SingStar Holiday Update

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Hi everyone,

I’d like to share with you some good news about today’s shiny new SingStar Holiday update to version 4.30.

Firstly, and most importantly, this update fixes the missing songs (although you will have to re-download those that are missing), problems with videos and other issues a number of you found with the previous version update. We want to thank all of you for being so patient while these problems were being fixed and tested thoroughly. Hopefully, once you’ve updated, you’ll find everything back to normal : )

Well, not quite normal actually. There are a number of cool new features also added in this holiday update for you to try out too!

Singstore: What's Hot USA

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • What’s Hot? – Now you can see Top 10s on the SingStore – our hottest content from current Top 10 downloads to top festive tunes.
  • Quick Buy – Watching a media clip of someone singing a song you really like and want to add it to your collection? Now you can go and view it directly in the SingStore with the press of a button!
  • SingStore On Demand – You can preview and purchase SingStore songs available directly from the Song Selection screen in the game. Just press the Square button and you can view the whole SingStore catalog while playing.
  • Previously Purchased Content – If you’re in SingStore, you can instantly see which songs you’ve bought before.
  • Download all purchased songs option – In the SingStore, you can now download all the tracks you’ve purchased before quickly and easily. Just go to ‘Purchase History’ and select from there.

SingStore on demand USA

My SingStar Online:

  • My Favorite Media – This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite media clips in the community in your profile, so you can quickly watch them again and again.
  • Clubs – You can transfer leadership of a club to another person.


  • Cartoon Interface – This gives child-friendly in-game feedback and end-of-song rankings.
  • XMB User Player Profiles – When adding player names into your new game, you can now select from names stored on XMB (i.e. login profiles).

Phew, that’s it!

Last, but not least, congrats to the SingStar team as the franchise has now reached over 20 million copies sold worldwide!

Let me know your comments below on the update and more – I’ll answer what I can : )

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