MAG Beta Ends with Zipper Challenge This Friday

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There are only a few days left before our MAG beta comes to an end this Saturday at Midnight, but we don’t want our heavily-armed, highly-aggressive fat lady to sing until you’ve had a chance to give our game a go for yourself. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a little challenge to any and all MAG beta testers: We dare you to beat Zipper at our own game!

MAG Beta new screenshot

This Friday evening on December 4, multiple Zipper squads will be waiting for you on the MAG servers representing all three of the game’s PMC Factions (Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor). All you have to do is log on when the time is right, join a queue, and look for players with the distinguishable Zipper clan moniker to see if you have what it takes to beat us — it’s that simple.

If you aren’t a member of the MAG beta quite yet, don’t worry — just head on over to our MAG Beta sign-up page to get a key of your very own so that you too can have an early glimpse at what 256-player mayhem is all about. Sign up for your free key now, and you’re guaranteed some extra practice before the Zipper Challenge begins.

Speaking of the challenge, here’s the schedule for you in multiple time zones for Friday:

  • Pacific: 6pm-8pm
  • Mountain: 7pm-9pm
  • Central: 8pm-10pm
  • Eastern: 9pm-11pm
  • Hawaii: 4pm-6pm
  • Alaska: 5pm-7pm

For more information leading up to Friday, keep your eyes on the official MAG Blog for the scoop. We hope to see you there and when we return again, this time with the final game at retail, on January 26.

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  • Launch the game in summer, work on the graphics a little more and adjust the framerate. Make third person sessions possible like MW2 and you might redeem the disaster you did with SOCOM. Take care guys!

  • Didn’t like the beta that much, I will just wait for socom.

  • I played the beta 3 times. I was going to play it 10 mins ago but it says lines to join games are disabled. I guess its not playable anymore, so I’ll just delete it off my PS3.

    I’ll stick with BF BC 2.

  • I got a Zipper challenge – I challenge Zipper to release a cutting-edge PS3 version of Socom by Summer 2010 with graphics on par with Uncharted 2 and sounds on par with Bad Company 2.

  • Everyone should try Bad Company 2 Beta before they get excited about this. MAG is the most generic shooter I’ve ever played, bad graphics and sound effects, guns feel like guns from the 90’s. Zipper made a big mistake not making a real next gen Socom and letting Slant Six ruin it.

  • You know, I’ve noticed a lot of hate about MAG lately, can someone explain to me whats so bad about it?

    Graphics: Not bad, but graphics aren’t everything to me.

    Gameplay: Kinda arcadish, but who cares? I don’t care about realism in a video game, which when you die you spawn again. Laugh it off and keep playing.

    I’ve been in the beta for a while now and I’m having a lot of fun. I don’t know what many of you expected, but I expected team cooperation in a shooter with objectives, which it effectively does well.

    Granted some people just have different opinions, and yeah the updates can be long. But overall I don’t see the big deal. We could still be in an era where there weren’t patches for console games.

  • Can’t wait for this! You guys/girls will probably beat me though considering I’m terrible at FPS games, but it will be fun nonetheless. Can’t wait for January 26th!!!

    Also, I find that sometimes it can take a while to join a game while in a queue, if it possible, could you guys find a way to merge two or more queue’s together if they are not filling up fast enough? I’m not sure who your servers work, nor do I know anything about server tech, but it’s just an idea I had.

  • i hope yall aint campers my guys will be online regrouping today [VLR] & [NHC] bring it on zipper

  • @EventStatus:

    You’re wondering why people are complaining about MAG?

    Here’s the answer:

    It’s simply not fun to play. Not only is it not fun to play, it’s not fun to look at either.

  • ShadOforce

    You’re wondering why ShadOforce is complaining about MAG?
    Here’s the answer:

    He’s simply not fun to play with. Not only is he not fun to play, He’s not fun to look at either.

  • All you DORKS complaining about MAG BETA…. ITS FREE YOU IDIOTS. No one made you play. No one made you pay for it either. If you dont like it dont play it. No one cares about your two bit slides. Go play TEKKEN or whatever it is that makes you happy. No one asked for your deep inner anger issues. Some of you guys either have no life,were or are abused children. Grow up and move one….

  • @ ShadOforce

    What exactly is wrong with the presentation and gameplay? What were you expecting? You made baseless statements without explaining why you feel this way. Thus you failed to answer my question.

  • Teamwork tends to be very unorganized, the damage rates for the weapons need adjustment, there seems to be some connectivity issues because there are times when the queue takes a ridiculously long time to deploy you. The spawn points can be awkward because you’ll start off in a desolate area miles away from where all the action is at. The level visuals are lacking both in modeling and concept work. The animations need to be smoother. Etc. The game needs more work. Why settle for so little?

  • I was like “meh” after playing the game for an hour, but it slowly started to grow on me and I was pretty much hooked after 2-3 hours of gameplay (for the first couple hours I thought I would end up deleting this beta). It’s a shame I only got in a on the beta a few days before it ends.

    I turned the gamma in the options screen up to 65 to brighten things up a bit which helped. Also, things start to get much better once you unlock some of the simple perks like the optical sight and gun grips to stead recoil.

    The overall graphics and the framerate in the domination maps (256 players) isn’t as good as I hoped – not a deal breaker, but dissapointing. This game doesn’t have the polish of COD, and isn’t as easy as COD, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun. The story, setting, and combat scenarios are pretty sweet.

  • @ShadOforce

    Teamwork depends on your teammates. I’ve played with very good ones, and bad ones. I’ve been in come from behind victories, dominant victories, and lost badly too. That’s what this game promotes, teamwork, which it does effectively. Its just some players go of and do their thing, which they shouldn’t.

