hold off until wireless mics and a larger more N.A. oriented tracks are available. i like UK tracks but a lot of my friends never heard a lot of the songs. so please bring a refined singstar experience for North American fans!

  • I love singstar keep it up!! Its great to see how it is expanding!!

  • thanks for the links Kalakaua

  • Why is Lady GaGa not on the US Singstore?

  • Thank you Erin! I am very glad to hear that we will finally be getting good songs in our SingStore soon. It would be cool if you had a huge update and gave us at least most of the good songs that are available in other countries! Hopefully it won’t be long til our SingStore is almost exactly the same as that of another country such as the UK!

  • Why can I no longer use SingStar with remote play on my PSP?

    I used to be able to access the SingStore to download songs, but launching SingStar via my PSP only locks up the game and the screen goes black. If I exit the game, the PS3 kicks me out of remote play.

  • Hey Erin Hello!
    Well first of all thanks for updates, we’ve been a lot of impacient, ’cause looking EU store with lots of great Music we don’t have on the US. For example i would like to buy The snow patrol pack in the US, is there any chance we can have it any time?.
    Keane too, from the killers too. There’s so many thing to buy on the EU store.
    But i’m glad that at least i already bought the Travis’s songs. And talking about it, is there any chance we can ever had more Travis classic songs? Like “Why does it always rain on me?” or “Side “Driftwood” for example. That albums are from Epic and distributed by Sony music, so any chance?.
    Thanks a lot for it, here at home play Singstar a lot, so i’m pretty intersted in buying more songs, but lately i haven’t done it, not so really great content lately.
    Oh another question, is there any chance we can buy content from the EU store?.

  • SingStar Michael Jackson!

    If you guys agree, please join the SingStar Michael Jackson FaceBook group.

  • Why do I have to update each SingStar title? Can’t you guys figure out how to update all of the SingStar installations at one time rather than making me do it with each volume and edition?!?!? You managed to give us only one set of trophies, I would expect you can get the update process simplified!

  • Erin

    Can you tell me why the Europe Sing store has more songs (different songs) than the US store? My friends and I have been debating what the reasons could be. Also the UK store has maybe my favorite song of all time Jackson 5 – ” I want you back” Please let me know how I can get this in the US!!!!!

  • Hope to see SingStar Motown stateside soon. My mom and sisters are really looking forward to it. I like the changes made.

  • Help!!! I’ve been robbed!

    I downloaded the new Sing Star update and when I returned to Sing Star I found that all my previously downloaded songs that I paid for had been STOLEN!!!

    I am now involved in some complicated ransom scheme. I am instructed to leave all kinds of ID info, and a lot of which I do not readily know. Then I am told I will have to wait 7-10 days to find out of my stolen property will be “credited” so that I can finally return to doing the work of finding and downloading all my stolen music.

    I wonder if the next step will have be waiting at some rural pay phone (ALONE).

    I’m ready to call the cops!

    I DEMAND a better resolution!! I DEMAND compensation!! I have done no wrong!

    You made the error, either pay me for my time and effort or fix it immediately without any work on my part!

  • Great Stuff Erin!!
    Please dont forget about us Canadians!! Tragically Hip, Trooper, Anne Murray, Corb Lund and most of all Mitchell, Gotta have Kim Mitchell! Maybe some Helix too!! Some of these guys would probably pay Sony to have their music played.

  • Hello Erin. I just wanted to say thank you so much for responding to everyone’s comments. For so long I felt like we have been going unheard. I am happy to hear about more US-centric downloadable content because I would love some new songs to sing that I have heard of. Wireless mics sound good too but please do not let them release those ugly mics like the ones over seas! You guys have got to beat Lips and come up with something innovative. Thanks again for listening.

  • i bought rock ballads (UK ps2 game) but it won’t work on my US PS3. is there something i can download to make it work?

  • I just used the link and filled out the proper info and emailed customer service.

    The response I got from customer service was the exact same link which asks me to fill out the info and send to customer service.

