MAG Beta Ends with Zipper Challenge This Friday

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There are only a few days left before our MAG beta comes to an end this Saturday at Midnight, but we don’t want our heavily-armed, highly-aggressive fat lady to sing until you’ve had a chance to give our game a go for yourself. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a little challenge to any and all MAG beta testers: We dare you to beat Zipper at our own game!

MAG Beta new screenshot

This Friday evening on December 4, multiple Zipper squads will be waiting for you on the MAG servers representing all three of the game’s PMC Factions (Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor). All you have to do is log on when the time is right, join a queue, and look for players with the distinguishable Zipper clan moniker to see if you have what it takes to beat us — it’s that simple.

If you aren’t a member of the MAG beta quite yet, don’t worry — just head on over to our MAG Beta sign-up page to get a key of your very own so that you too can have an early glimpse at what 256-player mayhem is all about. Sign up for your free key now, and you’re guaranteed some extra practice before the Zipper Challenge begins.

Speaking of the challenge, here’s the schedule for you in multiple time zones for Friday:

  • Pacific: 6pm-8pm
  • Mountain: 7pm-9pm
  • Central: 8pm-10pm
  • Eastern: 9pm-11pm
  • Hawaii: 4pm-6pm
  • Alaska: 5pm-7pm

For more information leading up to Friday, keep your eyes on the official MAG Blog for the scoop. We hope to see you there and when we return again, this time with the final game at retail, on January 26.

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  • Oh yes! It is SO ON!! Hopefully I will be able to find the time to kick some developer booty! BWUHAHAHA!

    Btw, I have my copy reserved and it’s almost paid-off. Jan. 26th can’t come soon enough.

  • Oh MAN Im so ready for this.Pre-ordered TODAY..WOOHOO!
    I’m comin at ya hard lookin for

  • I would be more inclined to play if there wasn’t a 3 hour update waiting upon starting of the game…

  • I’d rather see an all Zipper team attacking SVER in Domination. I think every member of Raven would love to see that match happen.

  • i’d snipe every zipper guy if they kept my level 40 status! i just dont feel brave at level 1 – eek! but you guys are awesome! thanks for mag – really. :D it’d be a treat to spend time even if i get peppered with bullets!

  • No :( This beta can’t end, IT JUST CAN’T!! :(

  • You’re going down zipper :D

  • IT is unfortunate that MAG sucks.

  • @FlamingPibbly . the extended mag isnt as big as all the other mags it only took me less than ahour to download (wireless connection) I thought so too then when i dl the mag file i was in a nd playing in no time.

  • i will win even though i dont have the beta as of yet. thats how good i am.

  • It is on!! I can finally join the beta, and show you guys how I roll! :) See you Friday!

  • i agree with #8

    your going down zipper

  • I would love to do this. I was really enjoying the beta until my Playstation got the yellow light, and now I have to wait for it to be repaired. ;~;
    So… Good luck without me, I guess.

  • Sweet, I’ll be there!

  • Hurray for Sony and Zipper! MAG = one of the best games of all time! Cant wait to see you all on the battlefield :)

  • gee, sounds like fun, too bad i updated to 3.01 and my ps3 won’t read any disks because of it. never gonna buy any sony crap again

  • 1. why does it take 2 hours to dl stuff before you even play. single game
    also i jusst couldnt get into this game. feels so generic.

  • downloading now. 40%

  • I got it, but really couldn’t get into it. the idea of it was Friggin outstanding, but it really didnt live it to the hype. it was really laggy, and i couldnt even voice chat properly with my friends. you guys have a great company though, and i hope you do well.

  • Aww, that’s 8-10 am on Saturday where I live, and I’ll be out for college-sanctioned community service that time. ):

  • Bring it on Zipper! See Acquisition won’t be open this time, so use won’t be able to just exploit the weak platoon. Use weren’t able to mount any kind of attack against us last time, and we’ll make sure it is the same this time. We only lost because you could take both vehicles from one side.

  • I’m done with shooters. Not buying any more. I’ve been in the M.A.G. Beta since Qore, and still haven’t even tried the stupid thing.

    It’s not that I don’t want to it’s that the scheduling on the Qore beta was BS, and that everyone’s too busy playing MW2 which is made by the company I’m boycotting. I still haven’t played the BFBC2 beta I’m in either.

    I’m done with shooters. R.I.Pieces the genre is too oversaturated and all the shooter communities are getting fragmented to uselessness.

    Great job everyone, collectively the online on the PS3 may die out from having too many options, and not enough people to keep the servers flowing with a healthy number of people.

    *Sigh* when’s the next JRPG coming out? I need to wash the taste of gunpowder out of my mouth.

  • Meh, trying the beta I think I’ll pass. You guys just turned Socom into a FPS with massive players. I was hyped, but now I’m turned off. :/

  • “Great job everyone, collectively the online on the PS3 may die out from having too many options, and not enough people to keep the servers flowing with a healthy number of people.”

    You hear that industry?

    Stop giving us options!

    Seriously. What’s wrong with people.

  • I’m about to finish downloading the last update!!!

