Winners of the LittleBigPlanet 24-Hour PSP Game Jam Session

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Hello Everyone!

This is Doanna Neville, Desiree Ong, and Nathan Bryan – Team Cable Car Rush from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. We are very excited and happy to have taken part in the crazy intense LittleBigPlanet 24-Hour PSP Game Jam! It was an awesome experience with some nerve-wrecking moments, but I think we all agree that it was immensely fun!

Team Cable Car Rush wins PSPgo systems at LittleBigPlanet 24-Hour PSP Game Jam

A day before the competition, we took a trip to the Powell Street cable car route to collect references, inspiration and to brainstorm ideas for the layout and gameplay of the level. When the day arrived, we had a very loose concept of what we wanted to do. We heard that the tool set was going to be very similar to the PS3 version but we wanted to see what the PSP version could do.

As it turns out, we were blown away with how much it could do! The slight learning curve we had to deal with initially was easily overcome despite the fact that collectively, we only had a couple of days of development experience on the PS3 version. We found the user interface really easy to use. This didn’t stop us from accidentally gluing the cable car to the ground or the background elements occasionally. Hurrah for the “Undo” function!

Team Cable Car Rush design sketch for LittleBigPlanet PSP

After a short briefing from the organizers and a brief consultation with David Dino, we were off!

Some of the challenges we faced include having to juggle work and classes, getting used to the tool set and simply staying awake. The most difficult aspect of design was deciding on gameplay that would best showcase this San Francisco moving landmark as well as making it a fun level given the limited time we had.

We stocked up on food and and stayed up in a war-room-like set up with large rolls of paper, markers and bedding scatted about the room. Caffeine was our friend. While one of us was learning the tool set, the blueprint of the level was developed in the form of mad scribbles, sketches and notes that we kept in front of us while we built the game level. Because only one person could develop on the PSP, the rest of us either took turns designing on paper or snatching a couple of hours of sleep. We didn’t really divide up the tasks. Whoever had the hot seat on the PSP followed the plan on paper, and really had difficulty letting go when the time came to pass it on!

We tried to include all the iconic landmarks along the cable car route and little quirks of the city that locals are familiar with. The original plan involved a series of triggered events along a storyline that was wrapped around each cable car stop, and color tagging each neighborhood with a distinctive color scheme. We even had plans to incorporate some of the themes from the other groups, an underground sewer area and an opportunity for Sackboy to fly on a jetpack. All that went out the window when we only managed a REALLY basic layout of the level by 1 AM in the morning!

Chinatown cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP Cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP

We spent a fair bit of time experimenting on different materials and designs for the cable car. We originally intended the cable car to run on tracks that kept it on the ground in a roller-coaster like fashion. But when we saw how the first “cardboard” prototype of the cable car tumbled down the slopes, often coming to a satisfying landing when it righted itself, we decided to just roll with it and changed the materials such that the cable car had a better chance of righting itself every time it tumbled. The cable car has ‘rubber’ wheels, a ‘metal’ base, ‘wooden frame’ and a ‘sponge’ top! This turned out to be a pretty fun mechanic, especially in a race situation.

The portability of the PSP allowed us to work on the go, while we traveled on the bus, even until the 11th hour. The music and the sound of the cable car ringing at every stop was inserted just 20 minutes before we made our submission!

Fisherman's Wharf cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP Powerll Street cable car level for LittleBigPlanet PSP

In the end, although we were happy with the how it turned out, we wished there was more time to build up the environment in line with the vision. Being art students and all, it is hard to let that go!

In the aftermath of the Game Jam, we each walked away beaming with a shiny new PSPgo in hand and a copy of LittleBigPlanet PSP to mess around with. Woohoo!

Winners of the 24-hour LittleBigPlanet PSP Game Jam Session - Team Cable Car Rush

Many thanks to AAU School of Game Design and Sony for giving us the opportunity to develop with the pre-release version of LBP on the PSP! It sure was a crazy wild ride (pun intended) and an experience to remember!

We hope everyone will enjoy the level and go out and grab a copy of this crazy fun game! If you have even an ounce of creativity in you, you’ll find the game really addictive and hard to put down! Oh, and remember to save often…

Peace out!