    This is the resolution for the holiday update that erased my purchased music? I am just supposed to keep sending them an email and they will keep sending me a link to send them an email?

    This error and response are both inexcusable.

  • Hi,

    I’m glad to know the ““Usage Rights” restrictions is a known issue. Any idea when this will be fixed? I’ve purchased a LOT of Singstar songs over the last year or so and don’t want to spend my time off over the holidays deleting and re-downloading tracks.

    Also, I want to cast my vote for more punk, post-punk, new wave,’70s and early ’80s music from US and UK: Boomtown Rats, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Cars, Devo, Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, or XTC. Heck, I’d be thrilled with some Electric Light Orchestra, even. It seems like sometimes even when there are good artists represented their song selection sucks (I like Kate Bush but “Babooshka” isn’t fun to sing).


  • Apparently, I am not allowed to re-download the songs I originally purchased for my deceased PS3 to my new PS3, simply because I returned my old system to the non-Sony retailer where I bought it from under the store’s product replacement plan. This retailer is one of the leading sellers and servicers of Sony products in Canada.

    I sent a message to Sony customer service through the link in this thread, and received this response (thanks at least for the prompt reply!)

    “We apologize for any inconvenience that you have experienced with needing to get your Singstar songs redownloaded again. Unfortunately, at this time because you went through another retailer to get your PLAYSTATION(R)3 computer entertainment system serviced then we will not be able to deactivate it for you and you wont be able to download the songs again without purchasing them all over again.”

    Could anyone kindly explain why Sony cannot deactivate my dead system? Is this a technical issue? I gave the CSR the serial numbers for both the old and new units. It does not say anywhere in the Singstore Usage Rights that you have to send the system to Sony.

    Any suggestions or explanations welcome.

  • Actually, I hadn’t played for a while, and totally missed the 4.2 update. However, I did get to experience the wonderful annoyance that that update apparently caused when I got the 4.3 update. Every song I downloaded between 10/2008 and 2/2009 Was marked as having been downloaded by “a user that no longer exists” or some such thing. I had to re-download 52 songs. Guess I should be glad the SingStore wasn’t as stupid as the game and let me download again. Here’s a tip: when fixing an error, make sure I’ve been affected by the flaw before you mess up my game! It was working just fine before.

  • Update worked fine for me.
    I just wanted to point out a little snafu in the purchase area.

    I bought the first Coldplay pack last week and a bit later got an email from Sony with a survey about my Playstation Store experience.

    That’s all well and good, but it assumed I purchased a Singstar song through the Playstation Store, and well, that’s not exactly how it works. YET?

  • This update really is nothing special upon actually downloading it. It just seems too much like a cover up for the terrible U.S. Singstore updates.

    Speaking of downloadable songs, how is it that the picture in this article is using a U.S. account, but is able to purchase the good songs that we never get? I won’t get my hopes up for those songs becoming available though. There hasn’t been an update that has impressed me in months. It’s really a shame for such a game with such great playability. I just don’t get it. How does Lips maintain such awesome updates every week, whereas Singstar can’t get it right at all.

  • I realise that your hands are tied but I second the notion on tryin to get singstar disney released here. Pretty much a sure fire hit I’d think. It seems a fairly common problem with the new update, I had no problem getting my 107 songs redownloaded? While in the game itself I deleted all the downloaded music, which was fairly quick and painless. The pain was though that it took 6 hours to redownload all, I had thought it didnt work cuz the total wasnt right but the songpack downloads were seperate. My friends of family are all big fans of the game, and have uor fingers crossed for some of the media right problems to be resolved so that everyone enjoys the game as much as we do :)

  • I’m also a victim of the owner deleted problem, and would like to express my extreme disappointment that this forced upgrade was allowed to be released. Like many others, I’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into researching, downloading, and playing my Singstar playlist; so the very thought of having to reload any number of songs is just devastating.

    Good luck in getting this sorted ASAP – before your reputation gets sorted out too.






