Winners of the LittleBigPlanet 24-Hour PSP Game Jam Session

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Hello Everyone!

This is Doanna Neville, Desiree Ong, and Nathan Bryan – Team Cable Car Rush from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. We are very excited and happy to have taken part in the crazy intense LittleBigPlanet 24-Hour PSP Game Jam! It was an awesome experience with some nerve-wrecking moments, but I think we all agree that it was immensely fun!

Team Cable Car Rush wins PSPgo systems at LittleBigPlanet 24-Hour PSP Game Jam

A day before the competition, we took a trip to the Powell Street cable car route to collect references, inspiration and to brainstorm ideas for the layout and gameplay of the level. When the day arrived, we had a very loose concept of what we wanted to do. We heard that the tool set was going to be very similar to the PS3 version but we wanted to see what the PSP version could do.

As it turns out, we were blown away with how much it could do! The slight learning curve we had to deal with initially was easily overcome despite the fact that collectively, we only had a couple of days of development experience on the PS3 version. We found the user interface really easy to use. This didn’t stop us from accidentally gluing the cable car to the ground or the background elements occasionally. Hurrah for the “Undo” function!

Team Cable Car Rush design sketch for LittleBigPlanet PSP

After a short briefing from the organizers and a brief consultation with David Dino, we were off!

Some of the challenges we faced include having to juggle work and classes, getting used to the tool set and simply staying awake. The most difficult aspect of design was deciding on gameplay that would best showcase this San Francisco moving landmark as well as making it a fun level given the limited time we had.

We stocked up on food and and stayed up in a war-room-like set up with large rolls of paper, markers and bedding scatted about the room. Caffeine was our friend. While one of us was learning the tool set, the blueprint of the level was developed in the form of mad scribbles, sketches and notes that we kept in front of us while we built the game level. Because only one person could develop on the PSP, the rest of us either took turns designing on paper or snatching a couple of hours of sleep. We didn’t really divide up the tasks. Whoever had the hot seat on the PSP followed the plan on paper, and really had difficulty letting go when the time came to pass it on!

We tried to include all the iconic landmarks along the cable car route and little quirks of the city that locals are familiar with. The original plan involved a series of triggered events along a storyline that was wrapped around each cable car stop, and color tagging each neighborhood with a distinctive color scheme. We even had plans to incorporate some of the themes from the other groups, an underground sewer area and an opportunity for Sackboy to fly on a jetpack. All that went out the window when we only managed a REALLY basic layout of the level by 1 AM in the morning!

Chinatown cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP Cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP

We spent a fair bit of time experimenting on different materials and designs for the cable car. We originally intended the cable car to run on tracks that kept it on the ground in a roller-coaster like fashion. But when we saw how the first “cardboard” prototype of the cable car tumbled down the slopes, often coming to a satisfying landing when it righted itself, we decided to just roll with it and changed the materials such that the cable car had a better chance of righting itself every time it tumbled. The cable car has ‘rubber’ wheels, a ‘metal’ base, ‘wooden frame’ and a ‘sponge’ top! This turned out to be a pretty fun mechanic, especially in a race situation.

The portability of the PSP allowed us to work on the go, while we traveled on the bus, even until the 11th hour. The music and the sound of the cable car ringing at every stop was inserted just 20 minutes before we made our submission!

Fisherman's Wharf cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP Powerll Street cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP

In the end, although we were happy with the how it turned out, we wished there was more time to build up the environment in line with the vision. Being art students and all, it is hard to let that go!

In the aftermath of the Game Jam, we each walked away beaming with a shiny new PSPgo in hand and a copy of LittleBigPlanet PSP to mess around with. Woohoo!

Winners of the 24-hour LittleBigPlanet PSP Game Jam Session - Team Cable Car Rush

Many thanks to AAU School of Game Design and Sony for giving us the opportunity to develop with the pre-release version of LBP on the PSP! It sure was a crazy wild ride (pun intended) and an experience to remember!

We hope everyone will enjoy the level and go out and grab a copy of this crazy fun game! If you have even an ounce of creativity in you, you’ll find the game really addictive and hard to put down! Oh, and remember to save often…

Peace out!

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  • still can’t find your level :(

    but i have a san frasico cablecar demo level up and working on LBP PS3 :D

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I have not heard anything about our level but if people keep asking for it, maybe they will get it up quicker. I do believe they are working hard right now though so we all have to be patient. Have you put up a video on youtube of your cablecar level yet?