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  • Congrats :)

  • How can I find this level on the Community Moon?

  • Congrads. Cable car is one of the few train objects i’ve not yet built :)

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I can\’t wait to see how other people do it. I myself am planning to redo it just for myself. I would like to see if I can make our groups idea even better.
      -Nathan Bryan-

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I think there\’s gonna be a ton! of Cable Car Version on the community from now on! everyone trying to beat everyone else, at making one crazy fun! level! -Desiree Ong-

  • Can I download this?

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      You will be able to, I am not sure if they have it up yet but I have been assured it will be online.
      -Nathan Bryan-

  • Team Cable Car please try my ps3 levels :)

  • What a limp prize a PSP Go… Sony should really give a choice for these types of things. Not everyone wants a PSP Go, but may want a PSP.

    Congrats though.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thanks. As I see it, the PSPgo\’s where really just the icing on a very large cake. We met some awesome people during all of this and had alot of fun. I don\’t know about the rest of my team but I am really enjoying my Go. I am sure they are too.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • #6:

    They have to get rid of stock somehow…

  • that chick on the left looks kinda hot. and she plays videogames!.. do you have her number? jk

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I completely agree. I think she is too hot for me. She is also a brilliant Visual Developer. Her work in our class together is really cute.

      -Nathan Bryan-

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I think girls who play video games are super cool! XD! It\’s hard to find them! but when you do you know they play awesome ;) – Desiree Ong :D

  • what’s the level’s name. im on my psp now looking.

    be easier to find by level name :)

  • Hey when are we going to get a bugfix for the info moon? Play/create/share scores??

    Also when’s the water going to be out? Haven’t heard any word on it and I wasn’t let into the beta.

  • By the way Team Cable car rush?

    did you every experince the game freezing & shutting down psp system?

    I got the umd version and it does it all the time.

    im curious if download version on psp-go has same problem.

    Also since you don’t have ps3.

    Check my youtube account omegafalcon for video

    or type

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      We did have some glitches but they where mainly due to the way that they saved the game out for us. One of the groups(I don\’t remember which) got there\’s fixed at the last moment so I am sure that we where not having the same problems. Does it happen with other games?

      ps. wow. Your train looks really nice. Did you enjoy making it?

  • yea it happen even after gamestop gave me another new umd and after erasing my sdcard and after trying brand new card.

    lol i tried to make tracks.
    by brushing basic metal 7 squares long in front thin layer then a 2nd metal bar brushed 7 squares in middle layer.

    then i selected both bars and pressed L button and game froze & shut down my psp-3000

    And lbp-psp is only game that does this :(

    Yes i enjoyed making my trains.

    As soon as i get my vehicle pack levels done.

    And i’ve played your cable car level on psp, i’ll try to recreate your level on ps3 :)

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thats incredible. I can\’t wait to see it. You should post the link to the video on here when you have done it.

  • dose any one have a girlfriend if u do can i have there number?

  • I just typed Cable Car Rush in text search but no results :(

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Then it probably means that Sony hasn\’t put it up yet…. I will make sure and tell them you are interested.

  • Not in NYC? Oh well.

  • forget about the girls, Nathan is where is at <3

  • Your team is always welcome over at

    Thanks for responding :)

    Since im free tomorrow i may have to make yall a ps3 cable car :) then

    Once again congradulations on your entry :) hope to try it soon

  • great job!

    If I get LBP for PSP for christmas, your level will be the first I play.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thats great to hear. I hope you really enjoy it. We enjoyed making it and it feels good to know that people are interested in playing.

      -Nathan Bryan-

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      That\’s awesome!, really hope you get if for Christmas! I think it\’s a game that really works well with the PSP, something for on the go!

      -Desiree Ong

  • How much does this game cost? I’m really thinking about getting this

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Right now my PSPgo is downloading the game for free so I am not able to check but the price is worth it. The gameplay is really fun.

  • congratulations! i’m still waiting for the game to be available for download on the network. i’ve already switched to the pspgo, just need content! you need to deliver scea!