  • Okay I found out by trying to play singstar on my ps3 tonight that my downloaded songs have the user deleted message. I get on here and read up, and find that I need to delete these songs, and the re-download them. This is a pain, but I do it anyway. Well, after deleting them I got to my purchase history to redownload, and guess what. All the songs I downloaded back in 2008 and early 2009 are not in the purchase history! Songs from july of this year and later are there, but none before that! Around 45 or so songs are not anywhere to be found!!!! I got on here and went to the link you posted telling how to get missing sons back. I followed the directions explicitly. Guess what! The only songs still in my purchase history are the same ones from July of this year and up! Where are the other forty something songs I spent my hard earned money for!?! How and when will I get them back! Why are they not in my purchase history?????!!! Do NOT tell me my money was wasted. Please tell me what I need to do to get my property back. I will NOT pay again for songs I already paid for.

  • Any hopes of a Glee Singstar it seems to be a real hit and the songs are friggin awesome.

  • I didn’t trust Sony enough to actually delete my locked out songs, and I’m glad I waited as I have downloaded more than 500 songs and was suspicious of the very thing that happened to Kodiak31 in comment #80.

    Version 4.31 is out and it fixed the deleted user problem.

  • Thank you Erin for you help with re-downloading previously purchased content.

  • Thanks for the fix!

  • I wasn’t sure if anyone that might read this would have any advice? I have had singstar vol. 2 for a year now but decided to download a couple of wallpapers, I have no problem downloading songs at least before the last 2 updates. Or no problem besides just it bein a pain havin to delete all my songs and redownload them, then finding out there was a fix so I just wasted my time :s, I have never tried to til tonight with wallpapers ,the transaction went through and everything. But for some reason they keep comin up as error when they try to download? So payed for em and cant get em, anyone else with this prob? or any advice?

  • I think its a fair measure of how angry I am, that I actually went through a whole sign-up process just to leave this comment.

    We purchased a PS3 a few months ago primarily to play digital content. We use our Wii primarily for gaming. However, I saw Singstar and in particular Singstar Motown, so I asked my wife to get it for me for Xmas – good intro to PS3 gaming.

    Now, I read that:

    1) Motown Version “not” releasing
    2) General agreement that Singstar isn’t providing decent North American content (and I would think Motown would be high on that list, btw)
    3) Singstar hasn’t even bothered to provide wireless microphones for the NA market, while available elsewhere?

    All this leads me to conclude that Sony and Singstar don’t really care, and frankly I want to know how you’d like me to explain to my wife that the Xmas gift is going back?

    What I’d like is for Jack Tretton to write to me and explain to me why I should buy anything PS3 related, when even basic products that are completely within Sony’s control, can’t be delivered?

    Ohh yes …. I’m angry.

  • i have redownloaded most of my existing library however i can’t get any new songs from the singstore update they’re all locked and every time i put a disc in it asks for an update please help as i would like to download some xmas tunes for a xmas party. thank you

  • I was wondering, if I buy a PS4 in a few years, will I be able to play the songs I bought on my PS3 or are we kinda throwing away money right now?

  • Ok I think I’m confused so I need to ask for clarification. I am in Canada with a non-backwards compatible PS3. If I purchase ANY of the old Singstars for PS3, I can use them with the Disk Swap option? Is this correct? Because if it is, holy crap do I have some shopping to do.

  • Hello, I purchased PS3 Singstar as a family X-mas gift and after the initial fun, I am very disappointed with the lack of available songs for download. It is horrible! I have good and wide ranging band/musician knowledge and found that the majority of bands are unknown. Of the good artists, most have only one song available and it’s a terrible choice. I’ve scrolled through the hundreds of on-line available songs and due to the poor selection, only downloaded four. What makes a bad situation worse, is that there are no kids songs. We want this to be a family and adult party activity, and it has great potential, but the song choices are terrible!!

  • @33: “and the 20 player limit really has to go, it’s horrible when you have to delete someone and their highscore is wiped clean”

    Second this. The limit serves no purpose.

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