  • no video yet i just built it yesterday :)

    And mines just car on short level track back & forth as a concept test. fully automated. just jump on off any where along track.
    Unlike yall my cable isn’t a full level. it’s 11pm here tuesday dec 8th i’ll try and have video up by noon tomorrow dec 9th.

    once again look under my youtube account omegafalcon.

    I dont have computer. i use Wii web browser for forums while playing lbp on ps3.

    I have a 2 mile hike in snow & ice to public library, to upload pictures & videos.

    Sony Realy needs to intergrate photobucket and youtube upload ability into ps3 & psp firmware :p

    That and have special podcast making fuction as part of website where i could make podcast from ps3 :)

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thanks, I will take a look at it as soon as you finish and get a video up. You seem to expect sony to do alot. I am sure all of this will come in time but they have taken on alot and have been very successful this last year in creation. I am excited in seeing what comes out of them this next year because I see some stiff competition coming out of the woodworks.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • yes i expect alot but over time.
    I just finished filming. I’m sick(flu) so give 2 more hours :)

  • wow people dont comment much here anymore

  • oops i was was somthing wierd on my cpu

  • i tried making a cablecar like yours but i couldent get it to roll.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Did the switch work? I remember, when working on it, I once glued the handle to the back wall of the cable car. Another problem we had was a mix up in wheel directions, try switching one of the wheel directions around. If they work against one another, it won;t work. Also, make sure that everything is dynamic. Static will always cause problems. And if that doesn\’t work, I would suggest starting over and making sure that it works with just one wheel on the vehicle and then add the other wheel. There is less possibility for getting confused.

      -Nathan Bryan-


    it’s not perfect but here is my Cable car demo video link

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Ah…. Thank you TSFRJ. It looks awsome. Now you need to find a way to use it in a fun game.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • how did you make the roof and wood sides go w/the cabel car? if i put them on static they will not move. if i put them on dynamic they just fall to the ground.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      places your dynamic item and while it is still selected, hold circle untill you hear what sounds like a kiss. This is sticking it together. Make sure that there is no background behind it though because it will stick that too.
      -Nathan Bryan-

  • Oh now that beta testers allowed to talk about check my youtube for new lbp videos i uploaded yesterday.
    even made my own pirate’s of Caribbean lbp amv :p

  • how thick did you make the wheeles?

  • ignore my last comment. i have 5 more questions(please dont think of me as a pest). thick did you make the wheeles? 2.You guys said your roof was a sponge top.i didnt see any pure red sponge materials like whats on your did you do that? 3.How fast did you make the wheels? did you guys design the roof? 5.what is the noise that you guys put on top of the cabel car?

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      We don\’t think of you as a pest. This blog is to help answer questions that you might have about us or the competition.

      1. The wheels where on the thin layer.

      2. We used a yellow sponge and painted the side red.

      3. I can\’t remember the details as to how fast we made the wheels. We tried it several times to get the most comfortable ride(less flipping).

      4. I blocked out the roof to a shape very close to what a cable car looks like. I then pulled the corners around until the where the right shape.

      5. I wasn\’t there in the final noise decisions but I believed we used two noises; a train and a motor.

  • Thanks,Nathan!I have made my version of the cabel car! I will be making a level on little big planet psp dedicated to Team Cabel Car Rush! I will tell you when it is done & when I will be posting it. Thanks again!

  • what does that mean?

  • any lbp psp dlc heard about?

  • nah not yet Riley (i dont think lol)

  • and tean cabel car whats taking you so long to reply to my uually dont take long.

  • do you still check in here?

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I still do. Sorry for the long reply. I was in the middle of finals but now they are over. When you mimic someone, you copy them and it is very flattering when someone copies you because it means they recognize your accomplishments.


  • ah,thanks. the level will be done soon.ill tell you when.

  • Im done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting it monday (dec.21(3 pm.) Its called “To Team Cable Car Rush”(no period) The symbol is a red dot.

  • Its published!Go check it out please.

  • helooooo…i thought the finals were over.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Finals are over and now I am spending christmas with my parents. It has been exciting since I have been home with alot of food. I will go check out your level when I get back into san francisco and find a place to look up your level.

      I can\’t wait to see it.

  • Thanks Nathan. Im going out of state to visit family for Christmas.Im sorry for my impatience.I really wanted you to play my level.But if i had known you were with your family i would not have been like that. I might be back soon.I dont really know.Have a Merry Christmas.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      No Problem. I hope you have a nice Christmas. I have been having a hard time finding a wireless hotspot that I can connect to the LBP community moon. Since I don\’t own my own wireless connection, I rely on finding a connection that works. I will definately try though.

      I will talk with you when you get back from Christmas.


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