    Damage on weapons. Zipper has constantly tried to tweak these problems. Over the time of the beta, they have fixed over 8000 bugs and are still fixing things. I believe theres a link out there that verifies this.

    Spawn points, I’ve never been spawned miles away, but some places DO give you an option to change your spawning point after every death. Depending on what opponens board you’re playing on, you’re going to have a disadvantage, thus why it’s the other opponents board.

    Part 2 coming up.

  • Part 2:

    Level visuals are fine to me. Like I said, I’m not big on graphics, but with 256 players in war, you can’t expect everything to be top notch all the time. Most of time you can’t see anything because of all the explosions. I’m focused at doing objectives, theres very little time to take in a view.

    Animations could be smoother, but the game dosen’t come out till next year. And with its constant updates I’m sure that problem will be resolved.

    Why settle for so little? Its a free beta, with so many players and NO lag what-so-ever. Atleast for what I’ve experienced. That’s alot for nothing.

  • (having suicidal thoughts) What are we going to do while waiting for MAG?

    Please fix the leadership thing. Don’t let anybody be a Squad Leader / Platoon Leader / OIC just because of rank.

    Make them have certain stats and certain aspects for them to achieve this status so 10 year olds with no mic cannot get this.

  • I am very disappointed you guys are ending the beta so soon, you could have at least gave a x-mas special w/ the game and you guys playing w/ us then but to do this now; really sucks. I DON’T WANNA WAIT 2 MONTHS TO PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN.

  • Great job guys. i will be getting my copy through amazon. I really like the game you created and I don’t even like Multi Player games at all.

  • man, i need to get out of the hospital!

  • What about an Australian release date?

  • Holy moly! I played the beta for about 8 hours and I must say while it is fun, the framerate in 256 player battles is rough around the edges, and the player animations are just funny to look at when healing people, and they suddenly are standing straight up from lying on the ground, is just downright hilarious, and that’s not a good thing!

    This game needs more work in the graphics dept. badly, and the animations of the guns and reloading etc.. seriously need more work!

    After playing Killzone 2, this game just depresses me. I expected more out of a exclusive PS3 game. Funny thing is I thought SOCOM just looked bad and had a bad framerate on PS2, BECAUSE it was on a PS2… LOL I guess that’s just how Zipper games look and run.

    Not that I’m saying SOCOM was a bad game, it was a great game, for it’s time. Just needed smoother framerate and animations, and better graphics, although SOCOM 3 looked pretty sweet IMO. Try to get MAG looking that good please. :)

  • I must be too late to the party, the Beta key doesn’t work. Oh well, guess I’ll find out in January :)

  • The Beta are very good and i very look forward to at his release in January.

  • woulda been nice to actually get a beta key that worked.i waited all day to get home and play it only to be stuck on the redeem codes area trying to figure out why my code wont work. oh well, guess ill be waiting for reviews after release to see if im getting it or waiting for bfbc2

  • why is sabotage the only map style today it friday the day we fight zipper you guys are [DELETED] with us gamers dont try sabotaging me

  • I would like to thank Zipper for letting us play the Beta. Hope to play this Friday. Nice game reminds me of Quake wars.

    Thank you

  • I would love to know why my code won’t work! Bummer..hurried home yesterday with code in hand.. I got suckered.

  • To the people calling it generic and using BF:BC2 as a comparison, use are fools. For one BC2 is well lets see, the same thing as the first one with minor tweaks. And yet you have the nerve to call this (the first of its kind on a console) generic. Wow! Great logic there.

    As for the graphics. Again first of its kind, and those of us who are older we tend not to need highly polished graphics. Actually I/we prefer gameplay over graphics anyday.

    Zipper use have done an amazing job with this Beta, and I am looking forward to January 26th. There are things that still need to be tweaked/fixed (*hint*the bar over a downed squadmate*hint*), but overall this is one of the only Beta’s I have ever seen actually used as a Beta. BC2 is not a Beta it is a demo just like MGS4 was.

  • I laugh at the idiots that want a more “realistic” game when none of them are even close to realistic. You see where im going with this….No? Ok fine, how about a game where you get shot and the leg and have to crawl around till you eventually bleed to death or somebody picks you up and bandages you up (even if you bandaged yourself up you would still be limping around). Are you good to go, nope you cant walk till your leg heals, so you have to wait 5-6 months (actual time) for the bones and whatever else is messed up to eventually heal. It gets even better when you get shot and die you cant respawn, or play the game ever again because well your dead. Doesn’t sound like much of a hit title to me.

    But anyways I like MAG its a fun game, and they lowered the graphics for a reason, to allow a crazy amount of people to play. If any of you actually know anything about how things work or played a computer game I doubt my computer would be able to load 256 very high quality models without lagging a little bit. But with the ps3 im pretty sure it can handle that but it would take a very long time to get things to work flawlessly.

  • sucks the code didn’t work. will I/we ever get a chance to play before the release?? i really wanted to play the test beta. o well.

  • Mag was ok, but dont forget about socom.

  • Hey Jeremy I cant believe its over is there any way if there is test connection or whatever i could help please look me up ISNIS

  • I wasn’t able to play against zipper it sucks. I wasn’t home that day. Must have been fun, can’t wait for the game though.:)

  • Graphics

    I was also questioning the graphics with MAG. That is until I went under settings- visual- and increased what they call “GAMMA” to 100%. The standard setting was on 50.

    The visuals popped after the adjustment.

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