    Cant wait to try the beta!!!!

    this game is a release day must buy for me

    Thanks for this epic game

  • Unno what u stupid ppl see in MAG!!! The beta sucks really bad.. Nun big bout it..256 player?? And????Get a life!!

  • is this the same Jeremy Dunham who used to work with IGN?

  • I havent played this game since MW2 came out…Its not bad..But its not something i would play a lot.

    I really wish you guys would have stuck with socom, made another Socom 2, just improved. no vehicles, smaller maps, 16 players, thats what i like in my shooters. And socom was god for me for many years.

    Oh well. Good luck with mag.

  • the game is not bad, it just need more players… ALOOOT more players

  • Zipper Will end up in the Zipper!

    (joke is lame i know)

  • To everyone complaining, you obviously havent given this game enough time. MAG takes the FPS and brings it to another level. 64 – 256, whatever. When everyone in your squad sticks together and follows orders, this game has everything going for it. level up a bit. try some of the skill upgrades. play with your loadouts. try the different PMCs. MAG is whatever FPS you make it. wanna run around healing people all day? done. wanna walk slowly and carry a big stick? done. wanna command from the sidelines? done. Don’t buy a sport utility vehicle to just drive around a parking lot all day. go offroad! Sorry, my rant is done. Great job Zipper. This is the first online FPS I have ever gotten into.

  • Checked the beta out last night. Thought it was pretty good, but it’s tough going from run n’ gun call of duty to the more laid back, tactical MAG. I’ll have to check it out again when I get MW2 out of my system.

    Anywho, hope the game does well. Now back to work on the next Socom please.

  • Alright… lets kick some Zipper butt guys! Tell your friends. Tell your friends friends. Tell your neighborhood hobo. Lets just KICK SOME ZIPPER *SS!!!!

  • I hope Zipper have cleaned up the HUD. With all the white rings going on while playing I found it too messy and distracting. The cleaner the screen the more enjoyable it is.

  • hopefully the wait to get INTO a game won’t be ludacrisly long, what with all the gametypes available in retail version, i swear it took near an hour to get into a game after the 8hr download/updates -.-

  • It would be great if the beta could stay up till launch (at least for pre-orders – I suppose there is no easy way to do that).

    For all the students out here… you’re taking beta down before semesters let out for the holiday break, and then the real game isn’t released until we’re back into the thick of classes. I guess I’ll be playing WH and KZ2 over break… but I’d love to put some time into MAG.

  • I wish more time was put into making this game. I feel that the MAG project was perhaps too ambitious for Zipper. The initial idea sounds great, but when you perfect one aspect and lack in many other places then the overall experience takes a hit. It seems that most of the time was spent making the game run smoothly with 256 players rather than making this game really fun. You think the game is fun, but it has the potential to be much, much better and it’s at the point of no return in terms of development. “It’ll be better when there are more players” isn’t an excuse since they’ve released more than enough codes.

    “It’s still in BETA” isn’t an excuse either since there’s only so many things you can change in the beta stage of a game without delaying the release date.

    There are too many FPS games out in the market. That’s partially because they’re easy to make (yet hard to perfect). If you’re trying to make a unique FPS game, you can’t just increase the player count while making everything else the same as any other FPS game.

  • 38 you are right

  • I tried the Mag beta. Maybe you should put it out on the PS2. It is just not up to todays standards for FPS. Thanks for saving me the money on January 26. It will be well spent on some other Game.


  • I had High hopes for MAG. but I was very disappointed to say the least about this beta. The graphics are sub par for a AAA PS3 title. the concept is brilliant but this game should be put on hold for more work. at least a year. 256 players will not sell this game. BFBC2 beta is more polished then MAG

  • i am waiting for the full game guys lol i played the beta and had alot of fun it’s a grear game and it’s better then MW2.

  • @cowboyd21

    Stating that MAG is better than MW2 isn’t saying much.

  • i will be there and will whoop some zipper @$$! lol

  • The beta is boring. I jut played 3 times and i delete it

  • MAG better look as good or better than Battlefield:Bad Company2. BC2 looks amazing and this is just a beta. I want MAG to do well so please Zipper do not be like the LAIR team. Trust us the gamers and listen. Thank you.

  • Is it me or is it really hard to see your opponents at a distance? Like SOCOM, the game is really too dark. It is a great game other wise, but with MW2, it is easier to see what is going on then in MAG. I gave SOCOM away from free and never plan on buying another one due to the poor graphics. I guess I would expect more for a dedicated PS3 shooter, to take FULL advantage of the PS3 capabilities.

  • After DLing the Beta; I really hope they postpone release for another 6 months and polish this game a great deal more.

  • Great job, guys! Me (and my daughter and two sons!) will be dissapointed to see the beta end, but very much looking forward to late January. Don’t let the negative comments on this blog get to you; MAG is polarizing traditional FPS players, and that’s a good thing in the long run as it will set you apart to redefine the online shooter as we know it. Again, great job – and hope you guys get some time off for Christmas!!

  • Looks great. Might have to take down some zippers on Friday night (get it? ha..ha).

    I appreciate the new direction that you’re taking MMOFPS in, and I’m definitely going to give it a try in Jan. Best of luck Zipper.

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