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I am currently downloading my free version right now so I believe that it is up for purchase.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • @20, It’s already on the Store, I know cause it’s already on my PSP. lol

    Congratz Nathan and team, I look forward to checking out the level and anything else you come up with.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thank you. I think our first project in Little Big Planet is going to redoing the level seperately by our own seperate design ideas. We all ended up leaving alot out and I think we all want to see what we can do with more time. Unfortunately thats on the back burner because we all have our own professional projects in the works. I, for example am working on my thesis project as well as two other projects. It is exciting being a graduate student and I can\’t wait to find out what other projects are around the corner.

      -Nathan Bryan-

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Agree! I\’ve already started!- doing it with out the glitches was such a ease! The game is great! I try to build the level when I\’m riding to school on the muni!You 2 were so fun to work with! and with ease too! I think you graduate people are awesome!!

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      You where great to work with as well. Very professional and funny. I cant wait to get a nice wifi spot to finish downloading LBP so that I can start on remaking the level.

      -Nathan Bryan

  • Congratulations.

    Someday I hope somebody brings this to the PS3 version.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I actually believe that a few of us will be doing that. I know that someone earlier in this blog mentioned they where going to do it.
      -Nathan Bryan-

  • Sony, where the ****ing **** are the new avatars?

  • New avatars?

  • did sony hint if any dlc for psp is coming out?

  • Hey, congrats, i have the ps3 edition, i might get this for my psp…

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      You should they have new levels that are all really cool too!, and who can say no to little big planet On the go!

  • @ ND, Jeff or Chris

    Do you know when the winners are going to be announced for the canadian uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition, eh.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      That\’s really awesome!Doanna and My hometown is all the way in Singapore,I wish they mention something about it…

  • Give me.

  • But i can’t recreate your level until i get to play it :(

    Why do the phrase San Frasico treat ding ding keeps running through my mind?

    I seem to have a craving for rice now :)

  • Awesome! They got PSP Gos!

  • Awesome! Congratulations! Except staying up all night playing videogames is more like a hobby for me and I don’t get rewarded with a sweet PSP Go! Ha jk.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      It\’s normally the same case for me, for the first time i felt like i was playing a game for a purpose.But had no idea what we would win till the next day at the award ceremony itself! – I was already enjoying myself! and that was what i think i treasure the most out of the whole experience
      -Desiree Ong-

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      As I was a large part of the recruitment process,I knew that the prizes where going to be really nice. We where all busy with college and Doanna and I with Graduate School. We all had alot of fun. Doanna and I where put back on our assignments and it has definately been a rush to catch back up with everything. I think we are almost caught up though. I am sure Desiree had her own assignments that she fell behind on but since I havn\’t heard anything, I can only guess that caught up as well.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • Doanna Neville, Desiree Ang very pretty :) and congrats.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I am very flattered by your kind compliment, thank you! It\’s Desiree Ong btw, but nevertheless! You made my day;)

  • Hey guys, it’s David Dino. Just wanted to say congrats again for a job well done considering the time restraints on top of the other issues y’all had to deal with! It was definitely a pleasure meeting you guys and hopefully we’ll run into each other soon!

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Yeah most definitely!,It was a great opportunity for me to give myself an excuse to play a game for a whole 24 hours,during the semester! Best 24 hours of gaming in my life!A mix with creative talent and pure game play!It was nice meeting you too! a sure added Plus to spend the first crucial minutes talking to you about the game! helped!, who knows we may even run into each other in some online Multiplayer game! Cheers! and have a happy thanksgiving!

      -Desiree Ong – IGN StandardDess ;)

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      You where, of course, alot of help in getting familiar with the toolset in the begining. There where times during the night we all wished you where there to continue helping but we ended up figuring it out.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • i dunno about you guys but i am getting tired of the same avatars. i think that gray smiley face is more original then the ones on the list. we want more psn AVATARS.

  • lol i wish i could play the cable car route level you all made!

  • lol i wish i could play the level you all made! p.s. congradulations!

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thanks… I am keeping a close watch on it and will tell everyone as soon as it is up. I think someone from Sony might be doing the same. Either way, I am sure that you will find out where to get it as soon as it is up.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • oops! said it twice!

  • You know,i wish you guys would at lest show us something about WATER for once? No? Well too bad guys,no water this year or next year just like the Final Fantasy thing the told us about…

  • You guys should sell those Go!s for trade-in credit towards 3000s. You’ll wish you had if you don’t…

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I will not sell it even if it rains and becomes useless. Call me sentimental but this is a trophy of a very exciting day.
      -Nathan Bryan-

  • Wow best psn blog ever.
    Wow you really responded alot. im not use to seeing so many peoples post getting responded to :)

    once again great job :)

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thank you again. I have never been much of a blogger but I am definately enjoying this. I may start my own personal blog after this.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • still really wishing we could have an opportunity like this here at the savannah college of art and design.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Well. Now they have your schools name so it may happen for \”Big Little Planet\”(I have know knowledge of a sequel to Little Big Plant, I just really want there to be one.)

      -Nathan Bryan-

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Well. Now they have your schools name so it may happen for \”Big Little Planet\”(I have know knowledge of a sequel to Little Big Plant, I just really want there to be one.)

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • I hope i have this account before i move on to my adulthood,i just relized,we all will be grown up and forget the fact we almost wasted time without fun,so im gonna make my life last as long as possible,MediaMolecule,thanks for making such a wounderful game to the entire planet!!!

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Yes. Thank you Media Molecule. I just started playing it this weekend and I have finished the story mode, still need to look around in the level for items here and there but I have already begun working on a level. Yay.

      -Nathan Bryan

      PS. Happy Thanks giving everyone

  • new avatars?

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      As Team Cable Car is not designing new avitars, you should probably ask on another thread that they are more likely to see your question.

      -Nathan Bryan

  • looks awesome. cant wait to try it out. youre all from san francisco? next time i visit family, ill have to look out for you guys, especially doanna and desiree, theyre very cute.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thanks for the compliment on my level. I am the only one from San Francisco. The girls are staying here in the city for school but who knows what wonderful places they are bound for after this.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • How did you guys make the the cabel car vehicle that sackboy is in on your level? looks sweet.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Well, we started by designing it; We looked at pictures and went and actually looked at them up close. Then we drew some pictures and modeled the body in the rear thick plane and the walls in the middle flat plane. We made a two directional switch to control the rotation of the bolts in the wheels. That was really quite simple. What was difficult was getting the hight of the vehicle and the shape of the roof so that it may best role back onto its wheels if it flipped over. I am actually planning out a remake of a more detailed version of the car right now.


  • earlier in the comments one person was talking about glitches in the umd version of littlebigplanet. i have the umd version of littlebigplanet for my psp 3000. i was making a level the other day(called obsticle course part 1.its now on the community moon) so i was in the process of making of my level when i decided to put a robot enemy in my level.when i tried it my game frose for a minute then my psp 3000 shut off then when i went back to my level to finish it,it made me start half of it over. i tried putting the robot down again later on,and it did the same thing. it made me really mad.

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I don\’t know what to tell you. Hopefully the folks from Sony will comment but we are just team Cable Car commenting currently.

  • Thanks for replying to my comments.It makes me happy. :)

  • Hey there Team Cable Car: This is Isaac from coaching/judging panel, and I just wanted to echo David’s words and say great job getting this together with all of the constraints. There were lots of details that kept us coming back for more with your level. I really look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next! Keep it coming!

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      Thanks Isaac. I am glad our level turned out as good as it did and you can expect some awsome levels from me in the future and from Desiree in the nearer future. I hear that she is almost finished with her first level post-winning.

  • Is little big planet psp, good, like what are your ratings to the game?

    • Team Cable Car Rush

      I would give it a 9 out of ten but since I havn\’t played many psp games, its hard to tell. It is an awsome game to be able to use on the go. I was designing a level on the bus the other day.

      -Nathan Bryan-

  • @mogar5:I know your not asking me,but I’ll give you my opinion anyway.Well it has it’s glitches like almost every other game,but It’s still super fun.The makers could have made story mode longer,though.There are alot of items to customize Sackboy.And the fact you can make your own levels…WOW!!This game is one of the main reasons I got my PSP.Truth! my rating is probably a 4.5/5. I recommend you get this game if you don’t already have it.

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